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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Split

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Split

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis have split after a two-year romance.

The 50-year-old actor and Elisabetta, 32, released a joint statement on Wednesday (June 22) confirming their breakup.

“We are not together anymore. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,” George and Elisabetta said (via People).

Earlier in the week, Elisabetta sat front row at the DSquared2 fashion presentation in Milan, Italy.

George and Elisabetta were last photographed together in mid-June as they went out to dinner together in Como, Italy.

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Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • pigbearman

    i guess the contract is over

  • dollhouse

    Clooney will die an old lonely man.

  • meh


  • laverdadduele

    WHO CARES? At least we will stop seeing posts about that coke-snorting POS Canalis.

  • ellie’

    Who says even a man has to settle down…Good for u George no one can dictate your life like Jennifer’s…ans also your choice to have a child…Enjoy…

  • jolie

    Why can’t he just be with one girl? He’s 50 now and can’t stick to one girl at all.

  • jolie

    Why can’t he just be with one girl? He’s 50 now and can’t stick to one girl at all.

  • Namea

    I think we all knew it was over the minute she mentioned George’s taboo word “Marriage.” Should have kept quiet Elisabetta tsk tsk.

  • ()

    so you’re saying you should be a wh0re your whole life? your mother taught you self-respect I see..not!

  • ???

    Of course they did – he likes boys too so he can’t get married.

  • ()

    @jolie: he’s most likely bisexual so once a girl finds that out, she normal straight girl would accept the fact that her man likes to take in the a$$ from another man..gross

  • Sweet Lips

    George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston… never able to stay in a relaysh *shakes head*

  • prairiegirl

    Calling all beards…we have a current vacancy

  • gaydar

    my gaydar just overheated

  • Ladyb

    Last year, she said marriage and kids are not for her. This year, she changed her tune. Of course she wants marriage and kids. And if any woman think they can change a man should better have Plan B. I think George Clooney’s first wife is the luckiest woman. She’s the only one that can say she took him to the altar.

  • comeoutGeorgieBoyyyy

    he’s obviously gay, just like John Travolta and Tommy Girl

  • Lurker


    I agree with you, I knew she would get her pink slip the minute she started talking about marriage. George has made it clear that he does not want to be married, the women who signed a contract and agreed to be with him shoould not expect to change his mind.

    I still don’t understand why any woman would sign up for a 1or 2 years relationship with a man.

  • smile

    why live a lie George, everyone knows you’re gayer than a rainbow.

  • Brainy box


  • mailey

    it’s really stupid when celeb couples send out “official statements” like this. esp these two, who arent even married.
    uh, you’re not that important. delusions of grandeur.

  • ali

    Oh boy i didnt see this one coming …
    i guess it the same old story .. she wants to get married
    and have children and he dosnt , oh well
    i guess we will not be seeing her showing off her
    sexy ass no more , no more bikinis on fancy yachts i guess.

    didnt you know that he is not going to marry you ?

    i guess their contract is finished . bye bye

  • S@n

    Who said that a relationship has to last forever, if not working?

    Gaydar? Why? As far as I know gay relationships also end!

    The truth is that people sometimes are in a relationship a long time because they need, for one reason or another, not always for love!

    As for George I think he is in a position that can do what he want!
    And the women who enter in his life should know what they are doing they are adults, right?

  • It’s not the same old story – are you stupid? He’s gay and it’s sad that he feels like he has to hide that fact…

  • lilooo

    ahahahahaha the minute she spoke about mariage he gave her the greenlight! Georges my girl!!!

  • TMNox

    What else is new?

  • stee-low-flow

    George was married to Tia Balsam ..who plays John Slattery’s wife on MadMen.

    She is the daughter of actors Martin Balsam and Joyce van Patten.

    I believe they were married for a long time..and he was engaged to Kelly Preston fo long time.

    He has a right to be single, married …whatever he wants. I think he needs to get someone with a career ..who is really busy with her life as well.

  • janie

    dollhouse @ 06/22/2011 at 11:56 am #2

    Clooney will die an old lonely man.

  • http://at slig o lambert^________^ cute

    old news

  • Tammy

    I agree with George. I was married, am now single, and have sworn off marriage for life. I don’t need or want it anymore, I love the marriage-less life.

  • clamity

    i dont care if he is 50 he is HOT .george and aniston should get together hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • amensister

    has it occur to anyone that he WANTS to be single?

  • ya


    I know. Why does he have to get married?

    Too many old rubes positing on this blog.

  • Megan

    You’ll all be singing a diferent tune once you get older. It’s not funny to age, get sick and die alone. And friends won’t be there as a partner would. You don’t have to believe it nw, you’ll see.

  • Not stupid at all


    If they didn’t release a statement, the minute either of them was seen with another person it would be splashed out all over the tabloids “HE’S / SHE’S CHEATING!!!” More likely with him. No one cares about her.

    Normally I don’t care about age differences, within reason, but if he really doesn’t want marriage or kids he should really try finding someone over 40.

  • Not sure about George


    He has lots of options available to him. Hopefully you don’t die as stupid as you are now.

  • Now that’s a good reason


    to get married: to have a permanent caretaker. Honey, the man has money. He can hire people to wipe his behind, should it come to that. He also has plenty of longtime close friends who will be there for each other to the end.

  • Ladyb

    Could he have the hotts for Sanda Bullock on the set of their new film?

  • susan

    so now George and his people come out and tell us what we already know. Elizabeth should never have brought up the subject of marriage.

  • Megan

    @ now t…
    Yeah, I over simplified. But what I meant isthat life is really hard to go through it without a soul partner. Yes he can hire someone and he does seem to have good friends. It’s still not the same to someone who loves you and knows you and you both comit to one another. You don’t grow the same.

  • JoelKinnaman

    When will a girl ever learn. Marriage to George Clooney is like a gay man turning straight { PERMANENTLY.} Not going to happen. And if it ever did, it wouldn’t last. People are the way they are and you can’t do sweet F.A to change that.

    George Clooney is a playboy and gay people are gay. Simple….

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    Do not care for them at all!!

  • l

    And now everybody is gonna blame SANDRA BULLOCK cuz they’re doin a movie together.

  • opensesame

    Clooney has admitted several times he does not want to marry or have kids. good for him. marriage is not suited for everyone. gay or not, he is one of the classiest acts in hollywood and aging like a fine wine. he just gets better and better.

  • Maria

    Sad. They looked good together too.

  • susan

    stee-low-flow@ 06/22/2011 at 12:37 pm

    George was married to Talia Balsam. not Tia.

  • who

    but who is gonna change your diapers in a few years when you’re an old wrinkled hag?

  • everio

    Why does his private life concern any of you’s? Its his life.

  • josh78

    i think that george decide to end this relation after horseface performance of ciara like a boy…hahahahaahha

  • Lindley

    Why does everyone hate on George for not being married? At least he knows he doesn’t want to be married. I love him! :)

  • breckin

    @Not stupid at all: they still don’t have to put out a statement, and a joint statement, no less.
    media and mics are in their face all the time. next time they walk out the door and someone yells “hey where’s elisabeth”, he could just answer that they broke up and same with her. easy.