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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Set with Pax!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Set with Pax!

Brad Pitt and son Pax leave the set of Brad‘s new film, World War Z, on Wednesday (June 22) in Valletta, Malta.

The 47-year-old actor brought partner Angelina Jolie and daughters Zahara and Shiloh to the set of the post apocalyptic film yesterday.

Earlier in the week, Angie and Brad went out for a romantic dinner together at the Xara Pace Relais and Chateaux.

The entire Jolie-Pitt clan arrived in town earlier in the month and is staying in Malta as Brad gets to work on World War Z.

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  • t.m.delafonda


  • t.m.delafonda

    Love this man!!!!

  • Passing Through

    Awwww…Pax is such a cutie!

  • lena

    So cute! Glad they are having fun. Really looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • anustin

    cute! to the max!

  • Dakota

    What a wonderful father! (& handsome)!!!!

  • busted

    I love how they give the kids alone time with each parent. Makes children feel special.

    Pax has gotten so big.

    Time sure flies.

  • Lara

    Awww Pax is adorable, and so is his daddy. Now all we need is to see Maddox, Knox and Viv for the full set. Beautiful family.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Daddy and Paxie on the set. Now this is too cute. What is it about pics of fathers and their children that turn women into mush? If they could bottle that as a fragrance, they’d corner the market.

  • http://website PJ

    Super dad and son.
    Brad you are wonderful I am so glad you found your place in the world along side Angie.

  • cramer

    He hasn’t been cute since the 90s.

  • http://at slig o lambert^________^ cute

    brad now good and clean and where angelina i want so with beautiful kids shiloh ,vivie .know

  • To: PT

    To: PT @ 06/22/2011 at 4:02 pm +4

    PT according to Deadline Hollywood Eva Mendez and Greta Gerwig were in talks for the Pines movie with Ryan and Closet Boy. No where does it say Maniston – maybe it was just her “wishful thinking”. Whenever she’s not offered movie roles she always claims to “take a break” and after the loss that was mismanagment, l don’t think Kimmel would offer her a role in his movie. I guess he found out the hard way that she was not a boxoffice draw. But l might be wrong on the casting thing, but most movie sites have Eva Mendez and not Maniston.

  • anustin

    so happy for poppa pitt.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Pax is adorable. Nice to see the kids visited their dada. I am hoping to see Mad, Knox, & Viv visiting their dad next.

  • a fan

    Gorgeous daddy and son.

  • anustin

    can’t wait for the pix of the poppa and the momma kissing,kissing effect.hehehehe.sweet!

  • KC

    I think this is a beautiful family. The children appear to be very well-adjusted and happy. Even though it is nice to see them together it would be better if the media gave the kids more space.

  • Lara

    Lo, anustin, yeah kissing pics next please Brad and Angie.

  • Cristobal

    <3 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their kids.

  • AJJA

    Great dad and husband. I love that he and Angie are committed to their beautiful kids. Sure they’re superstars, but they show that they are parents first.

  • Brad Fan

    Looking good Brad and Pax.

  • nepenthes

    Brad is such a hottie. Still rocking it after all these years.

  • bizzy bee

    Pax to the max!


  • bizzy bee

    I’m my father son ,Brad showing the world how to love,and what it takes to be a father,

  • bradangelina

    Father & Son !
    Love them & cant stop waiting Brad’s new movies !

  • carolynlee

    This man has found his niche – husband to AJ, father , artist , and humanitarian . He does them all superbly.They make a phenomenal couple.

  • yaya

    I am so enjoying all the pics we are getting thx jared.
    Brad looks tired but looks so sexy still! Angie be careful of praying eyes. This look is showing the best out of him .LOL
    Paxy is soo cute boy . I bet the boys enjoys the sets more than the girls.

  • Annah

    Is it just me or doesnt Pax remind soo much of Brad? I think its so funny to see how much adopted kids do resemble their parents… And for Maddox, you can see so much of Angelina in him. The same mysterious look in the eyes, the same “grace” etc. they are such a beautiful family!

  • boston61

    Funny, if a woman’s face showed the wear and tear his does you would all be putting her out to pasture.

  • t.m.delafonda

    That is only the shallow who judge a person by their appearance alone. The reason that Brad is STILL considered to be beautiful is because his face now has character, instead of, just prettiness. His “beauty” has become more internalized and defined by him, not his peers, fans, nor, hater/trolls. Only the young “in mind” judge, solely, the superficial. AND….Honey, no matter how you play it, Brad is 47, not 27. He is NOT a Barbie/Ken doll nor part of some fictitious “Golden Couple”. He is a MAN. A wonderful, gorgeous, generous MAN. LOVE HIM OR NOT!!!!

  • yaya

    OT/ I thought GC will gonna marry the girl after her interview. I didn’t know it was a good bye interview. Well, I think george have them for 2 years contract I guess. At least he is not confuising anyone the gir who get in to him know where he stands.

  • yaya

    @boston61: he is shooting a movie that will have a fight scenes in a very hot place. It is not a romantic comedy where you supposed to look nice with your hair done great you facial to make look great.Are you dumb or what?

  • bizzy bee

    @bostongirl, that’s why they call them men. They’re not having regular facials, and primping like women. He’s a hardworking men trying to raise his family, so who cares if he has a few lines on his face?

    You’re not a fan so why worry about what he looks like? Leave that to his fans.

    At least he’s not coming home from work, sitting on a smelly couch, asking the wife for a beer, and stinking up the place with farts.

  • Liz

    Papa Pitt so handsome and Pax a cutie one

  • ;)

    How cute their hair are identical.

  • busted

    I saw some other pics on the megas.. He really is beautiful. Not just his looks but as a man. I love his devotion to his family: children and the woman he has built it with.

    I just think his life is so good because he is actually happy, content and where and with whom he want to be.

    Why that bothers anyone is beyond me.

    Looking at the picture of Pax I just get WOW.. do you all remember Brad picking up Pax and Zee from pre-school. How small they both were. That was almost 5 years ago. 5 years.

    Well I’m a fan and am just really happy for him and Angie. They deserve to be happy.

  • I agree boston

    gosh he’s fug and his hired posters are so annoying. He needs some more botox.

  • Pitt loves X17

    @t.m.delafonda: he sure looks like a barbie doll except for when they forget to airbrush his photos. Compare these to x17′s airbrushed pix. lol

  • thelookoflove1365

    Father and Son almost have the same hairstyle. LOL. Such cute pictures of a family man. Some shallow haters are always spouting such nonsense as ‘physical appearance or looks.’ Who cares? The ,man is 47 and still looks hot and gorgeous. Plus he is a very good dad and supportive partner. I bet you his exes are probably thinking “it could have been me in Angie’s position.” LOL. Both are now saddled with loser partners/lovers/husband.

  • anustin

    lolol those trollniston soooo angry with poppa pitt having a good life with momma anjie.suck it !homewreckerz!!!

  • Alissa

    Where’s Angelina?

    Oh, I forgot… She’s shooting up, strung out, wasted, on the nod…



  • yaya

    ok one more thing ,why is that those stupid magazines and some stupid blogs can’t talk about maniston without dragging Angie or Brad? how lame!
    If I were Maniston I will be embarrassed because that is the only way they think she can be interesting.

  • anustin

    lol alisshi.t

    where’s Maniston
    oh she’s der
    grabbing some peen.

  • Just Sayin

    Brad wins genetic lottery, he is always handsome.

  • http://na angierocks

    Daddy and Paxie too adorobs!I’ll say daddy is lookin mighty fine sure is getting a lot of kisses from momma!Squeeee!

  • hopeso

    He is such a dedicated father…God bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • Ang

    Brad sure is a fine looking specimen from the men’s department. I personally don’t care for those smooth, baby faced “boys”. He is like fine wine and gets better with age.

    Pax is another one that will leave a trail of broken hearts when he comes of age. He will have to fend the girls off with a stick…

  • Tina

    Family is very important to Brad and Angelina. Love that they take turn working and keeping the family together.

  • anustin

    oopppssss Alishi.t dont forget the tic tocking.good for Maniston homewrecking theroux and biven’s relation.