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Jason Momoa: 'Devil's Double' Screening!

Jason Momoa: 'Devil's Double' Screening!

Jason Momoa keeps it casual as he attends a screening of The Devil’s Double at the Regal Cinemas L. A. Live on Monday (June 20) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor checked out the film starring Dominic Cooper and Ludivine Sagnier, which tells the story of the House of Saddam Hussein through the eyes of the man who was forced to become the double of Hussein‘s sadistic son.

Jason will hit the big screen later in the summer when Conan The Barbarian is released on August 19.

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • superfly


  • megan

    what a beautiful man!!

  • superfly


  • Yasmin

    hunk of a man lol

  • Khaleesi

    He looks great! Very sexy in Game of Thrones. I didn’t know that scar on his eyebrow was real.

  • FINALLY!!! A REAL Man!!!

    Enough with all those skinny effeminate testosterone deficient little boy actors already!!

    It’s about time this site started taking notice of the Hottest Man In Hollywood!!!

  • lala

    eh….. I feel a little behind here-
    Who is he??

  • nikki

    Saw the movie already Dominic looks amazing in it so convincing…

  • nyob

    He is hot in a harlequin romance novel cover sort of way. He looks like a nice guy too.

  • rln

    oh,he is hot

  • LaTanya

    I swear Lisa Bonet finds the sexiest men. First Lenny now Jason…..I ain’t mad at her! lol

  • Manny

    Oh My God!!!!!

  • http://GirlWithOneEyeO erin

    What a Handsome man! beat your heart out Rob Pattz! :)

  • Tamara

    @FINALLY!!! A REAL Man!!!:

    LMAO, I couldn’t agree with you more. Now THIS is a REAL MAN, not like these little girly boys they keep shoving down our throats. he’s EFFIN gorgeous!!

  • My Khal

    oh my goodness!!!!! Jason…
    i really really love him in Game of Throne…totally awesome!!! <3

  • Speaking of The Devil…….

    With that charmingly cocky smile and sinfully sexy attitude he has,
    Wouldn’t Jason be amazing cast as Satan himself in some epic movie?
    SCRUW the vampires, I’m ready for a little Demonic EYE CANDY NOW!!!

  • manka

    He is too handsome for words.

  • If I had one wish

    It would be to be Lisa Bonet for just 1 day. I swear that chick has a magical golden vag. First she snagged Lenny Kravitz and reproduced and now 2 babies with Jason and she’s 12 years his senior. DANG!

  • YvetteW

    Glad he can be so casual cause I am panting. What a gorgeous man!!

  • Lily

    Lisa Bonet is so lucky!!!! he’s an amazing man!!! really handsome <3

  • dee

    sigh…totally drooling right now. HOT. but he also seems like a really cool guy based on the interviews I’ve seen him in. Very laid back and gorgeous and funny and sexy ….

  • Every time I see Jason

    I’m reminded that who ever the hell started the emasculating Hollywood trend towards shaved male chests and prissy thin designer dressed men should be shot!!!
    Don’t get why any rational female movie/ TV viewer would want their choice of leading men to look like 12 year old gay choir boys.

  • Yo-landi

    OH HOLY MOTHER OF PEARLS…. this is the most handsome man on Earth, I swear. Damn. Feeling weak in the vag….he must taste YUmMy! look at those eyes!!!!!!!! and those lips. Dirty, dirrty thoughts I have right now. Those things I’d do to his hmmmmm

  • Lilakoi

    @If I had one wish: Me personally? I would just switch place with her already…… Oh and foreverrrrr :p CAN YOU SAY SEX PERSONIFIED!!!!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    what a SEXY BEAST!!! i think i just swallowed my tongue! lol..

  • longchamp

    his gaze is slightly off in the hottest of ways

    perfection is highly overrated – case in point.



  • If I had one wish


  • Ssshhii_baby

    Ladies my sentiments exactly!!! what a sexy beast!!! i want to be his sex slave!!! lol..

  • T. Lautner

    He’s a fat poser! Joe Mangangiello would kick his AZZ!

  • TW

    I have been following Mr. Momoa since the early 2000′s when he was on Baywatch Hawaii, North Shore, Stargate Atlantis and now G O Thrones. He was hot back then and he still is now. Glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

  • stee-low-flow

    Moma is a Man!! Long live Kharl Drago!

    Check out 2 or 3rd episode of Game of Thrones…he’s butt-naked banging his new bride…wow!

  • Agatha82

    so so so hot

  • li

    having a stroke right now
    Damn hoooooooooot

  • superfly


  • Really?

    Isn’t he just MAN personified? He has the most sexy, smoldering eyes. My panties would burst into flames with one look. Gah! Hottest man in Hollywood PERIOD. Thanks to Game of Thrones, he proved he can act with very little dialog and just his eyes alone. I’m hoping we see a whole lot more of this guy. Skarsgard, my crush on you got kicked to the curb like an old soup can with one look at Khal Drogo and one too many looks at Boswood. Bring on Conan!

  • If I had one wish

    @ Really?

    I concur regarding Skarsgard. Beigeworth can have him. Khal Drogo effectively busted Eric Northman’s glamour on me. The fact that Jason is a dedicated family man whose not opposed to acknowleding his wife in public only makes him hotter and I have always had a slight girl crush on Lisa Bonet. Can’t wait for Conan even if I have to share the theater with a bunch of teenaged boys. LOL!

  • desilu

    I just noticed that he looks a lot like Halle Berry’s daughter, like he’s the grown-up and male version of her or something.

  • Really?

    @If I had one wish: I know! And I love that he holds Lisa’s hand in public and seems totally devoted to his kids. It only adds to his appeal.

    If Skars treated Bos like she actually mattered to him in public, the US public, she might not be such a bitter pill to swallow. Not liked, but tolerated.

  • Lisa

    This guy is hot!!!!!!

  • knackered giraffe

    @Really & @If I had one wish Amen, sisters! Move over Skarsgard, there’s a new sheriff in town!

    @fck yeah! LOL Illegal in the US and most European nations! Somebody should set this guy up in an amusement park and sell admission tickets. Just saying. Now ‘scuse me while I go hook myself up to the nearest defibrillator.

  • Michelle

    Dedicated family man, pffft. He was with Simmone Jade McKinnon for almost 8 years when he suddenly called their relationship off. 7 months later Lisa Benet had their first child.

    He might be gorgeous but he has a black heart to do that!

  • Thai

    Handsome but an absolute douchebag. Good for a one nite stand, bad for a serious relationship. And dont remind me about the freaky Lisa Bonnet…

  • jess

    WOW so Hottttt!!!
    watched him in GOT – soooooo sexy
    Thats a real man!

  • Black heart ? maybe,maybe not

    For those of us who just discovered this fine specimen of a man and then preceded to Goggle about him, discovering and wondering about the old story of Jason’s breakup with former girlfriend Simmone Jade McKinnon and shock of Lisa Bonet’s pregnancy- I say consider this:

    From what I have read , my take on this old scandal is that Simmone and Jason spent a large portion of their 8 year relationship apart due to film and tv work.
    Apparently at some point during Stargate Atlantis, Jason even shared a house with his then co-star Joe Flanagan.
    Before we “string him up” as a cheater,maybe it all was just a case of a relationship that had out lived it’s time and love.
    People meet-unexpected shit happens-NOBODY is exempt from this happening
    Even good men can make mistakes-
    Now if he goes all “Hollywood Ho” after Conan and other women rumors start to fly- THEN I’ll be disillusioned!
    For god’s sake, after the let down of the Skarsgard “Situation”, It would be nice to have at LEAST ONE MAN WORTHY of idolizing!!!!

  • Ann

    What a man!!!

  • knackered giraffe

    @#45 I agree and I’ll add to that…last I checked this guy isn’t claiming he is some “too good to be true Adonis.” Sounds like he’s had some bumps in the road like the rest of us. As long as I don’t see him sprouting a second face to start talking out of, I’m good to go. I can adjust accordingly. Wait. He doesn’t hang out at Joan’s does he?

  • If I had one wish

    @Blackheart? & Knackered Giraff: Exactly. This guy has never professed to be a choir boy. I tried to do the math based on his age & averaged time he’s been with Lisa. This would mean he met the other girl somewhere around 20 years old. How many people actually stay together with someone they met as a teenager or early adult? People grow and change a lot in their 20′s and they may have simply grown apart. I won’t string him up by his Khal Drogos until I see him start hanging around with bobbleheaded Hollywood plastic twits.

  • You’ve coined a new phrase!

    @ If I had one wish……”string him up by his Khal Drogos”-TOO FUNNY!

    ….Now that I think on that “subject”, ……………
    A little light D/S Jason bondage DOES sound like fun!!!

  • Really?

    @Black heart ? maybe,maybe not: Thanks for putting that into perspective! I knew that would be point of contention with some women, but the guy was a young 20-something. As long as he doesn’t come off like hypocrite in interviews and doesn’t turn on the douche with the success I hope comes his way, I’m good. In private, he and Lisa Bonet can dance naked wearing chicken bones in their hair for all I care. She’s one celebrity that says she likes her “privacy” and actually means it.