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Shakira: Press Conference in Jerusalem!

Shakira: Press Conference in Jerusalem!

Shakira hugs Shimon Peres, president of Israel, at a joint press conference held on Tuesday (June 21) in Jerusalem, Israel.

The 34-year-old Colombian singer and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador also visited a bilingual school on Tuesday. Shakira met with Israeli and Palestinian children during the day.

During the press conference, Shakira spoke about the importance of education through her charity, The Barefoot Foundation.

“I’m convinced that investing in education is the best solution for global stability and peace,” Shakira said after accepting a traditional Yemeni necklace from a young Israeli girl.

15+ pictures inside of Shakira making a visit to Jerusalem…

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Credit: Uriel Sinai/Moshe Milner/David Vaaknin; Photos: Getty
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  • york

    she’s kissing Satan

  • Miri

    Wow! Shakira is kissing you?!?!

  • adam

    he is worse than satan belive me, he have alot of palastinian children blood on his hands.but what to say : he is a jew and they run the white house that means they run the world. so its ok

  • ManDown

    i’m so choked really ! i’m so so so disapointed ! how can you go see the israeli president ????
    Basically she’s saying to millions of people that it’s okay to kill so much people, that she’s ok with it and everybody should be ok with it !!
    I’m so disgusted in her

  • lexy hates bilson

    Always nice to see this smart and talented Latina!

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    shakira kissing porter

  • israel

    yes so what we are better than all of you and we run the world get over it, ,and they are arabs so they are better of dead.israel 4 ever all hater should eat shit

  • ManDown

    @israel you’re such a freakin bast ar d !! F YOU !!! when i think that you guys went through one of the biggest genocide of all time you guys just disgust me !! ’cause people like you should understand more than anybody that killing millions of people is not right !!! People like you make me sick
    HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE (btw if arabs deserve that then hilter maybe was a visionary then ) FAKE BIBIATCH

  • israel

    we are the chosen people of god ,all the rest of u can die ,hey come to isreal and we will help u, maby you can meet your beloved palastinians in hell

  • ManDown

    @israel you’re the choosen people of god to burn down there in hell !!! if you guys really think that way then you guys already have your place right down there with your sherished hitler !! And don’t worry for me i would give my life for the palestinians but i wouldn’t even give my garbage or c rap to israel


    To all the haters here!! wtf is going on with you head?

    1.if you say that Shimon Peres is ..whatever,obviously you live on the moon or your head is lost somewhere inside you a$$ – he has a nobel peace prize see here
    2.what millions are you sh$%ing about? you have been brain washed kids [you are the kids,yes]
    3.bdw , what kids are you talking about? stop spreading the hate! we are talking about terrorists and I have the feeling you support terrorism – am I right?
    don’t even bother to type! keep on hating you reality.

    You are antisemitic and I understand.Being low life is too painful.I know I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes.

    Shakira is a great artist- she does art and promotes the peace process.

    To the WEBMASTERS: how can you allow these comment to be shown here? these people [ok I said people] support terrorism and spread their hatred all over the web.

    This is my first time on your great website and I liked it a lot but please don’t allow it to be a low level forum.
    Thanks, looking forward for more great posts.

  • ManDown

    i was waiting for antisemitism flag !!! THERE IT IS !!! OMG get over it i said against israel not jews !! i am so over you guys !! you killed hundreds and hundreds of people and we have to be fine with it because you are … jews ! yes and BTW: you should really get the ral sense of the word “antisemitism” ’cause originally the semits are not the jews but the arabs so i guess you guys are antisemitic
    But anyway stop talking about that : the facts talk by themselves and you should really be proud of being part of such a country aparently you’re not any diferent

  • skskj

    @A PROUD ISRAELI: no one hates jews we just hate the stupid country….

  • zephon

    I have lost all respect for Shakira – this was the line and she crossed it. She is now an immoral, unethical, sell out, Judas; after all the people who have been murdered the utter GENOCIDE; she has the gall to assume it’s education that is the reason for all the turmoil?! SHAME ON YOU SHAKIRA, you’re half Lebanese how could you do this?! Have you forgotten the 1500 Lebanese people who were killed in 2006 MOST UNDER THE AGE OF 12? You disgusting little old hag of a VIPER; are you that desperate for cash that you would sell your soul so easily? What an utter betrayal; had it not been for her Lebanese/arab blood she wouldn’t be HALF as famous as she is now- after all she’s not known for her voice. I pity the Palestinians for even their neighbors and indeed their cousins ; will forsake them for the devils bounty.

  • Lea


  • Luis


    She came solely to speak about childhood education, a topic that she’s passionate about. Regardless of the country, she believes that all children deserve access to high quality education. 15 years ago, she created the Barefoot Foundation, a foundation that has built over 5 schools in her home country, and she has invested money into the foundation to provide the several thousand students attending with free educational and meal scholarships.

    She spoke a few months ago at Harvard about the childhood education. She spoke about it a year ago at Oxford. Today’s event was no different.

    That you lose respect for her coming to an event to speak about childhood education is baffling. Youtube her actual speech. There’s nothing shameful or immoral about her words or actions.


    @Luis: yes Luis, absolutely right! if any of these ignorants up here had gotten SOME education none of this BS was written or spoken.
    Little that they know , they are just one little screw in a big propaganda that has no base.
    There is no Palestine and there never was.Read some books.
    You know what? it’s a waste of time trying to talk like a human being to Al Qaida fans and Hamas.

  • How to have a boy

    You guys are so bored.I would say to death!!
    since when this is a political debate? we are talking about SHAKIRA here, hello!! listen to her music,listen to what she has to say about the children’s education,the peace between the nations.
    Why are you killing each other here? @mandown – be reasonable please
    @a proud israeli – you can’t change the world
    shake hands and be friends. :)

  • arab

    she’s of lebanese descent shame on you shakira mubarak!

    she should have went to lebanon south or asked about how israelis even reached beirut the capital once and occupied it as well before retreating while she was there

  • Nona Israela



  • israel

    who the hell give ashit what u think we are her to stay even if others will die for it, beter them than us no ?if you like arabs so much we can transfer all of them to the us hhhhhhhhhhh then israel will be ajewish state only then we will live in peace

  • arab

    its seems ur the one with low self esteem since u had to mention ur proud in ur nickname

  • arab

    oh and all the swearing calm down its not like we’re hunting ur asses tomorrow

  • Was Muhamad Gay?

    don’t dare to insult gay.He married Aisha when she was 6 and had sex with her you can ask every muslim.
    These are the people the Israelis need to face everyday for 100 years now.

  • Scott

    Haters of Israel

    Go To Hell!!!

  • Scott

    @Was Muhamad Gay?:

    To be fair he did wait until she was 9 :)

  • kiki

    Blah blah blah, no-one gives a crap about the politics or whatever you are on about, seriously people this is a celebrity gossip site, lighten up. Lifes too short and who really cares?

    Anyway, on to important issues, Shakira really needs to fix those tresses. Her overly bleached hair looks dry and straw like. She needs a deep conditioning treatment stat. Otherwise she looks cute.

  • shut up already

    @kiki: damm right ! this is not for political matters,omg!
    just kill each other already people!!!

  • alex

    oh sharra you fake american you .most of american dont suport isreal thats a fact our president is pro israele as all our polotician becous there is avery strong jewish loby named aipac that bend the hands of our belovede politician with money 4 ellection so stop the crap.before 48 that means before israel there where no problimes with the arabs so every one can do the math

  • Isthuriel

    How petty of you people, you can’t justify Israels actions so you resort to insulting a religion. *claps* you’ve really proven yourselves. As a Jew myself who is a fourth generation anti Israel ( we were offered to live there numerous times and each time we give the ‘representative’ a good tongue lashing. Hell a well known rabbi in NY as well as hundreds of others protesting Israel, i burned his Israeli passport for all to see ) the reaction? We are self hating Jews; yet my family linage has no heritage to Israel whatsoever – none. Though I do have relatives who suffered in Europe, yet it was actually them who started the cycle of refusal. My great grandfather had always said we were not meant to have a land; that we are nomads whose DUTY was to contribute to the better of humanity in every country we land in. That Israel is and always will be ‘a gilded concentration camp for Jews’ only it will be the Zionists that would be our executors. Now he was the WW2 vet of the family so to hear him say that spoke volumes to me. He’s still kicking and has just turned 97 – he has outlived all his siblings and he still curses Israel and he is not alone. Someday we will put this right we will live up to our purpose and put an end to the Zionist terrorist state; I look forward to that day of reckoning – for my conscience will be clear. The WORST are those who champion the oppressors and abandon the OPPRESSED, there will be a reckoning for those who remain silent.

  • toha


    not for 4 ever not 4 long time …sooon very soon inchallah every thing will be just the way it should be long time ago will see believe me ….

    as for shakira … u hug the devil ..shame on y
    ou !!!!

  • yara

    @arab ur absolutely right! forget about everything else, being LEBANESE she should be a bit more considerate of the fact that Israel has done some pretty violent things to Lebanon (i’m sugar coating it here guys). No one’s saying she shouldn’t help the kids, as a matter of fact someone in her position must do nothing but help, but must also think a little before posing for pictures while kissing the Israeli president. Shame.

  • Muslim

    @israel: Wow, say it out loud, @Was Muhamad Gay?: I am muslim and we all muslims know that you should not say anything you do not know, not sure of. He (s.a.v.) was married to her when she was 18. You are disgusting, just do not comment, you people have opinions about everything, go read some books!

  • muslim

    @Isthuriel: @Isthuriel: I am grateful for real Jewish people like you who can see the truth and fight for it.. God bless you all.

  • Neutral

    your an idiot. i love jewish people and i think they are an awesome group of people. but you guys arent the sh*t like you think you are. Israel(NOT Jewish people) are the cause for so many of the worlds problems. Most of you Europe/Asia want nothing to do with you because ISRAEL is a trouble maker. God said nothing about killing and kicking people out the land he chose for you. After reading that comment you are NO BETTER THAN DOGS! and the world knows it. I think both sides are wrong but Israel is like a kid who keeps throwing rocks at a dog and when it attacks it expects sympathy for its naivety. QUIT instigating problems and share the land!

  • Neutral

    your an idiot. i love jewish people and i think they are an awesome group of people. but you guys arent the sh*t like you think you are. Israel(NOT Jewish people) are the cause for so many of the worlds problems. Most of you Europe/Asia want nothing to do with you because ISRAEL is a trouble maker. God said nothing about killing and kicking people out the land he chose for you. After reading that comment you are NO BETTER THAN DOGS! and the world knows it. I think both sides are wrong but Israel is like a kid who keeps throwing rocks at a dog and when it attacks it expects sympathy for its naivety. QUIT instigating problems and share the land!

  • Scott

    Do the math? Why don’t you try the English first you illiterate moron. No problems huh? No Arab massacres of Jews in 1920, 1921, or 1929? Intolerant racist illiterate scumbag!

  • Scott


    You aren’t neutral; you’re an effing idiot. Only one side there is willing to live in peace and that’s Israel. An anti-Israeli hates the Jews right to a Homeland. That means you hate Jews moron. And that you can’t tell the difference between civilization and barbarism. Arabs Attack, Israel responds — for 64 years! Idiot!!!

  • Tntum83

    Wow, I am no longer a Shakira fan

  • Robert the Jew

    It is so sickening to read some of the anti Jew and anti Israel comments here. You a–holes don’t have to like either one, that’s your preogative. However don’t show your ignorance and stupidity by posting Arab propaganda . Israel IS seeking peace. In fact they have bent over backwards many many times only to be rejected by the Arabs. Remember the Arab leagues 3 NOs. No peace, No recognition, No negotiation. All the Arabs want from the Jews and Israelis is their total destruction. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!! They tried three times already (1948, 1967, and 1973) and had their asses handed to them.
    What’s it gonna take for you (Arab nations and anti–semites) to grasp the FACT that Israel is here to stay.

  • David

    The rampant ignorance,racism and hatred on this post is quite amazing. Firstly : Everyone chill the f*$#! out. Take a deep breath. Relax. if you need to take a time out…go chill in the corner for a few minutes.

    ok….now that you’re calm..(hopefully i have your attention for 60 seconds, if you’re not too ADD to be able to hold your focus for that long.)

    Shakira went to meet some children, in a peaceful, demonstration of good will and charity. She met with the president of Israel (the real leader of Israel, by the way, is Benjamnin Netanyahu, the Prime minister) in the land of Israel, the only real democracy in the middle east.

    Israel is not a land of killers, or terrorists, as much as some people would like to believe it, or spread such vicious and horrible ideas.

    Is Israel perfect? of course not! No country is perfect, nor can anyone expect a country surrounded by countries that HATE it, and would like it destroyed, to always behave in a peaceful manner.

    The Jews, and Israel (and it is VERY difficult to separate the two.)
    Are there non zionist jews who hate Israel yes? Are they in the extreme minority? Yes.

    I am a proud Jew, living in North America. I am a supporter of Israel.
    I support its right to defend its territories/borders and citizens.
    I support its right to better the life of its citizens.
    I do not like it when innocent civilans on either side get killed.
    I do not believe for 1 second that Israel as a state, has ever deliberately attacked innocent Palestnian, or Lebanese or Syrian (all neighboring countries) civilans. There has never been nor will there ever be conclusive proof of such, because it has never happened, and will never happen.

    These other states however, who are run by essentially terrorist organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas – whose primary goal is to destroy israel, not help its own starving,largely illiterate population, protect its borders, increase productivity, gross domestic product, promote peace, or work on bettering the lives of its citizens) have no interest in even discussing peace, and probably never will, until legitimate peace loving leaders are placed in power.

    I love all people, of all religions. I have friends of every different colour, cultural background, religion, birth place etc…

    Its unfortunate that peace in the middle east is likely a far fetched notion. But to expect Israel to give up land that it has been awarded by the U.N., to expect Israel to not defend its borders, or even go into other countries who pose a threat to its existance and destroy their terror cells from within, is absolutely absurd.

    I assume, that most of you are American, since AOL is predominantly an amercian based service. My heart goes out to the horrible atrocities that you have had to deal with (September 11th)

    Please understand, Israel’s terror alert is HIGH, almost every day
    and the risk of terror plots on busses, schools, planes is very real,
    each and every day.

    It is not the fault of the Jewish People, nor of Israel, that many arab countries are in such dire straits. It is the fault of the leaders of those respective countries who have brainwashed their citizens (not all of them, but many of them) that Israel and the Jews and America are the devil and the roof of all evil. It is utter nonsense, and I pray that one day
    the citizens decide to stand up and say, “it’s time we better ourselves and our countries instead of blindly believing this complete nonsense”

    Now…go…all racists, maniacs, semi literate ignorant morons…
    quick: Go insult me, insult jews, insult israel,..tell us all to burn in hell.
    whatever makes you feel powerful. It accomplishes nothing.

  • Nikki

    I am truly disgusted by the comments on this website. Israel is our only ally in the middle east and yet we have been so brainwashed by our own “president’ that we have turned our backs on them.

    When all nations come against Israel they will have no trouble. Israel will win the final battle because God is with her, and Satan is leading all the nations of the world. Pick up a bible, turn off MSNBC and open your eyes America!!

  • Noli

    WoW! Disgusting and disturbing comments all over this site!!! What the……..ยก
    So many here are really terror supporters, against Israel, and Hamas Lovers! Eww disgraced human beings (and I use “human beings” very loosely!).
    It’s actually a surprise that Shakira came to Israel, because many thought that she’s actually antisemitic…. But she came for the kids and encouraged their education… You know trying to open eyes that way- and avoid Stupid Ignominious, Islamic lovers people – Such a disgrace to America. Just gross.

  • Scott


    Awesome post!

    Arab dictators brutalize and suppress their own populations while simultaneously spreading myths about Israel. By deflecting blame upon Israel the dictators hope to fool their enslaved populaces into believing that it is Israel, not the dictators themselves who have sunken these societies into the depths of such depravity.

  • Grrrr

    This site has too many terrorist advocates visitors!
    You’re brainwashed if you think Israel is to blame! Israel is in constant threat from all of its neighbors, all the time, every day! Where do you get your bias false info from? AlJazeera?!
    JJ shouldn’t post those ridiculous hateful comments. And you call yourselves Americans…. .

  • bevol

    Wow these comments are pathetic. The Israeli president is a horrible man, as is Ben.

    Shakira is half Lebanese, let us not forget.

  • phil

    The stupidity of comparing Peres and Hitler is beyond words. It would not help to educate you, because you don’t have the brains to understand. You are a true moron.

  • jaco

    I have friends in both sides, but I have also been in Israel for a while not just visitings and let me tell you isaraeli-Arabs love Israel they are the majority in hebrew Hospitals as Doctor and nurses and administrtaors, they love their lives and their richnness becoz they are the richest people in Israel, not the israelis they have mansions and palaces for houses and theywant to keep living in Israel they’r lovely and nice and Israelis are also just fantastic people,,now Palestinians are something else they are attacking Israel all day long with rockets hiitting Hospitals and schools as well as regular citizens…they are a group nobody wants because of they way of life and terror practices and they don’t want to pay taxes but they want everything Israel has for free, they were expelled from most arabs countries and they started this fight so they could get some approval for those arabs countries that we all know hate’s like the FARC in Colombia and the NARCS in Arizona, demanding rights and killing people..and Shakira she is not that sweet either she came to Venezuela as a Diva and made fired 2 young workers in the Hotel she was staying because they came to disturb her asking for an authograph knowing that there are no jobs in Venezuela but hunger and starvation …that’s her ..and by the way Israel is the only country that has ever helped Libano who has no army, in any conflict they have encounter..ask Libaneses and the people who writes these blogs against Israel are paid by the antyisraeli pro terror groups to write …to spread lies and evil

  • Romeo

    @zephon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So much hate and envy!!!

  • Romeo