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Gerard Butler: Gas Station Stud

Gerard Butler: Gas Station Stud

Gerard Butler wears a beanie and a pair of aviators at the gas station on Tuesday (June 21) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor filled up the tank of his black SUV.

Gerard was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Other actors who were asked this year to be a part of the elite group include Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence, Jesse Eisenberg, and Beyonce!

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  • carrie

    someone can explain me why Oscar invited him!

  • wtf?

    congrats to Butler …..
    ..i’m very happy for him…..

  • Eve

    This must be the gas station he frequents close to his house I guess unless paps are just spotting him driving and follow him there!



  • Andy

    he looks like sh*& at usual.

  • Sh*tsandwich Man

    Thumbs Up to you…the guys a sh*tty actor and has only done re/tarded movies to date pre and post 300.
    What has he done and who is he?

  • Sh*tsandwich

    @Maggie P. U.:
    What he means is American women tend to be in better physical shape. No flab. Albeit bigger wh.ores. he doesnt give a crap if youre healthy as long as you arent bigger than a size 4/6? How many stone
    Funny coming from a man that is the word flab — that he likes his women with absolutely none and in better physical shape than he could ever be in himself?
    Explain that you stupid womenm and you wonder why men treat you like shi*T

  • just askin

    So what did he pay? How much is gas in LA right now? We’re at $4.05 for regular. Sigh. Details, JJ.

  • Maggie P. U.

    @ #7 why post the same thing you did on the other thread….. I believe it was #426…… duh…and u use the word stupid….looked in the mirror in the last 5 minutes? And my response again:



    Sh*tsandwich @ 06/21/2011 at 10:44 pm -1

    @Maggie P. U.:
    What he means is American women tend to be in better shape. No flab. Albeit bigger wh.ores.
    Funny coming from a man that is all flab — that he likes his women with absolutely none and in better shape than he could ever be in himself?
    Explain that you stupid womenm and you wonder why men treat you like shi*T

    @reply | Flag This
    # 427 Maggie P. U. @ 06/21/2011 at 10:54 pm 0

    @426….back at ya….. and 2. suggest u go back and look/listen again at the interviews…in the mean time eat another $hit sandwich while you are at it. And remember when you post to people who you never even seen…Stupid is is as stupid does. God loves those like you to though. :) And have a nice day.



  • Hot Mess

    I see the same poster is at it again talking to himself. ALways does this when a new thread starts. So juvenile….

  • The Noise In The Walls

    He’s got a few films coming up..Machine Gun Preacher sometime in September and Cornilious ..excuse the spelling..sometime this year..Plus he’s doing the voice for Dragon and narrator for a Dolphin movie..Jets everywhere and has a great lifestyle..Has a surfing movie lined up and a soccer flick he just wrapped up..

    I’d say he’s doing very well..and there’s oscar buzz on MGP. and just got invited to be a member of the Academy Awards..I’d say he’s doing pretty damn GOOD :)…

  • “…..doing pretty damn GOOD”

    yup, he’s rich as hell, that’s for sure!

  • Manny

    Two days ago it was a quick stop for a coke. Today it is a quick stop for some gas. Two days from now he may just make it home. :)

  • The Noise In The Walls

    …doing pretty Damn Good…#12
    He sure is…:)…

  • kelly

    mmmmm looking good but enough with the bennie i mean come on its summer get a nice baseball hat allready geez gerry you need a good woman to show you how to dress ….

  • Manny

    Oh God no!!!!!!! Not the c0ck hat………

  • remi

    He does well wearing that beanie… His hair is all greasy when he´s not at a red carpet event!

  • Manny

    Why is it when I look at the picture above I giggle?
    Maybe it is because I’m thinking…… PUMPIN’ ….. BUTLER …..

  • Eve

    Quite a different expression on his face now from his other gas station pic! LOL! I think the other one was a “just got out of bed, too early in the morning, got to have my coke/caffeine fix, stay out of my way, I’m grumpy and not a morning person” look! He had a can of coke early in the morning when he left the camp ground in Hot Springs too.

    He’s even waving at the photog in this one! That’s being such a nice boy! LOL!

  • Eve


    How about a “bad” woman to show him how to dress “good” (or well) LOL!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @The Noise In The Walls: and he looks really good right now, although I like him beefier. But no point in explaining anything to dateless dudes who have nowhere to go and nothing to do but harass women and use offensive language. It makes them feel better about themselves. They do not have decent or any women in their lives, that poster is a sad lad!

  • Maggie Peee Yoooo

    He looks terrible. take a shower, shave and get a job.

  • Maggie Peee Yoooo

    he can always date Paris Herp Hilton.
    She’s single now!! ….

  • Stinker

    Oh great. Looky who we have here…
    The board hallucinator.

  • rocki

    He looks soooo old!!! I bet the only reason young women are atracted to Gerry is because he´s rich and famous…

  • Stinker

    LOL that the first post for this douche is NEGATIVE – fitting for a scottish fool. Im sure he spends a lot of time laughing at the GALS and other phannies.


    That’s what I thought. They probably think Gerard can do somehting for them and their careers – meanwhile, this dude cant even do anything for himself – try combing his damn hair yeah right. He cant do sh*t for you model wannabees. Stupid to give him crotch when he is b-list AT BEST himself.


    AND YES first thing i thought when I saw this pic was – are they sure he’S ONLY 41?? Dude loooks closer to 50? Thats cuz hes welsh they have the worst skin collagen. :(

  • ???

    They do?? I thought Eastern Euros and French descent had the worst maybe Im wrong?
    I know Brits seem to look like they age really fast. Kate Middleton and her sister are supposed to be in their 20s??! Impossible. They both look years older than me and I live in the sun and I’m 34!

  • what?

    Rocki must be 12. Sad little fool.

  • rocki

    Wait one year or two more… he´ll look like 60… with all that night life he´s having

  • vegas

    @what?: Agree. Poor rocki. Must be a concave chest fan like the Bieber and Ephron fans. Go to JJ Jr. where you may find little boys to appreciate. Butler is a beautiful MAN.

  • rocki

    hahahah my age does not matter: HE LOOKS LIKE 50 … and i bet you are one of the fat and old women who thinks he´s so perfect even when it shows he doesnt get a shower often

  • LongDistanceRelationshipAdvice

    Gerard Butler’s looking older every year but this picture right here tops them all. He looks way better without the beard, the beanie and the glasses. Okay, so maybe he looks good with the glasses, but with this get up, it’s going to be a no-no for me. Any upcoming movies of him lately? I loved his Ugly Truth movie. That was a feel-good movie alright.

  • oldbutnotdead

    A number of these posts seem to be the same male poster, using different monikers. Interesting….not much. School is out, this young dude has no job, no girlfriend, and has no new video games to play!

    Yet another sad lad….aware that although females of all ages from 15 to 80 adore G, that will never be his lot in life….one young poster on another site just said she hoped G would wait four or five years, because then she will be 18, and she can date him! Sad lads and dateless dudes will never have the life G leads….jealousy runs off the page in these sad lad posts….LOL.

  • Advice

    @rocki: Kiddo, you have officially hit joke status on this board. The more you say, the more ludicrous you show yourself to be.

  • rocki

    hey, looks like the Butler cyber patrol is here hahaha
    How mucho do he pay you to keep things the way he want´em to be?
    it doestnt matter, he still looks old and dirty.

  • Swansong

    What does he need gas for? He can just sit and panhandle at any corner.

    Lets all give him a little change so he can make it into the local YMCA for a shower. He needs it.


  • rocki

    Gerry should spend the money he gives his hackers in water and soap instead

  • Solo

    We love your smile Mr. Butler)). Looking nice.

  • christina rigazio

    I agree he looks disgusting.
    take a BATH old man!!!

  • Father’s Day

    Just in time because he looks like someone’s DAD.
    Hahahahahaha ew nice knit hat.
    he teeth probably havent been brushed in days.

  • Father’s Day

    Obviously you dingbat, there are more than one of us that don’t drink Gerry’s KOOL-AID. Just bc you can’t see past the dingleberries hanging on his (third day worn) underwear

  • clover

    I love all Gerry’s hats. Looks funny)).

  • rocki

    He seem´s to think he´s sooo atractive, so hot and sexy, so successful and rich he doesn´t need to take a shower

  • Father’s Day

    Or get some clothes that are age appropriate? he looks like he is trying to be all hip and sh*t and failingggggggg
    grow up buffoon.

  • rocki
  • Gas Man

    He thinks he is the shiit. He is so cocky.
    I wish more people would tell him like it is. His lame assss-likker friends are enablers and losers themselves.

  • Trout

    Hey to all you old lady posters who don’t know lingo…
    Google the slang term ‘TROUT.’ -
    You should know that moniker – because that is exactly what Gerry is up in the clubs and at the Vegas pool season. Hahhahahahahaha

  • rocki

    @Gas Man: I bet those friends are all getting something from him, that´s why they don´t tell him other than he likes to hear.