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Lindsay Lohan Fails Alcohol Test, Back to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan Fails Alcohol Test, Back to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan has failed an alcohol test and could possibly be heading back to jail, according to TMZ.

The 24-year-old actress was tested twice last week, with one test coming back positive for alcohol and the other negative, while both came back negative for drugs.

Lindsay, who has been under house arrest, has been ordered to go in front of a judge tomorrow morning (June 23), where the L.A. County Probation Department will ask the judge to place her in jail.

The Probation Department is reportedly unhappy that Lindsay is throwing parties during her house arrest as well.

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  • Music101

    Jesus fvcking Christ this is just getting monotonous now!!!!!! Just lock her in a jail cell for a year like you would to ANY non-celeb smh

  • JC

    She’ll just buy her way out again. She has to be running out of money though.

  • ALEX

    Why are we here again? Dumb bitch will never learn.. I wonder how many slaps on the wrist are they going to give her this time around before setting her free again.

  • lurker

    Color mu surprise’. I hope she continues to make a mockery of the justice system.

  • Asha

    Oh who cares. Nothing will happen to her. Yes, she will probably be thrown back in jail tomorrow but she will post bail and be out of jail and OFF of house arrest. They will take her back to court to violate her on her probation in a few months and she will be sentenced to jail time which of course will be reduced to a few days because of the LA jail system. It is a never ending cycle of this S*hit. I say take her off probation and let her kill herself through drugs and alcohol. There is no help for this girl and putting her in jail has done nothing.

  • Domino

    Someone should just shoot her and put her out of her misery.

  • JC


    She’s not making a mockery of the justice system. The justice system was already a joke before she came along. As long as you aren’t a violent offender or do something else really, really bad, avoiding jail just comes with a price tag. It sucks that her life is full of enablers who have no interest in seeing her successfully recover. It’s her problem though, and if she is never punished she will never become accountable for her actions. Throwing parties while on house arrest is just a slap in the face. I hope they do give her time, but they won’t. At the worst she’ll spend a few days in jail and be let out due to overcrowding. If you don’t have any money they’ll make room for you overcrowding or not.

  • Claire

    If this was a nobody, she would’ve been in jail.

  • Ok

    LOLOLOL. what a dumb C. U. N. T.

  • offtheproperty


  • Johnny

    This is actually really starting to get sad. She must really be addicted. I hope she gets some help. Poor girl. I know she did it to herself, but I can’t help but to feel for her as one human being to another.

  • Ok


  • Ok

    I dont feel bad for her. She stole from that one family owned jewelry store and they got blamed for it. She’s had too many chances.

  • emmaa

    Does she EVER learn!??

  • Ok

    After going to court with the witnessess having to be there to tesify againts her, she went onto Jay Leno (how convenient that Shawn Holly’s husband is the lead band singer) to proclam the was putting it all behind her and focus on getting clean and everyone cheered for her? BS!!!

  • Johnny

    Look guys… It is easy to judge her. That won’t do her any good though. She obviously doesn’t have her shi* together. She needs treatment/punishment for what she did. Calling her a dumb bitc* isn’t going to do anything.

  • JC

    @Johnny: Totally. I feel bad for her because she has a serious illness. This goes beyond just Hollywood party girl. At some point though she’s going to need some tough love. A real jail sentence might be what it takes. She obviously didn’t take her rehab seriously, and Betty Ford isn’t some two bit rehab center. It’s one of the best.

  • Maggie

    this is getting sad, she is an addict. they better put her in jail or she is going to end up dead sooner or later. her friends and family don’t seem like they are helping at all.

  • Maggie

    no that we all don’t end up dead ;) haha

  • Cora

    Wow, this is sad…as much as people want to blame her mom and dad (as they should, because both of them were horrible parents) or the media or anything else, it’s too late for that now. She has to want to get better for herself…sadly the only way that will happen is if she has a near-death scare or is in jail for a long time (and not a few days)…

  • 4

    It is not fair how she can do whatever she pleases.

  • Michael Lohan

    I got hit by a bus the other day while talking on my cell phone. PRoud to be a Lohan!!!

  • Lindsay Lohan

    I walked out a jewelry store taking a diamond necklace i had no intention of paying for! PRoud to be a Lohan!

  • Dina Lohan

    I am the America’s worst mother figure and enabler, but i love taking my girls out for a night of drinking and clubbing! PRoud to be a Lohan!

  • bethanie

    yes we are super surprised….NOT!!!!!! stop reporting this stupid crap she’s a loser and nobody expects her to really sober up

  • lol

    She is American and she has a right to drink….this is bulsh|t

  • Cher

    How many chances should one person get!!!!??? I say they should send her ass back to jail and throw away the key.

  • Roe

    She doesn’t have addition problem; it’s self indulgence, arrogance, stupidity and narcissism.

  • Chewy

    She is not addicted. She has passed tests before. She just simply does not care. She thinks she can get away with EVERYTHING. This girl is in hardcore denial.

    She may have gotten away with staying out of jail, but what she wanted most, respect as an actor is gone and it will never come back.

  • Lil

    Lock her up. She’ll never change.

  • Tazlena

    This is so effed up. Cannot she have a drink in her own home? Why are they out to get her? Let her alone already. She’s not driving. She’s not hurting anyone else.

  • Toni

    If this was happening to one of us – we’d already be in jail. But then again – we’re not stupid like her, so we don’t have this issue :-) Seriously thought, why is the taxpayers money and legal time wasted on her? She continues to prove time and time again that she has no common sense and does not appreciate the opportunities and chances, throw her way. She need a full crack down to dry up completely. Prison will do that.

  • Fake

    thataway loser, keep us paying our hard earned tax money to house you in jail…

  • julie

    Put her behind bars and lose the key! No rehab will straighten her out. She is beyond that already, going straight to the abyss. Bye

  • Jason

    This is just sad now.

    It’s like… she will NEVER learn her lesson.

    It’s a cycle that is never ending.

    Either get it together or just leave Hollywood. I’m tired of hearing about it tbh

  • jackie

    i admit, i thought she was really good, back then when it was
    Lindsay VS. Hilary Duff
    and i always have hope she’ll be normal again,
    but OMG. this is a MESS.
    not a HOT MESS, just a MESS.

    poor thing.

    i guess we know who won the teen queen battle.

    RIP Lilo’s Career

  • Diane

    She looks so much older – almost like a sister to her mom. I hope she gets the help she needs someday (rehabilitation can happen – look at Robert Downey Jr.!)

  • silly guy

    SERIOUSLY JUST LOCK HER ASS UP ALREADY after all the second chances they have given her i am more then sure they would be up by now send her to an actual prison for once but keep her in her own place cause im sure alot people will be wanting to murder the girl just please lock her up properly none of this house arrest or she will never learn

  • Mari


    Honey, look up the word probation.

  • siennagold

    This woman is hopeless! She needs to be in jail not house arrest!

  • Dieter


  • gia

    only famous for going in and out of jail…GTFO hollywood already

  • Emma Stone for the Win!

    OUT: Lindsay Lohan
    IN: Emma Stone!!!!

    I’m excited to see Emma take all the roles from Lindsay! We need real working young actresses, not coke snorting, boozing, jewelry stealing, car jacking, and car crashing trash has-beens!

  • A

    i’m been sober for a few years now, and no matter what…i’ll always support those trying to change their lives. It’s such a difficult struggle…but….. this is a dumb dumb bitch. I’ve never seen heard of anyone this dumb. (and i’ve heard it alllllll) It’s not an addiction, it’s about entitlement, and that’s intimately why she’ll never recover. soooo sad. but then again, as everyone in recovery knows…there are just some people who’s only purpose is to serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of us.

  • gia

    dont ever compare emma to lindsay. they have nothing in common please

  • Ella

    seriously! what is wrong with this girl?

  • Macchiato

    the “most annoying C U N T award” goes to … Lindsay Lohan !

  • Sharon

    Don’t understand why people think she has not learned her lesson. She has. She can do whatever she wants, wherever she wants, with no significant consequences. It is a complete waste of time and space to continue discussing her and the choices she makes.

  • unknown


  • justme

    The never ending cycle of Lindsay. She can’t stay clean even on probation so will keep happening. Even if she wasn’t on probation, she would do something eventually to get herself into trouble again, so this loser-lifestyle will likely never end for her. Her Hollywood “it” girl days are long gone and not coming back. This is her life now, the merry-go-round life of an addict and for her, it’s that on top of being a narcistic, spoilt, entitled ,selfish, stupid brat.