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Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston has some new ink!

The 42-year-old actress showed off her first tattoo while walking around NYC earlier this week.

The tat on the inside of her right foot reads “Norman,” her rep told People.

Jen later got a a bit teary telling James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio that it’s her favorite word.

Norman was Jennifer‘s Welsh corgi-terrier mix, who died in May at 15 years old.

Bigger pic inside

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  • Tam

    still desperate & now Pathetic!!!

  • nowhat

    Each of Angelina’s children’s certain info is tatooed on her arm because she loves her children but fanistons don’t approve. And now that Aniston did the same of her dog, it’s supposed to be okay. Yeah right!

  • Chelsea Handler

    Aniston is walking billboard for depression..SO SAD!

  • soraya

    norman was soooo cute

  • http://justjarde tota

    jen make me great person

  • A dog is not a person

    nor a berttehalf or a lover. Get over it Creep ! This is way too much dog loving expression !

  • chees-ay!

    can this woman be anymore nauseating? plus the fact that her new skankbucket bf prob suggested her to get it, she looks like she’s his total b/tch. oh well desperate jen all over again, hehe

  • SB

    MJ, seriously, you sound like the one with mental health issues. Yikes!

  • s

    How many people think Aniston stuffed her dog?

  • ia

    ooohh sad

  • ronda

    ohh love dog

  • OLD C*NT

    Norman had to die to escape!!!

  • Lucky Charm

    So tell us again how tattoos are trashy and anyone who would get one is skanky? You’ve spent over six years going on and on about Angelina’s tattoos and how only a trashy person would do that to themselves. Now here is JA with a brand new one to show off and suddenly it’s “sweet” and shows a new, edgier side of her personality?! The total, complete and utter hypocrisy of JA fans is quite disturbing, frankly. Please, let this be the end of your hatred and anger towards Angelina and Brad and their children. Brad and Jen divorced six years ago. At this point, it looks like JA would just rather be known as a reality-show level celebrity than an actress, which means that she’ll soon fade away and hopefully she and her fans will finally let Brad and Angelina go. Hopefully with a great big “I’m Sorry!”

    I do think that tattoos in honor of someone special to you are very cool, although generally it’s the name of a person, not a pet….

  • NYC

    I cant get enough of what they have to say about her on E online, too too hilarious!!!!

  • Chelsea Handler


    omg what are they saying??

  • haha

    what’s with her nippies? it’s certainly not that chilly in nyc. and what’s with a swimsuit cover-up? nyc is not miami. you just can’t walk around in a swimsuit cover-up w/o being trashy. go back to valley!

  • HorseFace

    She wanted people to focus on anything but her stanky, wrinkly feet!!!

  • Petunia

    The BF, the tat, all of it, dumb.

  • Ghost

    WOW… This woman’s thingy has been used more than most MLB players catchers mitts. Real men don’t find this attractive or sexy, the Hobag of Hollywood has been around the block so many times that she knows all the house numbers and everyone who lives there. As far as the TAT- It might have been cute if it was there for a day or two but for life… not even close to normal. The problem with having a lot of money and not much education and no morals is that it leads to this kind of sl-ty and ridiculous behaviour.

  • Lynn

    That woman is so pathetic! Her issues are so deep and serious, not even her mother wanted to have anything to do with her. The dog wouldn’t either, if he knew any better. She doesn’t forget, is bitter and revengeful. This is still about Brangelina. She is equating her dog with Brangies’kids, as if a dog and a human being were the same, and she is saying ‘I’d rather have and love a dog than a kid’. Well, that dog is the closer thing that moron will ever have to a kid. I’ve had many pets in my life: dogs, cats birds, rats, and they were all special, but to tattoo their names is just sick. I bet she will have many pets, even sick ones, so they can die faster, and she will tattoo the name of all her pets, just like Angie did with her kids birthplace coordinates. This woman is one very sick puppy!!!

  • MJ

    @SB: Wow! Huvane, did you tell JJared to take wipe out my message? You and Anuston don’t really want to hear the truth ha? I am sure she was crying once she read my message about her. Why she cannot accept the truth that someone notice her that she has mental problem? That’s the reason why she still thinks and acts like she’s a little girl and she admitted it many times. Anuston has BIPOLAR/ mental issues. And you think I have mental issues. The one who has mental issues cannot identify others behavioral problems. Even Anuston warned the interviewer not to print that she’s crazy for seeing a therapist for over 20 years. Huvane, you just try to cover the truth about her mental health so that you can keep using her and her fans. You have no shame at all, Huvane.

  • larsvonwhat

    come on guys, the dog was mot likely the most stable thing in her life for all those years…and then it died :[

  • lisaday

    who cares about what do you thinking about her?she’s jennifer aniton,she doesn’t care your words.

  • annie

    That’s really sweet of her. I was devastated when my dog of 11 years past away. It’s as bad as losing a human.

  • annie

    It’s obvious that none of you brangelina losers have any idea what it’s like to love a pet. I feel sorry for you.

  • jenfan

    so sad for norman
    norman is a cute door
    so sad for jen

  • Bella

    aww :(

  • whola

    there are no many haters
    there’s a hater
    he put his boring words again and again to tell people
    he don’t hate jennifer aniston,he just crazy for her

  • hatejolie

    i love this beautiful girl ,she’s a great person!

  • norman

    norman is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute
    i hate jolie’s fans!!!they are so terrible!!!

  • mc

    that’s so norman,love jen

  • give me five

    so nice jen

  • notafan

    Oh come on the tattoo doesn’t say norman, look closer it says needy, needy, needy, i mean I’m reading it right, right? or maybe It’s her old 48 year old wrinkle skins that makes it looks like one work repeated 3 times.

  • babyface

    Don’t care about those haters
    they are bitches!

  • babyface

    Don’t care about those haters
    they are bitches!

  • just sayin

    she’s so sexy

  • ICAN


  • wh

    she’s so nice
    i love that for her

  • scott

    leave angelina alone

  • lk

    no matter what they say
    i love this woman .i can’t love her anymore

  • womang

    She did great. She was just so real

  • jenfirst

    people don’t know about Jennifer is how tough she is. All the talk in the press that might mess up someone else’s head just doesn’t get to her.”

  • it’scrazy

    I’ve looked up to her my entire life
    Jennifer is one of my favorite people.You want her to be your best friend.She’s amazing

  • cc

    A hell of a woman, an awesome spirit and a terrific talent. i just love you so much !!!!!!!!!!

  • athome

    i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooo much but i don’t why i love her so much.
    it’s sad i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyway .i really love jennifer .

  • stef

    good for her! she had norman for 15 yrs and pets are like are children and losing one is heartbreaking.

  • loserhatejen

    so sad
    i love norman too much ,he’s so cute!!!!!!!
    god bless you

  • sula

    She’s tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haoo

    Whenever you’re in trouble you throw it to Jennifer and she makes the lines sing. so i think we don’t need to care about her.she’s very very strong.

  • jailoveyou

    jen! i will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    take care