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Justin Theroux: Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Justin Theroux: Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Justin Theroux poses as Terry Richardson in a new photo shoot for the photographer on Wednesday (June 22) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actor showed off his Calvin Klein underwear as he hugged Terry.

Justin, who is dating Horrible Bosses actress Jennifer Aniston, was also seen carrying around a compact Panasonic Lumix digital camera. He later jetted off on his black BMW motorcycle.

Later in the evening, Jen and Justin hit up Pace University to tape an episode of Inside The Actors Studio.

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Credit: Terry Richardson; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • A

    Jen sure knows how to pick them.
    this guy is clearly using her for fame and money…look at him! he’s using her just like john mayer did, and just like the others did.
    The best thing that ever happened to her was being married to Brad Pitt, that’s all she has to show for and he dumped her for the most beautiful actress in Hollywood and never looked back.

  • Claire

    Justin @A: @A:

    Justin Theroux wrote Tropic Thunder, directed a movie, and has acted for several years now.

    John Mayer didn’t need Jennifer Aniston, other wise they would still be together.

    I’ve known about Justin for quite some time now. I don’t like how all of a sudden he’s Aniston’s boyfriend, and now he’s all over gossip sites. The real fans know who he is and it’s not about who he’s with.

  • Lo


    And looking at him? What? Because he dresses like a biker he’s poor or something? Please… he has his own money and credentials.

    Ever here, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”

  • sye

    stop the spin. he did not write tropic thunder. ben stiller did, then justin and a couple other people did a rewrite on it. that is all. geesh stop making this guyy out to be more than he is, he wasnt a household name before stuntdating aniston, so he aint all that,

  • Lo


    Um… his name is still on the credit as screenwriter. Please stop… give a person credit where credit is due. Also, “he aint all that”… that’s your opinion… to some he is, to some he’s not.

    Either way, the whole using Jennifer Aniston thing is bogus. Other than that, it is what it is.

  • manka

    I think he’s handsome.

  • jesse

    eww, he is friends with that creep?

  • poorJen

    I feel sorry for Jennifer..she’s ugly, old, and can’t keep a guy.

  • lol

    Nobody before dating the famous due to victimhood years long run woMAN.

  • thetruth

    he’s more on Jennifer’s level than Brad as far as looks go. Brad was too handsome for Jennifer, even when she was younger she never was that pretty. She’s not a natural beauty thats for sure. She’s a rich girl who pretties herself up with expensive clothes and makeup.

  • windy

    don’t know much about Justin but that photographer dude is a known sleazeball.

  • Kelly

    Funny how it is OK for Aniston to break up a relationship to be with this ugly guy, but Jolie was a witch for doing it. The difference is probably that this guy’s girlfriend is not going to use her break up to promote her crappy b-movie career.


    A nobody untill he started dating the the woMAN who remains relevant due to years long victimhood run.

  • lana

    Lol Never heard of either one of them but they look like a couple of aging porn actors.

  • Jill

    Sorry Jennifer, but this guy certainly is no Brad Pitt – he is just some vulgar sleaze bag who also understands the need to use your personal life for profit.

  • Dubya Bush

    I don’t know anything about this guy but if who he hangs out with is any indication then he’s scum. Terry Richardson is a pervert/pedophile.

  • G

    It figures that he’s good friends with that disgusting pervert Terry. Way to go Jen, you’ve got a real winner there. Maybe she actually did Heidi a favor.

  • Helen

    A match made in heaven – two aging losers

  • Manny

    ITAWY. Mediocre should be with mediocre. :)

  • short legged ape man

    That man has a weird body, very short legs and some beer belly. lol., gross and nasty.

    good for maniston, she deserves to have that kind of man, not HOT!

  • CCrider

    I think he’s quiet hot!
    But he really seems to work hard on his looks which is not that sexy for a dude…
    Plus the helmet is STOOPID!

  • pigbearman

    this loser dresses like an aging hipster. nice baldspot btw

  • mack

    I wonder why he is having a photoshoot

  • Brainy box


  • seriously?

    this guy gets a thread because he may be doing aniston? really?

  • Spicylily, Bkk

    May be it’s good for Heidi Biven to let herself have a chance to get a better man in her life after 14 years with um…how I can call him ?

    This is a surely down grade compared to all of Jennifer Aniston’s guys
    after Brad Pitt. Actually I lost my count on how many guys she has been with in a short or promoted relationships in 7 years.

    It doesn’t matter what and how Justin has been doing in the past though he might be good at what he did because most people don’t know him anyway. But everything will change from now on.

    And how Jennifer’s fan can’t get the fact that Jennifer has wrecked a relationship of 14 years.

  • Cheery

    He looks like a child molester…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    He has been acting for a while. I saw him on SATC & Charlie’s Angels. But he is not famous like like Brad & will never reach that status. Hooking up with MANiston will get him more exposure. Maybe that’s what he wants. I mean the guy just (according to her fans) just hooked up with MANiston and he gets more attention/exposure than he got in the 14 years that he was with an unknow woman . Maybe that’s wants/needs. Maybe he is tire of being a struggling actor. I’ll bet he will get more movie offers now than he was before. MAniston is giving him more exposure like Brad did for her when she was a T.V star. I know you loonifer fans will argue that Jen Jen is a movie star but the true is she was not a movie star. I dare any MANiston fans name a BO hit that Jen did before she hooked up with Brad. After she hooked up with Brad she was the other half of the “golden couple” so studio investors used that “golden couple” image to bank on their investment. As much as they want to use that image they weren’t dumb enough to offer MANiston the lead role, only supporting role or in an essemble cast. And that’s why she can’t never carry a movie/BO hit without a funny actor or an essemble cast. She will always play the supporting role.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I could be wrong but I have never seen a JT thread on JJ since I started posting on JJ. This is the 1st thread. So, hooking with Jen certainly do give him more exposure than the many years he has been in acting.

  • Toni

    Dubya – you’re 100% right – anyone that hangs out with Terry, has no morals. Terry should be in prison for all that he has done. An egotistical sicko. And he’s SO ugly… LOL

  • Helen

    love the bad boy look, sweet!

  • Alexis

    I think he’s kind-of hot.

  • Whatevah

    what a jerk, leaving his girlfriend for 14 years for that botox face aniston.

  • Eliza

    I think he looks better clean-shaven.

  • Liz

    Very interesting being in the biz 15 years gets a thread after bonking Maniston

  • Jones

    Dude is seriously vertically challenged. His legs are shorter than Peter Dinklage’s (sorry Peter, I love you but I had to go there)! And that hairline is receding fast! I imagine all the press he’s now getting might make it recede even faster. Be careful what you wish for Justin!

  • Lilian

    Clearly going for a poor man’s version of Brad Pitt … Not even close Jen!!! Inside the actor’s inside ??? That’s a joke! What does she know about acting? Always naked to compensate the poor acting, when you’re older what are you going to do?

  • ia

    Justin Theroux is hottttttttttttttttt than brad pitt ……..sorry

  • Sorry but

    He’s gonna go back to his true love of 14 years, Bivens.. Aniston is just a rebound. She’ll be used and disposed just like the last time.

  • Cheryl

    Where is her publicist???!!! Why the f**k isn’t he/she doing damage control on these Theroux and Richardson idiots???? What is Aniston thinking??? Doesn’t she know her boyfriend is friends with a known sexual pervert who has forced himself on women at photoshoots????? Is she that desperate she’s willing to run with this crowd to have a man???? God, her actions with men in the last several years makes me understand why Pitt left her. Jesus Christ. And women wonder why men think they can away with treating us like shit. It’s because women like Aniston let them think they can!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disgusted

    Why on earth is Jennifer Aniston sitting for a photo session with Terry Richardson? He is well-known for manipulating young models to pose nude and perform sexual acts all in the name of art! Last year he was FINALLY called out on his atrocious behavior. You know how pedophiles get jobs working around children, well Terry is a first class pervert that has used his photography skills to basically fulfill his sexual proclivities. Justin Theroux thinks Terry is cool and an artist. Justin is one of these “artists” big eyeroll who thinks he’s keeping it real when all he’s doing is befriending a complete perv who gets away with taking advantage of the weak all in the name of art. Did he ask Aniston to take off her clothes or photograph him nude? Hell no, he knows how to play the game. People like Terry and Justin are the WORST kind of people hiding behind art and hipness. The truth is Justin and Terry use their so called coolness to hide their blatant insecurities. GROSS!

  • why

    celebrities are always saying they want to use their status for the greater good, but instead celebs like aniston don’t do a damn thing. Last year many models made it clear what kind of perv Terry is and instead of supporting girls Aniston doesn’t give a crap and gets photographed by this sleazeball lending him credibility again! I’m starting to think Jennifer is far more interested in being the cool chick for men for whatever price. The only way to support these girls is to not support people who don’t give a crap. This means you Jennifer.

  • MeMyself&I

    Short, balding, wears him pants too low and too tight, too old to be a rebel, has all his keys tethered to him, besties with a disgusting pervert (Terry Richardson) and did I mention short and balding?

    Jennifer Aniston is one of the most recognized and desirable women on the planet and she dates men I wouldn’t agree to have coffee with.

    What is wrong with her? I give this 6 months at the most before he dumps her because she is too desperate to dump anyone.

  • allie

    There sure is alot of envious people on this site. They have nothing good to say. Didnt your parents ever tell you if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all!!!! so if you dont like these two why do you comment. I think they are a hot couple!!! He is hotter then Brad Pitt. I say enjoy each other. Good luck to you both!!!!!!!!

  • what happened?
    do you guys think this guy is hotter than Justin? Brad is the ugly one these days

  • what happened?
    do you guys think this guy is hotter than Justin? Brad is the ugly one these days………………………

  • BlackPrince

    Wat a w@nker. Riding a BMW GS and dressing like some weird Harley-riding Hipster. Justin get a life, you’re an insult to GS owners everywhere you w@nker.