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Pippa Middleton: Gatwick Gal

Pippa Middleton: Gatwick Gal

Pippa Middleton holds onto her phone while arriving at Gatwick Airport on Sunday (June 19) in London, England.

The 27-year-old younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge returned home after competing in the Highland Cross Race in Scotland the day before.

Pippa completed the 50-mile endurance race – which included a 20-mile run followed by a 30-mile bike ride – in 5 hours and 8 minutes. She was 12th out of 150 women!

“She did very well,” event organizer John Fraser said (via People). “She was still smiling at the end, despite the rain and the heavy wind. The wind was against her and the other competitors the whole way.”

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  • Jay

    Why people always say she’s prettier than Kate? Why gossip sites talk about her more than her sister? Just to clear, she’s NOT pretty as Kate and an butt is not a reason to be so mentioned.

  • Nancy

    who cares? shes so pathetic!

  • Sia

    Why is the media so obsessed with her? She’s overrated.

  • Inga Parks

    Pippa – the most ugly girl is showbizz.

  • dasy

    27 or 47???

  • Despicableme

    I don’t get why we see more or Pipper than we do Kate. People who are interested in the royals are interested in Kate, not a second-rate version of her.

  • hideyokids

    wow she is hideous

  • Inga Parks

    Pippa – the most ugly girl in showbizz.

  • blah

    I’m sick of hearing about great britain royals! they all are fugly! don’t you know Monaco? they all are so classy, glamourous and beautiful… I’d like to hear more about their daughter charlotte casiraghi, gorgeous heiress of monaco! come on!

  • yaaasssss

    @dasy: I know, right?! She looks used and abused =/

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …It’s really odd how the media’s trying so hard to make her something special. I week ago on E they had a poll about who has the best booty Kim Kardasian or Kate Middleton’s sister [Pip] and can you believe Pippa won?!? Seriously!? I just don’t get it. She’s not hot, she’s not better looking than Kate. What is it?!?

  • manka

    She looks like she’s 37!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Enough with this basic regular person! SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY! I once hung out with Belgian hip-hop/electro singer Stromae during a whole afternoon, will you send the paps out to follow my every move so I can be featured on this site daily too?

  • Theo A.

    She has people telling her what to do she probably doesnt even know me. The freethinkers behind it are all into it and think that they can fool me and everyone else Ill make it clear, I dont care about the royals, back off, leave me alone!

  • Annie

    I cannot believe she’s younger than Catherine! I thought at first she must be the older one by about 10 years.

  • katnip

    Why are they shoving this chick down our throats. She is famous because her sister is married to the future King of England. How is that an accomplishment. What does she do exactly. And really do people care that much. I can’t name one person I know that follows the royal family Least of all their siblings.

    She is pretty, but not beautiful by any means. Nor does she have this amazing figure. Why are they trying to maker her happen?

    I guess they need to build someone to get the public interest. I just don’t see her as that person..

    I won’t post again on any news about her.

  • JustSaying

    those EYEBAGS killing me! does she go out late every night???? most likely a party girl…

  • colliiy

    please why is she on all the hollywood gossip sites …is she a singer? NO… she an actress?NO…Does she do anything which involves the entertainment buisness? NO……………..THEN WHY IS THIS WOMENM EVERYWERE SO WHAT IF SHE IS THE SISTER OF KATE MIDDLETON THIS DOES NOT MAKE HER FAMOUS

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute


  • INI

    she is always camera aware Famewh*re

  • Ella

    @Inga Parks:
    She is not in showbizz. She is just a famewh*re.

  • janiece

    I’m confused, what exactly has she done for so many people to dislike her? Do people just hate this girl because the media is obsessed with her and feel obligated to bash her or has she actually done something to deserve the hate?

  • Mia

    @Theo A.:
    She is not a royal. Her sister is married to a royal. How does this make her interesting to the public?

  • B.

    People hate her because the media is obsesed with her and because she seems to love the attention.

  • lil

    Ha! ALL YA JUST HATERS! STOP SIPPING THAT HATERADE! She’s cute and not as boring as her sis. That’s why she’s becoming more popular than her sis. Get over it!

  • thersa

    blah@ 06/21/2011 at 1:36 pm

    if you don’t like to hear about the British royals then why are you on this thread, fool. in any case, you better get used to it. Kate and William are coming to America; their photos will be all over the net. poor dear; how ever will your survive.

  • clamity

    @janiece: no one hates her she just seem irrelevant to hollywood you need a reason to be famous like being a singer or actress she is neither

  • LMS

    She looks more like Kate’s mother not sister -.-

  • Bella

    Wow Jared, breaking news!

  • Bella

    Why do you call her roayl? She is not. Her SISTER is married to a royal.

  • janiece

    @B.: Thats it…..well I can’t really blame her for enjoying the attention. Everyone wants their 15 minutes I guess, but some of the things being said about her are a bit much.

  • boston61

    Poor girl. Being photographed when you are not one of the photogenic people is not easy.

  • B.

    She is not relevant or interesting, but I really don’t get all the hate for her. Like you said, everyone wants their 15 minutes.

  • Ann

    Smart people, perhaps she looks tired because she just ran 20 miles and biked 30 the day before. Wait, you probably don’t exercise…Imagine you go to sit on your couch and someone pushes it away from you and they do it again and again…for 5 hours! I bet you wouldn’t look so fresh the next day.

  • kiki

    Pippa is the same age as me and I look at least 10 years younger than her so yeah….I agree she looks about 37. A nice butt does make you hot.

  • Lola

    She should have an affair with a British footballer. That is an occupation and a way to be an A list celebrity in Britain. LOL


    Yeah, you probably look great. NOT

  • Mariann

    @Despicableme: Why blame Pippa for the media attention? It is the media who is obsessed with her and try to build her up just so they can tear her apart later. That is what they do.

  • Sweet Doll

    Just go back to the Kate Bosworth post, Merrick. You are her only fan.

  • kari

    very seriously with no spite, resentment or hate but sheer observation, she looks about 45 in that photo.

  • Miss M.

    @kari: She looks “old” because she does not use botox like almost every American do. I think she is a pretty girl. It is not her fault that the paps are stalking her.

  • LenaB.

    Good point. She just exercised. I guess all the smart people on this board looks fab while they exercise.

  • XYZ

    Out with her, I dont want to see her anymore!

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    WOW This is the first time ever she does not look happy to see the camera DAMN never thought I would live to see the day LOL …anyway I think her family are social climbers with a lot of money but little class they pushed UP Kate they are doing the same with the younger one daddy’s money and her sister now being a royal are the reasons she is being spoon feed to us by the media who gets payed by her team did you see the freaking US WEEKLY cover she got with Harry? I still have to figure out how the hell that happened because the article says he is still with Chelsy LOL so that was for absolutely NOTHING and don’t forget the People magazine cover like I said someone is working hard to make this girl happen behind the scenes .

  • Louisa

    Pippa is not the only person who is famous for stupid reasons. There are a lot of people who are famous for “nothing”. Like Kate Bosworth, Natasha Giggs and every reality star out there. Kate B. is famous for once dating Orlando Bloom and Natasha for sleeping with her brother in law. Is that any better?

  • XYZ


    Everyone wants those 15 min? Not a good thing. I for one dont want them.

  • Lin

    Perhaps she is tired of the paps. Be careful what you wish for Pippa…

  • B.

    Well, not everyone, but too many want those 15 min.

  • Sila

    48 comments for a person whose sister is married to a royal. Keep posting and Jared will probably write about her every day. She is the new Rachel Bilson. LOL

  • Rach

    @B.: And too many get their 15 min.