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Kim Kardashian Gets Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian Gets Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian points at an x-ray of her butt to prove that it’s real.

“My sisters have dared me to get a butt X-ray,” the 30-year-old engaged reality star told the doctor at his office. “I really just want to get [it] so I can show the whole world.”

Kim got a butt X-Ray,” younger sister Khloe tweeted. “See, it’s REAL!!! LOL… Nothing like a good old Armenian ass to get your day going!”

“Haha!” Kim, 30, responded. “The things my sisters have me do! Proof baby!”

Kim has even told ABC Nightline, “For the record, no butt implants. No butt injections, no anything to my butt.”

Proving all the skeptics wrong!

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62 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Gets Butt X-Ray”

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  1. 26
    Thai Says:


    Ud be welcome. But only after Kris Humphries used it, ok?

  2. 27
    Alaia Says:

    Please, I want these c_nts to go bankrupt. GO AWAY.

  3. 28
    unknown Says:

    WHO GIVES A ****! There are plenty of women with butts like hers in the real world. Just because the majority in hollywood are starving themselves and kim isn’t she’s famous? Enough of her

  4. 29
    Daisy Says:


  5. 30
    stee-low-flow Says:

    Trying to “prove” something to the public…only proves that there is something amiss here.

    I think she has had some type of lipo-sculpturing to her rear end. Earlier pictures…her butt isn’t that big AND behinds don’t grow like that when you exercise and age…

    J-LO is perfect exampleof natural behind…it used to be big…now that she is getting older AND she exercises alot…her behind has taken on another shape.

    Real behind change with exercise…this I know!

  6. 31
    christy Says:

    How do it feel and how can I come by getting one.

  7. 32
    Attention Says:

    You want her to go away? STOP WATCHING HER STUPID SHOW. Then, she’ll go away.

  8. 33
    manka Says:

    Nothing like American stupidity…

  9. 34
    so true Says:

    I wonder if the x ray showed that’s where her brain is. It’s not like people don’t have bills to pay and their own problems no the real important thing is kim showin x rays of her ASS!! WTF?!?!

  10. 35
    tcn Says:

    I guess she feels the need to prove herself and blaming it on her sisters doubts is bananas. Was she sitting or standing for the xray? The shape of it doesn’t even make logical sense to my eyes. Also i know that butt implants would show up on the xray so if this is hers (whether standing or sitting) than she doesn’t have butt implants. Now if only people knew what HYDRO GEL looks like on a xray…then you’ll be getting somewhere. No wool over my eyes, her ass is fake! sorry o_0

  11. 36
    rln Says:

    Implants dont show up on an x-ray.
    kim u r head to toe fake.

  12. 37
    ia ma Says:

    who cares ?????

  13. 38
    Darla Says:

    As a real X-ray Technician. That butt look FAKE. If its a real flesh it will not show in the X-ray. cause soft tissues don’t show up in a-ray film just the silloutte if that is her pelvis I could understand but pelvis don’t cover the entire pubic area especially in a lateral position. What did she do had somebody injected some barium in her ass before the shot or its barium all alone that was implanted in it . What she just did just exposes her ignorance further. IT JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT EVEN THOUGH SHE’S RICH HER LACK OF KNOWLEDGE CAN’T COVER UP THE FACT THAT SHE A DUFUS AND A MORON. MAYBE SHE SHOULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND INVEST IN HER EDUCATION. Too bad she was supposed to be the daughter of a prominent lawyer and a street smart mother whom non of that gene she’s inherited. Maybe she’s an alien you know somebody her parents pick up in Roswell.LMAO

  14. 39
    Missy Says:

    She wants to show the whole world? ha ha I think she is over estimating the amount of people who really give a crap.

  15. 40
    toby Says:

    God, she’s so dump!

  16. 41
    Jan Says:

    It looks unnatural, that’s the point. It’s in the “disgusting” category. Gawd, this girl needs to get a life!!

  17. 42
    Joel Says:

    Looks like she has a tumor in her ass. What is that dark spot?

  18. 43
    toby Says:

    Ok, her butt may be real. But her boobs and her face isn’t.
    Thats even worse, now we all know that she just has a fat ass.

  19. 44
    Annie Says:

    Nothing has been proven. She most likely got a “brazillian butt enhancement” where they suck the fat off other parts of your body and pump it into your butt. Google it, the ‘after’ pics look suspiciously like Kim’s body. Of course that wouldn’t show up in an X-ray (if that’s even Kim that is, or even a real X-ray since according to that X-ray her ass is made out of bone LMAO). Still not a natural body though.

    A body like Kim’s is actually less natural than a too skinny girls. “Real Woman” my ass.

  20. 45
    aniamalu jennifer Says:

    dts wht she told us after all no one wz there wt her. d doc wz a paid actor. ok wht abt d boobs as they dnt look any real

  21. 46
    Maria Says:

    She is seriously vile

  22. 47
    Sadie Says:

    It’s amazing, she has no hip, pelvic, or legs bones either!

  23. 48
    Sadie Says:

    *leg bones

    The x-ray is clearly fake

  24. 49
    lily Says:

    I’m not a kim kardashian fan but C’MON – her booty is real. Her boobs are real – there was a picture of her when she was 14 yrs old w. huge boobs. Even their youngest sister has really big boobs for a young teenager. Thank Mama Kris

  25. 50
    julie Says:

    Is there anything stupider she can seek attention for? I used to *really* like her cause I thought she was real and honest but now she is more than ever honestly a big fame ****.

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