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Daniel Craig: New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Poster & Featurette!

Daniel Craig: New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Poster & Featurette!

Check out the just released new poster for Daniel Craig‘s upcoming summer action flick Cowboys & Aliens!

The 43-year-old actor stars as a man who has no memory of his past and the only key to his history is the mysterious shackle that encircles one of his wrists. The stranger wanders into the town Absolution, which is attacked by marauders from the sky that abduct the helpless one by one and challenge everything they have known.

Cowboys & Aliens also stars Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

A new featurette for the film with interviews from producers Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, as well as director Jon Favreau was just released.

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters on July 29!

Cowboys & Aliens Featurette

Bigger poster inside…

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daniel craig cowboys and aliens poster

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    I know I am alone on this, but to me this movie seems pretty ridiculous plot. I guess its just some kind of a lousy Indiana Jones remake. I mean , cowboys and alliens? Really?
    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all Indiana Jones movies, but come on!

  • tami

    I’m looking forward to this. It looks like it’s going to be a fun movie.

  • susan

    i can’t wait for this movie to come out. i really want to see it. i have the graphic novel. this is going to be fun.

  • http://at slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i can’t study coz my teeth

  • kå simply àmazing!

    @4.really hahahahaa

  • kå simply àmazing!

    great movie i know people can wait for this movie.

  • Tina

    Just saw the featurette. Looks like it will be very cool!!

  • Marshall st.

    I’m totally sold, so excited to see this movie!

  • Parfait Jovi

    Not that I am a Jon Favreau fan, but Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, and screenwriting duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci…..
    It can’t go wrong!!!!!

  • Jil

    Spielberg is getting seriously old. Why not medieval and aliens? Same stupid crap like cowboys and aliens..WTF !!!

  • mimi

    Hell yeah, the posters look awesome, specially the one with just Ford and Craig.

  • Dellz

    It looks fun!!

  • To Jil

    Spielberg is getting seriously old.
    Have you seen super 8? It’s amazing!! Go and see!!!

  • Vic

    I hate a transformed super hero movie, ridiculous mask, ridiculous costume, ridiculous makeup. They all wear ridiculous tights!!
    So this movie is OK!!

  • Donnis

    Yup, we must see the movie to do it justice. I’m so there.

  • Fio

    Oh, Nathan has a loose tongue!! lol
    You know Daniel is a huge KOL fan, but he hasn’t much say in the matter anyway…

    Kings of Leon Keen To Write Next James Bond Theme – Band say they could be persuaded…

    Kings of Leon have announced their interest in writing the theme tune to the next James Bond film.

    Drummer Nathan Followill previously turned down Bond star Daniel Craig’s request to work on a song for the franchise, but he and brother Caleb have since had a change of heart.

    In a Twitter chat with Vue cinemas, Followill said: “Hmm Daniel Craig has asked me before. I have turned him down 3 times already but maybe.”

    He added: “I’ve always wanted to work with strings though so maybe yeah, that’ll be a good excuse.”

    The task of writing the theme song to a Bond film has become something of a holy grail for music stars, with Jack White and Alicia Keys performing Another Way to Die for the last film, Quantum of Solace.

    In the past, performers such as Tom Jones, Paul McCartney and Shirley Bassey have contributed to some of the most memorable songs in movie history.

    Both Lady Gaga and Michael Buble have been rumoured as potential contributors to director Sam Mendes’ as-yet-untitled Bond 23.

    Ban! Showbiz quotes a source close to Gaga as saying: “The Bond bosses are all huge Gaga fans. Her sound and sense of drama make her the top choice.

    “Gaga has the look as well as the voice to tackle a thundering ballad. She’s a great songwriter too. This is perfect on every level.”

    Bond 23 is due for release on October 26, 2012.

  • Fio

    Read those awesome comments!! :)

    New COWBOYS & ALIENS poster, actress Olivia Wilde shows her lez

  • Julia

    I’ve never read the comic, but I’m kind of excited about this film. I enjoy a good mash-up. And must see Daniel’s chaps! *drool*

  • Julia

    Sry, a double post.

  • Guinness

    Hi Fio—thx for bringing this idea to jj for a new thread from posting it on the last thread!! you should make commission! And the comments on the olivia tweet were great–thx. Is she?

  • Guinness

    I hope the KOL being asked 3 times is a snarky joke, cuz ya don’t turn down James Bond, let alone Daniel Craig!!! That is stinky for them. And Dan should reply back to them about this turning down James Bond, if for anything as a joke.

    And puleeze not lady ga-ga, she is an artist, a shocker, an awesome dancer, a “Madonna” of her generation, but not a veteran singer in the group of Bond Singers. Not worthy- yet. aahhh!

    Yo-Fio! Thks. Will you read Gabby’s book?

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “And Dan should reply back to them about this turning down James Bond, if for anything as a joke.”
    YES, YES, YES!!!!!
    I hope so! What a witty revenge! lol
    “Will you read Gabby’s book?”
    Yeah, I’d like to read it if possible :)

  • Mark

    The fact that its an alien invasion set in the wild west is just to cool to pass up. I’ll probably be seeing this one in the theaters.

  • Kate

    Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford
    Daniel Craig and A HORSE
    Daniel Craig and tighter chaps

  • Fio

    Gee, don’t frame Daniel!! He’s innocent…..yeah, perhaps. lol
    Well this is embarrassing. Apparently, I have lost my wife.

    I don’t mean that she’s left me or anything like that. I mean, I can’t physically find her.

    She was with me when we left Malibu (after I destroyed the scholars with my superior preaching at that conference).

    I know she was with me when we played Caveman and Cave Wife on those big, cement dinosaurs in Arizona.

    And I’m pretty sure she was still with me at the mall in Colorado when we stopped for Twizzlers. I’m SURE of that one because I would have NEVER stopped for Twizzlers on my own. I’m a fig guy. Like they say, “Figs: The Bible-y snack.”

    But then when I woke up this morning I realized that she was NOT here. Anywhere. I guess this explains why my private eye business went nowhere.

    Then it dawned on me, that she was not here yesterday or the day before either.

    Now let’s not all get excited. I don’t suspect foul play or that Gidget has suddenly decided to run off with the Dinosaur Keeper. My assumption is that this has something to do with Twizzlers. And Daniel Craig.

    She loves those Twizzler things and will do almost anything to have them. She also loves that Daniel Craig guy. You know, the new James Bond guy? Funny, I always thought he was the fat guy in the Austin Powers movies. She assures me he was not. I know she’s wrong. That Daniel Craig can eat.

    Anyhow, so my guess is that when we stopped at that mall for the Twizzlers, she went to the movie place in the mall to get some, then saw that DC was starring in something there, went in to see both DC and the Twizzlers, and has been trapped by movie love and red dye #2 for the last 3 days.

    Let’s put it this way…it wouldn’t be the first time.

    So, I guess I’ll head back there to find her. Though I feel like Daniel Craig should probably do it. After all, it’s his fault. I have never seen a guy who just can’t seem to keep his shirt on for 5 minutes.

    It’d never work between Daniel and Gidget anyhow. He’d never appreciate Gidget the way I do, for one. And secondly, while she might be happier running around the world with an international movie star and spy, instead of with me in a portable pulpit/van playin’ on cement dinosaurs, I know that SHE knows I can preach Daniel Craig under the Communion Table any day of the week. And I WILL too.

    And THAT, my friends, is Gidget’s soft, white underbelly. The woman is koo koo krazy for good preachin’. Who isn’t?

    So watch yourself, Craig.

    PS – I’d take Roger Moore ANY day of the week. THAT guy knew how to keep his shirt on.

    In the meantime, do me a favor and don’t let Gidget know that I didn’t notice she was missing the last couple of days. I just thought she was doin’ a crossword puzzle.

    And as far as this particluar Blermon (blog-sermon) goes, let’s just file it under “announcements” for now.

    I don’t recall any Bible stories about Twizzlers right off hand.

    As together we stand and sing.


  • Inma

    This featurette trailer is better than the last one, since I get to see Daniel kick some more western ass, maybe he is just angry that he is in the movie and looking to beat the crap out of anything in sight. In all seriousness, Jon Favreau proved that he knows how to direct good summer blockbuster movies with the Iron Man films, so I am sure that this one will be at least “fun’.

  • susan

    Jil@ 06/23/2011 at 6:29 am

    this film is based on one of the best selling graphic novels which is a good read. you don’t like the idea then don’t go. it’s a free country. the rest of us will go and have a good time at it.

  • susan

    i forgot to say that what’s even going to be better is that Daniel and Rachel could be together on the red carpet at the premiere. which means new photos of them together. Yes !!

  • Beatrice

    The clip and the posterーHarrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde and look pretty good!!! They have a nice look that blends sci-fi and western, making the characters look heroic and strong, but also underlining the alien element, this is going to be so amazing.

  • Daniel is Hot

    I think the movie will be great, and I don’t care who else is in it, just the fact that Daniel is. And yes, seeing Daniel and Rachel on the red carpet will be something to look forward to. Hi gang!

  • Amy

    to Kate
    Have you forgotten something of importance?
    Daniel Craig and his gun
    He should put the safety catch on your gun so that it doesn’t go off accidentally. lol

  • Elle

    I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. There’s a strong indication in the poster that they will come against some sort of mothership. While the posters certainly look very serious, the movie could very well choose to play it campy. I’m sure it can’t pull off the straight-face gritty action thriller routine without feeling ridiculous, so, maybe Favreau (“Iron Man”) found a way to mix things up, in order to avoid the cheesiness.

  • Elle
  • lurker

    @Fio: That preacher guy with the missing wife will end up on the news in a couple of months when he gets arrested for the murder of his wife. That was weird and fishy.

  • Fio

    Bond 23 News Roundup
    As we move closer to production starting on the 23rd James Bond film, which will see Daniel Craig taking on the role of 007 for the third time, news is starting to trickle out about the production.
    According to The Budapest Report, nearly half the film is going to be shot in South Africa. Notes the story, which reportedly came from a source close to the filming: “Other parts of the filming are planned for Serbia and Dubai, where the secret agent will also be averting terrorist plots…. Bond will be shooting in the famous ocean front, the neglected townships and luxury vineyards in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek while a climatic scene will be shot on the top of Table Mountain.”

  • Fio

    Hi, lurker
    Ah…I don’t know what to say. You meant it as a joke? :)
    Well, what is important is to keep his face in mind ;)

  • Fio

    Daniel is in London now? I guess he joins the secret audition of Bond girl in London, like Naomie’s case.!/laviniamaud
    laviniamaud Carole Humphrey:
    Daniel Craig in the building earlier today.

  • Fio

    LOL!! What a small probability!
    rookiefiles: 82% sure that rachel weisz was just in the same restaurant as me. London is really worth it, guys.
    about 16 hours ago via web

    rookiefiles: although after looking at some pics of her online it’s now more like 21%. but still, the thrill, y’know
    about 16 hours ago via web

  • Guinness

    a quick peek….i have a house full of family-one from Hawaii dih, funny i thought of you today, glad to see you posting–I have family from Pennsylvania and Jersey too. Yikes, gots to entertain and get drunkard. yeee hawww. and some steak on the grill-been marinating for a day…wow. I will think of Dan and him becoming “steak man” for an impromptu party!!! I have to come back to read more—HI dih! and thank you fio. Mendel is apparently trying to find Dan’s Gidget. (that is what I read–not what it reads….).

    later taters…keep posting!!!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Have fun with your family Guinness. Ask your sister to trade places with me for awhile. Would love to go back to Hawaii. Yes, thinking of Dan cooking some steaks on the grill does something to me. He is such a cool guy. Hi Fio, keep up the wonderful work.

  • Married?????
  • wren

    Dude. If he married that chick, I’m totally done. What a dumbass!

  • wren

    Dude. If he married that chick I’m done. What a dumbass! He and she will regret it.

  • Married?????

    If he has married that “chick” than CONGRATS! he has married one of the most beautiful women alive!

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Hmm Daniel Craig has asked me before. I have turned him down 3 times already but maybe.”

    Wouldn’t we all love to say that? But would I have the willpower to turn down Daniel Craig three times. Not once, I must admit, not once *grin*

    Hi Guinness,

    “And the comments on the olivia tweet were great–thx. Is she?”

    Don’t know if she is, but that tweet was just such a great one! How to get irritating dudes off your back – ask Olivia!

    to DiH

    “Hi gang!”

    Hi DiH, have you spotted the Dan van recently?

    to Fio

    “Daniel is in London now?”

    Maybe he went to Glasto?

    Hi Guinness,

    “Yikes, gots to entertain and get drunkard.”

    What a terrible sacrifice ;) While I am having a quiet night in (well, I am out tomorrow…)

    “Mendel is apparently trying to find Dan’s Gidget”

    LOL! Yes, I wouldn’t mind finding his…gadget…or gun…

  • wren

    If you say so chief. I don’t know how laudable it is to marry someone for beauty (and/or sex), especially when the people involved are in their 40′s (! – really? concept of time? gravity and metabolism will out, you know). So let’s hope, if it’s true (dubious, considering the source), it was for something far more substantial than that.
    But I”ve got a bad vibe about this. Full disclosure: could be that it’s just because I”m really hot for this guy and if he’s married, I can’t think/fantisize about him any more. I know; I get it – it’s a rigid mind set, but there it is. But even so, I’m going to try to be as analytical about this as I can:
    This man has been with 5 women in the last 10 years. Two of them were supposedly “long term” relationships. At the beginning of the second “long term” relationship, he stepped out on her to be with Sienna Miller, girlfriend to one of his supposed best friends. (The intrigue between Jude Law, his ex-wife and children, Sienna Miller and …the nanny (God!) is a separate, probably hilarious story.) But he stepped out on Satsuki Mitchell at the beginning of thier relationship and the relationship obviously ended when he stepped out on her again with Rachel Weisz. One can presume from this: a) Craig and Mitchell’s relationship was more of a business arrangement/partnership than relationship. (What the hell does that say about BOTH of them! Ew!); and b) there were probably more than couple of unknowns between Miller and Wiesz.
    In short, the man is a player (For the non-analytical part of me that’s truly hot for him – WOO-HOO!!!) But he’s the worst kiind of player: one that won’t admit it. He likes the care and attention inherent in a long term relationship, he likes the predictability and stability inherent in a long term relationship. He just can’t be faithful. (Again, hot for daniel part of me-Woo Hoo!)
    So, hooking up with a woman, as a back door man at first (sigh…he”s so hot. Why the hell does he need to do that?) and then, six months into them being all “public” about it – long term?- they get married? Really?
    I don’t know.I think Wiesz has had it for this man since the time when when they were “just friends” and he wasn’t thinking about her at all. And I think now she’s seriously desperate for something permanent in her life and she’s pinning it all on this man who, really, does not fit the profile (yea!)
    Craig, I don’t think, is interested in being a step-father to someone else’s son. Not in his forties and definitely NOT when his career is about to hit fifth gear in Hollywood as a leading man. But he’s in a relationship and, guaging from his history, he’s pretty romantic. I just think reality is going to hit him pretty hard and fast. Especially when he starts filming Bond and she starts filming Oz, The Great and Powerful AND has to juggle that schedule with her ex’s schedule and their combined shcedules concerning their son they’re raising amicably in New York City and the son’s schedule once he enters into the New York City educational system.
    Sorry for the diatribe. Just sayin. Reality is a harsh mistress.

  • Questions of a fan

    Congrats!! To the happy couple…but I do agree with wren. But congratulations anyway really happy for them.

  • Thank Goodness


    You must be seriously lonely….

  • John Neal

    Brendan Wayne, starring in the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens stopped by to chat with team to speak about the new blockbuster that’s about to hit the theatres soon. Here’s a link to the interview: