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Angelina Jolie's Journey to Cambodia for Louis Vuitton - Teaser

Angelina Jolie's Journey to Cambodia for Louis Vuitton - Teaser

Angelina Jolie travels to Cambodia and recounts the journey that changed her life in the latest chapter of the Louis Vuitton “Core Values” campaign.

The 36-year-old actress returned to Cambodia in her role as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, raising awareness of the dangers of landmines, and subsequently adopted her eldest son Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage. In 2005, she was awarded Cambodian citizenship by King Norodom Sihamoni for her humanitarian and conservation work in the country through the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which she established in 2003.

FYI: Angelina‘s fees for this campaign are being donated to charity. Check out the teaser of her journey at!

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • Jojo

    Sigh. She look so freakin beautiful without dressing up and caking on makeup. She’s so gorgeous and I’m jealous!


    OMG! Love it!

  • Sweet Lips

    I really love this ad. Angelina looks gorgeous as always.


    JoJo you got here first! Isnt she the best!?

  • Katie

    Beautiful … as usual :)

  • Dump brad cause he’s a cheater

    she looks so much better in that video clip. can’t wait to see the rest.

  • kå simply àmazing!

    nice palace bhind her

  • passby

    She is amazing person and a really good actress!

  • brandange35na


  • HoneyBee

    hi to all

    O my god how beautiful she is and how respected she is !!
    She is above all of us. She shows us the way , a woman can be beautiful, intelligent, famous, mother, wife all in one and help others to fulfill her life.

    Really it is great to have such examples in front of us.

    Love to all of you guys !!

    Before killing me , I know it is not the place to post this following article but somehow it is funny to read it.

  • the skinneeeee

    Her mother was the only one who knew she was, not, John Voight. He only knew Marcheline Bertrand for a short time.

  • ebmo

    She looks so stunning in this photo!

  • AJJA

    I was ambivalent about LV before, but a small part of me wants an LV bag now. Angie was a glamorous choice for the brand I guess. She’s bringing a lot of prestige to the brand. :)

  • Frenchy

    Hello all!!!!! Very NIce. LV just got it’s cool factor back!

  • Karee

    She can take over for Diana Spencer now and her son William can work
    On other projects. Since that is what Diana was doing before she passed away. Landmines !

    Yes exactly talking about refugees as you are doing an ad for LV.

    Did you see her visit not with the refugees . But with the executives.

  • noplace

    Ha, now the Tixters would know where Cambodia is because of gorgeous Angie

  • Liis

    AJ blows my mind! She is the greatest, most humble and extraordinary person out there *I take a bow*

  • Brad

    Fame hungry *hore. Go to hell.

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    soo beautiful great person


    is she still wh*ring her self around go make out with ur brother u sick creature

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  • clamity

    i love this soo elegant wow

  • tutut

    such a discusting horrible women she makes me sick

  • Lucky Charm

    Congratulations, Angie! You just keep on helping out and ignoring the nay-sayers. Many blessings to you, Brad and your family.

    This a woman who embraces her brunette beauty, and doesn’t feel to the need to bleach it trying to be someone she’s not.

  • jolie

    i love beauty france

  • lina

    from other thread_______

    LOL she is not pregnant, she always has that pouch, for someone who has never had a baby before and proclaims to work out like crazy it sure doesn’t show…. Between her arms and her stomach lol mrs obama should have gotten the best arms title in people magazine last week, she sure has a better body than ticky and she’s birthed 2 kids.

  • yaya

    Great I was waiting to see when they gunna air that as it was said they will sometime . Good to know we have something to look for next month. Me being a woman saying that is like crazy but she is pure natural beauty. Especially I like the last still where she is so captivating and her beauty radiates even in simple make up hair style and clothing.
    No wonder they are The Brad and Angie they both are stunning on the top of everything.

  • Passing Through

    # 46 dianad1968 @ 06/24/2011 at 3:36 pm
    Yeah, I’ve already seen the speculation that she’s knocked up. That’s why I said earlier today that if she’s really knocked up I’ll lay off talking bad about her for a whole day. That’s how sure I am that she isn’t, cuz we all know I’m not going to not make fun ot Ticky. Besides, if she’s preggers, then she undoes all of Huvane’s handiwork of the last month. And all the while the hens get through celebrating and expressing their congrats we’ll be sitting around saying, “Ain’t this the biitch that pissed and moaned when Angie got preggers 9 MONTHS after Brad dumped her? Yet she got pregnant while Cheater Boy was still living with Bivens and then lied to the whole world and said she hadn’t slept with him before he dumped his girlfriend. I’m kinda hoping she is knocked up. More good times for us!
    Also – re: John Aniston…I think he learned a long time ago that what Ticky says and what she does is 2 different things, but he’s her father, so what’s he going to say in public? Jon Voight he ain’t.

  • Passing Through

    God bless ya, Jared…but you’re a day late and a dollar short. Everybody else saw this thing a week ago…

  • clodette

    click on the immage!
    Is it really Brad Pitt?
    I can’t belive it!!!!!!

  • yaya

    @lina: I really don’t understand why some of you even care she is pregnant or not at this point. We all know she is a hypocrite already. Does any one cares? expect next week a headline saying she is pregnant and Brad is sending a message or jealous or angry or happy or something shiit. And for Angie it “she is angry” or some shiit like that. You know she can able to be mentioned with out the line of guys who has been fcking her one after another but she can’t be able to be mentioned without Brad and Angie.
    And expect the announcment when Brad and Angie has something and the birth for oscar time since he was said to be to have a shot for it next year. I bet any of JP long time fan can predict this kind of things about Maniston as she always has been predictable to us.



    Hey assssshole. what do you take us for, eeedjits like u? u think we’re dumb enough to click on a link from a hater? Dumbfukkk.

  • Danielle

    Absolutely stunning–both Angie and Cambodia, makes me sorry I didn’t visit there when I was in Thailand and Korea!


    Hate to break it to you guys, but you’re playing into her publicists and demented slag fans hands – calm down….think for a second, she’s been wearing tight clothes and drinking at events, plus she’s bleaching her hair even whiter and still shooting restylane…nothing about that screams preg. Believe me, if she got on with her life with pay for play shorty McBaldy, it would be best for everyone, except her hens who still hate that she’s not with sure as helll would be one ugly monkey off Brad’s back, as if she hits menopause with nada kids, he and Angie will be hated even more by her hags….but the truth is, she ain’t. Oh, and ‘the speculation,’ started right here, by her few desperate sad hagula fans and few Huvane interns possibly, who light candles and weep over her empty cobwebbed womb every night, they’re hoping and wishing and praying it’s put to use..but even they know it’s unlikely, but that won’t stop them trying to talk it up. Don’t do huvanes work for him. Come on.

  • http://computer Susan

    Pregnant or not pregnant, the months ahead are going to be a blast. How long will Ticky keep up her false facade for keebler elf? I know she is desperate and her new partner wants fame, but all the men had to run for a reason, one day JM will spill more than sitting in the kitchen playing with dogs.

  • Angelina Jolie is a wh@re

    por que quiero


    Lol, didn’t j.lo already do this movie?
    Oh well, ABM (anybody but Maniston) I always say. Lolol

  • Angelina Jolie is a CVNT


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    Norman died and she got bloated?Prego?I think if she is she would be yelling on the rooftops to make herself relevant but since she and bf did the “uncool” thing stayin mum or maybe she stopped exercising for hours and hours and started eating a burger….Oh man if she is I wonder how would the baby look like.She looks like camilla parker bowles on that photo.LOL….

  • http://na angierocks

    Angie’s beauty slays oh man she is a godess!

  • Jen

    LV is to be congratulated for picking the most beautiful woman in the world and one of the world’s best known humanitarians to do this campaign for them.
    Angie, you do Brad and your children proud.
    And the money donated to charity will be used to help many, many people.
    God bless you and Brad for your great, big, generous hearts.

  • Mel

    GOSH shes so annoying.

  • Jen

    Thank you for the article. I don’t think anyone will be surprised as their faux relationship unfolds in the media. It is plain to see they are two publicity hogs and deserve each other and all that they will do to each other. I think Heidi is the lucky one.

  • cee

    Mel then why are you here? Because she is also the most amazing woman and Brad knows it. So keep adding to the thread because noone really cares what you say. JP fans have tolerated all the foolishness and lies for almost 7 years and we are all still here and even more and stronger than ever just like Brad and Angie.


    Cameron’s getting a few good reviews for bad teacher – go see it this weekend. ;) nyt’s dhargis gave her a nice review,

  • http://computer Susan

    Go visit Micheal K for his take on Ticky.

  • GO away Jolie

    omg, when is she going to disappear already? enough with this twit.

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    How about some great celebrities and people who have done something worthy in the world, not some trash and her cheater.