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Gerard Butler: Wetsuit & Waves!

Gerard Butler: Wetsuit & Waves!

Gerard Butler walks around the beach on Friday (June 24) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old actor, wearing Body Glove‘s “Vapor” wetsuit, hit the beach again to check out the waves.

Earlier in the week, Gerard showed off his fit physique while changing near his car after an afternoon of surfing with some pals.

Though there’s been talk about Gerard possibly starring in the big screen adaptation of Diana Gabaldon‘s “Outlander,” the author herself is eying another Scottish star.

“I don’t think it is the best idea to pick an actor who I think looks like [lead character] Jamie,” she said. “That’s why there are casting directors who can bring the role to life and embody the character. That means you need a really good actor, such as Ewan McGregor, to play the part.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in a black wetsuit…

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gerard butler wetsuit 01
gerard butler wetsuit 02
gerard butler wetsuit 03
gerard butler wetsuit 04
gerard butler wetsuit 05
gerard butler wetsuit 06
gerard butler wetsuit 07
gerard butler wetsuit 08
gerard butler wetsuit 09
gerard butler wetsuit 10
gerard butler wetsuit 11
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  • lady bee


  • lady bee

    He looks gorgeous here, this time I really don’t think so that ANYBODY would want to swear him about his appearance!!! LoL

  • Toche

    Jaime is a young and very deep character in the book. Gerard may not look young enough. Just like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.He was on the verge in that movie.

  • niknoks

    That’s the stuff…. yummy…. I could eat that man with a spoon…

  • Anna

    Gerard so Handsome

  • kå simply àmazing!


  • http://jta slig o lambert^________^ cute

    he have butler face

  • Surfingaway

    My friend started surfing in her forties and is hooked. It is a sport for all ages.

  • Surfingaway

    My friend started surfing in her forties and is hooked. It is a sport for all ages.

  • Messy

    I still prefer him with shorter hair and second day scruff.

  • lolita

    @niknoks: Nik, I hear you, yummy!!!! I can’t believe how good he looks even wet, that’s a feat most can’t pull off.

  • niknoks


    I much prefer him like that, I prefer my men rough & ready & a little bit scruffy. I’d take that any day over a pretty boy who spends more time in the bathroom than me.

  • lolita

    @niknoks: Nik, I agree, a man should be a little rough around the edges, pretty doesn’t work for me either. He just gets more rugged looking as he ages, all in a good way.

  • kulu

    lol the ciggys are back

  • niknoks

    …..and he’s back on the fags… tut tut Mr. Butler

  • niknoks

    oops cigarettes… have to remember it’s an American board…

  • Cora

    Oh damn, he’s smoking. This makes me very sad.

  • Brainy box


  • Lindsay

    Old man and the sea

  • lolita

    @niknoks: Nik, I just checked out all the pics and saw the cigarettes too, oh no not a good thing. That’s the worst habit to start again. That is so hard to quit, I know because I quit cold turkey and almost became a serial killer with the mood swings from withdrawal.

  • niknoks


    As Mark Twain said: “It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

    That’s one thing I have never touched, the dreaded cancer sticks. I’m so glad, I have a lot of friends who are struggling to quit.

  • lolita

    @Cora: Good morning Cora, I agree so sad. I hope he didn’t start smoking because he thinks it helps him keep his weight down.

  • Hmmmmm

    Looking handsome as usual Mr. B.
    Wonder what brought up the Outlander reference. I thought that whole thing has been dead in the water for a long time. While G is definitely not right for young Jamie, he is age appropriate for the majority of the books and stories. But, I’m way over the whole Outlander saga. It just was too long. I lost interest about the Drums of Autumn – I guess that was the name. I tucked the books all away and don’t want to see them again.

  • legends

    Probably picked up the smoking habit again cuz he has to learn how to surf like a pro by October’s Maverick’s shoot. Nerve-racking, I’m sure.

    But nooooo . . . don’t smoke, G!! It keeps you thin, but it ruins your face, and your face is your fortune!

    He’s so cute, though. I don’t know why, but he’s just C.U.T.E.

  • yanni

    the dayli Butler …………………………………………..

  • lolita

    @niknoks: Nik, it is hard to quit, but it is so worth it. The only thing that freaks you out is that you get your sense of smell and taste back. I walked around sniffing everything and couldn’t believe how different things tasted without the flavor being clouded by the smokes. That is one habit I don’t miss at all. Good for you for never starting.

  • Cora

    I had the same thought you did. I really hope this isn’t about staying thin. I would much rather see him gain weight, than see him smoke again. A few extra pounds isn’t going to hurt him, but smoking most definitely will.

  • vegas

    @Hmmmmm: I’m with you on the Outlander books. About three years ago, I was completely consumed by them. Amazon was my best friend. LOL. I ordered a new one about every month. Then all of a sudden, I just lost interest. Overkill, I suppose. The only good to come out of it for me, was that I became fascinated with that period of history and read a lot of related books which ended up being more beneficial to me than Mrs. Blabbydon’s fake Scots’ speak.

  • lolita

    @Cora: Those Barbados pics and the fall out from them has made him crazy. It’s good that he is taking better care of himself but not with the cigarettes. I agree a little weight gain offsets the hazards of the cancer sticks. He has such a strong will that is way I just don’t know why he gave into them again. I would bet money that is why he started again to help him keep the food cravings down. Caffeine and cigarettes, both creating fake highs.

  • Notsogoodytwoshoe

    Mr. Butler is very handsome. I often wonder who is the person taking so many shots of him. I do not think it is the paps. Maybe one of his male friends. Why so many shots of the same person? It gets boring. It’s obviously planned.

  • Notsogoodytwoshoe

    Mr. Butler is very handsome. I often wonder who is the person taking so many shots of him. I do not think it is the paps. Maybe one of his male friends. Why so many shots of the same person? It gets boring. It’s obviously planned.

  • cubedweller

    Back on the smokes???? NOATHOUSANDTIMESNO!!!!!
    Get Help Now, Butler!

  • cubedweller

    Ewan MacGregor for Jamie? Diana’s been smoking something as well.

  • aLakersfan? Go Celtics

    It’s sad and upsetting to see he’s smoking again. I hope this is just a very temporary setback and he gets back on track soon. I agree with those who say a little extra weight is more desirable than smoking, heaven knows he could add a few and still look great.

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    how sad 2 see him smoking again.
    & we all thought he was looking great b/c of a new health regime ? Shows how little we know about what really goes on in his world.
    I never thought those Barbados photos were that bad BUT agree that seems 2 be the start of his drastic weight loss.
    We all have our demons & battles – and ‘some things’ within us never change.
    Can’t wait for some interviews -and the new movies.
    Still love you GB xx

  • cubedweller

    @aLakersfan? Go Celtics: Exactly. Now I’m feeling really guilty about saying how great he’s looked lately. This is not the way to get there. Cupcakes, ok fine. Smoking – Good Gawd NO.

  • lolita

    Ladies, thanks for the chat this A.M., good to see some positive posts for a change. Have a great day to all.
    JJ, keep the pics coming because we never get tired of seeing our man.
    @ Paisley, visited your site. Keep up the good work and thanks for showing a positive side to our Scottish brute, most welcome.

  • lolita

    @Try sitting ina office allday: Oh how I agree with you. Gotta go but I wanted to respond to your post. Have a great day!!

  • justsayin’too

    I still believe he is trying to maintain a figure to thin for his frame. He is a big guy and he is looking so boney lately. I feel he smokes and drinks socially and doesn’t sleep well hence the exhausted look most of the time. It takes it’s toll on your health and your skin and face are the first to suffer. Just my opinion, though because no one knows the truth. Even so he is still an attractive man. just wish he had that glow of good health about him.

  • usilang

    This guy always looks so scruffy.

  • Dee

    Mailing cupcakes out today!Please no smoking.

  • XXX

    say no more. i mean… just look at the package of his…

  • how sad

    how sad to see him back on the cigarettes again. The trouble is that if that is one thing he is prepared to decieve everyone about, what else is there. Such a shame to see this. Very disappointed too for all those phangirls who defend him relentlessly. Clearly he is less of an idol that they would have the rest of us think.

  • niknoks


    He looks a little disproportionate. On top he’s buff and ripped, well defined pecs and muscled arms and shoulders but his bottom half is too small, his waist and legs are tiny.

    He’s clearly working out, we have seen him jogging, at the gym and surfing but I do hope he has just fallen off the nicotine wagon as opposed to strategically smoking to lose weight. TIme to invest in some nicotine patches me thinks.

  • niknoks

    @how sad:

    That’s a bit much… he’s started smoking again, not great but it’s not as is if he’s become a smackhead.

  • Eve

    Cigs are hard to quit. I was affraid of this. Not the way to stay slim.

  • Coral

    I don’t understand how anyone can think he’s handsome. He looks like a Neanderthal.

  • justsayin’too

    He is in good shape but he just doesn’t have a glow of good health and well being about him. You can work out and have the outer body fit but if the inner body is not nourished and protected it shows. Cigarettes, Excess Caffeine, crazy hours and not on a regular sleep cycle will age you quickly no matter how much you work out. Still love him, just wish he loved himself more. Goes to show you how media influences us all. Those Barbados pictures were so hurtful to him and immediately after he started getting back in shape. However, he only needed to tone his stomach then and he looked great otherwise and healthy. He is naturally a big guy and is not meant to be skinny, therefore it takes a lot of effort to maintain. Maybe that’s why he started smoking again as it kills the appetite.

  • Danielik25

    Sometimes he seems so old for 41!

  • whaaaat a shame

    whaat a disappointment that he is smoking again.
    AnotherGB legend hits the trash can we now forget all the ‘thats not part of my life’ stuff that the phannies keep sputtering out on these sites.

    I am not having a go at GB but am prepared to say ‘DUUUUUUH’ to his most rabid phannies.

    What a shame for all the most vicious of them who must be crying into their porridge after mercilessly defending their idol for so long, how disappointed must they be today to find that he is not all that they bark on about. I am sure that they will still insist that rainbows shine from his **** !

    The phangirls come onto gossip boards like this and savage anyone who dares to say a thing against their GBidol and because the actual proof is not always obvious or covered over by his PR, and its all dismissed as just gossip or something more malicious to injure their hero.

    I hope that they learn a lesson not to be so sanctamonious in future.

    Big disappointment.

    You can sit and say that I am taking this too seriously, but GB always goes on about how he has an addicitve personality and how he has kicked his addictions … well he has clearly not managed what he and his PR and the phangirls spend so much time trumpeting.

    I hope that he gets some help to get back on the wagon again. Just sayin.

    I know that I shall get abuse from them, but who cares.