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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Rainy Day 'Rock of Ages' Visit!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Rainy Day 'Rock of Ages' Visit!

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise brave the rain on the set of the film Rock of Ages on Friday (June 24) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress and her 5-year-old cutie daughter, who came prepared with a pink umbrella, visited one of the stars of the film, husband and dad Tom Cruise!

Also pictured is Katie leaving a Miami Beach restaurant in a black and white striped dress earlier in the day on Friday (June 24).

The day before, Katie and Suri left Miami on a private jet for the day, but returned to spend more time with Tom.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Joie “Landra” Dress in Caviar.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise visiting the set of Rock of Ages and Katie leaving a restaurant…

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Photos: INF Daily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Susie#1

    OMG! Each day that Katie has been in Florida, her “style” has deteriorated. The see-through long sweater and small fedora on the yacht was bad, the lacy blouse with a black bra was horrid, and there is no positive way to describe this black and white striped monstrosity. You cannot buy taste with money. And yes, Suri is back to wearing heels.

  • Danielle

    Wow, Katie looks matronly. Terrible dress choice for her. Wow. And geez, it is in the 90′s with high humidity in both Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and she is all bundled up. Is she bulimic again or what? Sweaters and scarves? I will never understand how anyone can consider her a fashion forward person or a style icon. She dresses worse than most folks in any fashionable area be it NYC, LA, Chicago, London etc.

  • anon

    Poor Katie, so many people hate her. I have to admit that I like seeing what she’s up to day after day after day, Thanks Jared. Can’t wait for tomorrow, what will she be up to (shopping, drinking coffee, talking on her blackberry). Even more exciting is reading the spiteful, hateful and horrible things say about her.

  • Suri Jackson

    Well, at least Josh Jr. is looking like a normal kid in these pics. Still too too bad that she doesn’t have any friends (other than Katie).
    Suri is like the smelly kid in class that no-one wants to play with.
    Shame on Tom and Katie

  • Suri Jackson

    aww…I had some thumbs up. anon and annie must be thumbing me down. The truth is hard for them to deal with. We all know Tom isn’t Suri’s dad:

  • 24 hour locksmith los angeles

    She needs more friends.

  • best locksmith los angeles

    She needs more friends!

  • too sad

    @24 hour locksmith los angeles:
    I agree with you, but believe that technically she needs friends. period. Not “more friends,” because poor Suri doesn’t currently have any. She doesn’t get invited to any of the famous kid parties because they don’t want her there.

  • Bella
  • AEP

    She must of needed a boat load of drugs to go visit her tiny gay “husband”, she is stoned out of her mind!!! And look at the mouth movement…another indicator she is ripped!!!!

  • Suri Jackson

    Thanks bella…Suri’s dad has always been a cutie!! …even through the akward “growing into his nose” phase that Suri will most likely encounter too, since she got his nose (don’t get mad at me for that comment. We’ve all been through an akward phase.)

  • no way

    tree trunk Katie
    get a life u zombie

  • Sandra

    I LOVE CRUISE FAMILY :). and suri is a lucky little girl on earth, she is so beautiful,adorable,rich and surrounded by love of her parents..

  • Sadhopper


    You call that love. I call that child abuse. She’s not being raised with normality in her life. most of Suri’s peer group are going to school now
    they are in either kindergarten or primary school being with other children playing interacting like real humans. Does Tom Cruise only child deserve that too? What they’re doing with her is isolating her from other kids her age. Base on what they say on the media and on pictures they don’t give her that they spoil her give her all things money could buy even those that she don’t need feed her everything she wants including things that’s bad for her health and don’t give her boundaries in life. If this is the model child that a Scientology parents is raising what does that say about that religion.

  • Romeo

    And how do you know she doesn’t have any friends, #4?

    How can you possibly know any of that, #8?

    You’re disgusting, #10.

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #14. You’re inferring way too much on a few minutes of photos.

  • Frozoid

    Why is Katie dressed for winter in Florida?

  • annie

    Liked the off the shoulder crotched top she wore on the boat, really liked the white pants and white top, loved the little black dress with the little cropped jacket and black boots(not all sites had it –popsugar katie holmes daily and a couple of other sites), the maxi dress is awful , and not her at all.
    Katie is the ultimate Sagi girl, her best look will always be jeans ,cute tees, little dresses like the one I mentioned above, long long hair , pony tails. and maxi dresses, but like the one she wore at the pool a few weeks ago in Miami, not the the striped one above
    The Leo in her / she will always have the most amazing photoshoots and endorsements, and with Venus/Uranus in scorpio, she has it in her to be very sensual and exciting….will never understand why she fights the latter aspect so much (in public anyway).

  • Peapo

    somebody comb the little girls hair. she looks like a hillbilly. especially with the tacky little girl heels!

  • anon

    @Suri Jackson:

    You’ve got to be seriously delusional to think that Suri is Josh Jackson’s daughter. They dated for a few months when they were children, if I’m not mistaken he has been following around a model for the last five years.

  • Danielle


    Annie, you’ve gone over the bend like Romeo now.

  • Connie

    Didn’t Katie spend some time with Joshua in London afther she broke up with Chris Klein? And I don’t think you can call Diane and Joshua’s relationship one where anyone is following anyone else around. It’s definitely not a fake/phony sexless contractual agreement like that of Tom and Katie.
    You appear to be the delusional one “anon”.

  • annie

    @ Danielle
    which part makes me over the bend, — astrology? love it, it’s so much fun and you can tell so much about a person, i didn’t make that up. come on danielle , it’s so entertaining, just thought i’d share it with you. or was it the clothes bit, i really liked all those clothes except for the stripey one.
    i don’t think i’ve gone round the bend at all, there is so much to all of us – Katie included, just thought i might change the tone a bit.

  • Big day for Suri. She’s walking by herself instead of being held onto or carried by Katie.

  • thief

    Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!
    Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t endure Katie ANY MORE!!!!!
    She is a thief,she is always steal Nicole Kidman’s style!!!Nicole likes to wear scarf in summer,Now this thief steal it!!Nicole wear long dress with a suit out side,then recently this thief steal it again!!!
    And a year ago ,Nicole wear a black dress to join a party,then months later ,This THIEF steal it ,and changed to a white dress!!!
    Katie Holmes,Tell me ,after you steal nicole’s two children,what else do you want???They are all belong to Nicole!!Give it back to her!!!

    Katie is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!

  • thief 2

    And I wanna know something,Do you always view nicole’s pictures in the computer with Suri???I am sure Suri will said,Mommy,why you always wear clothes similar to this grace lady????She is more beautiful than you!!Please do not do that again!!Stop Steal!!!!!

  • annie

    katie is a thief, stole her style… stole her children, …..and you thought i went around the bend ?

  • Juliet

    How do you know she does have friends, #15?

    Why do you act like you know anything regarding Suri’s friends, #15?

    Your disgusting, #15

    YOU have no idea how she is being raised, #15. YOUR inferring way to little on a few minutes of photos EVERYDAY where, in those few minutes of photos, she looks like a complete spoiled brat.

  • toria


    You said it Juliet! However, if you keep this up, Romeo will only change his name. He has had so many aliases…gets very offended when people make fun of his name.

  • Danielle


    Meant the astrology! You were so funny slipping that in. Actually I just got back from India where we had a three hour astrology seminar and I’m sort of a believer after that!

    However, I just don’t get why you think she dresses well. She dresses all wrong for her body type. And she always seems to lack confidence. Look at the dress Kidman wore for the C&W awards–the green thing. The dress was not that attractive etc., but she wore it with confidence like it was the most beautiful dress in the world. Katie wears things like she wants to disappear. When you look at Kidman and Jolie–their bodies are not the most attractive for wearing clothes, but they know (generally) what looks good on them and whatever they wear–they have confidence and charisma in their appearance. Kaite always looks like she is ready to slink away. Or she does that ridiculous foot/leg thing when she poses–like she is a shy little girl. She is a woman and ought to quit with the little girl mannerisms.

    I know you love her, but she puts on a striped dress that is too big for her frame and very unattractive on it, belts it, puts on a sweater and then she thinks she is hot stuff? Puh-leez. If she had looked in a mirror surely she would have seen how dumpy and matronly she looked? Or maybe it is like overweight people who look in a mirror and see thin. I don’t know. She has such potential, but she certainly bombs most of the time.