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Gerard Butler: Shirtless Surfer in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless Surfer in Malibu!

Gerard Butler wraps a red towel around himself as he strips out of his bodysuit after a day of surfing on Wednesday (June 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scotish stud showed off his toned shirtless body before changing into sweatpants and a gray shirt.

Gerard was rumored to be joining the cast of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones for its second season, but HBO has denied the reports.

Earlier this week, Gerard stepped out to fill his car with a tank of gas.

25+ pictures inside of a shirtless Gerard Butler after surfing…

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gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 01
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 02
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 03
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 04
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 05
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 06
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 07
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 08
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 09
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 10
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 11
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 12
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 13
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 14
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 15
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 16
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 17
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 18
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 19
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 20
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 21
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 22
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 23
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 24
gerard butler shirtless surfer in malibu 25

Credit: Aspahan; Photos: AKM Images
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  • Sian

    Oh thank God, that would have spoiled GoT for me.

  • BEAN

    LOL face palm. DAD why are your trousers so high?

  • Manny

    Habba hubba……. something about this guy and towels….. *wink wink*

  • wintour

    gerald butler is still handsome.
    but he is not aging well

  • criss


  • dready

    In before this thread reaches 5+ pages. Also, EWWWW.

  • oldbutnotdead

    G was just out in the water, in the sun, so he may look a little drawn but he looks pretty good for 41. Love the one in the red towel where he is all the way bent over…may not be the famous yellow towel from Shooters, but what the heck.

    G works hard for every movie. He wants to do a good job when he shoots the surf film Mavericks, so he is building his skills. He really needs to find a friend with a place Malibu so he will have a bit more privacy though! Good thing he is totally unshy!

    Too skinny though, he has lost the butt he had in 300, when he did all that work! Poor guy! Good thing he does not give a …. as to what people think, and I am glad he is that way.

    Furious Love about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton love story is being talked about, and G is one of those suggested for the part of Burton, but Clive Owen is ahead in the voting.

    I wish G would do another action movie!

  • angelsrock


    I was thinking the exact same thing! LOL

  • angelsrock

    Dayum this man is a total tease!!!!!

  • wtf?

    oh mama……swoon….thud….

    thanks jj

  • Hot Mess

    I would have given a year’s salary to have been there to help him get out of that wet suit. He is killing me here…..I guess he figured if they are going to stand there the whole time, he will just do the best he can without revealing too much. He has never been shy….what a hunk…

  • PsychoB

    I wonder if his surf coaches had to teach him the towel trick. It’s as much a part of surfing as waxing your board.

  • dmp

    So you know in a bullfight (which I do not support btw) how the bull charges after the matador’s RED cape . . . cape = towel . . . you get the picture. LOL!

    “Dayum this man is a total tease!!!!!”
    –For sure!

  • show off!

    why is he getting undressed/dressed in the street??

  • Eve

    First red pants, now red towel! Don’t they have changing shacks or something on the beach out there? At least a restroom? Every beach I’ve ever been on has showers and changing areas! Man’s an exhibitionist! LOL

    I think he’d make a fantastic Richard Burton! I’m just trying to think who they could get as beautiful as Liz Taylor though! That will be a hard act to follow!

  • Eve

    For all of you who think he’s not good looking, average or not aging well… are absolutely right! He’s ugly. I agree with you, now go away! Just leaves more for me! (reverse strategy here) LOL!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Eve: At least we know he wears Calvin Kleins…they should pay him…they are on the fender.

    Malibu may not have changing areas, I am not sure. But he must have friends with homes there. I mean I am glad, but still. G is not shy. Everything he has was seen in Mrs. Brown, when he ran naked out into the surf, so all the people who have seen Mrs. Brown has seen what G has to offer (even cold and shriveled…LOL). the water they had to run in and out of for the scene was freezing cold.

    We also know quite a bit about him from Shooters (2002 ), because he had to jump up from where he had been sitting with his hands down a woman’s blouse, and his legs around her.G is not always acting….LOL.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I guess the red towel has replaced the yellow one..although I thought Gerry’s performance in “Shooters” was awesome..He’s really practicing hard..:)…La Jolla Beach would be nice for him too..warmer waters near San Diego..

    Good Luck on the Mavericks shoot Gerry!! :)

  • Maggie P. U.

    In the pic where he is bending over behind the truck in the red towel can ‘t you imagine what a disturbance he would create if the towel came undone and dropped to the ground. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH LLLLLLLLLaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddd!

    The seagulls would never be the same. (3rd row-3rd one from left-in the middle)



  • Maggie P. U.

    sorry… I put LW but forgot (Lets Wish)… and MPU sorry. In class…

  • PsychoB

    Real surfers wouldn’t be caught dead changing in the bathroom. It does mean that you get a peak at the jewels every once in a while. I spent my days at Huntington In HS and college. Changing time was always my favorite part of the day.

  • Eve


    I must have missed these movies! G running naked down a beach? I’ll just have to rent it! LOL!

  • CJ

    Spanks…Miss you!….wish you were on the beach helping G change his clothes since he can’t find his way to a changing room and he’s giving everyone a free show…♥..333

  • hmmmmm

    Eve: You didn’t see Mrs. Brown? The naked running scenes have been captured in slowmo many times. LOL. Ancient history.
    Anyway. I’m loving all the new G beach photos. Wetsuits. half wetsuits, towels, tummy shots, whatevah. For a certifiable Butler addict, this is better than booze or hot chocolate lava cake! Pick your poison.

  • jackie

    oi. he looks so old.
    i’d still do him though lols

  • Lisa

    Every man should look that sexy and gorgeous at 41.

  • cubedweller

    Butler is looking great these days. I wonder why JJ blurred out his friend’s face? Oh, I know. So he wouldn’t end up like Fry Guy, with a cute nick name and his own fan club.
    He doesn’t seem at all cranky about being papped in a towel.

  • CC

    My day just got a whole lot better haha!
    But seriously I’m glad we got a new thread because I felt that the last one started off on the wrong foot so to speak. Hopefully this one fairs better.

  • oldbutnotdead


    @show off!:

    I suspect he will opt for more privacy in the future!

    However, this is Malibu, in California, in the Summer, when every California surfer as well as all the wannabes from further east are out with a board up and down the southern California coast. Every online surfing mag is going to be listing Malibu as well as several other beaches as prime surfing in California for summer trips.

    Therefore, the place is very, very crowded I am sure, so there were likely no places to change. G must know a friend who has a home there, with beach access…however, as long as he doesn’t, we win! LOL…. California in the summer on the beach…never any place to park.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Eve: He plays the younger brother of Mr. Brown, the man Queen Victoria may or may not, have taken up with after her husband Albert died. Mr. Brown was a Scottish highlander, whom Prince Albert had admired, and he is the one who brought the queen out of her terrible mourning after Albert died. Judi Dench played the queen.

    The two Scotsman run into the surf naked. G is pretty skinny then. 1997, and he was about 28 or so. Started bulking up for Attila and others after that. Probably can find some of it on Youtube.

    Mrs. Brown was G’s first movie audition, and he got the part. Got the part the first time he tried for a stage play just before that, as well. He also did a couple of commercials in the UK, one really blurry one for Guinness beer, and one amusing one for Polaroid.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Eve: You can see Shooters (2002), a British crime drama, and very gritty, on Netflix download I think. He plays a crazy Scottish gangster. As one of the other actors puts it, his character is one of those guys always checking to see if he is still beautiful. I think that is the line. Comes in to the film about half way through. His character is the Scottish gangster Jackie.

  • oldbutnotdead


    starts about second 45 or so keep in mind it is very cold, most things are freezing and shriveled, and they shot that scene many times; I did not think any fan had missed it!

    G’s rep is that he has ….um…considerable reason to be confident about himself….or so it is said. I may be old, but I do remember what a confident man has to be confident about….:). After these pics from Mrs. Brown, what would G have to be shy about.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Hot Mess: Have you seen the Beowulf and Grendel interview where he is being helped out all the layers of his chain mail, etc?

    Very funny when someone put it to stripper music.

  • Tam

    Why is the other guys face covered?

    My! My! G you sure look good……

  • Mr. Giggles

    If G’s head were just a little lower ……. and pixel boy wore a speedo……. well …. this pic would have made it into Blueboy ;)

  • Mr. Giggles

    @Tam: Maybe Pixel Boy has a past :P

  • whatevs

    He is looking oooooold these days

  • .

    suuuch an animal in bed….



  • Boo Boo

    I’m Lebanese (exotic enough for Gerard?) and so that feels good BUT Real or not you don’t tell the world your a broke while trying to represent the richest nation on the planet only to cocksick hoes like Gerard


    Theyve never pixeled anyone’s face before…this is significant people…

  • Sea Creature

    Exactly WHAT would he be in GoT, huh??
    Would he play a dead guy? LOLZ
    He can’t play a heartthrob because he’s elderly and looks it. If he were 41 and looked 41 that’s be one thing – but he’s 41 and looks like he’s pushing 50. HARD and put away wet.
    Yuck Gerard, get a towel and smother yourself with it.

  • LauraB

    Some more pix from yesterday.Seems Gerry had a very busy day – jogging, surfing and work .

  • Flipper

    WHAT A DOUCHEBAG. get a job

  • Drysky

    Butler: ” hey razzi did you see my red towel? it looks so gay ! “

  • lolita

    OMG Ladies, I’m off to work with the vision of the hot Scot in a red towel. I agree with you all that he does make the heart go a flutter. I’ll just crank up the a/c when I get to work. Gerry your killing me softly!!!
    Hi there CJ and good day to all you JJr’s and you to Gerry♥

  • Paisley

    Oh…good…GOD. Gerry should come with a warning label. Something along the lines of “May Cause Excessive Drooling” , maybe. I really (don’t) wish he’d stop doing things like this. He’s not at all good for my blood pressure. ;-D

  • vs

    GB’s friend Eric Lewis(ELEW) was on “America’s Got Talent”
    last night. (there’s a clip of his performance at
    He wowed the judges and will go on to the next round.

  • mymymy
  • Paisley

    I just noticed that Gerry’s back muscles are getting as toned as the pecs and biceps. Not quite in the same league as Patrick Swayze’s in Dirty Dancing but still very, veeeeeeeeery nice. Yummy!