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Rachel Bilson: Returning to 'How I Met Your Mother'?

Rachel Bilson: Returning to 'How I Met Your Mother'?

Rachel Bilson walks back to her house on Friday (June 24) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress invited along some of her close gal pals to pass the time with her!

TVLine caught up with the executive producer of the show How I Met Your Mother to discuss if Rachel‘s character would be welcomed back next season to further develop certain storylines.

“She’s still the roommate of the mother from the title of the series. We didn’t establish her lightly. We definitely intend to show how she’s part of Ted’s link to finding the mother,” said Craig Thomas, producer of How I Met Your Mother.

Rachel has her own television show hitting the airwaves in the fall, Hart of Dixie on the CW network! Be sure to check out the premiere on Monday (September 26) at 9 p.m. EST.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Robert Rodriguez hand crochet cropped pullover.

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  • gossipsmack1

    gorgeous girl! that would be so amazing if she goes back on HIMYM!! I really want to see her new movie with krysten ritter it sounds so good!

  • barbie

    Hey its that girl from the ice cream commercial

  • LOL


  • vinha

    @barbie: LOL!

  • locksmith los angeles


  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    my birthday today wow

  • just me

    You .re late on this news jared . it was told days ago. And i don’t see where this story is going with how i met your mother. And she lied aout the house hunting story.If she wanted to be on how i met your mother. She should audtion for it long timegao. Instead are doing guess spot. There is no place to with the story.on the show. Also she should have told people when her show Hart of Dixie was coming out.. What with the gals pals to pass the time with again. stop feeling sorry for her jared> She lies too much.

  • nepenthes

    Geez, why should she be back on HIMYM? Really not needed.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I agree…she’s definately not needed on HIMYM – I’d rather Heidi & Spence!! The cast is so talented it just highlights how much her acting stinks!
    Hey maybe her and her friends are going to sit around and talk about “world events” like which sunglasses are cool!

  • Alaia

    @lexy hates bilson: The cast is hardly talented (except for NPH, obviously). I really hate that show. It just tries too hard.

  • lol

    Wow how fascinating the girl best known now for trying to sell ice cream and giving advice on what sunglasses air heads should buy… walks home with some friends…….Talk about yawn inducing.
    Also the possible return of her character to HIMYM was out a while ago its just JJ had nothing else new to talk about so he dragged out some old news from weeks and weeks ago. How I Met Your Mother.was kind of a fun comedy at first but after about three seasons it got old and boring. They dragged out the whole ” finding the mother bit ” too long in my opinion and the show has lost its sparkle with each season since. Their ratings have been down from where they use to be and Sean Patrick Harris seems to be preparing to move on snatching up gigs all over town. From hosting award shows to appearances on Glee. I think he knows the show’s days are numbered. So it would kind of suck for Rachel to end up appearing on a show that might not last much longer.
    But the timing is perfect her career has been in a tail spin ever since the cancelation of the OC and ever since her career has had horrible timing and even worse results with some of the few actings gigs she has managed to get a hold of. Its sad really.
    Her career is perfect for how i met your mother… both have been dragged out too long and have lost their sparkle.

  • READ

    If one would read it’s not saying they are taking her on again they said if there is opportunity they would use her. Doesn’t sound to me like this was a done deal only if. She is not what I call a multifaceted actress she is one dimentional and it’s not in acting that is for sure. Really for her to buy any new home she needs to sell off this one guessing boy wonder is having a tough time selling off his mega farmland in Canada.

  • maya

    @barbie: yeah she was Rachel

  • maya

    waw a month that we didn’t see her what happed to my sweety she looks sad

  • maya

    Simpre confudo entre estas dos mujer :) se parezcan la una a la otra

  • whodie

    Will someone please take this empty headed, no talent, homely-azz dweeb and toss her off a tall cliff!!!

  • annie

    whodie,agree.she smells,has no talent and jared loves her.does hayden know.

  • kaleigh

    A No talent trickster who could have automatically fallen off the radar if it weren’t for the money-hungry gossip blogs & paparazzi.
    So go away AGAIN, you fool!

  • Brainy box

    NO WAY!!!!! GO AWAY BILSON!!!!!

  • maya

    what happens guys if you hate rachel so much you don’t need to write a comment just escape she’s gorgeous but of course you maybe prefer lindsy lohan and jail

  • @Maya

    Do you even understand english you never make much sense really, FYI this is not a FANSITE it’s a tabloid and ppl will write whatever they want, As long as she pimps her ass out, ppl will comment. Who brought Lindsey Lohan into this thread? OOhhh forgot you did, also FYI your lady has a bad history with substances as well, believe me she isn’t some virgin princess you make her out to be if you wants peaches and sugar go to her fansite there you can yack it up like a hairball off RB’s head..

  • OMG!


    Yeah maya. This is not a fansite. It’s tabloid world where people write whatever they want so forget about anyone posting the truth or anything factual.
    It’s their funk opinion. Get it?

  • gossipsmack1

    @maya: don’t worry maya, the people here are pyschoooooooooo. trust me when i say this, because i’ve actually seen proof, hayden’s fangirls are older fat chicks who can’t get a man so they bag on the fact that hayden is with a beautiful sexy girl. these girls are either obsessed with hating her or obsessed with wanting to be her. let them rant, it only makes them more angry because there is nothing they can do about it.

  • laughs@god

    There comes a time in every girl’s life when their legs ain’t fit to be seen in skirts…Rachel, me thinks, has reached that time. A little earlier than most. Slacks, girl, slacks….hide that white leg horror!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Who are Hayden’s “fan girls” there aren’t many seeing as his movies are flops and his career in the trash with Rachel’s…actually with her ice cream girl gig her career might even be better than his!! LMAO!! Wow!! Rachel’s career is FINALLY doing better than someone else’s.

  • lol

    I dont think a person has to be a fan of her on again off again showmance boyfriend to be able to say Rachels career isnt anywhere near what it use to be?
    Just because someone is pointing out the flaws of her career doesnt mean they have any interest in him lol
    There seem to be people on here that cant stand either of them equally to be fair. So if her hardcore fans think people are only saying her career is on life support at this point because shes still sometimes connected to him… then maybe they are just as delusional as his own ” fangirls”. Just saying.
    Most people that check out the JJ site regularly see the contast posts of her, the staged pictures and random stories that are posted. I dont think you have to be a fan of anyone to notice something like that lol
    Some people are just tired of hearing about HER its that simple for them and has nothing to do with her personal life and would have more to do with the famewh@ring seen by her in the past five years. Ever since the OC was canceled thats really all you see from her. All the talk of how she wanted to be a ” serious actress and work hard for it” seem to have died with that show. So she just focuses on getting her name mentioned here and there, anywhere. Which isnt that uncommon really alot of actresses when the height of their career is over will do anything to stay relevant. Shes just another one.