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Gerard Butler: Shirtless Stroll with Mystery Gal!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless Stroll with Mystery Gal!

Gerard Butler shows off his buff bod as he strolls shirtless along the beach on Sunday (June 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined by a mystery gal, who walked separately down the beach after she and Gerard spotted the awaiting photographers.

Earlier in the weekend, Gerard wore a form-fitting wetsuit to check out some waves on the beach.

Even though there has been talk of Gerard landing the lead role in the upcoming film Outlander, Ewan McGregor is also being pursued for the part.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler strolling shirtless along the beach…

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gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 01
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 02
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 03
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 04
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 05
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 06
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 07
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 08
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 09
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 10
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 11
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 12
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 13
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 14
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 15
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 16
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 17
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 18
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 19
gerard butler shirtless stroll with mystery gal 20

Credit: Ramon/Aspahan; Photos: AKM Images
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  • lolita

    Why does he try and hide it if he is with someone. That makes no sense at all.

  • hmmmm

    Doesn’t look like his typical type.
    Wonder if it’s staged PR to detract from the smoking pics and the bisexual “interview” that has resurfaced….

  • wintour

    gerald is not aging well.
    he should have found a nice girl to settle done with by now
    instead of whoring his way around hollywood

  • Venice

    It is interesting, that men in HW can get away with never being called untalented, and yet that is all I see written in most female thread.s

  • CorBlimey

    Sorry, but are they actually together in any of the photos, or is JJ just randomly photographing women at the beach in order to create a story?? I’m confused..

  • redOctober


    Answered your question in the other thread dear Lo ; )

    Night night!

    (this girl reminds me of the “bodacious brunette in the “Barbados Photos”…wonder why….lol )

  • hellotheregb

    I agree why not walk with her whether she is a friend or girlfriend? why not just walk the beach? Why walk around with his arms out like he did? if he was seen with her I am sure the paps have the pics of them together. I mean REALLY!! just grow up! or make funny poses together. have some fun instead of literally wave your arms….Over here… look at me over here… not with her…

    so what if he is smoking, the only person that complained was the guy who did the movie 300 where he had to quit ,he does not have to quit for the fans or paps. so why do we need the fake photos of him on the beach with a girl to distract us… i had already spotted the pic a few threads back that was bleeped out. either fes up that you have a girl or stop acting like you are gay and need pics of mystery brunettes to distract?

    now we have to deal with “he is really gay” because is pics with women are soooo strange! good gwad we just go around and around and around.

    sooo fun makes the Gman soap opera back on track!

    The bold and the beautiful brunette? boy toy? girl toy?

    Nice girl why not give her cre

  • AmICynical?

    He needs to grow a pair.

  • Transparant

    So someone mentions on the other thread that people think Gerry is gay because he is never seen with women and surprise surprise, he is caught on the beach in the company of a woman. He even throws his hands in the air he is so surprised. What an actor that guy is.

  • lolita

    @redOctober: Red, you have captured his look of a cross between Dracula and Attila. We have seen that stare quite often. Good night to you Red.

  • hellotheregb

    i was trying to post the celebrity gossip site that noted this:

    Bringing the weekend to an end, Gerard Butler was joined by a mystery brunette gal pal at the beach in Malibu, CA on Sunday (June 26).

    The duo weren’t expecting any paparazzi attention – as they reportedly freaked out when they spotted the photographers and quickly parted ways.
    A photog source tells that the 41-year-old actor even asked the shuterbug on the scene if he would be willing to delete the pics of his lady friend to no avail.

    The outing comes as Butler has been enjoying time in the sunshine state locale – as he was also spotted out on Friday (June 24) clad in a wetsuit following a day of riding the waves.

  • hellotheregb

    @AmICynical?: I agree

  • oh please!

    The paps have been getting pics of Gerard at the beach almost every day and suddenly he’s “surprised” to see them? Yeah, right. Nice photo-op Butler.

  • legends

    I hate it that I’m feeling kinda jealous right now, believe me. = (

  • Jennifer


  • Hot Mess

    Ba humbug…..why the negativity again. He keeps his personal life private for the female so she doesn’t get crucified. Everyone he is ever pictured with is immediately in the tabloids. He doesn’t want that for the real person in his life. I don’t blame him at all. He signed up to be a public figure, but she didn’t..the reason he wanted the camera on him, not her. I think it is sweet. Anyone thinking he is gay, needs their head examined…that man loves women too much.

  • lolita

    At the site celebrity gossip, they are saying he asked the pap to delete the pictures of the girl and the pap said no way. They said they freaked when they saw the photographer and they split up and walked away separately. Who knows why he acts so weird. If your on a public beach be prepared to be found and photographed. I just wonder with all the daily pics we have been getting of him doing whatever he does why these are any different from the other pics. Is this to show he is not with Biel and Ashley because of all the press on them. He is a strange one at times. Well good night JJr’s, have fun debating this new set of pics.

  • lolita

    @hellotheregb: Sorry, I didn’t know you posted the link. Now I’ll say goodnight.

  • oh please!

    @Hot Mess:
    If he’s trying to hide her and protect her privacy, then why did he bring her to the one place he knows he’ll get photographed?
    This was a set-up.

  • legends

    Obviously, he’s just trying to protect this girl from all the scrutiny that she otherwise would’ve had to endure if seen WITH him. I think it’s very chivalrous of him, really.

    He’s not ‘waving’ his arms to call attention to himself – he’s only talking to the paps. (Have you ever seen G. talk – his hands are very are always involved and always expressive.)

    What does gay have to do with anything. It seems like people that post here are obsessed with ‘gayness.’ Grow up – it’s like grown adults with 7th/8th grade sensibilities. (Unless . . . some of you actually ARE in middle school. I guess we’ll never know.)

  • PR 101

    Staged to deflect from the smoking photos. Obvious.

  • Boo

    All I know is that he’s the handsomest guy on the planet…one of the smartest…and one of the funniest….Now he has his body back….it is now ideal. Thanks JJ. Keep ‘em comin’!

  • Boo

    All I know is that he’s the handsomest guy on the planet…one of the smartest…and one of the funniest….Now he has his body back….it is now ideal. Thanks JJ. Keep ‘em comin’!

  • legends

    By the way . . . if he wants to walk on the beach with a girl, so what? Why not? Maybe he thought that on a Sunday on THAT particular beach, the paps would leave him alone?

  • rebecca

    @PR 101:
    …. and the phannies fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  • mxm749

    Gee, I guess no one is going to be talking about the cigarettes anymore … (well played, Mr. Butler, well played … ;)

  • curious cat


    Maybe she is married.

  • curious cat

    I took that arms out pose as simply acknowledging the presence of the paps. Thanks for tipping me to this, Hellothere. As you know I don’t visit JJ much any more, let alone post.
    But there were only 26 comments here so I add my 2 cents.

    I simply don’t care to waste my time reading endless bouts of bashing, ranting and name calling between posters and other silliness. And it doesn’t seem to take long for any thread to deteriorae into that. Real information can be had elsewhere.

  • CorBlimey

    Nope. I’ll talk about it. I think it’s a disgusting habit. If I could get my Mum to quit, I would. As horrible as this sounds, I feel like dry-reaching every time I go to give her a hug or kiss – and I love my Mum to bits, so it’s not a lot of fun. Gerard is ever-so-slightly less attractive now. Sorry to say it. All I can imagine now is him smelling like those people I used to get stuck sitting next to on public transport when I was at Uni, who were obviously pack-a-day smokers and had not laundered their jacket in about six months. Horrible, retch-worthy stale smoke smell. Yuck.
    I’ll undoubtedly have offended someone by my opinion, but all I have to say is that that is one of the worst smells in the world (to me, anyway). I can’t help that. And I don’t get why people pay sh*tloads of money to cause themselves harm. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Sorry.

  • CorBlimey

    @curious cat:
    Well, you are missed, curious. Pity that this site is not what it used to be. Good that you stopped back here though, however briefly. :D

  • curious cat


    Hi, Cor from Down Undah!

    Nice to see your name too. I agree with you about smoking. My last comment didn’t post I guess, mainly that I’m sorry to see that he seems to be smoking again, glad he otherwise looks in good physical shape. We all have our demons and addictions, including coming to these threads! I would come here more if people could just be courteous.

    I confess I used to smoke, off and on for years. My daughter as a little girl would put my cigs in the sink and run water on them, and post pictures of black lungs on the bathroom mirror. Nothing works though until the smoker decides he or she really WANTS to give it up. I used to say I’d give it up after getting through this or that crisis, but when I finally did, it was at the end of graduate school finishing my thesis and facing my oral defense! What helped me was going through the American Cancer Society program, in which each participant identified what type of smoker s/he was (nicotine addicted, emotionally dependent or ingrained habit–cig after dinner, after sex, etc. I was emotionally dependent and encouraged to meditate and think back to the age when I started smoking–16–and what was happening at that time. It was explosive. I saw a traumatic situation from a wholly new and more mature perspecive and realized how it had dictated behaviors for years. I hope your mother can find a way to stop. It’s never too late to stop.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @hmmmm: As You may know, given that you put that word interview in quotes, that interview was bogus, and Movieline so indicates for those willing to read the entire article. Boring….

    She does look like his type. Maybe his sex life is looking up. Why the hell are they flying over the man spying on him! That is really too much!!!

    I am surprised there is no middle finger salute. Actually, he even looks like he has shaved and trimmed his hair!

  • Nuts

    Good grief, if he was on a date why wouldn’t he pick a more private settting than the very place Paps have been shooting photos every single frickin’ day this week.

    C’mon Gerry, why on earth would you be so surprised. Good grief, photogs caught you changing your clothes next to a car. Certainly they would notice you with woman on the beach…

    Smells like PR…

  • Nuts

    Or, he just met her on the beach, they chatted and now he’s afraid that folks are going to make more of it than it is.

    Dude, once you two were “caught” together why not just flip off the paps and keep walking together. What’s all the drama for?

  • nyob

    So, Georgia is a bit of chunky girl, huh?

  • oldbutnotdead

    @oh please!: Some of these beaches in Malibu are far less crowded by the public than other beaches; there are many expensive areas there, tho public access is allegedly always guaranteed. This appears to be one, as there appear to be few people around. Why did he approach the photog and ask him to delete pics. Now people will really be after the poor girl, who looks Brazilian perhaps.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Nuts: Malibu Beach is 21 miles long, full of places owned by the rich and famous, and many places are relatively private. Does not look like the same crowded beach surfer part of Malibu where he changed clothes. Beach looks very uncrowded as well.

    Frankly, I think flying over him stinks! Give the man a >>>>>ng break!!!

  • CorBlimey

    @curious cat:
    Your daughter and I would get along great! My sister and I used to hide Mum’s smokes and talk really loudly about how we hated the smell of smoke while she was in the next room – in hindsight, it probably wasn’t a very nice thing to do to someone who has a compulsion, but we were only just teenagers at the time. Subtlety wasn’t our strong-suit back then! Now, I try and reason with her, or I just have to leave the room when she lights up – she tends to get offended when I leave the room, but I just can’t be inhaling that sh*t. What can you do though?
    P.S. I agree with you, too, in that this place is addictive. This is my vice, and I am trying to stop. Honest. :D

  • Nuts

    Okay, he was walking on the beach. She joined him. They saw the paps, “freaked out” and parted ways…and he continued strolling?

    Maybe she didn’t want to be photographed for other reasons than being with Gerry.

    Anyhow…wonder if we’ll see her again at an outdoor cafe??? Or entering a club with him???

  • CorBlimey

    @curious cat:
    Oops.. posted without adding the following..
    P.P.S. Congratulations for your own efforts in beating the demon. Shows your strength and determination. I hope you are proud of yourself for it! :D

  • lovely girl


  • CorBlimey

    I happen to like the lady’s figure – she’s nice and womanly. But she definitely isn’t model-thin, like You-know-who claims to be. I do wonder what insanity she’ll spew when she sees this.. :D

  • Seriously

    GB needs to man up. If he’s with this woman – be proud of it and claim the moment instead of hiding like a teenager caught by her parents.

  • STAGED!!!

    “he asked the photogs to delete the photos”
    hahahahahah how stupid. He did that because he knew they would REPORT THAT HE DID THAT.
    This is a set up. I know Hollywood and I know what that ‘is.’
    Fannnnies don’t fall for it.

  • Hippocrates`

    She’s fat. For you to think that woman has a nice figure tells me one thing.
    That YOU are also FAT.
    This is so obviously a set up. Gerard is a basic boy-minded manwho/re. He dated my friend’s cousin. She is a model, the typical ditzy whatever though nice enough – that’s his “type.”
    You people need to be serious. He kills himself not to be seen with women he is actually “with” …these that paps ‘catch’ him with – are setups. And yes – to distract from something ELSE that’s going on. Perhaps the smoking thing.

  • Nuts

    A stroll on the beach…a stroll around Paris…hmmmmmmmmm….

    Too bad we never got a good look a Violin Girl to know if she’s popped up before as a set-up.

    Is Joy still handling his PR???

  • Brandi

    She looks somthin like 16. That’s it, nothin better. You be borin.

  • Devil

    I don’t buy it. He is papped too often to be all “surprised” and sh**.
    He was “surprised” when he was caught out with Laurie. That was real. This looks fake. And where are the shots of him with her/him (looks manly in the face and it has a slight moustache) before they separated??
    Its a lie – like most of hollywood.
    If you believe this crock of sh**, then you also believe that he dated Jennifer Aniston and Biel.
    They are one and the same.

  • Georgia*s Mom

    Is that a man in a bikini? I see a ‘tuck job’….yikes.

  • Manny

    where is my buddy tonight, so sad when he has to gooooooooo