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Beyonce: 'Schoolin’ Life' First Listen!

Beyonce: 'Schoolin’ Life' First Listen!

Check out “Schoolin’ Life,” one of six bonus tracks from Beyonce‘s new album!

The track will appear on the deluxe edition of her highly anticipated album, 4, out Tuesday (June 28).

The 29-year-old entertainer has partnered with Target to release the exclusive edition of the album which includes three additional new songs as well as three remixes and bonus video footage.

“My fans will be so excited about my new album because I put my heart and soul into creating something that’s personal and honest,” Beyonce expressed.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s song “Schoolin’ Life”?

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  • treyc

    Better than the other ones but just ok.

  • Nicole

    I don’t like it. I wish she would make music like she did before. more balled style. This is to weird for me.

  • sillyme

    Okay, this is more like the Beyonce we know and love/hate. Definitely better than the other ones she’s released so far from this CD.

  • Sebastion

    I love it. GO B!!!. I cant wait for Tuesday to buy my copy,

  • tcn

    um i haven’t the other tracks that you guys are referring to but still i find this funny. Schoolin Life meaning that she’s schooled in life and has no education ok let’s encourage that lol. The things that she say will relate to lots of women as far as being told not to date at a young age and wanting to be older and free from their parents guards. Wouldn’t she count at the 30 somethin’ and the pretty somethin’ and the sexy somethin’ that’s going to crash for depending on their looks to get them by? Releasing the tracks are a beta test for the public to see whether or not people are going to respond to them well. She should keep this song for her own personal play because she’s writing about herself. From what i’ve heard on this track and from others on the web this album is going to suck a career bag is needed o_0 this one is going to be messy.

  • stee-low-flow

    Bey is gorgeous, gracious and a wonderful performer—her fans really love her.

    That said….it’s time for her to throw away this sex kitten thing is getting old to me. Tina Turner…who used nothing but those fantastic legs ..had loads of sex appeal and as she aged her routine never seemed inappropriate for her age.

    Bey cannot possibly continue wearing next to nothing and shaking her behind when she hits 45…it is time to switch things up.

  • justme

    Read somewhere that record execs are nervous there are no real hits on here (how far did Run the World go on the charts?) and will push for a Destiny Child reunion next from her if they can. Not sure if any of that is true, but must admit, so far, I find not one of the songs released so far from her new album sound catchy or memorable (couldn’t hum this song 5 mins. after I played it).

  • http://mishell92 Beelover

    yeah i like it but i think that this album just cant compare to sasha fierce but honestly i`ll be listen to 4 i mean it`s Beyonce i`ll always like what she do no matter what and all real fans of our BEE Thumbs up lets make 4 number one <3 <3 <3 love u BEE I live for U

  • beck

    @Beelover: I disagree. I think half of the I am…Sasha Fierce album was pretty shitty (the sasha half)…the I am disc was good, but the sasha disc was whack & contrived. I think, as a whole, this album is muuuuuch better. With the exception of RTW I’ve liked every single track I’ve heard. To be fair, I am rather biased…I love beyonce’s voice & songs that hide her voice behind repetitive, ANNOYING beats bug the shit out of me (ehem single ladies)

  • beck

    @stee-low-flow: she’s not 45 though…if the only thing going for her was her body, I’d agree with you, but when it comes down to it I’ve never gone to a beyonce concert b/c of the booty shaking. I go b/c she has a magnificent voice & a once in a generation presence…When she reaches 45 she has the talent to do what she does with more clothing, but for right now she’s 29 and sexy as hell…she’s got it…why not flaunt it…

  • amensister

    this is the FIFTH promo/single off the album that hasnt been released yet, as she ever done this?
    ++++++++++++ I WAS HERE++++++++++++++++

  • Jory

    SRSLY when these artist gonna wear a decent outfits and put more thoughts on them shown skin is so old !!

  • Jude

    So 80′s

  • MangerBouger

    lady gaga’s shoes ?!!

  • Jose

    I like this song a lot. It’s different from modern music. I’m personally disliking all the euro-pop that is out right now. I hope this will be one of her singles. I think it can be a #1 single. Do u guys agree or disagree?

  • Gin0

    Favorite so far!

  • Koree

    I LOVE this song!! I am excited for the album because it is definately a different sound from all her previous albums and I like when artists switch it up. Regardless, I’m a HUGE Beyonce fan and I pretty much love and support anything she does. Go Bey!!! Love this track!

  • androHD

    Lady Gaga called, wants her shoes back

  • ManDown

    gaga shoes are from alexander mx queen so first she didn’t invented them (i mean when bee wore these expensive louis vuitton shoes and everybody did the same nobody said they were copying her !!!) and these ones are from a dutch designer called Jan Taminau so it’s very not gaga !! btw the shoes aren’t the same at all, gaga’s ones are very high !! these song is WAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Carter Murphy

    Listen. Beyonce is growing as an artist! If you can’t keep up with her at this point, then hop off the train! I love how people were concerned about how “I Am Sasha Fierce” would sell, and it did JUST FINE! It’s a Beyonce album! IT WILL sell. And I don’t like how her record company tried to talk her into re-recording some of the tracks for the sake of a radio hit! Where’s the heart in that??? After the drama surrounding Lupe’s latest album, and him expressing that the label had too much control over it, I don’t want to buy an album that the artist doesn’t stand behind 100%!!! This is a great track, and I can’t wait for the album!

  • Claudiu

    So, while it’s deffo not her best song, it’s without a doubt the most amazing in every possible way from 4. And it’s a bonus track… failure.

  • MAdi

    Beyonce just stop, PLEASE! U can do better than this!

  • shuturtwat

    you read it on perez you stupid hoe.

  • Music

    There is nothing wrong with this song, great song!! Great work! Defently has a feel good emoition to it.

  • MusicCritic

    AMAZING!!! So new and different and innovative. I loove you beyonce you rock the world. All hail Queen B. Her albbum 4 is out June 28th…. GET IT!

  • NotGayGaga


  • Solange

    Halo is the best song she ever made.

  • Bianca

    wow! i cant believe people dont like this! i must be growing a long with beyonce’s music! if she brought this out some years ago i wouldnt have understand or liked it. im loving the lyrics

  • JoseLyn

    I love, love, love this song. She’s really growing and trying new things.

  • Coolio

    Her new album is great. nd i think the destinys child are reuniting because they owe columbia records another album. But beyonce is number 1.!

  • Monte


    She’s still in her 20′s

  • champ

    @justme: people like you……..thats all im gonna say about people like you

  • Keshea

    I love it. B is awesome.

  • Kiabey

    Queen beyonce!!!! <3 <3 <3 I love this album its amazing!!!!

  • Allen

    This is Prince meets Martina McBride’s “This one’s for the girls.” Pretty good.

  • alvin †

    stop hating on B. i think that this was one of her best albums all of the songs are omg great im defiantly going to go get her album because its defiantly worth it

  • kristian

    This is my favorite song from beyonces new cd and I think that she did a great job with it

  • Bsmomma

    LOVE THIS SONG! It has such a great beat!!! What a fun dance song.

  • S

    I believe this is probably the best song from 4. How convenient that its a bonus track on the deluxe album so you can’t just buy the single.

  • Nisha

    @beck: I agree 100% with what you said. Couldn’t have said it better. When people came to me like “Beyonce can’t sing, all she does is yell” I used to say “Did you listen to the I AM side of her new album?” Usually they hadn’t. I’d tell them to listen and get back to me. New converts every time. ;)

  • DonnaD

    love it!! my new theme song