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Halle Berry & Nahla: Vito's Pizza Pair

Halle Berry & Nahla: Vito's Pizza Pair

Halle Berry steps out for lunch with her daughter, Nahla, at Vito’s Pizza on Thursday (June 23) in Beverly Hills.

The 44-year-old actress and Nahla, 3, wore cute matching denim shorts and were joined by a few of Halle‘s girlfriends.

Earlier in the week, Halle was spotted picking up fresh fruits and vegetables during a solo shopping trip to Whole Foods.

FYI: Halle is carrying Loewe‘s grey metallic Gunmetal Viento 38 lambskin hobo bag. Nahla is wearing “Shirley” Crocs.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Nahla going out for pizza together…

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  • pretty

    Nahla is so pretty!!

  • Max

    WOW. Halle’s dressed like a homeless person.

  • Ella

    It gets to a point where posting photos of children who do not deserve to be hounded- gets ridiculous. Can you just stop?

  • panwang

    halle is so hot

  • vivi

    She usually dresses her like a boy just like herself.

  • LoriLori

    Nahla is Gorgeous!! I like you Halle but enough with the cut off shorts

  • Cam

    What’s the deal with her and those shorts? She can’t possibly think it looks good.

  • Reno!0

    The daughter isn’t cute in the face. She looks mature for a 3 year old.

  • Gin0

    Those legs, WOW. And the girls cute too

  • JJ44

    A 44 year old woman in daisy duke cut-offs is pathetic. Denim shorts are fine but how about some tailored or hemmed shorts, Halle!

  • Tater Tot

    NOT a cute kid.

  • figs&beries

    why is the kids mouth always open, is she slow??

  • ellie’

    Who is anyone to tell how an adult should dress..or dress there child..
    Hallie is beautiful and so Nahala..
    Just lost some respect for you lashing your dirty laundry out there with your x..You really disappointed me..

  • Ruth

    Nahla is adorable as always but I wish the media would leave her alone. She is just a small child and deserves to enjoy herself without being stalked.

    Her mother should rethink her wardrobe because NO ONE of her age should go out of the house dressed like that.

  • larsvonwhat

    i know most 40 + yr old women don’t dress like that, but Halle looks great and she doesn’t look her age, if i look half as good when i’m 40, well i’d rather not dress like a 50 yr old. and really, no taking pictures of celebrity children!

  • Juleanden

    wow??? her legs look fat for her built . The way she dresses she look like white trash. With all the ironing and cutting of her hair she is denying her 1/2 black background . I am wondering how she can give her daughter a positive image of being 1/4 black.


    I like both Halle and Nahla is the most beautiful celebrity kid to me. she is just both exotic and beautiful.

  • JJ stop exploiting kids

    @Ella: JJ do you know in some countries it’s against the law to show celeb kids/their faces? Okay the kid’s cute…we don’t need to see ever frickin’ move of her/their (other celeb kids) move. Also, all the pix you show of Halle and other celebs w/their kids is as if they’re pimping their kids for the pr and attention. Their children are not celebs and are not fair game! Shame on you!

  • 4 ella

    @JJ stop exploiting kids: Thank you for your post!

  • 4 ella

    thank you for your post! :-D

  • oops

    sorry for the double post…oops!

  • LiLy

    You guys are sick i swear, talking about a little girl!!! Like TF??

  • LiLy

    You guys are sick i swear, talking about a little girl!!! Like TF??

  • LiLy

    You guys are sick i swear, talking about a little girl!!! Like TF??

  • LiLy

    Nahla is so gorgeous!!!

  • @

    That child is gorgeous.

  • madi

    I dont understand what halle is wearing, but her little girl is cute!

  • sunseeker

    Even if you are in good shape I think her shorts are way too short, and her legs are not a good shape, Saw a close up of her hands in another photo and they are very old looking hands for a 45 year old. You can always tell your age by your hands. Keeps her body in shape by exercise don’t honestly see the attraction.

  • lilia mazunina


  • A

    @lilia mazunina: Wow, you sound so jealous and angry….I hope you stay away from halle and her beautiful daughter and also seek help.

  • Annie

    It pisses me off how Halle keeps going on about how her daughter is black. How about letting the girl decide for herself what ethnicity she identifies as instead of pinning labels on a 3 year old? No race jumps out at me when I look at Nahla anyway, she just looks like a beautiful little girl.

  • Annie

    Also, yeah, Halle’s outfit is a little on the slutty side for any age unless you’re on you’re way to the beach or something.

  • Anonymous

    I bet this nut case did not even let her see her dad on Fathers’ Day. I use to really like her, but not any more.

  • scott

    she’s a mouth breather.

  • JJ fact check

    Fact Check…casual biz lunch for the Jenessee Center. AA woman think is Karen Earle, exec, director or someone else from the Cnter staff. Brunette is Lindsey her assistant who helps her on her J. Center projects. Halle brings Nahla to the Center a lot.

  • Cynthia

    Has anyone noticed that Halle started dressing like this after attending he boyfriend ex concert.

  • stop it

    Racism is a paranoid, distorted and sad state to be. Here is the deal. Because Nahla is beautiful and despite having a white father, looks more ethnic and of color (her skin tone/lil curls, nose) then people are upset and want to remind everyone that Nahla is not really black. Of course if she was fug, people would be quick to point out her blackness. Notice no one is saying she is NOT white, instead it is all about her being NOT black. Funny. If I saw Nahla walking down the street I would think she is a light skin black kid, biracial or Latina. She does not look white like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, she is clearly a girl of color. Lena Horne was many shades lighter than Nahla and BOTH of Lena’s parents were black. COlin Powell is lighter and BOTH his parents are black. In the black community, there are like 100 shades of color so this idea that Nahla “does not look black” makes no sense. It is because she is pretty. If she was not, no one would try to claim her as part of their race. Last, only 50 years ago, it was LEGALLY on the books that one drop of black blood made you black in the eyes of Jim Crow and segregation. It will take a long time to undo the damage such ridiculous laws did but you cannot blame the descendants of slaves for believing in that law. If they did not believe in it, they would have been jailed or less. Again, we are only now trying to make right the damage of the past. Nahla is a little girl of color – she is exotic and mixed. She is as black as she is White but looks closer to black in terms of skin tone etc Let it be people. It’s just a little girl.

  • julia

    Nahla is ADORABLE…
    but seriously…Halle needs up-date tips when it comes to fashion!! who wud buy a shirt filled with holes :S….FAIL.

  • Nope

    @Cynthia: Cynthia not true, if look at the pix from this year and last year she dressed like that way before her fake/ex bf took her to see his horrible singing ex gf sing.

  • Nope

    @Cynthia: Nope she dressed like that way before. Check earlier pix this year and last and possible as far back as 2008 or 2009. Do your homework and stop being a troll. Halle did that way before she was with her current ex bf or rather fake bf. Funny he hasn’t been seen since their alleged visit back from Vancouver Memorial Day weekend. Is Halle finally being discreet? Or he’s in hiding since they are trying to get their bomb of a movie released next month with no American producer.

  • oops 2

    oops again w/the double comments…

  • Cynthia

    Stop being a Troll, what are you talking about, I was only making an observation. You need to get a life.

  • Cynthia why bother?

    Why bother commenting on someone’s counter observation? You know how some folks take these things waaaaaaaaaaaaaay TOO serious here at Just Jared and other boards.

  • zhenzhen516

    Nahla is very pretty, and nice

  • Eli-7/newsworthy?

    Halle Berry eats pizza with daughter and two of her female assistants—Newsflash and hold the presses!

  • Mchammer

    Halle stop bleaching your skin.her daughter is lovely!!!!!

  • Mchammer

    Halle stop bleaching your skin.her daughter is lovely!!!!!

  • Christian

    Nahla is a cute little girl, I never understand comments about her being ugly. Then again, these come from people on the internet, so you never know what ugly is hiding behind those screens.

  • Amazed

    @LoriLori: Totally agree.

  • gmfuhlman

    By the way Olivier is out of the country working on his next movie. They spent the Memorial day weekend together- they went to Vancouver (BC).