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Rachel Bilson: Sunglass Hut Partnership Goes Global!

Rachel Bilson: Sunglass Hut Partnership Goes Global!

Rachel Bilson shows off her sunglasses in these shots for WWD to announce her global partnership with Sunglass Hut.

The 29-year-old actress, who was made a style director at Sunglass Hut last year, is expanding her role in the company with a worldwide partnership.

Rachel‘s new partnership will include a reboot of her blog on the Sunglass Hut website next month, in which she will answer reader questions and give style tips.

Rachel will also be featured on in-store imagery around the globe and may even be making personal appearances in select cities!

“People are just so responsive and excited that I’m there to talk about sunglasses,” Rachel told WWD. “It is very flattering if anyone wants my opinion on anything, so I think it’s fun. It is more about getting to meet people and talk to them about all sorts of stuff.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing a French Connection dress.

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Photos: Stefanie Keenan for WWD
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  • Vanessa

    Rachel dress is really cute

  • Gothikrose

    The dress is by French Connection and it’s called “Fast Anna”. I have it in Aqua. Lovely!!

  • Sadie

    I remember when she was an actress

  • LOL……OK

    “People are just so responsive and excited that I’m there to talk about sunglasses.”

  • Greg

    she is just kate bosworth but with brown hair

  • char

    @Sadie: I remember when she was on the OC but I can never remember her being an actress.

  • vale

    D-List actress, I hope they replace her in her new show

  • amaranth

    This little brain dead tart is unleashed again… She should already have stayed in retirement permanently – no such loss in HW actually.

  • gossipsmack1

    she’s beautiful. such a lovely girl.

  • reidell

    After hawking a random ice cream; now into a sunglasses store – not even a signature brand of a sungasses – why too generic looking & just desperately-fading starlet in HW – most probably is.

  • Michelle

    Every time we hear about her, the “career” keeps on spiraling downward.

  • rafferty

    MANly jawline – yeeesh!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Wow, it’s been almost a month. That’s like, a decade in “Just Jared Rachel Bilson news”!

  • tristgrey

    Empty words from an empty-headed dumb face microscopic girl.

    She can also be a brunette & midget version of Blakey-Fakey (all hustle & nothing else) Lively.

  • kå simply àmazing!

    new sungless

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL!!! People are excited that she’s there to talk about sunglasses??? Really??? In today’s economy?? Other celebs are out there working and doing charity work yet there are people who want to “talk” to Rachel about sunglasses!!!

  • Benny shelton

    Really stylist ..

  • shadowy

    She might actually look smarter (even for a glimpse) when she is not talking. But what the heck – she actually on the “front line” when it comes to the listing of today’s Hollywood starlets who are ZERO’s in intellect, personality and talent wise. I’ve seen more life in plastic night crawlers used for fishing than this microscopic airhead who just wants to broadcast &/or documenting her opinion about some effing sunglasses – duh-huh!!!

  • sloane

    So trying hard to look cool when she’s actually just looking like a damn fool – poor thing!

  • maya

    a month that we dont have any news about rachel what happend :((

  • c

    LOVE her dress

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  • sara

    @ maya #20

    Look at the answer to this question you posted on the last Hayden & Rachel thread about house hunting, you will find an answer.

  • happy

    I want her life.

  • a Rabbit

    a global partnership, you guys.

  • annie

    still smells,a no talent air head,too bad hayden has become one too. SADDDDD

  • laughs@god

    Oh I see….so that is what happened to her career. She sells sunglasses and ice cream. That’s very sad. Poor girl. All those dreams she had of getting good roles.

  • megan

    She is my personal style icon. Love her! Check out my blog if you like Rachel’s style too!

    Enjoy ! :)

  • reedley

    Soo random… just love how this OC-Relic is JUST the face of an ice cream bar and or a sunglasses store.
    The farthest that she can get as NO “signatured” beauty company and/or fashion line wants her generic fug-mug to carry their name!

  • lillybell05

    I wonder if she and Hayden got married? I only think that b/c she been gone for almost a month, and that a long time for her to be under the radar.

  • laughs@god

    Ho hum…she sells sunglasses and ice cream. Maybe sites like this don’t think she’s worth reporting much. I mean, it’s not like she’s Kirsten Stewart or Megan Fox or somebody famous.

  • lol

    If she got married it would have been all over JJ to promote this Sunglass Hut job of course even more.
    Instead…this is what was posted.
    She vanished like she always does before announcing her latest sad turn in her career so people assume something interesting happened in her life for once..Which it never does lol

    This is her big PR annoucement because this is the best she has got at the moment to try to stay relevant.

    And yes there was once a time people thought she was an actress of sorts on the OC but those days have come and gone.
    The CW is running non stop commercials of her new tv show pilot….They dont normally run that many unless….the network is worried no one is going to tune in..So they over due it and shove it down peoples throats with constant commercials. But that only works if the commerical looks decent… and the Hart of Dixie spot doesnt…
    Example of this would be ….Ringer is also a new show on the CW and its got alot more buzz and they are running alot less commericals for it.
    So its pretty simpleIf you dont like her or dont care either way… simple dont watch her new show, dont buy thatice cream and have half a brain and pick your own sunglasses…
    Honestly…. some people would actually ask someone let alone this ageing actress about what sunglasses they should wear?
    If you cant figure out on your own what sunglasses to buy…. you might have some bigger problems lol
    Honestly the only person whos career is in a worse place is Lohan lol

  • tina

    Only an ignorant person would believe what the trolls on this site have to say without looking for themselves but that’s what trolls do. They have their own PR agenda.
    Sunglass Hut is a division of Luxottica. One of the largest sellers of designer brand glasses worldwide.
    Random ice cream bar?–Magnum Ice Cream bar is one of the best known premium ice creams globally.
    How I Met Your Mother wants Rachel to continue her story arc this fall even though she has another show on the CW.

  • Michelle

    Jared, I don’t get why you keep promoting this D lister.. Ok so we get that you are on her payroll but why you don’t post relevant news about real A list actors/actresses.. No one cares about Rachel Bilson and she’s no fashion icon..

  • trevise

    This eyewear “promo girl” had a “toilet career” after her OC days so she should be selling “toilet papers” – she’ll be more “credible” on that!

  • laughs@god

    So you’re saying she’s relevant coz she pimps herself out to sell sunglasses and ice-cream! Hahahaha! I don’t see real stars doing that! They’re too busy making darn good films that folks wanna watch.

  • Foxy Old Drama Queen

    I love her dress. She has great style. She is actually a good actress and I still think her time is coming yet for a break out role. Gee…A lot of haters out there. LOL!

  • gilmorie

    Actually, If that so-called acting of hers was a crime, SHE would be on “death row” by now or even for a long time ago already.
    And she’s just ALL flash & NO substance at all… everytime & as always.

  • Who Cares

    I’m just glad she’s apparently realized she can’t act.

  • saila stela
  • saila stela

    good style… i am impress.

  • saila stela

    good style… i am impress.

  • Kelly

    Wow. just lowered all the prices and gave out a coupon code for 10.00 off any Maui Jim. Are they crazy. I bought 2 pair there tonight. Got the coupon off digg. Mj10. Got my husband and I both the Makaha.