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Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem Kiss at LAX!

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem Kiss at LAX!

Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Delta Goodrem embrace in a sweet kiss at LAX International Airport on Friday (June 24) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old singer was picked up at the airport by Delta, 26, before they drove off. Earlier that day, Delta was all smiles as she arrived on a flight at LAX.

The next day, Nick showed off his arms in a tank top while heading into a car at a private residence in Toluca Lake.

10+ pictures inside of Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem embracing at LAX…

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Photos: National Photo Group, WENN, Flynet Pictures
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  • MeatBall

    He doesn’t wear a purity ring anymore, huh.

  • A

    Refreshing to see an “Older” woman (although 26 isn’t old) with a younger man.
    It seems like it’s only OK when it’s the opposite.
    I can’t wait for the tweens to come and say how “gross” it is lol but when it’s some other old geezer with a younger woman it’s “so hot”.
    Ugh. Hypocrites.

  • Grrr

    I’m sure she use him for her fame … i don’t think she love him

  • Sadie

    I wish the photographer had gotten a better angle. Just sayin’.

  • casara

    This is all kinds of wrong but I guess I can understand the appeal an 18 year old male would have in dating an older woman but why on earth would a 26 year old woman want to date a teenager?

  • Molly

    I use to be a fan of delta’s here in australia but I have lost respect for this girl.. I mean what the hell is she thinking going after an 18 yr old boy!! She needs help!!

  • nikki

    im sorry and I dont care if you are my best friend but girl wear the correct bra for that shirt, tacky

  • Molly

    @ A: Sorry but i think its wrong either way. I am 26 yrs old and would go nowhere near an 18yr old guy!!

  • Asha

    That is just super creepy.

  • Aaliyah’s Ghost

    Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. Just Ask Me.

  • Molly

    @A: Sorry but i find it wrong whether your a 26yr old guy or girl going out with and 18 yr old kid.. I am 26 yrs old and would go nowhere near an 18 yr old boy!!

  • ozzie

    Have you guys ever listened to Nick Jonas talk? He is one of the most thoughtful people i’ve ever heard talk. He’s an adult and perfectly capable of making his own decisions.

    Who the hell are you people to say who he can or cannot date?

  • Celia

    I don’t even understand what they would talk about. 26 and 18 is such a vast age difference. You’re at two completely different points of your life.

  • julie

    I find the relationship refreshing. It’s obvious they are both really into each other. The important part isn’t what we think or how we judge them…god knows people do way too much of that, it’s the fact that they are happy. If they are happy that’s all that should matter. Nick is extremely mature for his age (and he’s almost 19 now), more so than others his age by far.

    I smiled HUGE when I saw this. Nick has NEVER been public with a relationship and generally stays away from PDA. He must be really into her.

  • yeah

    Nick is actually very mature for his age. He’s been around but he’s a responsible guy. I don’t know anything about her so let’s all see how this plays out.



  • maria

    Oh, wait. So most of you, could meet someone amazing and work with them, be on totally the same levels in many ways, and say, “oh, I don’t like you cause of your age?” Get real. Caring about someone transcends age. You can’t help who you fall for. It just happens. It’s just not obviously happened to any of you.

  • nyob

    Creepy. When I was 26 I would not have gone anywhere near an 18 year old, even a famous one.

  • Kandace

    He’s more mature than most 18 year olds. Can’t see him hanging around some insecure teenager just leaving high school. As long as they are happy, I’m okay with it. it won’t last forever.

  • Paris

    This truly must be is girlfriend because I can’t recall him being this public with a woman but then again he’s only 18. She could be the first one but I don’t follow the Jonases like that.

  • jill

    so awkward…i wonder why he finds it ok to do this with her and never any of his exs..seems sorta fake to me…plus she just got out of that engagement for 7 years and like amonth later kisses him..kinda pathetic

  • Emma Roberts’ Nepotism Card

    Delta is very famous in Australia. She is like Australia’s sweetheart as cheesy as that sounds. I mean she had the highest selling album of the 2000s decade, that is a big feat. Some of you Americans only know about this girl now…. but Australians have known her for nearly a decade. So yeah to see her go from innocent endearing 17 year old playing her piano barefoot to dating a soon to be has been American boyband popstar who was barely 10 years old when she started out is not very pleasing and I’m not surprised she is losing fans. She just has kind of been on a downfall since she married that Irish douche Brian. Good she divorced him but she is going about it the wrong way.

    If she was 34 and he was 26, it might be different but he was not even legal a year ago. It’s creepy.

  • Jan

    @Emma Roberts’ Nepotism Card:
    Incorrect! Delta did not marry Brian McFadden.

  • Jan

    @Emma Roberts’ Nepotism Card:
    Delta IS still well admired and loved in Australia AND NEVER married Brian McFadden.

  • Kelly

    Delta is a beautiful woman – inside and out. It’s clear they are both into one another, judging by their body language – her touching his face, his fingers spread around her waist, her foot lifted. That was not a chaste kiss! I for one, wish them all the best : )

  • marine

    OMG ,this is so cute, first time I see nick kissing a girl haha
    I support them 100000%

  • Joanna

    I’m extremely happy for Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem…I just want to know why the sudden change in Nick publicizing his relationships. I remember when he used to be so shy and quiet. He wouldn’t even talk about his relationship with Miley Cyrus until he they were already broken up. I guess growing up in Hollywood changes a person…but I’m happy for him! And regardless of her age, I think she’s suitable for Nick! Hell, she’d still be considered young if my grandmother were here to see them.

    BTW…I do want to point out that, actually, the world of Hollywood is more open to relationships in which the woman is older than the man. If the ages were switched to the other person, then people would consider Nick to be a pedophile. If society wasn’t so welcoming to relationships like this, then women would be considering pedophiles, too…not cougars.

    BUT! They’re still cute!

  • Michelle

    Is it just me or is it weird to be named after an airline?

  • well

    Nick is far from being a child. He’s 18 going on 28 with his life experiences as a musician.

    I like that he’s branching out away from the pop scence Just this year I saw him in Les Miserables as Marius and although the Broadway hags criticised him for not being Broadway enough, I thought he held his own. That’s quite a stretch for him. It’s not an easy role. He didn’t have to do that. I also saw him perform at the White House event saluting Motown I think.

  • Bella


  • Nic

    When she was 18, he was 10.

  • oh please……

    It’s every 18 year old guys fantasy to be in a relationship with a beautiful older woman……….,And for Delta it would be fun to be with a young guy at his sexual peak…..think about it……’s win win for both of them……lol!

  • Anna


    That is all.

  • emmaa

    @Emma Roberts’ Nepotism Card: Umm she never married Brian. They just called off their engagement a month ago and now Nick is her rebound. She has lost me as a fan, but that is mainly because she has turned into such a tryhard wannabe fame chaser.

  • emmaa

    @Anna: I share the same sentiments :)

  • X

    Delta turned him OUT. The purity ring, and his virginity are GONE. lol

  • X


    When Jay-Z was 18, Beyonce was 6. Need I say more?

  • untotallyme


  • mruno bars

    In the words of Joe Jonas, I don’t wanna see no more.

  • You’re kidding

    Ew, yuck.
    I don’t care how mature that kid is, he still LOOKS like a kid.
    And please, to those people lumping Australians in the same boat, I for one am not a Delta fan and never have been. She is hardly “Australia’s sweetheart” as another poster said. She is just another “Neighbours” has-been.
    Let’s face the fact of it: this b.i.t.c.h. would be LOVING the publicity. The sound of those cameras clicking would be music to her ears, regardless of who she was meeting at the airport. He is a publicity stunt and that is all.

  • Julian

    It looks like mother and son! :)

  • bacon

    two beautiful ladies kissing

  • bacon

    two beautiful ladies kissing

  • jules

    lol… dayummm. I’m 20 and I wouldn’t consider going out with an 18 y/o guy! Sure, he seems mature for his age, but girls are already more mature than guys. Being a mature 18 year old guy only means you’re caught up with the normal maturity of an 18 year old girl. I agree with ^Celia, 18 and 26 are two completely different stages of one’s life. Obviously I’m just a spectator and I have no control over celebrities’ lives, but that’s my opinion.

  • LeighanS

    Haha it looks like she’s his mom picking him up from school with his little backpack :P Minus the kiss obviously… That’s weird if he kisses his mom like that haha

  • Megs

    Delta is incredibly famous in Australia. She doesn’t need any fame boosts. She’s the highest selling Australian artist of all time and she’s only 26. Maybe the genuinely like each other? You’re such a bunch of idiots to waste your time bitching. Angelina Jolie is like 15 years younger than Brad Pitt, you dont all seem to comment on that?

  • Ella

    I think it’s creepy when a guy dates a much younger girl too but it really depends on what age range they are in. Like the 12 year age difference between Brad and Angelina is fine because they are both in the same place in life and want the same things. I don’t think this is right because an 18 year old and 26 year old are in different stages of life. I think the fact that he is 18 is creepy because if he was a few months younger it would be illegal!

  • Ella

    @ Megs Maybe she wants a fame boost in the American market. And Delta Goodrem isn’t that famous in Australia anymore, you’re acting like she’s Kylie Minogue!

  • A

    Why are people so threatened and offended to see a younger man (yes, he IS a man) with an older woman!?
    He is obviously into her so why the hate? Not all 18 year olds are the same just because you’ve met immature guys, doesn’t mean Nick is.
    Who are you to judge? He is of legal age.
    It’s like you wish you were her or something and are mad you aren’t and guys who hate are just jealous that women are doing what they’ve been doing for years…that is dating younger men!

  • Jolie

    Lol and Miley Cyrus is 18 years old….. awkw. Wtf is delta goodrem tho