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Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston: Tattoo for Norman!

Jennifer Aniston has some new ink!

The 42-year-old actress showed off her first tattoo while walking around NYC earlier this week.

The tat on the inside of her right foot reads “Norman,” her rep told People.

Jen later got a a bit teary telling James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio that it’s her favorite word.

Norman was Jennifer‘s Welsh corgi-terrier mix, who died in May at 15 years old.

Bigger pic inside

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jennifer aniston tattoo norman

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  • thetruth

    She is just lovely

  • Annie

    Having a fave pet die is sad…but a tattoo for a dog? Sorry, but that’s just a bit too lonely spinster for me. Why must she cling so desperately to everything? Norman is gone, how about going down to an animal shelter and getting another pup.

  • fast

    She’s a total pro!
    she’s very cute
    i love her ,i love her,love her!

  • wel

    I’m in Jen World

  • kk

    she have right to do that ok????????????????
    stop to blame her ok?
    she just do that for cute norman
    that’s so sad for her but she’s a good person for me

  • boringpeople

    She’s an amazing actress. She’s everything I wish I could have that kind of person.

  • loveja

    Her dog died, but you think it’s funny. that’s funny?Are you crazy? zombie!

  • she’s fake

    As a dog lover, appreciate the tat for a lost one … BUT she probably wouldn’t have gotten one if she wasn’t with Justin Theroux. He is (was) on the edgier side so it’s her way of being cool. NOT. Jen may have got the sweet routine down but cool she’ll never be.

  • hey

    just love jennifer

  • zaca

    you try your best to kill her as you can
    but she’s still fine
    i love this cool wuman


    Norman???? I thought it was No man………………… ..bwahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahha

  • FrG

    A tattoo with the name of a dog??? Why not but i personnaly will never do that…!!

  • hannah

    no matter what people say, i love jennifer aniston. it’s so sweet of her to love pets. love you girl. God bless you! And jen, pray for the right man to come along. God answers prayers :)

  • LonelyHag

    The perfect tatoo for her is teardrops near eye, in memory of all the men she’s lost & cried for!!!!

  • IMO

    I can’t believe the number of hateful, ignorant people who come on this site and comment about what others should and shouldn’t do.

    If you have ever had a pet, you would know how they become a part of your life and your family. If she chose to honor her friend with a tattoo that is her person. No one has the right to judge her decision.

  • JPfanatic

    Honiffer and Mcbaldy can make another movie title Get Shorty, since he’s a dwarf. Or he can be one of the hobbits in The Hobbits movie.

  • erl

    Pufferfish face Bananiston and Macbaldy Justin deserve each other. They are both uuuuuuuuggggggly.

  • zaca

    you konw what
    we love jennifer aniston no matter what you say
    we can do better than you guys
    come on !
    all her fans come here to stay and do somthing for my cute jennifer aniston!
    we can do that all right
    we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because we love somebody
    we don’t hate her

  • shit

    they hate jennifer aniston
    because they are so ugly
    they can’t feel better if they don’t hate her
    they are losers

  • JentheOldHen

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwh, she gets a tat, steals an ugly hairy troll, and probably will get knocked up, if she can at her age!!! Better off getting a new dog, what kid wants an old mom & hairy old loser dad!

  • crazy bitxhes

    they are hate jennifer so crazy
    that’s ok
    that’s very cool
    i love jennifer aniston

  • LOLD

    she’s so sexy and funny and such an amazing business woman. I’ve always been ‘Team Jen’

  • willowy

    What the fanistons have to live with these days:

    1.) J.T. the hairy man. How much they hate Brad’s facial hair. lol
    2.) Jen started a tatoo. How much they hate Angelina’s. lol

    Karma…………… ……karma………………………karma

  • wo4

    my english is very very poor
    but i want to say that i love jennifer aniston
    in my country people very very love her
    they think she’s nice and cute and down-to-earth
    i don’t know
    i just hope you can leave her alone

  • sosan

    She’s one of the most down-to-earth, humble people,She has no agenda..

  • AK

    These people are insane and vicious

    She just has a dog

    Don’t need you to judge

  • sd

    There’s no way i can’t fall in love with her. She’s amazing – talented, charming and a sweetheart.


    do you hate jennifer aniston
    you waste your life to hate someone
    that’s very stupid
    go on do that
    we are happy to see you waste your life

  • Ghost

    Wow … So much love for Jennifer. Can’t believe her fans can say what they want and the rest of us are chastised for typing our opinions. Last time I checked this is a country that allows free speech. It’s called a Democracy. Jennifer has proven time and time again that she is an immoral reprobate . She is not remotely close to the person her fans make her out to be. She is the Hobag of Hollywood who has slept her way to the middle and conned her fans in the process.



    It’s called a Democracy.I think she just does whatever she wants. She has her own life. Be yourself OK.

  • fl

    Who cares you?????who cares?
    so funny haha
    jen is very nice and she’s always so easy to live
    i just think that’s so stupid when you hate someone but you can’t without her.
    you just can’t stop to talk about her just because you hate her?
    so foolish and sutpid.

  • MD

    This is ridiculous

    She is what kind of person

    Fans know better than you

    Slander and slander will only make people look down on you

  • haterslie

    Why i love this beautiful woman?
    Because she’s got an amazing sense of humour ! She’s so beautiful ! I respect her so much . She has maintained her dignity , no matter what crap the press writes about her . no matter what you say about her. She’s so lovable , you can’t help loving her so much !

  • bs

    There’s just no one reason I love Jen. There are just so many things to love about her. For one thing (and the main thing I love about her), she has a pure heart of gold. I know she would give up anything for a family member or a friend. She is incredibly unselfish, always going that extra yard. She has given to so many charities and just proves that she wants to help out others. She has this down to earth personality about her that I’m sure if you met her on the street she would be incredibly sweet and nice to you. I dont think there is a mean bone in her body.

  • JACC

    Hate jennifer?
    so funny
    what did she do for you poor guys

  • 4O

    In fact, I was learning a lot from her. she’s down-to-earth. She’s very easy-going.

  • itok

    she’s very cool

  • mo

    she makes us dream, and hope. She is down to earth, a really sensitive person, with a huge heart.
    Her talent comes from her heart (Lisa Kudrow said that I belive) and she’s gorgeous.

  • surild

    she’s cute

  • do

    she’s a nice person
    love her

  • ml

    she’s real

  • welda

    she’s good
    she’s cute
    she’s very hot
    i love her

  • ATTT

    I will defend her
    Gossip is terrible

    People to her

    So the vicious

    Inspired me to protect

  • djc

    online TO against her
    That’s ridiculous

    Now is the time to change

  • 3f

    why you guys hate her ?that’s so crazy
    when you blame her everything
    that’s so mad and so crazy
    i am not her fan
    but i must to stop you
    in fact that’s just because you like jolie don’t like her
    but you can’t lose control
    you must be polite

  • jdwe

    Ugly people
    does someone give you money to use your dirty words to fight jen?huh?
    when she have any news,you are so exciting and just use your dirty words to fight her
    that’s why?because you are ill
    you just can only do that to be happy
    come on
    you need jen ,you really need her
    so funny haha
    you can’t feeling a beautiful life
    you just feel bad
    you just know how to scream out your bad feeling
    you can’t be happy
    big loser

  • oooo

    Love her

    Don’t explain

  • fo

    Hey I’m Chinese

    In China people never criticized her

    People give her quite high evaluation

    This is just a dark room

    Boring person would have been against her

    Please believe, she obtained a lot of people respect in all over the world

    Even in China, she also has a lot of fans

    I can testify.

    I love her

  • OD

    cute dog
    cute woman
    love this story

  • ccday

    jennifer is my love