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Beyonce: 'A Star is Born' with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Beyonce: 'A Star is Born' with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z arrive at an office building on Monday (June 27) in the Camden neighborhood of London, England.

Later that evening, the 29-year-old entertainer performed at a party attended by her pal Gwyneth Paltrow and some cast members of the show Glee!

Leonardo DiCaprio may be joining Beyonce in the remake of the classic movie musical A Star is Born, according to Deadline.

Leo is currently working on J. Edgar with director Clint Eastwood, who wants to sign him onto his next project!

FYI: Beyonce is carrying the Lena Erziak Sean bag in zebra print

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  • JC

    I hope DiCaprio does the Tarantino movie and skips this crap.

  • Stella

    Like a Clint Eastwood film can be marked as crap. You’ll be first in line clutching your ticket, babe.

  • JC


    The hell I will.

  • Lilah

    If this is true. I’m going to die. <3 bey and Leo can do no wrong.

  • Caitlin

    @Stella: No i’ll be the first in line. LOL

  • Shaleen

    I love Clint Eastwood but I think Beyoncé is a terrible actress. If he can make her look like a good actress, he needs a Oscars for that.

  • 4BEE

    Seriously DiCaprio ? Robert Downey Jr for godsakes !

  • Leo has the power…

    People are questioning the talent of Leo. It’s a great actor, the greatest of his generation and one of the greatest of all time. He’s able to do this movie for sure… but I don’t think it’ll happen. DiCaprio is involved in many projects (The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained and another with Martin Scorsese) and he’s only one, it doesn’t multiply… everyone wants to work with him (which I don’t question), but so is difficult. Isn’t there other players out of work? Every movie has the name of this guy involved… this’s amazing! Leo has the power :)

  • JoseLyn

    Um he can do both films duh! Tarantino is next and then it’s A star is born. Can’t wait to see them. Wish you the best Bey

  • JC

    @Leo has the power…: Every big name wants to work with him. He should not be making a movie with Beyonce because he will make her look like an amateur and act her right off the screen. It would be bad for her. there is no way she could keep up with him.

  • Kyle

    She did great in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records so I’m not worried about her acting, especially in Clint’s hands. Interesting choice of Leo, I’ll watch

  • JC

    @Kyle: Yeah she’s not typecast as a singer playing a singer or anything.

  • Umm no

    Love Leo, love Eastwood, and Beyonce is a fine singer and a beautiful woman, but no. The first one is a classic of it’s time, but the re-makes have been awful and I haven’t seen enough acting talent from Beyonce to think this one would fare any better.

  • Kyle

    @JC: What do you mean typecast? She’s a singer. That’s what she does, acting is something extra for her.
    Why are you commenting multiple times, you don’t like her fine. You’ve said your peace give it a rest already. Go post under another name like you usually do.
    I’m out

  • Wailey

    @Kyle: Ditto. Why would she do bad now when she did great singing and acting before. Clint is one of the best I’m sure he knows what he’s doing!

  • JC

    @Kyle: If you’re a singer taking movies playing a singer you aren’t really showing much range. I like Eastwood movies a lot, but he knows damn well he needs someone like DiCaprio to take the pressure off of her. He doesn’t make a movie to just make a movie. He makes a movie thinking Oscar.

  • June

    I’ll watch!!!!

  • Fiona

    @JC: It’s great to know you work for Clint since you know so much about the directing choices he makes. As if. FAIL

  • bailey

    Leo would be doing them a favor. Maybe he feels he owes Eastwood, but Beyonce? He doesn’t owe her a thing. I don’t blame him for showing interest out of respect for Eastwood, but I hope he moves on with other projects.

  • Yeni

    Beyonce will campaign for Obama in 2012. That’s such a great thing!

  • JC

    @bailey: Exactly. He should feign an interest out of respect for Eastwood, but at the end of the day he does not need to attach himself to this. The Tarantino movie sounds awesome. That is where he should be.

  • Stella

    @JC: No he doesn’t make movies thinking Oscar. He doesn’t care for, or need the validation.

  • wait

    wasn’t Robert Downey Jr favored for the role Leo is supposed to play?
    What happend?

  • James

    @JC: I’m a huge Eastwood fan, and from what he’s said before, he doesn’t make movies thinking Oscar. He actually loves films and story-telling. Please don’t presume to know what he thinks as a director, or how he chooses his actors.

  • um

    This movie is child’s play compared to what Tarantino’s movie is about. I still can’t believe he took that role. People are gonna be seeing Leo as never before. It may get him that Oscar but what an ugly mean role he’s playing, ugh.

  • Mona

    @um: I know, but I want to see him be the bad guy. He’s so nice, it would be good to see a change. If he accepts, it probably will get him the Oscar though. I’ll watch anything he’s in.
    <3 LEO

  • Raleigh

    Bey is on the ball as of late. This would be a great oppurtunity for her. Some actors don’t get the chance to work with Eastwood, and she does, and she’s only a singer. Lucky BEY!

  • Kelly

    I can imagine playing a mean character, but how can one play a racist or say those kinds of awful racist things? How do you have that in you, even if its pretending….to get into character…

  • кредит webmoney

    oh sexy baby

  • amensister

    every since JHud stole her 14 Acting Award including an Oscar she has been trying hard to get an acting award. she should learn from JHud and realise you dont have to STAR in a show to be notice

  • lexy hates bilson

    Run Leo Run!!! You’re taken seriously as an actor – don’t do this with this movie with this faux actress!!
    BTW, how come she wears designer clothes and has designer bags but wants us regular folk to buy HER crap??

  • Kelly

    OH man beyonce and leonardo dicaprio acting together everyone one will go see that movie

  • sweetness

    100% agreement with you here.
    This remake casting reminds of that god awful Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston pairing.
    Seriously we as movie goers are supposed to buy Leo as the man behind Beyonce and she rises to the top outshining Leo until he decides to kill himself.


    @JoseLyn: @Kyle: I agree. She hates Beyonce b/c well it’s all been stated before. Don’t be jealous of her success. ROTFLMAO

  • Maria

    @lexy hates bilson: Don’t be stupid. ALL celebs are rich and want you to buy their crap or buy tickets to see their crap, etc.

  • Jo

    Weeeeeeeeew I will so watch this. Go Queen Bey!

  • mattie

    @Jo: I agree that he shouldn’t do this movie, but hey, may be good to do something so diverse?? and who didn;t fall in love with Kris Kritoffeson in the remake?? oops, showing my age!!

  • mattie

    @Kelly: It’s being a good actor!

  • phoebs

    bey for the lead role? terrible choice sorry and such an odd pairing it would be with leo

  • Dawn

    You need DMX to play the part that was Kris Kristopheron. DiCaprio won’t cut it

  • thaty

    Why another remake? Can´t Hollywood be original anymore? Clint is an amazing director, he should be doing something fresh, new, and not a remake of a movie that has already been done twice before.