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Leonardo DiCaprio: Save the Sharks!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Save the Sharks!

Leonardo DiCaprio, along with fellow advocates Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, and Ke$ha, among others, have teamed up with WildAid, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Humane Society of the United States to bring attention to dwindling shark populations worldwide.

The foursome and a slew of others have written a letter to the California State Senate supporting Assembly Bill 376, which would ban the sale of shark fins in California.

“The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has concluded that a third of shark species are now threatened with extinction of some kind,” Leo, Scarlett, Megan, Kesha, and others celebrity advocates said in a letter to congress.

Leo further stated, “Despite fisheries attempts at regulation, the inhumane practice of finning continues unabated too, as does the illegal capture of sharks from marine reserves and sovereign waters.”

Others involved in the cause include Alexander Skarsgard, Rachel Bilson, Ian Somerhalder, Ben Stiller, and more. Visit the for more information.

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67 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Save the Sharks!”

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  1. 1
    Dieter Says:

    I hope that Leonardo marries Cameron Diaz: she wants to save the ocean’s as well !!!!!

  2. 2
    Isabela Says:

    amazing! I love when celebs work together to reach something good to the world (it sounds lame what i wrote, but i couldn’t know how to express myself about this well hehe)

  3. 3
    Aphrodite Says:

    Can they write a letter to congress asking to speak the truth about the poison (radiation) consuming the Pacific West Coast? Or maybe they can write a letter to congress speaking out about the Solar Maximum in 2012 and the possibly of our electrical grids being wiped and causing world wide nuclear meltdowns.

    Just a Thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    well... Says:

    … it`s kind of hard to take Dicaprio seriously these weeks. I`m all about saving the sharks but I don`t want to hear it from someone who leaves his principles behind when he goes on vacation to Europe ( private jets, yachts…etc. ) then tries to be concerned about the environment and stuff like that. Not to mention he doesn`t really come off as someone intelligent or mature based on his media-frenzy romance…

  5. 5
    sony Says:


    you are so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you like your boyfriend/girlfriend? good for you.

    his girlfriend is not your problem!!

  6. 6
    well... Says:

    @sony: Take it easy! I posted my overall opinion about him and that includes his recent romance that doesn`t put him into a particularly positive light. That`s all, don`t talk too much into it! Relax!

  7. 7
    Sly Says:


    Have to agree with you, especially with your last sentence.

    Hope he’ll come to his senses soon and won’t let the wannabe actress ruin his reputation.

  8. 8
    sony Says:


    his sense?? his sense according to your opinion?? … move on girl!!

  9. 9
    unknown Says:

    LOL Megan Fox an advocate? She just desperately wants to remain relevant. She has never talked about things like that in interviews or apart of anything. Bought her own “award” in Maui as well. Pathetic

  10. 10
    kå simply àmazing! Says:

    better leonardo with scarlet :)

  11. 11
    Hidden Secrets Says:

    Leo, Scarlett, Megan, Kesha? That’s GOOOOOD for a Laugh. oohh yes!!!!! LMFAO. hmmm……. No m sure, Leo has LOST it. How can he expect anyone to take him seriously after all of his REAL Lifestyle, the recent EUROPE NAUSEATING ROMANCE, but where is his supposed GF on this letter? No mention?? She was all talking in her OVERLY STRANGE way about sharks on some show i saw recently. And now this? Man u have got to be kidding me. We know how it works, It was the same with X. X was hated coz of who she was, but Flakey??? REALLY man??? And u couldn’t find a decent woman this time? O! YES! for that to happen, FIRST u will have to be DECENT urself, which u sadly ARE NOT!…. so just stop with public manipulation already. I swear when we meet, and we will coz i want to punch u hard in ur face, I WILL PUNCH U HARD IN UR FACE. Hating Leo right Now!

  12. 12
    Hidden Secrets Says:

    Scarlett, Megan, Kesha, hahahahahahaha…… I m just LAUGHING MY FU-CKI-NG A$$ OUT LOUD. I mean COMON!! Could it get any DOLLED-UP, fake, dumber and stupid? No one is going to take The FOURSOME – :P – seriously. The letter sounds insanely funny. LMAO!

  13. 13
    Eva @ Four Leaf Clover Says:

    This is such great news! I hope this helps end shark finning soon… not just in the US, but worldwide. I’ve been reading so much lately about how drastic the decline in marine animals has been and that the damage done to oceans are so much worse than previously thought. Thanks for sharing this info, Jared.. I’m pleasantly surprised to have heard about it here first!

  14. 14
    @#11 Says:

    @Hidden Secrets:

    You should hate yourself, you nasty violent person

  15. 15
    Happy Says:

    @Hidden Secrets:

    Go ahead and laugh. I don’t like most of them, but I recognize that they have fans and this cause like any needs to appeal to a wide cross section of people. If having those names attached gets the attention of people who otherwise wouldn’t have a clue, that’s great.

  16. 16
    Happy Says:

    @Hidden Secrets:

    It got Jared’s attention.

  17. 17
    Coincidence? Says:

    Blake L. was just talking about sharks on Leno a couple weeks ago.

  18. 18
    Coincidence? Says:

    Blake L. was just talking about sharks being endangered on Leno a couple weeks ago.

  19. 19
    Ambrose Mugwump Says:

    For a moment i thought that headline read…

    Leonardo DiCaprio: Save the ******!

  20. 20
    4BEE Says:

    For real i don’t care about sharks there’s a million things more important than this BS ! Plus if they all disapear of the ocean i wouldn’t be scared to jump into it without having to fear for my life while i’m swimming ! Leo focus on more important things like war , discrimation , poverty …

  21. 21
    Isabela Says:

    @4BEE: if sharks disapear, the whole ocean life will change, there will be no more predators to some fishes while others will disapear too, and those can be the ones that we eat, so it will make the world hunger grown, so think twice and you say that you don’t care for this

  22. 22
    offtheproperty Says:

    Sharks are not the greatest.

  23. 23
    Hidden Secrets Says:

    @14 & happy: Did not mean to offend u or anyone, It is a serious ISSUE, but i could care less when i am talking about the truth here. He is just messing with u people. U really think he CARES about sharks? He only cares about himself, he’s just trying to turn the attention to his – not so – real side, once again. It’s all too messed up. But u don’t have to believe me. According to Los Angeles Times “The measure, which has been passed by the state Assembly, is opposed by the Asian Food Trade Assn., which says banning the fins without banning the rest of shark meat “unfairly targets the Chinese and Asian eating habits,’’ according to an analysis by legislative staff.” IT’s an altogether a BIGGER game than u guys can understand. It involves politics, but u won’t see that, coz u don’t want to. But u r entitled to ur opinions so say what u want to say. But have to say Leo, Scarlett, Megan, Kesha are not the type of names one expects to see associated with such a cause at hand. It requires people who r true to their word and live by what they preach and not by ‘Do as i say, Not as i do’ philosophy. Also i agree with the article, why just ban the shark fins, why not the whole shark meat? Like i said, it’s a MUCH MUCH bigger game than anyone can realize.

  24. 24
    Aphrodite Says:

    @Isabela. Well, Frankly world hunger is suffered mostly in third world countries…. And I don’t think ‘saving the sharks’ is going to help it go down because does it look like they want Fish??! It’s too difficult when there are other foods more fitting. When 500 people own 98% of the worlds wealth… Makes this whole thing annoying as hell. Our human race is about to be wiped out as we know it and few are aware. ESPECIALLY the ignorant masses.

  25. 25
    Hidden Secrets Says:

    @Aphrodite: Spot on.

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