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Zac Efron: Burgers and Buddies!

Zac Efron: Burgers and Buddies!

Zac Efron bids his buddies farewell as he leaves Umami Burger after having lunch with his friends on Saturday (June 25) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actor wore a vintage t-shirt from the 1986 Surfing Championships in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Earlier in the week, Zac showed off his buff arms in a white tanktop as he left a restaurant in Los Angeles. He even took the time to take pictures with some awaiting fans!

Zac will soon head to New Orleans to film his new movie The Paperboy.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron leaving restaurants…

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zac efron burgers and buddies 01
zac efron burgers and buddies 02
zac efron burgers and buddies 03
zac efron burgers and buddies 04
zac efron burgers and buddies 05
zac efron burgers and buddies 06
zac efron burgers and buddies 07
zac efron burgers and buddies 08
zac efron burgers and buddies 09
zac efron burgers and buddies 10
zac efron burgers and buddies 11
zac efron burgers and buddies 12
zac efron burgers and buddies 13
zac efron burgers and buddies 14

Photos: National Photo Group, Fame Pictures
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  • http://fanpopgirl team vanessa hudgens

    he is lookin hot

  • http://fanpopgirl team zac efron

    i miss seeing vanessa

  • http://fanpopgirl team zanessa

    time flies off very quickly there they were together and now separated it’s sad:(

  • @

    He looks amazing. Oh and his brother Dylan is there as well as his father David.

    I’ll always love this guy.

  • IllWill

    It must be nice to be that good looking

  • beatriz

    he looks soooooo hot!
    i can’t wait for the paperboy.

  • Pippa Middleton Farted

    I heard he was f**king a dancer in LA – a backup or rap video chick or something.

  • kå simply àmazing!

    i hate burgers

  • kå simply àmazing!

    i love sandwich chicken liver and eggs and cheese i love simple food

  • jo

    @Pippa Middleton Farted: another rumor monger with no life.!

  • Laura

    I love Zac,he is so sweet….but I miss seeing him and vanessa together,walking through the streets and having fun… So sad. :(

  • you don’t wanna know my name

    I really want to see Zac and Vanessa holding hands again. I miss these guys. I mean since they broke up, it’s not like they’ve been linked to someone else (We can’t consider Vanessa and Josh together since they haven’t announce or admit they are together)

    Who’s with me???

  • Laura

    @you don’t wanna know my name:
    I mean,I want to see them holding hands,going on holiday together,running from paps AGAIN….Some friends of mine think that zac and nessa are still together,and are trying to keep it secret ’cause don’t wanna be chased everywhere by paps…I hope that and I don’t think that nessa and J. are a couple.

  • @

    @Laura: Sweetheart as much as I’d like to think that was true it for SURE isn’t. Vanessa’s sadly moved on and it is what it is.

  • @

    @you don’t wanna know my name: Vanessa & Zac didn’t admit they were together either but the whole world knew it. She went to visit him on the set of the Hunger Games in NC earlier this month. She’s dating him. There’s NO WAY she went there just to visit him as a “friend.”

    Whatever this is a Zac post therefore I think we should leave it at that. This isn’t a Vanessa/Zanessa post.

  • @

    @you don’t wanna know my name: You REALLY think she went all the way to NC to visit him on the set of the Hunger Games as just a “friend?” Come on…..

    Whatever this isn’t a Vanessa/Zanessa post so…..

  • @

    Sorry I have no idea why it posted that 2 times.

  • Laura

    You might be right…Surely I won’t wait forever for zac and nessa to come back together….Obviously as a zanessa fan I miss them,but I have to overcome this kind of ”zanessa abstinence”… Anyways ,as U said,this is a zac post….HE IS SO HOT! there’s nothing else I can say.

  • @

    @Laura: Exactly I want them back together as much as any other Zanessa fan, but at the end of the day we need to realize it is what it is and it isnt our lives.

    I know, he’s so handsome.

  • EfronIsTheBest

    Gosh! He is amazing,as usual….Finally we have pictures of him …he was kind of disappeared,but now HE IS BACK!!!!! he’s so sweet,kind,down to heart,good,and beautiful…I’M SO PROUD OF BEING A ZAC FAN :)

  • kå simply àmazing!


  • Laura

    Thank you for this “conversation”… :)
    You’ve been nice,despite the different opinions. :) :)
    Anyways I’m so proud of Zac…and I can’t wait for PAPERBOY

  •!/MarissaEfron magda tenšek

    vanessa moving on or not zanessa is fate sooo its justi question of time youll all be surprised maybe not today tomorrow but in a year or sooo…………

  • رمزي

    Ka samply شو مالك على برجر
    what rong hamporgar

  • lauren

    two things,
    1. @ pippamiddletonfarted
    where did you hear that from?
    2. how in the world did vanessa get in this? oh wait, annoying 13 yr old girls who like to bring up vanessa for no f*cking reason,
    who gives a shit if vanessa is ”dating” josh, if anything if i had to guess she prolly ended it with zac so she screw josh all she wants, she’s a sel fish person and a fake bitch

  • kerri

    Finally justjared is showing pics of Zac!!!! He is so beautiful i been missing him too much. Can’t wait for his new movies to come out.

  • kerri
  • Miranda

    Awwww. Zac is with his dad and brother.
    THIS is just one of the reasons I love him (:

  • kerri

    Comment number 7 go away!!!! You are full of lies.

  • florence

    Bet he can’t wait to get back to NO so he canrevisit his favourite clubs he got to know so well while he was filming the LO along with the women he hooked up with.

    And a reunion with his ex is NEVER going to happen and good for them I say they are better off and Vanessa is obvioulsy so much happier now she is no longer know as just efron’s gf, she’s getting on with her life and he his so good for them.

    Why would she want to go back to all the hate she got from being his gf let his next arm candy have the hassle and see how his fan react then, but no doubt whoever he hook’s up with and decides to stop hiding them and take them out in public his fan’s will think she’s the best thing to ever happen to him.

  • florence

    @kerri: And no all we will hear off him was how great his sex scene was, how great and beautiful his co-star was, where they practised their scenes no doubt in his trailer like his last film, and how pleasurable the sex scenes were for him, once again it will all be about how great things were for HIM and what satisfaction HE got from it never mind anybody else.

    At least he is no longer committed to V then she does’nt have to hear her bf bragging about it and smirking and stupidily winking all the time. It’s hard to beleive that he is going to be 24 this year he acts and makes comments like stipid schoolboy does who has a crush on someone everytime they meet them.

  • lauren

    why are you so bitter and hostile?
    also do you just say this stuff to get a rise out of people?

  • florence

    So0 what if V and J are dating, she’sno longer efron’s gf so she can date and go and visit who she wants to she does’nt need his or his fan’s permission, they have split and that is it.

    And if some people are daft enough to think that efron has satyed at home very night crying into his pillow over the split then there the one’s living in a dream world, all becuase he has’nt had the guts to take his bed hopping buddies out in public does’nt mean that he has’nt had his needs fulfiled on more than one ocassion and not by the same woman by all acounts.

  • lauren

    since you seem to know everything, who are these blonde bimbos he’s been sleeping with?

    also what is your deal ?

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @florence: What the freak is wrong with you. Were you there when he hooked up with all these people you sure are taking this personally did he do something to you. Vanessa as far as I can see is the one who hooked up with her co star while she was with Zac and she decided to down grand to an 18 year old. Zac has always been a private person he does not take nude photos and send have them appear on the Internet. He is allowed to date whomever he choses he is handsome rich and single the way Vanessa wanted it apparently since she is with the teenager

  • lauren

    agree with you on the comments about vanessa hooking with josh while s he was in hawaii when she was with zac, if i had to guess, i think that’s what happend, shit happends and she was prolly lonely and josh was probably there so stuff went down, she told zac and they broke up, and say’s the break was ”mutual” which in my opinion in general i dont think any break up between two people is mutual at all, one person just doesn’t want to admit they got dumped.

  • kerri

    @Florence: What the hell is your problem? Go seek help for your anger please.

  • @


    Just drop it. They are over and thats that. Vanessa moved on and Zac will one day also, there is nothing to fight about. It is what it is.

  • @

    @florence: No, now as soon as the Hunger GAmes come out she’ll just be known as Josh Hutcherson’s girlfriendinstead of Zac Efron’s girlfriend.

    ITs nothing to happen unless she dates someone not as big as her (right now Josh isnt’ half as big as her but that most likely will change with people saying Hunger Games is like the next Twilight).

  • zaczenegger

    where’s the tequila + bimbos?

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @zaczenegger: With you have fun.

  • kerri

    Comment number 40 GROW UP!!!! stop hating him because your life sucks.

  • fan

    Looks like “florence” is either paying back all the grief and drama on Zac’s thread that “sue” and “lauren” kept on posting hateful comments and accusing Vanessa of doing wrong on her threads. Will this ever stop. Both Vanessa and Zac have done no wrong to the world. Their relationship ended, which is none of our business but their own. Let it be…both are not married to each other and are free to do what they want. There are fans hoping that these two will be back together…it is free world, it is okay to make wishes so let Zanessa fans wish and hope. We all hope, wish, and dream of becoming something that is impossible but that is what get us moving around every day. Zac had moved on since January 2011 and Vanessa finally moved in April or May 2011. Both are happy and doing what they love to do…let it be. Stop all this BS about who did what to who and who is better than who…

    If you like Zac then go and support him. If you Vanessa, then go and support her. If you like both, like I do, just support both.

  • @

    @fan: Sorry but IMO a rumored never confirmed PR “hook up” with TP isn’t exactly “moving on.”

    Vanessa was spotted on the back of Josh’s bike way back in Feb after she came back from fashion week.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @@: THANK YOU!!!!!

  • athena

    I’m so very happy to see Zac is around and looking buff…I can’t wait to see these films he has coming out soon…and thePaperboy sounds a bit rauchy….Whomever said that Zac’s Dad is in the pic is right…and is that Dylan with them as well? Good to see he’s taking time to be with his family.

  • florence

    @athena: Of course his next film and every one af5er that is going to be raunchy that’s the only films he’s interested in now, he obvioulsy got a taste for sex films after CSC, and thinks that constantly doing films focusing on sex, drugs and drinking will prove that he can act and be a leady man, boy does he have a lot to learn.

    But then again I guess he know’s that he only has to take his shirt off, wink and some women and girl’s will think he’s god’s gift just like he does.

    And funnu how that one day when he was spotted going into V’s house and then she was spotted by pap’s all smiling and skipping sure looked like she was’nt happy to have seen him. It was only after the TP incident that the sh*t hit the fan and you never heard of them getting toegther again or hanging out anymore, evcen though there were no photo’s does’nt mean that it did’nt happen, his fan’s are and always have been so quick to blame V for everything that makes him look sad when just maybe he did do what the press said he did with TP and that’s what was the final straw, he has made it clear since last year that he was getting tired of being with V and wanted a single life well he’s got it now. And we still have yet to see a picture of V and J looking intimate or looking lovingly at each other like Z and V did, I’ll admit you could see a connection with them but with V and J all I see is friendship, what we don’t see could be a different thing, but so could efron with other girl’s, his fan’s just won’t and never have accepted that he can do wrong. As it has been posted they are only human well that’s means they BOTH are and have faults but it seems to many that V is the only one of them who has the faults while efron is perfect in every way and incapable of hurting his gf, well not so he is a guy and can do wrong and say wrong things just like any other guy can.

  • florence

    If it was the case with Hawaii and according to efron’s fan’s that was where V was doing Josh then why on earth would Zac keep going back and attend a cast party with Vanessa where he knew that Josh would also be, sureley it would have been best to sort it out or atleast tryto sort it out back in LA. away from the guy that you all reckon she has done the dirty on with and in the privacy of their own homes. But no Zac was more than happy go go to her so unless he likes pain then surely that was’nt the best move on his part.

  • fan

    Sue & @….do you know what it means moving on after a relationship. It doesn’t mean that you are committed to another relationship. Zac has been dating other girls after Vanessa, which means he has moved on. His choice of moving on is to be free and able to see as many girls he wanted. He probably not ready to be attached to another relationship right now and just be a player. There is nothing wrong with being a player where he is able to date one girl this week and another next week. Zac probably wants multiple girls for right now. Plus he is not ready to get marry until in his 40′s…so being committed to another relationship will eventually turn out like the 5 years relationship he had with Vanessa that ended. There are other actors his age are not ready for marriage and kids. Therefore, he is having fun with his friends doing the things that he likes with or without Vanessa, which means Zac has moved on. Zac was never unhappy but yes he did missed being around Vanessa and is hurt by it because he lost a friend and companion. However, in time he did get over it and gotten use to be by himself; therefore, he has moved on since January 2011. I wasn’t even talking about that incidents with Palmer girl. What I was talking about that Zac has been going out with his friends and meeting new people at the clubs or parties, which is nothing wrong with that because he is 20 something and the fun time for a single male living in a big city. Both Vanessa and Zac are doing things they both enjoy. As long as, they are happy, it really doesn’t matter who they are seeing. As fans, you don’t want Zac to be down and lonely, which he was not always by himself. He had plenty of dates. If you think he is not seeing other girls, then his Gay rumors must be true. I have a son that age plus his relationship of 4 years just ended. A week after their relationship ended, he started going out with friends and meeting girls. I am pretty sure Zac did the same. Guys usually recover fast. Plus they get over their break-up real quick. Just look at Justin Timberlake or Leo.

  • @

    I can’t help but LOL at this whole thing. Do you know where we’d be if we believed every damn rumor that was brought up about these two?

    Just drop it guys.