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Shia LaBeouf: Megan Fox Can't 'Sh-t Talk' Michael Bay

Shia LaBeouf: Megan Fox Can't 'Sh-t Talk' Michael Bay

Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Karolyn Pho stop by Auto Body Shop on Monday (June 20) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 25-year-old actor recently chatted a bit more about why Megan Fox wasn’t allowed back for the latest Transformers film.

“Criticism is one thing. Then there’s public name-calling, which turns into high school bashing. Which you can’t do. She started sh-t talking our captain,” Shia told GQ, referring to Megan‘s comparison of director Michael Bay to Hitler.

“She was in a different world, on her BlackBerry. You gotta stay focused. And you know, the Hitler thing. Steven [Spielberg] said, ‘Fire her right now,’” Michael added.

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  • mel

    whoa never knew jared put swear words in title

  • Eden

    Tell it like it is, Shia. Buzzing about a nobody is a waste of time.

  • lj

    yet it is TOTALLY okay for shia to shittalk michael bay and steven. yeah good one. he is such a hypocrite it is not even funny

  • lynn

    100% agree with Shia. He is an actor that is dedicated to his work, and it shows. Megan Fox is still growing up and shouldn’t even be considered an actress. Yes, she is pretty to look at. But I wouldn’t want to sit through a movie with her “acting”.

  • anthony

    Why is all this Megan talk being brought back up? They should focus on the new movie and that doesn’t involve Megan.

  • Chris

    “Our captain” are you f*cking kidding me. I can’t believe Megan said this as/hole was one of her favorite peoplein the world. Guess when they were exposing her as a freaking toy he was a sweetheart about it. And with her.

  • lj


    because by exposing knowledege or hearsay over why she was fired, that brings popularity to the franchise’s last movie. they’re using her for publicity

  • shook


  • Tio

    She was fired because of THAT??? How incredibly lame.

  • shia is awesome

    Don’t mess with Hollywood Jews or you will be blacklisted

  • Jenny

    I love it when little short guys try to act tough, last time he
    Got his ass kicked! LOL

  • dee

    I never thought I’d say this but I’m with Meghan on this now. That’s kinda douchy for them to gang up on this girl, just to promote a movie! Losers…and newsflash Shia everybody shit talks about Michael Bay…

  • dee

    and If it’s true that Speilberg actually “fired” Meghan because of that, wow respect just went down a notch…

  • Green smurf

    Jews can be so super sensitive about these things. It’s ridiculous. I feel sorry for Megan. :(

  • Sweet lips

    What a hyppocrite. He’s been shit talking Michael Bay longer than Megan. Have you read the things he says about Bay? Double standars. It’s alright when a guy does it but when a girl does it… all hell breaks loose.

  • Cher

    Steven Spielberg should learn not to be so sensitive. I don’t think that Fox meant any real disrespect, she was just doing what a person her age is known to do which is say shit without thinking – LOL. I feel sorry for her though…

  • vale

    Funny in the interview with the cast; the actress playing Shias mom talked positively of Megan…Hollywood is a boys’s club

  • jolie

    WTF?! See, I’m not a Megan Fox fan but I just don’t understand why she gets so much crap for speaking against Michael Bay. HE IS A DISGUSTING PERVERT. This hypocrite even admitted this. I remember Kate Beckinsale saying that she felt sexually harassed by Bay during Pearl Harbor because he has no respect for women. What happened? Kate got sh!t for it like Megan did. Come on!

  • lance bowlby

    wish I was lucky enough too work with michael bay and mr. Steven they are great at what they do its demanding what they do. Say hi to april bowlby.

  • GS

    I am with Megan as well…why are they bringing her up now and using her for publicity while simultaneously bashing her and making her seem like a jerk?? SHIA, you BROKE YOUR HAND and almost ruined the production of the second POS movie so don’t act like you have a lot of respect for your “captain” you’re an irresponsible moron idiot…ugh, it really makes me mad that Megan gets all the crap, and the MEN LOSERS get away with everything!! EVERYONE hates Michael Bay!! Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johannsson EVERYONE…give me a break!!! As if she is the first!!
    Team Megan!! So sick of that little tramp Rosie whatever….and Shia, way to turn on your so called “friend”

  • Carrie


    ITA. Anyone who works in Hollywood knows that Michael Bay is a sexist idiot. It’s not some big secret.

  • innocent_bystander

    @lj: If you read what he said, he specifically made a distinction between criticism and public name-calling. Unlike Megan, Shia didn’t call Bay Hitler.


    Megan has no excuse. She could have appologized publicly but she didn’t !

    Steven Speilberg has lost family members in the Holocaust;, people who have been gazed, so noone not in his place should tell him how to feel.
    It’s like asking someone who has lost somebody on 11/09/01 to tolerate any lame comparison to Bin Laden spouted publicly during their professional exercise..
    And try to tell insult your boss in public of being ‘STUPID, let alone naming him with the name of a mass murderer, and see what will come to you. You’ll get fired too ! Welcome to the professional world !.

  • AndrewStarkid

    megan fox doesnt even own a blackberry, lmao this is so sad. i cant believe she got fired because of that. how lame

  • paige

    i think after the first film, she wanted to be done with the franchise. she has said times again that she was grateful for the opportunity and the only reason why she did another tf film was because she owed it to bay and was contracted for it. and she doesnt have a blackberry! she has an IPHONE DUH. i think she wanted out since the start. what she said was tasteless but she meant it in a “michael bay is a tyrant” way. im team megan on this one though. michael bay is known as a male chauvinistic pig

  • Lola

    Her comments where plain rude, and that is that! You can’t not refere to the guy who gave you your big break as Hitler, that is so wrong. However i don’t think she meant harm by it but she has always had a problem with not thinking before she speaks. Also they need to just leave it alone now, its over and done with.

  • haha

    Isn’t Shia a Jew, too? He must be if he’s dating an asian chick.

  • Milla

    I just think its all pretty childish, but if she were a man you know for sure they wouldnt fire her.

  • boston61

    I will never forget this Shia guy dumping a cup of hot coffee on a photographer. He really is an asshole.

  • jaye

    Why is he or Michael Bay for that matter still talking about this. They should be promoting their movie instead of digging up old news; or is that the trick. Using Fox’s feud with Bay to promote their movie? I can’t help but think that there is a reason for them to start talking up her firing again.
    Frankly, what she said about Bay wasn’t anything new. It’s a well known fact that he’s a rude, lascivious, sexist a*sshole. Yeah, she spoke TRUE s*hit about him and got fired for it. However, I don’t think that she really cared that she got fire, she was sick of dealing with him. She didn’t apologize because she wasn’t sorry. Say what you will, at least she stood by what she said instead of doing a ‘I’m sorry’ tour like a lot of celebrities.
    Instead of letting this go, they’re talking this up again like it happened last week. Shia should talk, he talks more s*hit than a lot of people, but he’s stuck up Spielberg’s and Bay’s butts and can get away with it.

  • Glenn

    I hope Transformers bombs at the box office this summer. It would serve them right.

  • mailey

    ok and now he is better by sh*t talking about her?
    what a massive DOUCHE.
    shut the eff up shia.

  • good

    screw megan fox, that’s what happens when she started believing she really was all that. and to the person here who said jews are super sensitive, wtf??!!! do u know who hitler is and what he did? u’re ignorant, so ignorant. keep ur mouth shut about things u don’t know anything about. who the heck is megan fox to think she can just mouth off like that?
    read somewhere that a few months ago she called michael bay and was all sweet and like “how are u?”. guess she realized what he did for her was the best thing she ever had now that roles are drying up for her. is she surprised? she can’t even freakin’ act! all she knows is how to make that pu$$ie face.

  • torrance

    @Lola: it doesnt matter if transformers turned out to be her big break.
    this is the same sh!t parents try and pull by saying they can treat u however way they want bec they gave birth to you etc
    if you are treated like crap, you just are and she had a right to express that. as with using the word ‘hitler’ if u read her comment in context it is not the horrid way some portray it. everybody uses it in different contexts:re: ‘the soup nazi’ etc

  • raggedyanni

    @mailey: How is telling the truth “sh!t-talking”?

  • janiece

    @GS: Seriously! I thought Shia and Megan were close. This is a total stab in the back. I’m in no way a fan of hers, but I have to side with Megan on this one. They have blown the entire thing way out of proportion, and have only made themselves look like idiots. So she doesn’t like Bay and said something about it, thats enough to have her fired….wtf! Because we all known everyone gets along on every single film set….give me a break!

  • breckin

    @raggedyanni: he should have just said no comment like a gentleman instead of stirring stuff up again. but we’ll all note that you’re just another one of those shia groupies from when he was in holes so we’ll let it slide.


    I agree with good.
    Plus you poeple who have the nerve of telling to people who have lost loved ones in a genocide to not be super sensitive when some people working for them are comparing others to the same mass murderer who killed those loved ones, you peole should practice what you preach , because you act SUPER SENSITIVE towards Megan. She was fired,not killed, not insuted.

  • ella

    @WHO IS SALT ?: she didnt apologize because there was nothing for her to be sorry about.

  • JenniferSchulz

    Speilberg is a bully. Michael Bay had no problem with Megan, but Speilberg controls everyone.

    I suggest everyone look up Megan’s quote before they speak.

  • justin

    yah there is no way theyre besties anymore since he doesnt even know that she doesnt own a blackberry, hel-lo.

  • makim

    he’s just bitter since she went ahead and married BAG.
    get over it shia.

  • maddie

    I don’t feel bad for Megan being fired. If she worked in an everyday office job and smack talked her boss publicly, she would probably be fired too. Shia’s right, you don’t name call your boss. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    I do feel bad for her simply because this is still being talked about. There’s no reason why anyone should be bringing this up anymore, and it’s obviously to stir up controversy for publicity for the new movie.

  • jessa

    @maddie: a director is NOT the same as a boss in a traditional office setting.
    but EITHER WAY, no one, superior or subordinate, in any type of setting, has the right to abuse, act inappropriately, berate or continue to make a co-worker uncomfortable as he made her feel.
    that is what she expressed and she should never apologize for it.

  • K

    Hey, person-who-keeps-changing-names! Listen up. Blackberry, iPhone? You’re hung up on what kind of phone she was on?! Are you kidding me? What a total nutcase.
    I get it, you have a major hard-on for Megan Fox. Look, she was NOT mistreated in any way. SHE was the one that was whining, showed up late, lazy, and just generally had poor work ethics, the name-calling was just the last straw. She was so green and immature that she thought she didn’t actually have to work for her paycheck, just show up and look hot.
    And since she felt that she was being tortured, what is so wrong about letting her go? Thousands would love to take her place and get paid that well for it, ok? So chill. If she were that great an actress, Jonah Hex wouldn’t have been such a flop.
    There’s obviously something wrong with her attitude, why aren’t directors scrambling to hire her? She isn’t a very good actress and she doesn’t have good work ethics. Defend her all you want, she’s still not going to blow you.

  • james town

    @K: i never understand people who have the time and make the effort to re-check posts, write paragraphs, and are so impassioned by a celebrity to use exclamation points and capitalizations.
    it’s pretty pathetic.
    looks like you’re the one who should chill out.

  • mary

    AndrewStarkid @ 06/20/2011 at 11:19 pm

    no Megan was not fired because of the blackberry, although it was extremely irritating and made some of the people on set angry. the reason Megan was fired is because she compared Michael Bay to Hitler publicly. you honestly think that Steven Spielberg would not react to that. he is very much a hands on producer. i would not be surprised if Steven did not give Michael a choice about firing Megan. this girl is going to have to eat a lot of crow in order to work on a Spielberg project again

  • dr. spock

    @mary: well, aaron spelling recast shannon d. in lots of other of his shows even tho she was a major b*atch.
    so it could happen.
    plus spielberg is god, and god is forgiving.

  • vasser

    why did @James get -12 dislikes for asking who the fat asian was?
    he’s just being honest.

  • 432

    The sexism is apparant. Shia and many male actors have gotten away with much worse. Shia has been publicly violent and has racked up a list of insulting quotes himself.