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Jennifer Aniston: Norman Tattoo to Pay Homage to Him Forever

Jennifer Aniston: Norman Tattoo to Pay Homage to Him Forever

Jennifer Aniston steps out on a sunny Monday (June 27) in New York City.

The 42-year-old Horrible Bosses actress paired a black vest and a dark tank and blue jeans for her day out on the town.

Jennifer recently chatted with ET Canada about her new foot tattoo in memory of her beloved dog, Norman.

“My baby who just passed away….I never thought that would ever happen, it’s just my way to pay homage to him…forever,” she said. Norman passed away in May at the age of 15.

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  • Laura

    I was so sad to hear Norman had died, it must have been horrible for her :( I think it’s sweet she’s got a tattoo to remember him :)

  • Anjolie

    Stop using the poor dog for your PR.It’s disgusting!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston
  • Tommy Boy

    She always looks to cool and relaxed. Just saw the red band trailer for Horrible Bosses……it is effing HILLARIOUS! Cannot wait for this movie!

  • yes

    Looking Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  • http://aj slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i dont like

  • Tommy Boy

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: There’s not a thing wrong with her face. Saw her on Good Morning America this morning and she looked fantastic! Ever heard of bad camera angles? bad lighting? Get a grip!

  • marky

    she looks nice and simple

  • bob

    A dog is not a baby !

  • Justin Aniston

    Beautiful! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Tommy Boy @ 06/27/2011 at 5:51 pm

    I only heard of ugly people.

  • I dissed you. :)

    I’ve seen her on TMZ. It’s funny how she disses guys who are romantic but goes around to all her ex-boyfriends favorite places when they are mean to her and dump her. She has romantic thoughts of a 16 year old and deserves all the heart break that she brings upon her self.

    That said, if she were my girl than I would totally bend her over and drill her in the butt until she came and came again. Then I would blow my load of man nectar down her throat while she smiles and thanks me for treating her like a Sl#%t. None of you fat chicks who comment on her would understand why chicks like this like wild s&x because you have all only been with loser-men. I once told a girl Jennifer Aniston that I wasn’t going to do her in the hinny and she said, “But, I really like it big boy. It’s such a turn on.” So, all you fat or ugly chicks have your looks against you and you don’t have the internal hotness of a babe like this. You are all useless. hahahahhahh

  • clamity

    she looks very cute!

  • I dissed you. :)

    If I ever slept with any of you, umm, wouldn’t happen, unless I was on cocaine, mushrooms, and weed, but let’s just say it did happen. Well, if I ever slept with any of you boring-s#$xual chicks then I would go @ss to mouth. :)

  • bob

    @I dissed you. :): COOL TOMMY BOY

  • Tim

    her clothing style is the same as my Moms. her face looks ~different~ but at least she’s not anorexic and depressed/ obviously unhappy like someone else *cough Cough*

  • notafan

    Is she promoting the movie or the boyfriend that she stole???Hypocrite!!!

  • I dissed you. :)

    @ bob, shut up before I give you a wedgy and toss you back into a locker. Bring back memories. :)

  • bob

    @I dissed you. :): COOL TOMMY

  • Domino

    @Anjolie: As opposed to using your children for PR? LMAO

  • HenHen

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn, the desperate & Lonely B^tch!!!!

  • HenHen

    @HenHen: forgot Pathectic!!!! :<

  • yadda

    i find it very scary that some people have such an obsession with the whole joili-pitt and aniston siuation which happend years ago i dont care for any of them but it seems they all have moved on so why cant their fans? sorry their is a certain line between being a fan and just being down right crazy like ghandi said ”An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” stop being hateful to eachother !

  • terti

    she looks very pretty here @24 ur a heartless person i feel sorry for uto wish someone dead wow seriously get some help i wonder how u would feel if someone thought that about u

  • Ghost

    The paid for posters are flooding this post to try to deflect the truth away from the Hobag of Hollywood,and home wrecking sl-t. , she must have a a movie to promote and they don’t like negative posts about their little pre-madonna Jenny. Sorry won’t work , we are capable of rational thought and not idol worship…

  • Bella

    must have been horrible :(

  • Domino

    @She killed Norman for PR: Oh honey I know how you feel. THAT’S about how much as I hate Angelina. Perhaps more.

  • Shaz

    No, a dog is not a baby – I would compare a beloved pet to an angel more than a baby. They give so much unconditional love and ask only their basics needs be met in return. She got her pet when she was only 27 – so not only has she lost a long-time beloved pet, it’s a reminder of a young adulthood phase that’s ended. Get a pet y’all and you’ll be nicer for it.

  • realist

    She is looking more and more like a man.

  • Me

    @She killed Norman for PR: I wonder if comments like this make these people think they are any better than what they claim Jennifer is. They sound sicker to me, regardless of what I think of Jennifer.

  • She killed Norman for PR

    R.I.P Norman.. you are in a better place now

  • HOT!


  • Jane

    She seems like a very down to earth woman.

  • To Tim

    Tim @ 06/27/2011 at 6:08 pm

    Really. To me she looks fat, bloated, old, depressed/unhappy *cough cough* not like someone else who is gorgeous, smart, happy, & sexy.

  • Courtney

    ever though she’s going through depression as a side effect of losing her dog which isn’t unheard of. getting a tattoo in memory of a beloved pet or family member who has died isn’t uncommon. Motley Crew lead singer Vince Neil has one of an Angel and his youngest daughter Skylar’s name on his right forearm as she died of cancer aged 4 in august 1995. if Sophie Dahl got the name Pat tatted on her wrist with rose vines going through it nobody would fuss because most people know that was her grandmother Patricia’s nickname her entire professional life which streatches 64 years and many awards including a Tony An Oscar and An Emmy.

  • She killed Norman for PR

    Killer..jail her

  • Appletini

    No, just simple.

  • the truth

    Hot hot she looks hot…Lunatic jolie pitt fans get off of this thread. Jen IS America’s sweetheart. She looks fab. Jolie hypocrite says she will never go with a married man since her father cheated on her mother then hah she proceeds to show it’s in her blood by having an affair with a married man. As for the married man who cheated on Jen – Pitt spit on you. Jen ROCKS.

  • the truth

    Aniston = Hot hot hot…she looks hot…

    Lunatic jolie pitt fans get off of this thread. Jen IS America’s sweetheart. Liar and hypocrite Jolie had said that she would never go with a married man since her father cheated on her mother. But then hah she proceeds to show it’s in her blood by having an affair with a married man.

    As for the married man who cheated on Jen – Pitt spit on you. Jen ROCKS.

  • Ghost

    @ the truth. You wouldn’t know the truth if it banged you all night… Nothing you have typed is even remotely close to the truth. Anyone who says the things you just did about the Hobag of Hollywood is and must be in complete denial about the truth. When you take your head and slam it against a wall it might help you see the truth for what it really is , A woman with a PR team that lies to every day…

  • HenHen

    Sick of seeing this hag on here so much!!!! I mean literally sick, I run to the toilet ASAP!!!

  • Peapo

    Can you say Filler Face? And can she be more obvious walking with her ring finger straight out? Fake, and phony. not an actress. A PR stunt gone overboard.

  • 裴凡強


  • Barbra Streisand

    A Barbra who can’t sing!!! Homage my as$$$!

  • ellie’

    I didn’t get to see these pictures…beautiful as always…