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Shiloh & Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 'World War Z' Set Visit!

Shiloh & Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 'World War Z' Set Visit!

Angelina Jolie brings her daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, to the set of papa Brad Pitt‘s newest movie, World War Z on Tuesday (June 21) in Valletta, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress took Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5, for a 90-minute visit to the capital city, where the girls held hands with mom and dad and checked out the post-apocalyptic set of World War Z, People reports.

On Monday evening, Angie and Brad went out to dinner together and enjoyed a seafood tasting menu at the Xara Palace Relais and Chateaux.

FYI: Brad is wearing the Theory Gerald Instrumental Light sport shirt in Magnet. Angelina is wearing a white “Milla” tee by Market.

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  • mia

    awww zahara and her brother. too cute

  • tami

    They are such a beautiful family!

  • noplace

    gorgeous girls all 3 of them!

  • kiki

    shiloh looks so cute sleeping on her mom’s shoulder

  • noplace

    mia has bad as.s eyesight! mia has bad as.s eyesight! mia has bad as.s eyesight! mia has bad as.s eyesight! mia has bad as.s eyesight!

  • bdj

    That is so sweet. Zahara and Shiloh are two cuties. Papa Pitt is looking mighty fine. World War Z should be an exciting movie. Mama Angie is a dedicated Mom and humanitarian. While others are stuck in 1998,some in 2003, BP and AJ are living their lives and being a family. It is all good.

  • Lara

    How happy Brad must be to have his wife and beautiful children with him, just like always. Lovely family.


    Shiloh and Zahara are sooo beautiful! Angie and Brad are awesome parents. More pictures please :)

  • Jubilee

    Lovely family!

  • another mom

    Bring them to school instead to film set, Miss Supermom !

  • Sara

    What a beautiful family–on the inside and out!

  • hopeso

    Thank for t he pics you Jared, i find i cant get enough of Angie & Brad…Love this family.

  • Claire

    Shiloh is cute, but in all honesty, she’s a girl right?! She looks androgynous (not including the clothes).

  • Liz

    Joy Joy to see the girls. Tks JJ. Hello to all JP fans… I think im in first page

  • 2Park5

    A loving family it great to see more of them

  • Brad luvr

    Love them!!!

  • lynda

    they are the most beautiful family in hollywood ! and the second photo ♥ so cute !

  • Glee

    First i get to see pictures of their night out on t he town and now with the kids they all look nice

  • BrabAngelina

    Shiloh & Zahara are so cute !
    God Bless Them

  • Richard P

    Angie and girls .Zahara and Shiloh are cute.

  • anustin

    lovin it!!!thank you,jared.

    waving -miss bdj.

    no place,was expecting ur #1

  • B.Bunch

    Lovely family, is that a band-aid over Shi left eye????

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love them. Shi & Z probably were tired after a long day with mom & dad.

  • Deedz

    Shiloh resting on her moms shoulder? So CUTE.

  • naturegirl

    OOOOHHHHHH look that so sweet Angie took them to visit their dad at work….ooohhhhhh!!!

  • joliepitt

    Love this family and another day to joliepitt family. Brad surly loves his girls and mia only moron and pathetic will go after a child .

  • anustin


    home schooled! ejit!!!!jealous azz cant handle the truth.

  • NYC


    I am sure that hey have the best education money can buy only lucky them t hey don’t have to go to a traditional school to get it…. JEALOUS MUCH????

  • IllWill

    Wheres all the zombies?>

  • toy1

    This is what family is about….just lovely to see! Lovin the pix with Shi hugging her moms leg – too cute.

  • anustin

    lol,wish i can hug brads legz.zhit!i’ll go a little bet up and aboved!!!delicious!


    Bringing this over from previous thread…….ozzie, the links you posted of the shiitrags in australia calling out the homewrecker anustain is hilarious. Check this one out:

  • anustin

    IllWill @ 06/21/2011 at 6:54 pm 0

    Wheres all the zombies?>

    go at Manistons thread.a lot!

  • wish Angie would gain weight

    haha Shiloh is totes a mama’s girl now. There is always someone posting about how much Angelina ignored shiloh or how she doesn’t like shiloh on these threads. LoL

  • tigeress

    What alovely couple and their daughters are adorable.

    AngelinaJolie and Brad Pitt arethe most popular couple in Hollywood.

    I just love them together , it’s wonderful to see both Angie and
    Brad finally happy. So affectionate with one another and truly fantastic parents.

    Go Angie and Brad ,You are loved by all!!!!

  • anustin

    thanks AWHODAT!!!bahahahaha so fuggy face of idol Maniston.

  • juju

    sweet family

  • Enough

    @Lara: ummm… I don’t think miss. heroin addict and mr. pot head are married yet. So fed up with these media wh@res… I wish they both disapper. Enough!!!

  • anustin

    i wish i have anjie’s not fatzo.

  • Snicker


    Thanks for this that hilarious i have been looking for postings of her for days now i cant wait to ball her out…HYPOCRITE .

  • a lurker

    I love this family so much.

  • ;)

    The girls are both very beautiful.

  • tamara

    It is truly very sad that Shilou is always dressed like a boy. I remember seeing the picture of Shilou and Zahara in there bathing suits. Zahara had a cut little girl bikini on and Shilou had on boys swimming trunks. For people to say that’s normal is just taking the political correctness thing way too far. While we all know Angelina is a beautiful woman you have to admit she is a bit out there. I am disappointed in Brad Pitt, thought he would even out her weirdness with being the normal parent. Now he’s just as weird as her.

  • wish Angie would gain weight

    @tamara: Shiloh is not your child to worry about. She is angelina’s mini me and that makes you very jealous.

  • kellybelly

    Always the same old tune by jp fans.

    ‘beautiful inside and out’
    ‘god bless the jolie-pitts’
    ‘the kids are sooo cute’
    ‘i’m soooooo proud to be a jp fan’

    ever heard yourself?!
    how about questioning your idols for a change? or am I the only one who thinks that visiting a refugee camp with a gucci bag is a little inappropriate?!

    I admit – the jps do way more than other celebrities, BUT flying private jets, living in several mega villas and wearing ridiculously expensive jewelries and clothes AFTER seeing all these refugees living in tents and having nothing but their lives – sorry, but for me it just feels hypocrite!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Enough @ 06/21/2011 at 7:08 pm

    If you are so fed up with them, why don’t you disappear from this thread and all future JP threads. Why are you here? I don’t get it. You hate them but you are here.

  • Snicker

    @ Enough
    Miss admitted ret##d vapid brain empty head cinnamon face leather skin old c##t seems to have disappeared, what she cant face the shame?????? You go encourage her to just knock back a tequila or twelve like she always does to face the public i cant wait to see her on some of these sites.

  • juju

    wish Angie would gain weight @ 06/21/2011 at 7:02 pm

    years & years
    of the same crap
    u need put on those
    heads of urs
    that this is
    normal weight
    she’s skinny
    w/ long skinny
    legs &arms
    deal w/ it
    a fan sent me
    a new collage
    angelina from 97 to 2011


  • bdj

    What’s up Weng. Hi to all the fans

    Ole toke and coke(Baby Jane alias Your Hairness) 2 fans spam the thread and make BP and AJ more popular than ever. Meanwhile, their idol has a red hot fake romance with caveman and the two rabid hens could care less. Baby Jane broke up a 14 year relationship for nothing. Too bad Bradley Cooper passed.

  • notafan

    Bradley cooper ran, he is lucky he got away twice