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Celebs Celebrate NY Passage of Gay Marriage

Celebs Celebrate NY Passage of Gay Marriage

Lady Gaga celebrates with her elated backup dancers over the Senate’s passage of New York State’s gay marriage bill in this Twitter picture.

“The revolution is ours to fight for love, justice+equality. Rejoice NY, and propose. We did it!!!,” Gaga tweeted

Here’s what some other celebs had to say in celebration!

@katyperry – “NEW YORK! I ♥ U! You’re OFFICIALLY the coolest place on the planet! #PRIDE #EQUALITYFORALL! #CELEBRATE!”

– “It PASSED! Marriage equality in NY!! Yes!! Progress!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this!! A historic night!”

– “NYNY”

@elizadushku – “Welcome to the present NY ;) #equality”

@kathygriffin – “tonight we’re all New Yorkers! Straight & gay alike, let’s all celebrate marriage #equality. The right side of history!”

@seanhayes – “This is a great day for America. NY Senate passes same-sex marriage bill.”

@jaime_king – “YES YES YES!!!! CONGRATS to all of New York for support gay marriage now lets get this ALL over our country!!! I am SOOOOO Happy!”

– “I’m proud of NY right now. Justice. Equality. Respect. Civil Rights for all.” WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO”

@LanceBass – “BIG BIG DAY FOR OUR FAMLIES 33-29 it passed!!!! Now lets educate people and make sure we make them feel comfortable with why this happened!”

- “I am giddy! Congratulations New Yorkers This is a proud moment! the way it should be! Love is love! humans are humans!”

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  • klutzy_girl

    So freaking happy right now! This is awesome! Go New York! This is the best thing ever.

    And now NPH and David Burtka can finally get married! And I’m so happy for them and everyone else who can now get married! This is amazing.

  • Whatever

    How nice that EVERYONE can be treated equally. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s always important to respect the rights of others. Congrats New York – hopefully other states will follow.

  • Sarafina

    Great day for New York…congratulations……..Be Proud…

  • cherry

    I’m so proud of my city right now and srsly why does she try to take credit for things she really had nothing to do with.

  • Sarafina

    Happy for New York……….

  • eyu


  • Attention

    But…50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

  • offtheproperty

    Rights Jumped the Shark.

  • Brandon Hilton

    those are Gaga’s dancers.. OMG! I cant believe it finally happened.. one step closer to worldwide equality.. WE CAN DO THIS!!

  • Carlolito

    . . . Indiana State shall see the light !
    The Sun will rise for everyone.


    Suck it haters – we’re coming to your state next and we need to take back CA from the Mormoms and idiots that got rid of our equality!

  • Tom

    It’s funny how you guys are saying Gaga did nothing for NY while in fact she was the one who urged her fans to call the senator of NY and tell him to vote yes to gay marriage. She was also the one who wanted DADT down, urged her fans to call their own legislative houses and ask each one to repeal DADT. Seriously, get your facts right.

  • Tom

    @cherry: You’re kidding me, right? She was the one told her fans to call the Senator of NY and tell him to vote yes to gay marriage in the first place.

  • FortWon

    Lady Gaga- “we did it”…seriously? That woman takes credit for everything.

  • Yorda

    @EQUAL – TAKE CA BACK NEXT: You are preaching equality and yet calling Mormons idiots?

    Oh the irony.


    This is wonderful news but over gaga thinking she is our leader or something

  • cherry

    @Tom no i’m not kidding you telling your fans to call their senators does not equal doing it. This has been a long long long long process and there’s a million people in front of her who deserve credit for making this happen.

  • Maria

    Congrats, to the gay community. Equality for all. Good job, NY.

  • yes to Betty


    I am very happy for the gay community and proud of the Great State of NY.

  • HipHipHoorah

    Canada has had same sex marriage rights since 2003. Rightly so!!!! I’m very happy for NY. This is one step closer to have a more equal society.

  • HipHipHoorah

    BTW, JJ. You’re one of the first sites to report this news. Good for you. :)

  • flora

    America needs to take many pointers from Canada.

  • Nicole

    @flora: Canada is our 51st state since it has no national identity

  • skskj

    @Nicole: LMAO AMEN! And lady gaga didnt do ANYTHING. People still wouldve called regardless of what Gaga said.

  • flora

    Canada is not America’s anything. Y’all need to learn from US. Health care, rights, everything.

  • nepenthes

    Wtf, lol. Dude, what are you on?

  • 24 hour locksmith los angeles


  • Tara


  • Ace Sy

    She’s a new yorker!She’s very proud and she’s practically the reason why people now a days fight for equality and she led a nation of monsters and changed their point of view about equality and life!

  • FFer

    Perfect timing…


    the world is a f*cked up place

  • Kat

    There is no such thing as Gay Marriage. Homosexuality is a moral disease. It is against nature

  • llu

    When God comes we will see the true verdict!

  • hmm

    I’m a little confused as to why JJ people uplift gays but every chance they get they bash beautiful women calling them manly trannies 24/7 in a very negative way, which is ultimately bashing the gay community and not moving forward. Hypocrites much?

  • barbie

    Uprise in natural disasters,immorality,…um God already predicted this.

  • rln

    @Kat: kat u r an ignorant and probably religious person.people like you are against nature!

    congrats to gay community.i love you guys!

  • harry

    Im gay and happy for this, but Gaga needs to stop.
    I mean Im glad someone is driving this issue so passionately, but I hate that people think all of us are her “little monsters”
    Im gay and I hate her music lol.

  • Celebv

    @hmm: very true! If we want to move forward calling women trannies meant in a very derogatory way is not. Its a major step backward. Its just as bad as some of the other gay slurs and misconceptions. Even if its true, its not meant as a compliment. Its meant to come across as “that woman can’t possibly be pretty because she looks like an ugly tranny” Like transgendered,gay men and lesbian women are less human.

  • Annie

    Stupid idiot Gaga saying “we did it” as if this all comes down to her “efforts”. Typical. That woman is so quick to use the talents and hard work of others and so quick to take all the credit. Has she even spoken about saxophonist Clarance Clemons yet? You know? That guy who stopped her song Edge of VAINglory from being utter crap and who died a week ago? He was famous before Gaga was even born. Gosh she pisses me off.

  • Annie

    Btw, I think this is a great result, I just hate Gaga running around acting as if she “lead the nation to victory” or some bs. This is the result of a general rise in people’s understanding on this issue, not one person. And @ Kat, that argument “against nature” is such bs, *obviously* humans have a much more complex and subtle psychology/sexuality than animals. Why are you using the internet, since according to you isn’t that ‘against nature’ too? And no, I am not an athiest.

  • itsclose

    wow God is closer than I thought! I wonder how you will be celebrating then when you are left behind in devastation while the people who did not give into their worldy desires get to enjoy true pleasure. I wonder how God has to wake some people up next. Deadly tornados,earthquakes,tsunamis are not enough? NY will probably have the next horrific natural disaster. JJ please don’t delete this, I know you are one of them but deleting all negative comments is not indicative of the real people’s opinion.

  • Sabrina

    Yay :-)! Congrats!

  • Laila

    When people call female celebs trannys it is not because they think trannys are less than human(though they might, i dont think it is the root cause). I think they do that because they want to insult the actress, so they say they look like men in drag. They are calling them ugly, and masculine…because we have opressed women to look a certain way, like delicate, fragile people. Large noses, tall heights and big feet are looked down upon because women “have their place”. It is sexism against women. I never use that type of language, there is so much hate out there.

  • shimmy

    @ Kat
    There is no such thing as Gay Marriage. Homosexuality is a moral disease. It is against nature
    Actually, even animals can be homosexual. Just watch any such documentary. and they are primates without the gift of reason. So sorry to disappoint but homosexuality is a most natural thing, just as heterosexuality is.

  • shimmy

    @ Kat – and whether you want to admit it or not, u weren’t born thinking that it’s a “moral disease”. The very fact that u use the term “moral” shows that it is a behavior you were taught to have against gays. Nature vs Nurture baby, and your nurtured environment unfortunately taught u to discriminate

  • crappp

    oh please animals are not gay. they also hump stuffed animals and human legs. theyre just dumb. but their instinct when they want to reproduce is to find the opposite se*. A male dog is not thinking how he wants to suck another male dogs d*ck. They are not immoral like humans are.

  • njomac

    Yeah…thats true, which means that the divorce rate could go up…

  • njomac

    @hmm: Touche!!

  • njomac

    @crappp: I have to agree with this…People like to use the animal kingdom to validate the point of homosexuality as being the norm. I wouldn’t call homosexuality “abnormal” because it devries from sexual instinct BUT it is definitely something that gose against nature…Nature design is to survive, and they only way to do this is through reproduction. You just can’t reproduce with homosex, Period. Animals do hump anything-opposite sex, same sex, innate objects, Hell, I have even seen dogs try to mount humans and hump, its just that sexual urge to mate, but to reproduce/survive, they will look for the opposite sex-Its not about being injustice or anti-gay, its just Nature’s design. But humans are NOT animals like dogs, cats, etc. And becuase of our advancements intellectually, we as humans have developed and recognize “lifestyles”-whether its religion, sexuality choices, creed, vegetarian/meat eater, blah blah-the list goes on. Your choice is your choice and it is something that you have to live with, no one else’s too decide or judge…but nature is what it is too.

  • shimmy

    @crapp, @njomac

    Before you start making up theories, please check scientific data, that would make you sound less dumb and ignorant.
    Some animals ARE homosexual and do not engage in hetero acts at all. So yes, those wouldn’t reproduce. But since when does every living thing have to reproduce??? homophobes always use that “reproducing” theory against gays, if that’s the case, contraception should b baned and infertile ppl should b discriminated against? Those who chose not to have children should never be in a sex*ual relationship?

    Get a clue! And some brains while you’re at it. Or do you prefer to ignore science and learn about what you don’t know? That’s how it is w homophobes, they rather sound dumb than learn something new because it out of their comfort zone. So narrow minded