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Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Premiere!

Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Premiere!

Katie Holmes hits the premiere of her film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark held at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Sunday (June 26) in Los Angeles.

The film was chosen as the closing night selection at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The 32-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her co-star Bailee Madison.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, in theaters August 26, is about a young girl (Madison) who is sent to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Holmes), and discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Contrarian dress and shoes and a silver & jewel bracelet, both by Lanvin.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the premiere of her new film…

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katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 01
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 02
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 03
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 04
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 05
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 06
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 07
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 08
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 09
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark premiere 10

Credit: Frazer Harrison, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • booooring

    pigeon-toed bimbo.

  • T

    Katie’s looking good lately.. What happened to her the last 4 years??

  • Karee

    Where is Tommy? And the rest of the cast! Again naturally she alone how she will promote this movie. Like every other movie she does.

  • dena

    Something is different about Katie’s face here-her cheeks and lips suddenly look plumper. Fillers, maybe? The pics from a few days/ weeks ago show the difference. Sigh…I guess she must please the controlling midget.

  • annie

    gorgeous- loving the dress, her hair , shoes, everything and the cute black bracelet.

  • Bella

    the little girl is annoying in ‘Just go with it” :)

  • jojo

    That little girl is not cute

  • EJ

    love her tan she looks cute!!

  • Question

    Where’s Tom?

  • Chris

    Um, first off, a Sunday premiere in June for a movie that opens in AUGUST? I’m thinking they don’t have much faith in this film if the premiere is now? Not like they did when casting KH in it, but where is the rest of the cast and Lil’ Tom? LOL!!!!

  • Katie

    I think she looks pretty here.



  • bobbi

    Are scientologists not supposed to show their teeth? :o)

  • Emilie

    Are the loose strands of grey hairs supposed to be a fashion statement? I thought she would dye her hair but those babies look like they haven’t been dyed in months!!!

  • Mikado

    @bobbi: Hahahaha!!! Good one!

  • Connie

    trying—so—hard—don’t stand pidgeon-toed—-oy—the power of her poor posture has simply been lost from her control. At least she took the right combination of meds to be able to look coherent at least long enough to have a few photos taken!!!
    Awesone job Katie! ROFLMAO!!
    …and Bailey’s probably thinking…”at least that brat Suri isn’t here!!”

  • MasterThespian

    Tom may force people to cast Katie in their D Movie productions(that probably would have been B Movies without Katie’s presence), or her may fund the production company behind the movie(ie: The Romantics); but he does not generally waste his time at the premieres (ie: The Extra Man)

  • SAB

    She looks a bit like Kate Middleton!!

  • Annie

    This movie sounds like UTTER CRAP even without Katie – who funds this rubbish? Won’t be watching. And I reckon these pics have been ‘shopped. We all know Katie’s legs are not that lean and shapely even when Katie’s at her skinniest.

  • yes

    She’s been looking fantastic lately. Like her old old self, pre Tom.

    Looking good chica.

  • ck

    @Chris To be fair, this isn’t like a normal film premiere, it’s part of a film festival. I’ve attended “Premiere’s” for films at the Tribeca Film Festival – and the movies never opened in theaters.

  • abc

    Bailee Madison is so adorable here!

  • anon

    Katie looks good here. Good for you Katie, now just keep it up. It’s too bad she doesn’t have her husband around to support HER, like she usually does for him. Love the shoes.

  • lui

    she looks so thinner…

  • stee-low-flow

    This little actress Bailee Madison played a “haunting” role in a
    Law & Order SVU last year. And then I saw her in a short movie on HUB network…she was great in both.

    She’s got acting chops as far as I’m concerned. I will check this out.

  • Uh oh

    After that pic of Katie with the belly when everybody was asking if she was pregnant, she seems to have gone on a diet and gone too far. She looks anorexic or bulimic. This is what happens when you have heavy legs and decide to diet down to make them look thinner. Your upper body looks anorexic and your bottom looks normal. I think this is why she excercises so much too. That controlling creep Cruise probably wants perfection out of her, but then again she’s an idiot for marrying him and if its a contract, she’s getting what she deserves if he’s controlling her. This is what happens when you marry for money.

  • kate

    She looks great.
    I was at the beach and yes she is skinny but they made it worse in some pics by skewing them and they also some changed some of the other pics and when they did these changes they made her skin darker which is so off because she is really light almost white.

  • Danielle

    One of the biggest drawbacks to her “fashion sense” is she doesn’t know how to pose. The clothes wear her. Not she wearing her clothes. She comes across unconfident. And that side smirk she developed after her friendship with Victoria Beckham doesn’t help. Although this is a cute dress and looks good on her, she needs to bring the waist down at least a good inch, maybe two. She needs to stop with the pigeon toed look. Not attractive at all.

    If you compare her to Katherine Middleton–they have similar builds, looks. Katherine wears the clothes. You can tell she has put thought into how to put the look together, she has taken the time to look to for something that will fit her figure and be a fashion statement. Katie on the other hand apparently doesn’t look for clothes that flatter her figure, she appears to just buy anything she likes. Once it is home, she doesn’t use her sewing skills or a tailor to make a few alterations in the garments that would make them stunning rather than so-so. She obviously doesn’t try and present the outfits or herself in a flattering light by posing well.

    It is so hard to believe that she is supposedly a fashion icon and that magazines actually want her to model for them. She get more negative votes for her outfits than she does positive most of the time in the polls that People, InStyle etc offer. She has all this money and she is obviously addicted to shopping–but why bother when she blows the end result?

  • Rainy Day

    Ohmygod. If you go to Katieholmes dot com–and blow up the picture they have of her hand–her nail polish is not only chipped, it is badly chipped. Unbelievable. She couldn’t take one minute to take off the polish?

  • Lynee

    @ Rainy Day
    You’re right. Its like she spent the day chewing on it. I’m sure she had some high priced makeup artist doing her makeup. She could have asked them to take off the polish. Also, what is that weird white stuff all over her hands. Like she dipped them in chalk. Weird. Also, I think she has anorexia or something. OMG she lost alot of weight. Shes way too thin – but I’m sure some obsessed freaky fan will blame it on everybody else by Katie. One thing I will say for Katie, she has some of the most dedicated fans ever. They will make excuses for anything and everything – which doesnt say a whole lot about their mental capacity, but still….they’re loyal. hahahahahahaha

  • Romeo

    It was a film festival screening, #10.

    How do you know he buys projects for her, #17?

    How do you know Cruise is controlling or a creep, #26. Quit blaming him for everything that happens in the world! How do you know Holmes exercises too much.

    Get a life, #28.

    I wish she had super crazy fans that defended every singled idiosyncrasy like that other actress with multiple kids, #30. What she does have are a bunch of critics that overanalyze every single detail and rant and rave how worthless she is like you’re doing.

  • Rainy Day


    You are such a hypocrite Romeo. You take every opportunity to “gently” or “subtly” slam AJ and brood and Kidman and brood. And of course you turn around and call people morons, idiots,, and stupid for their opinions–because you are the only person allowed to have an opinion and it must be positive.

    Several people have pointed out to you that this is an AJ and Kidman friendly blog and not friendly to KH. Have you ever read any of the anti AJ and Kidman blogs? The things that are said, implied and accusatory towards the two women are vile, much worse than anything anyone has said about KH. Much worse.

    If all of this negativity bothers you so much, go to a KH friendly site. Better yet, stop reading.

    KH is getting fewer and fewer posts and hits on JJ. So maybe he’ll stop posting about this talentless bimbo.

  • Lynee

    Romeo’s timing is inpecable. Hahaha! Just as I talk about Holmes lunatic fans, out comes the biggest lunatic of them all!! What a nasty, horrible piece of work ROMEO is. He’s a prime example of exactly what I was talking about. And after he attacks everyone here for havig a different OPINION, he goes on to pretty much attack Angelina Jolie. He’s a hypocrite and a nasty idiot.

    @ Romeo…..If Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise saw your posts, they’d hate you even more than they hate people who are critical of them. Being a “Fan doesn’t mean you have the right to attack everyone and anyone who says anything negative about the objects of your obsession. Frankly, I’m glad they have security to keep fanatics like you away from them. You’re scary and sick and I really wish JJ would ban people like you who come here just to attack other people – not to discuss the subject of the post. GET SOME HELP AND THEN GET A LIFE. You’re the one who doesn’t have one.

  • Charly

    That’s it. I just flagged Romeo’s post and sent a PM to Jared. I can’t take him anymore. Romeo only comes here to attack. He never comments on Jared’s posts or the pictures or anything. He just comes to call everyone else names and I am tired of it. He likes Tomkat so we all have to like them yet he’s a giant hypocrite when he attacks Angelina who I’m not even a fan of. I don’t even post here anymore because him and that’s really not fair! Jared, please do something about this crazy Romeo. He should not be allowed to call everyone names and be so nasty to them.

    ps. Katie’s dress is pretty but shes way to skinny now.

  • bogo

    The best thing to do do a nut like Romeo….

    Don’t read his nonsense and never comment. That way….he will slither away. LOL

  • paris

    Sunken chest, huge cankles. But she does look nice, considering. Can’t wait til her contract is up.

  • annie

    I don’t think Katie had chipped nail polish, because I don’t think that chipped nail polish looks like that, all the nails had the same look or pattern….right in the middle.

    Why have you people got it in for Romeo. you say the most awful things, and he just defends them. I’m on their side most of the time too, especially Katie. Same people post over and over under different names, saying the same things, and the funny thing is you want so desperately to believe what you are saying. I say that, because the other day one of you said ” I can’t believe people ask her to model for them”. Maybe people want her to model for them, for reasons you don’t want to accept, because of whatever it is that actually bothers you about her .

  • kate

    On soapbox
    I think most people here are not Katie fans which is ok but when people write things as fact and they are not kind it brings everyone down. unless you know the person all you write is an opinion and you should not be upset when people do not agree, or especially if they write things against your opinion. But you accuse instead. IMO women need to stick together especially on appearance, not knock each other down. When there is a pic of a star without makeup praise it, when a star is getting heavy praise it (or to thin) let family and friends help them if they need it. Our society needs work on our views on self image especially women these remarks might (or not) hurt the star but they do hurt society as a whole. If and when someone is bulimic and read these statements it feeds their bulimia. Please let us women go beyond ourselves and become a group. Comment on things you know or not about appearance. off soapbox

  • toria


    Annie, she is being asked to model for them for one reason–she is Mrs. Tom Cruise. If she were Katie Holmes, single and no Tom Cruise–she would either be in obscurity due to her poor performances and film failures or she might have made it if she hadn’t been stupid after meeting Cruise–she was, in spite of what Romeo insists, fired from Batman 2 due to her non-promotion and answers to David Letterman questions–where he and said if she and Tom both had a film out and she had to make a choice–she said she stand by her man and her film would come in second. There were plenty of tactful answers she could have given. Tom’s machine immediately went into overdrive when it was announced she was fired.

    Regarding her hands. First off, this is a woman who showed up in strapless sandals for Cruise’s award ceremony a few months ago with a chipped and messy pedicure. Her nails look as tho she had gel nails on and she chipped them off. This is definitely not a manicured look–this is the look of someone too lazy to either go to a salon and have the nails fixed or too lazy to take some acetone polish and get the things off.

    You and Romeo can defend Katie all you want, but both of you have been guilty of bashing other stars. If you are preaching tolerance and kindness for Katie then you need to exercise it towards AJ and brood, Kidman and brood and anyone else that is posted here. And that goes for Romeo especially. He goes on Kidman and Jolie posts and then bashes them, subtly, but nevertheless bashes them. I’ve seen some not so nice posts from you also.

    And although I can’t speak for all of the posters on the KH threads, I think she would get more positive feedback if she didn’t sound like such a brainless moron (to coin Romeo’s phrase)–even Vanity Fair after one of her interviews said it was one of the strangest ones that they had did. It was like her head was empty and everything was awesome and amazing. Hollywood is not a nice town and to make it you have to make some choices middle-America wouldn’t understand, but Katie is out there singing, dancing, acting (both stage and film), designing and modeling and doing poorly at all of them. Is it any wonder people think she is trading on the name Cruise? Not to mention she seems totally ineffective as a parent. Can you honestly say that dragging Suri everywhere with her and exposing her to the paps and other situations that would make any child think s/he is more important than she is–is a good thing? I’ve seen you say the jP kids are dragged out all the time for the cameras–yet we see far less of them than almost any A list Hollywood child. They seem better adjusted (even the tomboy one) than Suri on any given day.

    So you can defend KH all you want as can Romeo–it is your right, but until Katie can prove she deserves some of the perks that come her way–people are going to say negative things about her. Dragging around your child in designer duds and shopping all day may be a talent of the rich and famous, but with so many people hurting in this economy world-wide, it probably isn’t the smartest thing to do. Be nice if she took her fame and did something with it–something significant rather than Dizzy Feet. Bash AJ, but her commitment to the refugees is going on ten years. Bash Kidman, but her commitment to children’s health and breast cancer awareness and now her fight for women’s rights has been lifelong with her.

    Just what does KH do? She spends Cruise’s money all day long while exposing her child to the paps and their pushiness/flashes etc. She uses his fame and money to get parts on stage, in the movies, etc. And to get those modeling jobs.

  • Juliet

    Who cares what is it, she sucks at acting anyway, #31.

    How do you know he does not buy projects for her, #31?

    How do you know Cruise is not controlling or a creep, #31. Quit posting on these threads like you know everything! You can tell Holmes exercises too much.

    GET A LIFE, #31.

    I wish you were not a super crazy fan that defends every single idiosyncrasy #31. What she does have are a bunch of critics that intelligently analyze every single detail and rant and rave how worthless she is like they should.

  • bogo

    # 37…what in the heck are u trying to say?
    Go back to English school!

  • annie

    you know what I don’t like about your post Toria it’s because you make me out to be deaf and blind. nobody came out to say that she was fired, Chris Nolan said he was angry with her for not resuming her role as Rachel Daws. her reps put out a statement saying Katie had conflicting time scheduels and thats why she didn’t make the movie.
    maybe it’s something she regretted, and that’s why she works even when Tom works , because his movies take so long to complete.
    I also read an article that said that Nolan doesn’t like changing the main characters in his movies, even tho he said he was happy with Maggi G, maybe that’s why he killed her off.
    When she was younger, she did Gap , J Crew, Nuetragina, and although a lot of compiments are coming her way again, nobody ever said a nasty word about her , like they do now.
    The cast of DC were a sheltered lot , the producers kept them out of Hollywood because they didn’t want problems. She didn’t go around attracting attention to herself, like a lot of them do today, where they are told to draw as much attention to themselves as possible.
    Her movies were not boxoffice hits, but she still had the clout that people in the movie industry wrote movies especially for her in mind., like Teaching Mrs Tingle/ Abandon, they were written for her speciffically, so she had her admirers from within early on.
    Nobody knows where her career might have taken her, or where it’s going to take her.
    Maybe she’s getting all these endorsements and modelling jobs, because she’s not hidden anymore, she’s out there and these people who hire her might like what they see.
    Maybe they don’t give a hoot about Scie, or her husband……what has Tom to do with H Stern, or Ann Taylor, or Mui Mui or Jon Freida. Who cares if she’s Toms wife, they probably don’t even know him.
    And I can understand why Romeo gets peed off about Kidman,and Jolie, because there is a different acceptable standard for them and their children and a totally different one for the Cruise family. It irrates me as well , but I don’t have the inclination to go respond on their sites, nor the time , even tho I do shake my head , because I am curious as to how people respond to their things and goings on, compared to T K and S.
    Tom has got himself sometimes in situations that have boomeranged back on to her and it’s been difficult for her, because some judge her guilty by association.
    You’ve got your mind set , and that’s that, as far as you are concerned.
    Also Nicole Kidman is 44, maybe when Katie is the same age, she might do the same thing.
    You people make Katie sound like Tom picked her up on the side of the road or something, but it’s very obvious that you know very very little about her. You see what you want to see and that’s evident in everything you write.

  • http://Nicole Alice

    Bailee is sooo annoying!!! She is really mean. ’cause she dresses up as if she is a grown- up woman. Always heels, opened dresses, makeup, lipstick or lipgloss. It looks kinda funny on her. Though she is only 11 years old.