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Chloe Moretz: Saturn Awards Honoree!

Chloe Moretz: Saturn Awards Honoree!

Chloe Moretz keeps it fashion forward at the 2011 Saturn Awards held at The Castaway on Thursday (June 23) in Los Angeles.

The 14-year-old Kick-Ass acress wore a Versace multi-colored dress with fringed overlays from Versace. She accessorized with Rupert Sanderson shoes. So chic!

Chloe was honored with Best Performance by a Younger Actor for her work in the horror flick, Let Me In.

Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh was also in attendance – pictured below!

The Christopher Nolan-directed blockbuster Inception won five times during the evening including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Director, and Best Writing.

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50 Responses to “Chloe Moretz: Saturn Awards Honoree!”

  1. 1
    Celia Says:

    I can’t stand the way she poses on the red carpet. She must think she’s 30 or something.

  2. 2
    carrie Says:

    how old is this little b***h?

  3. 3
    Robert Says:

    Do I like what I see? Uhhh, yes. She’s young, but man can she look hot when she wants to, which is pretty much always!

  4. 4
    carrie Says:

    i’m not nice with her because usually she’s very “open mouth pose” whereas she’s 14

  5. 5
    carrie Says:

    @Robert valm down Roman Polanski

  6. 6
    carrie Says:

    @Robert calm down Roman Polanski

  7. 7
    aoijvboi Says:

    stupid posin…

  8. 8
    aoijvboi Says:

    stupid posin…

  9. 9
    karih Says:

    When I was 14 I looked pure and innocent, these days 14 years old girls seem to look like little b!tches, especially that Chloe with her stupid poses.

  10. 10
    commonsense Says:

    Shes trouble waiting to happen.

  11. 11
    Johnathan Says:

    She is quite the stunner, and quite the actress, too. Well-deserved. Congratulations on all your award wins lately, Chloe!

  12. 12
    A Says:

    @Johnathan: eww pedo, stick with women your own age and leave kids alone

  13. 13
    Johnathan Says:

    @A: Ha, I am a teen, unlike all u haters!

  14. 14
    Cam Says:


    Oh no, she has her mouth open! Probably means she’s an awful human being.


  15. 15
    lil Says:

    LOL at her poses!!! good actress tho.

  16. 16
    Jill Says:

    She’s a girl on top of world. Love the outfit.

  17. 17
    tom Says:

    She always poses like she is a super model.

  18. 18
    Rachel Says:

    @A: I sure hope you’re a kid. Anyone over the age of 12 should never use “ewwwww.” Childish.

  19. 19
    Elisa Says:

    she is going to be really pretty when she grows up !! butt i think she still to young to pose that sexy

  20. 20
    A Says:

    @Johnathan: i bet you’re not 14.
    i am and its gross when older guys hit on you

  21. 21
    A Says:

    @Johnathan: you’re a liar, first you type like an adult and then you type like a teen.
    you’re a pedo. go away old man

  22. 22
    A Says:

    @Johnathan: i knew you would say you are a teen after i said that. you’re a pedo liar and so transparent. go away old man

  23. 23
    A Says:

    @Johnathan: i knew you would say you are a teen after i said that. you’re a pedo liar and so transparent. go away old man
    fyi i AM 14

  24. 24
    Ambi Says:

    @Robert: Ew, perv! My goodness she is 14. The way she is posing is too much.

  25. 25
    qwert Says:

    I predict she’ll be a major lion lady. With major surgery coming soon. Dating Russel Crow next year. Going through lesbo faze in 2 years. Besties with Lindsey Lohan the whole time sharing ankle bracelet fashions.

  26. 26
    qwert Says:

    I predict she’ll be a major lion lady. With major surgery coming soon. Dating Russel Crow next year. Going through lesbo faze in 2 years. Besties with Lindsey Lohan the whole time sharing ankle bracelet fashions.

  27. 27
    harley Says:

    She is so awesome. Kick-Ass, and the Let the right one in, so good.

  28. 28
    Tranquilty Says:

    @qwert: Promise?

  29. 29
    Marina Says:

    That Versace is so kick ass, and so is Chloe Moretz!

    Girls (and guyz), she poses like that cause she’s on the red carpet. They all do it. And look, it works. Your all obsessed with her. Get over it.

  30. 30
    ash Says:

    She’s an incredibly good actress, and young. Why all the hate? She’s just having fun with it. I’m looking forward to watching her career.

  31. 31
    FFer Says:

    Hollywood Weekly is reporting that Chloe and Hailee will be co-starring on location in the Tangiers based sequel to Naked Lunch; scheduled for release when they are of legal age stateside for 16 year-old girls to smoke Cuban cigars. Reportedly, much of the film will be shot in International waters onboard the story’s 55′ launch. So there’s no problem with the topless bikini scenes where the two teens get to mouth off all they want with the screenplay’s 1970ish paperback novel dialogue.

  32. 32
    Cam Says:


    I’ve seen quite a few people get upset at her for posing too provocatively for photos. I can see why it might be taken the wrong way, but if they knew her it wouldn’t bother them. She’s doesn’t mean anything by it.

  33. 33
    I can't Says:

    um no with that pose. Cloe take a look at Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld for tips on how to act on the red carpet.

  34. 34
    Baristress Says:

    Everyone’s focused on her looks, but she is such a fantastic actress. She’s going to be with us for years to come.

  35. 35
    Baristress Says:

    Everyone’s focused on her great looks, but they’re missing the point. She’s an excellent actress. She was picking up yet another award last night. She’ll be with us for years to come!

  36. 36
    Sean Says:

    Can’t wait till she’s legal!

  37. 37
    nikky Says:

    you should cancel JJ junior since it has no sense anyway

  38. 38
    marq Says:

    What sterile, vapid, empty lives you psycho-prude ditto-heads must live.

    I am so proud of Steven Spielberg for having Elle Fanning driving a car in “Super 8″, and Elle’s character generally defying conformity with her friends and particularly with authority, and all the while making all the best choices, on her own.

    All you suck-ups to the ever-increasingly micro-managed totalitarianism the world is headed to, are such vile things, in your own right.

    Chloe Moretz is exquisite for all the very reasons you over-exasperated crowd, find so disconcerting. What you call her faults are wonderfully her merits.

  39. 39
    Karih Says:

    Future Lindsay Lohan… next!

  40. 40
    Karih Says:

    @Baristress: Ten years ago, people said the same thing about Lindsay Lohan “what a great actress, blabla”… remember! I take the bet, she’ll be the same kind of loser, just because she is yet taking silly poses on the red carpet like a little ****

  41. 41
    Cam Says:


    Just so I have this right:

    Moretz is going to become a drug user and thief because she doesn’t pose the way you prefer?

    Is that the logic you’re basing the bet on?

  42. 42
    J Says:

    Some proper idiots on the comments.

  43. 43
    Warren Says:

    Chloe is such a sexy and beautiful woman! I would love to lick and kiss every inch of hot Chloe!

  44. 44
    AmberL Says:

    @Karih: Hmmm, seem as Karith is an angry loser unhappy with her failied life who gets her kicks attacking teenaged girls.

    Congratulations, Chloe, on yet another award and your fans await your next movies with Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

  45. 45
    Robert Says:

    @Ambi: Your comment is odd. You, and a few others here, get upset when someone says Chloe Moretz is beautiful and a talented actress? You think it’s defensible to attack a young girl? She’s great. Her fans know it. If you don’t like her, then why you even bothering to come and comment?

  46. 46
    MilesH Says:

    @Jon: Jon, actually, you’re the mindless moron. Let me clue you in. Read each word slowly and carefully as that might help with your comprehension: You are on a site called Just Jared. You are not at the This is a site dedicated to stories about celebrities, movies, fashion, etc. Let me help you a little more. If you are at a newsstand, and you’re thinking you want to read about world events, and you see a copy of People Magazine in front of you, don’t pick it up! Yet somehow you are here, on Just Jared. I think four words can sum it up: You.Are.An.Idiot.

  47. 47
    carebear Says:

    Talented girl and very confident too.

  48. 48
    Mann Says:

    I don’t know why all these creepy 19yr olds to 35yr old dudes are calling her sexy, it must have something to do with the kick ass movie which I did not see but she’s a cute kid. Her posses makes me laugh more then anything but what ever rocks your boat. She seems like alot of teenage girls who want to be seen as sexy but she seems like a good kid with an active fan base. Good for her.

  49. 49
    B.D. Says:

    She really is a good actress… linsdy lohan she will never be.. count on that!!!

  50. 50
    Polly Says:

    While I really admire Chloe and think she is an outstanding actress, looking through the photos at the top I thought she looked prettiest when she was smiling. She’s going to have a long career and plenty of time for sexy poses later, but right now I think she looks bests when she’s smiling and being herself.

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