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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Car Ride!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Car Ride!

Brad Pitt rides in the passenger seat of a car while filming more scenes for his new movie, World War Z, on Saturday (June 25) in Valletta, Malta.

The day before, the 47-year-old actor hit the set of the zombie flick along with his stunt double.

Brad‘s on-screen wife, Mireille Enos, recently chatted with E! Online and dished that “there is a goodbye kiss, but no love scenes.”

“Everybody is like, ‘You have to take notes on that,’” she added. “It’s just going to be another day at work. He’s the sweetest, loveliest guy.”

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt continuing work on World War Z

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brad pitt jeep world war z 01
brad pitt jeep world war z 02
brad pitt jeep world war z 03
brad pitt jeep world war z 04
brad pitt jeep world war z 05
brad pitt jeep world war z 06
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  • busted

    I’m going to enjoy these pics while I can. They will be heading out of Malta in a few weeks.

    Brad must be happy. He can work then at the end of the day head home to his family..

    Why that bothers some of head shaking

    Go and live your life. Brad has a good one.

  • Ang

    I’m commenting while no trolls are in sight.

    Brad looks great. I love it that we get so many pics from the film set. I hope the same when they start filming in London.

  • busted

    Brad is a good man and has a good life.

    so good to see him this way.

    Can not wait for this movie.. I love the Zombies.. LOL

  • rugrug malone

    He’s the sweetest, loveliest guy.”

    ……and now he is with the sweetest loveliest gal.

  • hopeso

    They are really busy on the malta set cant wait to see all of them together again..

  • White Swan



    It’s great to bee Brad, this movie look interesting can’t wait to see the finish product. When is he coming back to Nw’ Orleans????

  • B.Bunch

    Brad is busy at work, I know, i know, i know, but i want to see angie and the kidst

  • kå simply àmazing!

    good :D

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    great movie hay brad com on in my partty birethday with angelina and with beautiful kids shiloh knox vivie woow great family^^

  • Lara

    Brad looks great, so handsome, happy and relaxed at work. Having his loving family around must make such a difference.

  • anustin

    thanks u dude!!!

  • Gleeeeeeee

    I actually thought that is was just on jared that they don’t like her but go over to E! and read some article Ted C. tried to sugarcoat and the reactions that it got…OOOHHHH i’m branching out.

  • Grammatic

    Yeah, you need that. You are so nervous. OMG That would help you a lot.

  • neer

    The news about making a big deal out of the same restaurant that BP went with AJ recently in Malta and to his ex in the past, is just ridiculous. I mean, can people not go anymore to the places where you went with your former GF/BF/spouse?!
    Is there some exclusive ownership or right of a certain establishment for the former relationships, that the present relationship can’t enjoy anymore. How silly logic is that?
    For average people like me, can I not go to a moviehouse, malls or beaches where my significant other & his ex happened to go to in the past? Or can’t my niece study to the same university where the former girlfriend of her boyfriend also happen to study too?
    I wonder where this thinking come from. This kind of way of life is simply a manifestation of INSECURITY & IMMATURITY.
    The important thing is how meaningful & significant was your time for each other regardless of the places where you go to. it’s the moments of love you spend with your partner, not for display. It’s the beautiful memories you create with each other.


    TO JOLIE IS A sL*T :

  • WBPfan

    jared, thanks for all the set pix of the handsome Mr. Pitt!! Can’t get enough of him!!!

  • http://website PJ

    The fabulous Mr Pitt.
    Keep the photos coming .
    Thanks JJ

  • Gleeeeeeee

    I see that not the only thing i got right

  • 10

    Oh come off it, dont you know that arguing with a fool from a distance no one can tell the two apart

  • JenIs@1NightHoInHW,

    Poor Baby Jane 10+ times with Plastic surgeries can catching JT, a D-list star an Ug*y Boytoy ,
    Baby Jane hopes this guy can be her Lover Forever !!!
    JenHo thinking thoughts Y Y Y Y Y ???
    ” Im soooo Unlucky in loves after 10+ men in 6+ years “

  • clamity

    simply wonderful he is just handsome………@laura you dont seem like your any better than the other person

  • LoriLori

    Looking Good Mr.Pitt!
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • bdj

    St. Jude Success Story: Emma Grace Heppner
    Emma Grace is a brave 5 year-old who loves her weekly visits to St. Jude.
    June 24, 2011|By Natalie Nunn

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Emma was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2009. She is in remission, but part of her treatment plan is receiving chemotherapy for another year.

    Emma Grace visits the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic at St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center every Tuesday morning. To many people’s surprise, Tuesday is her favorite day of the week. In the midst of Emma’s weekly chemo treatments, she is planning a big party. The party will be the first week of July 2012. It maybe a year away, but Emma is counting down the days. It’s not her birthday party, but instead, a No More Chemo Party. Emma promises there will be cupcakes and confetti at her party.

  • bdj

    Oscar derby off to early start
    A few faves stir up buzz, including ‘Tree of Life,’ ‘Midnight in Paris’

    On June 30, the year will officially be half over, so in theory, 50% of the 2011 awards contenders have bowed. Of course, that is never the case. While the race is just a guessing game at this point, a trio of films are running ahead of the pack: Fox Searchlight’s “The Tree of Life,” Sony Pictures Classics’ “Midnight in Paris” and Paramount’s “Super 8.”
    In Oscar races, you don’t have to have unanimous love; all you need is a group of voters who are passionate about your work, and those three have that. If voting were held today, they would do very well. The big question is whether those pics can sustain that heat through the end of the year. (At this point, the only race that could be described as “heated” is the feature-animation contest.)

    Cannes: Aside from “Tree” and “Midnight,” there were Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In” and Gus Van Sant’s “Restless” (both Sony Classics), as well as French silent comedy “The Artist” (Weinstein Co.); “Drive,” helmed by Nicolas Winding Refn (FilmDistrict); “Melancholia” directed by Cannes bad boy Lars von Trier (Magnolia Pictures); and the Lynne Ramsay-directed “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (Oscilloscope).

    DECEMBER: “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” with Angelina Jolie making her writing-directing bow (FilmDistrict);

  • bdj

    Entire article at link

    Startup lessons learned from Moneyball by Michael Lewis

    Moneyball is hardly a new book. Written in 2003, it’s back in the spotlight these days as anticipation builds for the Brad Pitt-starring movie adaptation in September. But while sports and Hollywood might be the big focus these days, there are several lessons startup owners can take away from the story.

    Author Michael Lewis explains how a baseball team applied analytics to compete with wealthier competitors and, in the process, changed baseball. It’s a rare case study for entrepreneurs showing how analytics can enable them to identify and execute a disruptive strategy in virtually any market

  • bdj

    Exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie tomorrow
    Top Hollywood actress and UNCHR goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie will be the main interviewee in tomorrow’s edition of The Sunday Times.

    Jolie was interviewed following a visit to the Lyster Barracks detention centre where she met the asylum seekers who recently arrived in Malta after fleeing Libya.

    The award-winning actress underlines the need for society to understand the plight of refugees and for the international community to do more to deal with the exodus brought about by the Arab uprising.

    Jolie is currently based in Malta, while her partner Brad Pitt shoots a film on the island.

  • bdj

    Happy Saturday to all the fans. Nice to see Baby Jane’s little hobbit get his own threads. A man has to be independent from a crazed bunny boiler stalker. No telling when the contract will end. Ask Peeboy. Ole girl will run out of money soon the way she is pimping this latest lame rom com crapfest and little caveman.

  • bdj

    That hip edgy look does not work on Jr sizes. Just an observation.

  • eeek

    Why is his face so scrunched up? He aged so badly because of the pot and ciggarette smoke and don’t forget the booze. I guess gravity is moving his features down and making him look scrunched. It looks like he’s doing his constipated face……………… more bad acting.

  • bdj

    Papa Pitt is looking mighty fine on the World War Z set. I am looking forward to the movie. When you got it, you got it and BP got the IT factor.

    No need to go out and manufacture a hip edgy look for a middle aged balding men and an over the hill whiny ex sitcom star. That crap will still bomb. Cameron Diaz movie is looking like a success at the box office. Nice to see alternatives with all the desperate PR games and a desperate whiny fameho. JMO.

  • eeek

    moneyball and world war Z = troy acting you can already tell by the faces he’s making. rotflmao constipated face is his main facial expression

  • bdj

    oops “man”. I got confused with all the caveman threads. Who knew the little hobbit was so popular. Last month, folks did not know his name. Now he is a main feature on Just Jared. Money talks, PR sell and in a few months, he will be in the archives just like the rest of the Paid fake romances. It is all good.

  • Observer2


    Brad and Angelina live in the house that Brad always intended to live in with his family. He lived their with Paltrow and that’s one of the reasons FT wouldn’t live their on a permanent basis. Brad has taken Angelina to every place he’s go to with his exes. Except Mexico. Hell, he even took Angelina and the kids to the place he went on his honeymoon. LMAO! He loved those places and wants to make new memories with his love and his family. Trust, me, Brad doesn’t hold those places sacred because he was there. He likes them and the exes, if they have a problem with it can go to H e to the double L. Good times.

    Brad’s finally being able to do all the traveling he’d always wanted to do buy couldn’t because FT was afraid of her own shadow. Brad used to be a big traveler before FT and he’s now with a woman who loves a new adventure in a new place, as much as he does.

    Oh, and Brad’s looking mighty fine.

  • umm

    Mr. Pitt is looking mighty hot. We are spoiled with daily pictures.

  • bdj

    {Review} The Tree of Life
    Posted on June 25, 2011 by Dr. Rieux

    This movie is incredible. Its scope is so vast I’m having trouble trying to wrap my head around it; perhaps that’s the point of the film. It is difficult for movies to rise to the level of art, I think, because they are too literal: what you see on the screen is what you get. There’s usually a moral to the story, but its not always the kind that lifts you up, and usually you don’t have to think too hard to find it. Rather than challenging viewers, many directors settle for entertaining them, pulling at specific emotions, creating an escape from reality. The Tree of Life doesn’t have a moral and it really doesn’t have a narrative, leaving the audience free to find as many levels of meaning as it desires. Does Malick believe in God? What does he think is man’s place in the universe? I have no idea. But I do know what I believe, and I was reminded of those beliefs throughout the film.

  • NANA

    Hi bdj, Baby Jane’s PR guru shout out to the whole world that Baby Jane will get engages with her Caveman ,ha ha ha ha ha,
    Baby Jane very Happy with her boytoy Caveman,
    Wow,from RK,VV,PS,Mike,Brain,JM,BC,GB,JS,+++ to…Caveman Justine…..Ouch..Ouch !

  • NANA

    Hi bdj, Baby Jane’s PR guru shout out to the whole world that Baby Jane will get engages with her Caveman ,ha ha ha ha ha,
    Baby Jane very Happy with her boytoy Caveman,
    Wow,from RK,VV,PS,Mike,Brain,JM,BC,GB,JS,+++ to…Caveman Justine…..Ouch..Ouch !

  • NANA

    Hi bdj, Baby Jane’s PR guru shout out to the whole world that Baby Jane will get engages with her Caveman ,ha ha ha ha ha,
    Baby Jane very Happy with her boytoy Caveman,
    Wow,from RK,VV,PS,Mike,Brain,JM,BC,GB,JS,+++ to…Caveman Justine…..Ouch..Ouch !

  • anustin

    thank miss bdj.for the updates!!!

  • bdj

    What’s up Nan. Yep ole toke and coke baby Jane is right on schedule. That ezy poosey is an urban legend.

  • NANA

    Oooop, Sorry for triple posts,Baby Jane’ll not happy for this,ha ha ha ha

  • bdj,0,2704188.story

    Video at site. A very inspirational story. BP, AJ and family keep doing good.

  • bdj

    What’s up Weng. Happy Saturday to all. BP and AJ are good people doing, some good in the world. While the media whine and smear, they are living their lives, making a difference.

  • Isaa

    Just Jared, REALLY must you put Maniston’s picture in the middle of Angie and Brad. Tacky….trying to incite people. JJ staff in charge of this layout is insensitive to AJ and BP fans and thinks it’s funny.

  • Isaa

    People in general, STOP, STOP plotting the “triangle” scenario & schemes. And I think there is no truth to lies about Maniston still talks to her ex. Give it a break Maniston, leave Brad alone. He dumped you. Have some dignity, self respect and pride. And get on with your life. People who divorced after being married 35 yrs (husband dumping wife) don’t stay in touch with husband even if they had children.
    JA is dumb and pathetic. JA is such a media whore.

    Just had to get this off my chest.

  • anustin

    lol…who.reniston created the its sucking on her fugg azz.

  • bdj

    Tim Duggan, ASLA, a landscape architect currently developing the Sustainable Landscapes program for the Make it Right Foundation in New Orleans, will present “Community Beyond Housing” at the 2011 LLAMA President’s Program during the ALA Annual Conference. The program will be held from 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. June 25 at the Morial Convention Center

    For the last three years Duggan has designed and implemented strategies for affordable LEED Platinum Landscapes. He and the foundation have worked extensively with community organizations and individuals at a variety of scales, from regenerative residential garden designs to citywide infrastructure initiatives that serve as showcases for sustainable recovery and development. Tim has focused his career on urban revitalization, micro farming and sustainable education and outreach.

    “I am delighted that Tim Duggan will be our speaker for this year’s President’s Program,” said Gail Kennedy, LLAMA president. “Make It Right is a perfect example of this year’s theme of unexpected leadership. Tim has played a key role in not just rebuilding the landscape of the Lower 9th, but also engaging the local community and building leadership from within.”

    The Make It Right Foundation was founded by Brad Pitt in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Its mission is to be a catalyst for redevelopment of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans by building a neighborhood of safe and healthy, certified LEED platinum homes while preserving the spirit of the community’s culture. To learn more about the Foundation’s work see

  • Lucky Charm

    I’d like to drive your car, Brad! (Oops, did I just say that out loud, lol?!) Really looking forward to this movie.

  • NANA

    Hi bdj,BabyJane’s PR guru Blocks me, I can’t post here from my house.
    Norman’s friends didn’t like it,their rags ” Kig Ind ca ca here” can’t sell !