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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Weekend Workout!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Weekend Workout!

Miranda Kerr and her husband Orlando Bloom walk side by side into the gym for a workout on Saturday (June 25) in Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, the 28-year-old Aussie model told OK magazine what it means to her to be a mother to her son Flynn.

“I think in every way,” Miranda said. “I mean, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“There’s no words that could ever describe the happiness and the joy that you feel when you see your son smile in the morning,” she added. “I just feel so lucky.”

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  • Sofia

    I’d give anyyyything to look like her. She’s gorgeous, and they both make such a cute couple. (:

  • giz

    she is incredibly thin!! OMG that doesn’t look good.

  • wow

    They both look amazing!
    Such a gorgeous couple!

  • gee

    She sure got her body back quick!
    She’s going to look fabulous on the runway for DJ’s.
    And Orlando looks HOTT!!

  • @2

    psssssst….she’s a model

  • Dieter

    Gorgeous ass on her’s !!!!

  • 12

    Gorgeous !!!

  • Dr

    Miranda has a horrible, horrible body. It’s not the body of a woman but the body of an insect!!! She looks like a stick!

  • sam

    Umm…is Miranda ill? Because that is one hell of an unhealthy looking body!
    I have seen cancer patients with healthier looking bodies than her. If I were someone close to her I would actually be worried. :(

  • cierra

    okay. miranda is gorgeous and has a great body, although from that pic, i beg to differ. but the thing that makes me mad with her is that she is always so freaking happy. god. i know life is great and having a baby is a wonderful thing, but come on, get mad for once. yell at the paps that surround her and her family all the time, you know, when she doesnt call them, get mad at something anything just to lwt us know that she isnt happy all the time. no one can be. god.

  • cierra

    okay. miranda is gorgeous and has a great body, although from that pic, i beg to differ. but the thing that makes me mad with her is that she is always so freaking happy. god. i know life is great and having a baby is a wonderful thing, but come on, get mad for once. yell at the paps that surround her and her family all the time, you know, when she doesnt call them, get mad at something anything just to lwt us know that she isnt happy all the time. no one can be. god.

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • charlie

    she’s fugly. eww at her big insect head.

  • Friday

    I think her bod is the best thing about her.

  • Learn something today
  • Bella

    Nice figure!

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 +++ I have hurt !!!!!

  • Someone

    Whaaat?! Didn’t she just have a baby? How long have I been asleep? Kudos to her for getting her figure back so quickly.

  • LOL!

    I guess ‘insect’ is the new insult that the delphidiot braintrust has come up with?
    Did all of that concentration sprain both of your brain cells?
    It’s funny, isn’t it? Five pounds ago you morons were calling her “fat” and “saggy”. Now she is unhealthy??
    And you still wonder why people call you hypocrites?
    P A T H E T I C ! ! ! !
    You make it so easy to laugh at you!

  • @9

    What are you talking about? She looks fit and healthy.
    Her arms are strong looking, and not bony. Her waist is tiny, but she has curves above and below. Plus her skin is gorgeous!
    I also think that comparing anyone to a cance patient is incredibly crass and ignorant. I guess that you checked your conscience at the door, eh?

  • Ella

    i think she would look better with a little meat on her… but i guess she wouldn’t get jobs then. It’s really the fashion industry that needs to hire bigger models.

  • LOL!

    you all need to stop making fun of her, she’s lost some weight, but she’s really sweet, i know cause i’m family!!

  • LOL!

    one more thing, she can totally sue you for defamation!

  • @22

    And you have a bridge on the moon to sell us, too.

  • andy

    Her hips are jutting out and she looks like a famine victim. So not sexy.

  • LOL!

    Oh, you silly delphites.
    What with delphi-Mike and her repetative ‘fugly chick’, to haters posing as other posters, to the old garbage that anyone who sitcks up for Miranda is family/paid hack. You never fail to bring out the old idiocies when Miranda trumps you.
    Here she is looking fabulous, and with Orlando, who is looking hotter then ever, and YOU MORONS CAN’T STAND IT!

  • @34

    Are you the same LOL! that is supposed to be her family? I could believe it because certainly are as stupid as any Kerr.

  • @LOL!

    If by looking amazing you mean she looks like she is dying of AIDS and he has to hold her frail body up as she wastes to nothing and dies away then yeah, she looks absolutely amazing.

  • LOL!

    Oh, so you bought the bridge that the delphidiots were selling?
    I guess that means thst you are even dumber than they are.
    And that’s saying a lot.
    i’m surprised that you are able to find the keyboard, much less type on it.
    Such morons!
    You lot are ENDLESSLY entertaining!

  • uhmmm

    To the sad person pretending to be May….
    You have a serious problem. You seem obsessed with May. You stalk her across the internet, then post cr@p like this.
    You should be banned.
    You need serious help.

  • @fake Elena

    Melissa? Is that you?
    I’m thinking that it IS you, because you never seemed to have any qualms about posing as real people on the internet.
    Did Orlando’s lawyers contact you about that fake blog where you made him a drug abuser and Sonia into an abusive parent? If they didn’t, they really should have.
    Or did they and that is why you are now pretending to be May? You don’t think that she has the resources to sue your fat a$$. You figure that you are safe from her lawyers and that you can still get your cheap thrills from pretending toy be someone else? Is that it?

  • sara

    Love them!
    They are so cute together!

  • http://Justjared Oh why

    STOP MIRANDA you are getting to skinny. Someone should tell her to stop now its going to far.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    HAHAHAHA The Delphi morons never fail to bring on the crazy when Orlando and Miranda show off their happiness to them just to remind them how miserable their own pathetic life is me loves it.

  • fernanda

    Is it just my impression or she is really toooooo thin?

  • Anon

    HOT DADDY =)

  • Meji

    I think she looks too thin to be considered sexy in these pix. She does look like an insect and the giant trainers on her large feet don’t help.

    But I was thinking, if you keep yourself underweight by taking a lot of exercise and restricted, very nutritious eating, it’s probably quite healthy. Considering calorie restriction is thought to slow the ageing process.

    It probably works for her – she’s thin on the catwalk and they Photoshop her in catalogues. I have the impression that she’s tremendously disciplined and keeps her body in exactly the state she needs it for her work.

    So what about Orlando dropping out of Lola Vs then? I’m very bothered about it. It was only a few days between the costume guy thinking he was coming for a fittng and the announcement that they’d got someone new for the role, so presumably they had to rush round desperately looking for a replacement at the last minute – a nasty position to be in. And he’s produced movies himself – he ought to understand that.

    It has to put people off casting him or backing projects where he is cast, if you never know whether he’ll actually turn up. Twice is starting to look like a pattern (ie An Education; I do think he had a good reason for Nobbs).

    It would be so annoying if this eventually led to his career petering out. I hope he takes steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    I did notice that he has been attached to another project since, so that’s something.

  • steph

    Oh come on people, she has always been thin. She’s a model, remember! Models are thin! The big difference between Miranda and a lot of other models, though, is that Miranda literally glows with good health. Her skin is gorgeous, not sallow. Her eyes are bright and sparkly. Her hair is sleek and shiny, not dried out and dull.
    Compare her to Kate Bosworth. Both are thin. Only one looks healthy. BIG difference.
    Miranda has always worked hard to keep healthy, even during her pregnancy. And with Flynn being so healthy and plump, that proves that she too, is healthy. If she wasn’t taking good care of herself, she could never produce enough milk to keep him so healthy.
    And I would like the horrible haters who are now saying that she “looks like a cancer/AIDS patient” to explain how they justify saying that now, when just last week you were still calling her fat?
    Is that, as someone else said, just another example of hater hypocrisy?

  • @30

    People dropping out of projects happens all of the time.
    It’s nothing new in Hollywood. And the only way that it could damage his career was if he actually signed for the role, started filming and THEN dropped out. Doing something like that could hurt him, but that was not the case in either film that you mentioned.
    He has a reputation for being an utmost professional on set. THAT is the reputation that matters.
    As for Lola, I thought that was a strange movie to be attached to in the first place. It seems like they went from higher eschelon stars to nobodies. Rumor had it that Anne Hathaway was going to play the lead. Maybe Orlando pulled out when she did, and the costumer was simply ignorant of that fact. He was scheduled to fit the male lead. He just assumed that it was Orlando. Notice that he never claimed to actally FIT Orlando, and he certainly seemed the type to brag about that on Twitter, so there is no telling when Orlando actually dropped out. Besides, movie producers never have just ONE person lined up for a part, they always have alternate possibilities. They were not under any stress at all.
    Orlando has big movies lined up, a smaller but still loyal fan base, and a great reputation on set. His career will be just fine.

  • @30 here

    Sorry, that comment was meant for Meji @37

  • charise

    hey fat lady brigade; wake up! models are long,lean and svelte. If they wanted average size 8-12′s for models than we could all be models! Its an elite club and her bod is beautiful!!! quit hatin.

  • sam

    A note to the haters whining about Orlando not being green because he drives a big SUV….
    The company that builds that gorgeous SUV is know for being environmentally safe in their manufacturing process. And they have developed a diesel engine that gets ove 25 mpg (combined). Quite good for a vehicle that size. And since Orlando used to drive a gas saving diesel Audi SUV, I am willing to bet that this tank that he bought to protect Flynn is also a diesel. So he is supporting the environment and a British company, as well as making himself feel better about his family being on the roads of LA.

  • green

    Just using a phone and computer is bad for the environment. The biggest misconception about living green is that you can’t enjoy modern society. That is so not true! Just breathing is polluting the earth but its the small steps that do make a difference! People need to educate themselves a little more about what it means to be green before speaking! No; You do not have to be smelly,hairy, and living in a tent to be green…

  • Wish them the best

    Even though she’s a trifle thin (but hey, she does make her living as a model after all), I think she looks great for just having had a baby. IMO she’s quite pretty. As for Orlando, I’ve never thought he was all that to be honest. He was cute when he was younger but to me he looks out of shape now although he never really did have much of a physique. They seem happy though and they do have a cute baby. Congrats to them and hope they continue to experience happiness as a couple. When it comes to Hollywood relationships (or indeed any relationship), only time will tell if it succeeds long term.

  • brainy box


  • @44

    Really? Out of shape?
    With that chest and those arms?
    OK. I guess that we have different definitions of what is, and is not in shape.
    Unless you mean that he isn’t ‘cut’?
    I have never been attracted to ‘cut’ guys. I like men to look strong, but I’m not big on the whole, defined 6-pack look. But that’s just me, and my opinion. Give me a guy with broad shoulders and good pecs (see above) and I’m happy.
    Very, very happy.

  • nan

    They both look like skinny dykes.

  • Mayfrayn


  • Mayfarny


  • Mayfrayn