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Alexander Skarsgard: I Love the 'True Blood' Cast!

Alexander Skarsgard: I Love the 'True Blood' Cast!

Alexander Skarsgard looks out into the distance as he leaves the Versace store on Friday (June 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor recently sat down for an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Speaking about True Blood, Alex said, “I think it’s over-the-top, it’s sexy, it’s wild, it’s violent, it’s all that…It’s just a wild fantastic sexy way of telling stories about our struggles in everyday life.”

“They’re really good people, the whole cast, I love working with them,” Alex said about the cast. “The atmosphere is so great and so loving and so generous,” he added.

Be sure to catch the season four premiere of True Blood this Sunday (June 26) at 9 p.m. EST on HBO!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard leaving Versace in Beverly Hills…

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alexander skarsgard versace store 01
alexander skarsgard versace store 02
alexander skarsgard versace store 03
alexander skarsgard versace store 04
alexander skarsgard versace store 05
alexander skarsgard versace store 06
alexander skarsgard versace store 07
alexander skarsgard versace store 08
alexander skarsgard versace store 09
alexander skarsgard versace store 10

Credit: Tovarelli; Photos: AKM Images
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  • tami

    Alex looks good! Love seeing photos of him.

  • tami

    Although, he looks kind of mad. lol

  • locksmith los angeles

    This guy is quite interesting looking.

  • so bland…….

    This guy is sooooo over-rated………the receding hairline, huge bags under his eyes, the bulbous nose…….just because he plays a vampire doesn’t make him better looking……he’s average at best!!!

  • Hotness

    OMG!! He looks great, he is soooooo hot and he is wearing a watch. *dead*

  • Holly

    He’s overrated.
    Just a big hypocrite and d*uchebag.

  • Hotness

    Really?! How do you know, jealous much. Geesh Ladies love him deal with it. He is really hot and sweet, I love him.

  • bad

    he’s overrated
    just a big hypocrite ang d*uchebag

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    today my birthday

  • kå simply àmazing!

    really yo love true blood?! good!

  • Hotness

    @4,6,8 D*uchebag. You’re really sad changing your moniker to say sh*t about him. Geesh, he is still hot and ladies love him and you are just a jealous nobody with way too much time on your hands. Alexander Skarsgard is a BAMF deal with it and you are the d*chebag.

  • silly guy

    i read alot of hate coming at him in this post all hes doing is standing there lol no need to hate the guy

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    Other than the fact that he is tall and has a great body he does nothing to me I just don’t see it I can find better looking men on the street I am not saying that I can’t see why some women my find him attractive I guess playing a vampire does it for them look at Pattinson he looks like he needs a shower 99.9% of the time still some girls/women go crazy about him still neither of them is my coup of tea to each it’s own I guess.

  • not numb 4

    @Hotness: i’m not the number4 :/ only 6&8 (and i repet my message because it doesn’t come out the first time) and yes i like to change moniker…he still a d*uchebag, who f*ck everybody on set..from Amanda S to Kate B and Evan RW , Willa H…..ect….he treats his gf like a sh!t in public, just a childish behaviour. Big d*uchebag, nothing more

  • Hotness

    @14 Whatever, you are the d*uchebag. He is still Hot.


    Yeah ,right Alex, and your “delight” REALLY SHOWED in your sarcastic laden comment and attitude that you made about your fan’s interest in you,your choice of clothing and your personal life in the interview on Entertainment Tonight Friday night!!
    It’s kind of hard to to dismiss this kind of pissy behavior and STILL continue to believe Alex actually even appreciates exactly WHO got him where he is today!!!
    If we once thought that Alex DOESN’T hear what’s said about him, I think THAT this interview finally put that notion to rest now!!
    Sorry,I USE TO BE A SUPPORTER, Now, this guy’s TRUE COLORS are starting to show more and more as time goes on!!!
    If he’s so sick of his popularity,and his fan’s interest in him,maybe pursuing being an architect WAS a better plan!!

  • silly guy

    @not numb 4: how would you know who he has slept with rumours are just rumours and nothing more unless he has stated that he has slept with those women then most people wont believe it

  • @Post This

    You know he has PR people and management, he doesn’t have to read what is said about him. I am sure he is informed about what is being said about him by his people. Saying that he is reading it is a bit much. Plus if he was told that people are debating about what he wears and eats then yeah I would also think really people care about that kind of things. It’s a natural reaction. I don’t see how it is him showing his true colors. But okay, you feel that way find.

  • HotInLA

    Those that criticize his looks should know that the fans love him not only because they find him attractive but most importantly for what he exudes, what he makes them feel and for his talent. It’s not only about looks, it’s a combination of things. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the premiere and was completely starstruck. I found him to be incredibly beautiful, like out of this world, the only thing missing was a halo over his head. He was funny, patient and sweet to the fans. And he’s been getting great reviews from all over even before season 4 starts, he’s a good actor and from the little I saw appears to be a decent human being as well.

  • Canuck

    @POST THIS: You have a link to that interview?


    Did ANY of you staunch naysayers ACTUALLY EVEN SEE the interview ??-Because if you did,I find it hard to believe you could disregard Alex’s snotty attitude so lightly.

  • Danielik25

    Alex is a very good actor ,sweet and hot guy. Love him ad his pics in JJ. I don´t care who is in his bed, it´s not my problem.

  • Canuck

    @tami: The pap is probably saying something nasty to him, hoping for a reaction.

  • Tanter

    Reg. his comments about fans following him and being interested in what he wears and where he eats and so on: personally it just made me wonder if/how much he’s aware of concerning Kate’s behaviour. The girl lives for that sort of thing. It’s what has kept her relevant during the time they’ve been together ’cause it sure ain’t her acting. Is he aware of that? Does he know how big a part of that whole dynamic she is? Mostly it makes me feel he’s either a bit stupid or ignorant or maybe just too stubborn to realise it (or in denial). To me it just shows how ill-suited they are because I think he’s being genuine when he says it.

  • Canuck

    @POST THIS: Post a link and we’ll watch it.


    @ Canuck, Sorry, Feel free to look for it, but it was just in the mix of the many True Blood update flashes about the up coming season.
    So of course it will be written off as never happening I’m sure!
    But boy was I surprised at Alex’s BARELY HIDDEN DISTASTE of his fan’s interest in him!

  • Canuck

    @Danielik25: Exactly!

  • Tanter

    @POST THIS: If he has heard about certain fansites, I certainly understand if he finds it distasteful. There’s a difference between the adoration and perhaps slightly invase interest most of his fans feel and then the borderline sick semi-stalking behaviour of a small group of “fans”. Actually trying to stalk him, trying to make friends with his family on FB, stealing private photos and putting them online – the guy deserves some privacy and some fans won’t give him that. That is too much IMO.

  • Canuck

    @POST THIS: I did look for it, can’t seem to find it online, at least not labelled as such.

  • @Post This

    Really though, sometimes I just don’t get people/fans, here is the interview.
    But what do you want him to say? If he had said that was great and him grinning, you would say that he was ego tripping and should get over himself. He says he doesn’t understand, I totally get it, why would anyone be comfortable with people having debate over simple things such has his clothes and his what he eats. What ever you are angry about has nothing to do with him. You are just projecting it on him. He also joked about Stephen and Anna about their threesome was he showing his true colors then too. BTW the interview asked him what he thought about people being so interested in his private life. But again no matter what I say to you. You will still be projecting what ever on him. Find!

  • putthisright

    I think he was refering about following by the paps!
    Actually he said, that he likes fan encounters very much!
    Go and watch yourself:

  • Canuck

    @Tanter: There are also a certain number of so-called “fans” who take any occasion they can to diss him based on where he eats, what he wears, the fact that he goes to the gym, while calling him nasty names.


    Sorry, but I finally took off MY rose colored glasses.

  • Canuck

    @@Post This: He didn’t sound disdainful to me. More like at a loss to understand why anyone would care about that sort of thing. If he was full of himself, he’d probably think it normal but he’s not.

  • @Post This

    @Canuck that what I meant.

  • Star is bright

    Hey,I understand and can appreciate all the fan’s desire at continuing on the defense , I USE to be a loyal fan too,
    But there’s a limit to the amount of the “Cult’s Party Line Coo-laid “some of us care to drink !

  • lol

    He really does not look good

  • Panties go *poof*


    I’m not a crazed fangurl, I like looking at this guy, love looking even more when he gets naked. I watched the interview ( thanks for link ladies above!) and do you know what I mainly saw…firstly I saw a guy finding it hard to hear the interviewer as there must have been a lot of chatter in the background and secondly I saw a guy who still seems to be bewildered with the amount of attention that he gets.

    Why do people have to dissect and read between the lines of every statement he makes for fecks sake!

    Whatever, he gives me ladywood and I am happy with that ;D

  • Hans

    Oh please not another one of these crazy people thinking that they made Alex what he is today… lol go back to your cave…

  • Tb stans

    hahaha! I see the TB haters are here to hate on Alex, get over it. Critics are lovely his role this season. You can hate all you want Joe stans and Stephen stains but Alex is getting the love. Hahahaha!

  • Swoon

    Oh My God I love him. he is great and I am looking forward to TB this Sunday. Yayy Eric will be back on tv.

  • ladybug

    Boy, the freaks sure came out on this thread. I guess their moms let them stay up late last night.

  • Panties go *poof*


    Swoon I am sorry, tried to thumb up but came out as a thumb down, damn iPhone and my *crazy fat fangurl* fingers….;D

  • Panties go *poof*


    Lol! Be fair though, they have had a hard day bless em, licking all those windows on the bus and trying not to run with scissors…

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Reaction to his datelessness at the premiere maybe?

  • Canuck

    Question for anyone who actually knows the area. Here it says he’s leaving Versace. The guy he’s paying / having his parking ticket stamped by (I’m guessing that’s what it might be) is the same as the guy here:
    When he was coming out of Armani. Is this place some high end designer mall?

  • Canuck

    Also, totally off topic, but those Michael Kors shoes that are in the top post need to be in my closet. They keep distracting me :))

  • @ ex “supporter”


    Let me guess, u are one of the “supporters” from purse forum or wos, which even pretends to be his fansite. Put the link to the interview where AS is disrespectful towards his fans or co-workers or any1. Oh but you can’t b/c that kind of interview doesn’t exist but of coz the notorius purse freaks, looneys and psychos (remember merric, a#sspray etc) always turn everything what he says or do into sheer sh1yt with their “clever” speculations. They should change the thread name joe manganiello/stephen moyer appreciaton thread instead and wos could change their site world of gustaf skarsgård ;). It’s pretty lame to lure Alex’s fans to sh1tty forums by using his name and when they get enough that delusional cr@p and leave the forums or threads the regular Alex bashers are hypocritically whining that AS has lost his fans. Yes you “supporters” who claim to be his fans or ex fans have really shown your true colours. ;D

  • ladybug

    @Panties go *poof*: That and the glue sniffing (a lot of glue sniffing).
    @Canuck, oh, perhaps just a bit :) I don’t go over to Yuku, but I’m sure they’re just confused and whatnot over her not being at the premier. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t come over here to mention that he’s leaving Versace after getting his wedding tux fitted or something.
    And yes, I also notice that it looks like the same gentleman/trashcan/entrance-exit, so perhaps it is some high end shopping area.
    The shoes Jennifer Aniston is wearing? Those would send me to the podiatrist AND the ER.