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Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston has some new ink!

The 42-year-old actress showed off her first tattoo while walking around NYC earlier this week.

The tat on the inside of her right foot reads “Norman,” her rep told People.

Jen later got a a bit teary telling James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio that it’s her favorite word.

Norman was Jennifer‘s Welsh corgi-terrier mix, who died in May at 15 years old.

Bigger pic inside

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  • yes


  • laurie
  • GZX

    Losing a pet is really tough and it’s really sweet she decided to go with a tattoo of Norman’s name.

    I do hope she doesn’t get tattooed all over though – wouldn’t really suit her. Ah well, as long as she’s happy :)

  • blah

    sooo sad :(

  • Fay

    Awwww so sweet!

  • kå simply àmazing!

    i told yo i have 1 tattoo down apps

  • susan


    she will use anything to promote..

    I guess she had to come up with something to talk about during that interview. I took all of` 20 minutes to run down her acting career. Once you list Friends, The Good Girl, and hmmm nothing else because all the films she has done with the male lead have all been BO bombs. So now poor Norman is used to get sympathy. I love animals, and am sure she loved that dog to pieces. He died over a month ago. Now she is making sure every dog lover knows she lost her beloved pooch.

    Deflect, deflect, deflect.

    Don’t worry Jen.. there will be fools that once again will get suckered into this. OH poor Jen she lost her dog.

    Well I’m still thinking about Heidi and how she and Justin are throwing their relationship up in her face. Heidi is not famous. So the rags and shows are not going to focus on her. So of course her side to the story gets pushed away. And the media is feed the Jen and Huvane version.

    So why is it ok for Aniston to run all over NY flaunting her new Boyfriend in this woman’s neck of the woods. I bet they have gone to places he and Heidi have gone too, yet the media brings up some stupid picture of a dinner she had with her ex husband 8 years ago.

    I actually hope this one is the one and they ride off in the sunset together for always.

    Just leave her ex and his family alone.

  • kå simply àmazing!

    and 1 in my arm

  • google it

    I bet it was her Boyfriend’s idea. Heidi should get Justin’s name tattooed on her foot.

  • tit4tat

    my, my, what did aniston fans use to say about tattoos? singing a different tune now? i love how this celeb is constantly letting her minions down and making them eat their words.

  • Kasey

    Honestly, if you guys have nothing nice to say about a human being getting a tattoo in remembrance for something he/she has lost, then please – don’t comment. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to lose a dog you had for 15 years.

    It’s ridiculous to see how people are making her seem like the bad one here. Leave her alone!

  • Fans

    she is so cute to me…love Jennifer..
    …Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

  • Lucky Charm

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t her first tattoo, I thought she already had one of a butterfly or something like that. But I do think tattoos in memory of someone/something special to you are pretty cool. Mine are to me, anyway.

  • Courtney

    Jen Aniston getting the name Norman tattooed on her foot is like if Joely Richardson got Tasha tattooed on hers. though Norman is for Jen’s dog where as Tasha would be for Joely’s older sister Natasha or Lynnie for her aunt Lynn another example like that would be if Melissa Newma got a P tattooed on her wrist for her late father Paul to whom she bears a strong resemblance

  • @susan @ 06/25/2011 at 12:12pm

    YOU bring it up! YOU are the one mentioning brad & angie! Jen tatooed her dog’s name on her foot – this has nothing to do with the jolie-pitts. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

  • lurker

    Lol really, her rep confirms she got a tattoo. I am sure her rep will even confirm that she used the lady’s room while taping Her segment for James Lipton.

  • LOL

    I wanna see the Tattoo of Brad’s name on her lower back LOL!!!

  • Dieter

    THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! Her true and beloved dog walked 15 years on her side and was their for her !!!!

  • LOL

    Can you say mid-life crisis??? Getting a tattoo in your teens and 20′s is normal. At 42, thats when you should start to worry.

  • Snicker

    UNCOOL HO missing a sensitivity chip

  • Sci

    No Class SLVT

  • So sad

    she looks miserable.


    Yeah Yeah Yeah the bi#ch shown herself for what she really is A HO.. nough said..

  • amy

    wow…she truly is the enblem of the lonely girl!! you go, girl!

  • kel

    That was sweet, love her for that.

  • http://jt slig o lambert^________^ cute

    me to i have nice tattoo

  • lilooo

    you can homewreck , get tatoos next step adoption : joliewannabe lool!

  • Cap’n Kev

    Wow, at least when she gets to heaven they’ll know enough to look for her dog so they can be together.

  • What next?

    What next? A “Brad” tattoo in memory of a dead relationship.

  • don

    What a ditz! And anyone that thinks getting a tatoo for a freaking dog is a nutbag.

  • don

    What a moron. And anyone that thinks it okay to get a tatoo for a freaking dog is also pretty stupid.

  • Ann

    She fin&$@);;?!nut’s

  • sigh

    It’s getting worse for her fans. They say negative things about Jolie’s ink on her body, and now Aniston is giving them a slap on the face. Karma is a biatch.

  • ellie’

    Jen you love your animals like I love mine..There like our children..I have mine also on my foot..people would have to understand only if they loved there animals like we do!!!

  • Newton

    @lilooo: I think she’s gonna try to have a baby. it’s the only thing left to do because she’s so old and the career can’t last much longer

  • ellie’

    No one here is speaking about Angie..or her Tatoos..anyone can do want they want with there bodies..your the one bringing her up..

  • Paris

    I kind understand the dog name, but the spanish tattoo that said i love and i hate i dont get.

  • Annah

    I do not like for. BUT I know what it feels like when you lose a dog and I have to sympathize with her on that. Give the lady some room to breath jeez..

  • demetric

    You sometimes we look at stars if they are very great or ironic but they do some stupid stuff.They are just human beings that to me have some very dull lives and to the same repetitions stuff.And have to broadcast everything they pretty much do.They have money but what else they do with THIER lives not important to me.BECAUSE THEY NEED HELP I THINK THEY ARE SOME BORED PEOPLE BECAUSE OF SOME OF THE STUFF THEY DO AND BESIDES LIFE IS NOT A PARTY ALL THE TIME.THAT’S MY THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY ON CELEBRITIES AS A WHOLE.

  • Freaky Dink

    This chick needs to get some kids fast. Sweety if your vagina ain’t working then go buy some kids like Madonna or your arch-enemy Brangelina. For goodness sakes you’re one step away from living in a house with 20 cats.

    And I am seriously tired of hearing about your poor broken heart. Every time it doesn’t work out with another Shemp that you decide to date I have to hear it on 200 different sources how “poor jennifer’s heart is broken”. You know what, there’s people that ain’t got your money and ain’t got you looks and ain’t got your sense of entitlement and you don’t hear them sniffling and running to the press every time they stub their toe.

    You may be 42 yrs old but psychologically you are either 4 or 2 but not 42. Grow up already.

  • Jimme Shelter

    @yes: My tat says Windows 95. It died all the time.



  • Tazlena

    She chose what is most precious to her for the tattoo. That is so cool. Dogs are great. They love you unconditionally, totally appropriate to get a tat in remembrance. “Nobody loves you like your dog.”

  • Celia

    So sad that he died. Norman has been with Jennifer forever. I’m always a complete wreck for months after I lose a pet. It’s so hard, because they’re like family.

  • MJ

    No, that’s not a tattoo because it’s wrinkly. That’s an athlete’s foot/ eczema or any kind of skin disease. Remember, when she showed up on Spike TV for some kind of awards, her knee had some kind of rashes. If that’s real tattoo, why hide it? I’m sure there is some way that the photographer can enlarge it but of course Gay Huvane don’t like it when photographers enlarge her client’s pictures because he gets embarrass if the truth will come out. Gay Huvane needs to protect her client you know.

  • Jam

    It’s one thing being a gothic scarred body and a whole other deal getting a tattoo for your dog

  • SB

    @kå simply àmazing!:

    Wow Susan…. you have issues….

  • Rio

    The more reazons to just LOVE her :D

  • clamity

    thats soo cute bless her :)

  • okay

    thats really cool of her she loved her dog…people bringing her down for it seriously do you have a heart? i dont care what personal vendetta you have with the women we are talking about a dead dog you heartless dummys