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Nicole Kidman: Sydney Airport with Sunday & Faith!

Nicole Kidman: Sydney Airport with Sunday & Faith!

Nicole Kidman is all smiles as she leaves the Sydney Airport with her adorable daughters Sunday and Faith on Tuesday (June 28) in Sydney, Australia.

Last week, the 44-year-old Aussie actress celebrated the release of her husband Keith Urban‘s music video for his song “Without You” at the Cabana restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

Nicole is in talks to take a role in the upcoming film The Paperboy after Sofia Vergara had to drop out of the flick due to her Modern Family schedule.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at the airport with Sunday and Faith

Just Jared on Facebook
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 01
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 02
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 03
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 04
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 05
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 06
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 07
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 08
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 09
nicole kidman sydney airport with sunday and faith 10

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  • Redman



    I love babies with chubby cheeks, her kids are so cute

  • cactusflower

    Her daughters are beautiful. Nicole is glowing!

  • Trish

    Beautiful girls & mommy too!

  • Trish

    Beautiful girls & mommy too!!!

  • kå simply àmazing!

    cute and beautiful kids!

  • http://Comcast Dee

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidmans’ daughters are adorable. Nicole was in Nashville to help celebrate Keiths” song Without You, which went to #1 on the charts. They also live in Nashville.

  • monique

    Beautiful girls! Keith is a very lucky guy!

  • JOY

    Absolutely precious. Sha both of them are too cute.

  • Frozoid

    Bet she’s jealous of Cameron Diaz’s huge box office success this weekend.

    Also looks like she’s stopped injecting that god-awful stuff into her lips.

  • AM

    She’s wearing a mini mink coat. Cute.

  • Katie

    She looks so happy here :) and her daughters are adorable !

  • ocer

    Faith is like to her sister in her age!
    I love this three girls of Urban!
    Sunday is cute to lap her finger!!!!Really cute girl!

  • CJLOVE23

    Nicole is an amazing mother! Her beautiful daughters are NOT overexposed like SOME are! *cough* Suri

  • irene olson

    Nicole seems so relaxed with her daughters; what a good mama she must be. Her life is fulfilled…………loving husband and two more beautiful children. She will be able to raise her two little girls in a manner that she and Keith choose; not by a “unique” group.

  • boston61

    She bought the little one. Used another woman’s womb because she was too busy getting her lips pumped up and deformed? Her hair looks like a dead animal glued to the top of her head.

  • shelby

    Lovely photos! All three look gorgeous! and then there’s Keith – amazing looks in that family!

  • Julie2


    You really need to check in yourself to a facility. Maybe they could give you the help you badly needed.

  • shelby

    I didn’t mean that Keith wasn’t gorgeous when I said “and then there’s Keith.” I meant that he’s SUPER good looking and the whole family is incredibly attractive.

  • shelby

    You have to wonder why that nasty woman cares how a baby came into the world. That baby is loved and cared for. Isn’t that all that matters? It must be jealousy. You must be so sick with jealousy that it causes you to make ugly comments about an innocent woman/child. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are not in Keith’s league in any way shape or form. Nicole is. Accept it or you will let the jealousy ruin your life.

  • Julie

    It’s painfully obvious that this (nasty) woman fell in love with a singer she can’t have. Selena Gomez gets hate mail. You can sort of understand that because the girls are young. But this woman must be of age and capable of understanding right and wrong. Yet she chooses to spend her life attacking a woman who was lucky enough to win Keith’s love. Celebrities all have this problem. It’s not just Keith. They learn pretty quickly to never read fan opinions. Nicole gets bashed simply because she’s married to Keith. There’s no justification or rationale behind it. All it does is make the pathetic nasty woman look ridiculous, immature and trashy.

  • shelby

    I agree Julie, but I don’t think *love* is he right word. I think it’s more an obsession. A celebrity obsession. Love does not behave in this way. Love wants what is best for that person. It’s not selfish. It’s not ugly and jealousy plays no part in real love.

  • Julie


    Of course, I stand corrected. The celebrity obsession is an illness. I honestly do think this woman needs help. She won’t seek it until she admits to herself she has a problem. How many lonely, hate filled nights will it take? If she spent even half the time on her appearance as she does on her Nicole attacks, she could win a man all for herself.

  • Jordyn

    What beautiful little girls!!!

  • irene olson

    Yahoo! I love it when the Urbans go to Australia. Unfortunately for them, the “paps” are relentless, but for we celebrity followers it is great fun. The Urbans live a quiet, secluded life in TN, so we do not see much of them. I would bet Keith will be there by the weekend; he has concerts June 29 and 30 and then a few days off. Keep printing those Urban pictures, Jared.

  • mayday mayday

    boston61 check yourself into a facility now. You are delusional.

  • maggie

    Cute, cute, cute!!!

  • LMAO!

    Mimosa says: “I don’t believe those tweets. It’s strange that with those rabid fans there at a show….there’s no photos of Granny? Surely one fan out of the few thousand had a camera phone and the interest to take a pic? No one willing to share? There were plenty of them when they were “dating/working out the details of their business deal, and she was sitting in plain sight at the board. Surely she wants to be seen just as much,if not more now,than she did then…. ”

    Mimosa you ARE right about one thing. Fans aren’t willing to share with you the pics or video of Nicole in Raleigh cheering Keith on from the side of the stage. That’s what you get for being big fat liars! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Nicole you are beautiful and thank you for making Raleigh so special for Keith. Your little girls are absolutely lovely!

  • blson

    normal kids lol

  • moh123

    What a lovely Girls with a gorgeous mother!

  • http://aj slig o lambert^________^ cute

    so pretty and beautiful kids

  • F B



    keep your petty little hatefest wars somewhere else; like at your own hatefilled blog! Quite tired of you bringing the tripe to every Kidman-Urban thread! Don’t you see you are as bad-sick as those you hate! Stop copy-pasting people’s comments from elsewhere to this blog!

  • F B


    There is one small little lack of logic in your statement. Before Tom Cruise outed himself as a nut (as perceived by the world), which was after he and Nicole split, he was adored by millions and considered gorgeous and talented; he was an ICON – in the media … why is it then that Nicole was not “hated” for being married to one of the most desired men (at the time)??? See the inconsistency in your argument? At the time, Nicole was considered a ‘cold fish’, but nothing like the widespread ‘dislike’ she is experiencing over the last few years; although some people have warmed to her; esp after Tom’s ‘fallout’, and that is because Keith brought warmth and down-to-earthedness, and family values, to her world and life. People swoon over babies no matter what and it has all helped to make her appear a warmer human being.

  • Zippy

    Sunday Rose looks exhausted and needs to be held.

  • hopeso

    Sunday is growing up and Faith is bid girl too….Love Nicole & her fam…

  • @FB

    There is not inconsistency in Julie’s argument. You don’t know how many people liked her or didn’t like her when she was married to Tom because there was no internet to house groups of rabid haters like yourself. The only ‘widespread dislike’ is the one in your delusional half a brain and that intiated by your lifeless corpse friends. You dozen jealous, unhappy women aren’t going to change the minds of us normal people, no matter how many times you troll a board with your shallow, pointless agenda. You’re vulgar little maggots, so stupid it’s a wonder and a pity you even remember how to breathe.

  • Here’s the Haters

    This is the group of haters who troll the boards. This is them before a Keith Urban concert. They thought they had a chance with him and hate Nicole because she got him. Bahahaha!

  • Jaquie

    LoL..I don’t think Nicole has anything to worry about. Cute kids. Nice family.

  • Here’s Michelle

    She’s the hater who says Nicole’s hair is bad! Obviously she has no mirror in her house. Bahahaha!

  • Julie

    Took the words out of my mouth. Back when Nicole was with Tom, these message boards didn’t exist. I’m sure there were obsessed fans of Tom Cruise who loathed her for that. There were always be those sick women who feel entitled to whoever they set their sights on. For some stupid reason, they feel that among the thousands of women who are mesmerized by Keith, THEY should be the one to have him. This is real life. Most people realize they can’t have whoever they want. Awwwww. Poor baby. So, instead of handling it like an adult, you stoop to the level of a boy crazed 13 yr. old and spend your days spewing hate towards his wife. Do you ever think about your actions?

  • Julie

    and to the jealous idiot who will criticize anything and everything relating to Nicole, those of us who have multiple kids know that you can’t coddle each one 24/7. That’s not a bad thing. Sunday is just fine. She probably wouldn’t want to be held anyway. Do you know anything about 3 yr. olds? About having multiple children? About the blessing of a sister? About the blessing of having two happily married parents who love you? Those girls aren’t lacking anything. They will grow up well adjusted and won’t get obsessed with a celebrity and harbor hate and jealousy uglier than anything they could even imagine. It’s called mental health.

  • Rainy Day

    @F B:

    Nicole has always had a faction of “non-fans” who have disliked her. But I believe some of the “widespread” hate is due to a subtly instigated campaign by the Cult of Xenu. They don’t like it when someone leaves their clutches. Paul Haggis said it really well in his NYorker article–at the end he said they would most likely in three or four years due a smear campaign of some sort to get back at him for the article and for leaving. The cult is a vicious group that takes no prisoners.

  • qwerty

    “FB”, “Fred”, “a” , whatever she wants to call herself is obviously a Kidman hater. That’s why she doesn’t want the truth posted here. It’s plain as day. If she checks herself in now, maybe she can get a group rate with boston61 and Frozoid!

  • observer

    What would they (she) have if they gave up their hatred and obsession? They would have an empty life because they’ve devoted so much to this pathetic effort. The effort to bad mouth Nicole so much that Keith will leave her. I guess if you have nothing else, it might seem worth it? I will just sit back and watch how long it lasts. How long will they keep on bashing Nicole? On their death bed, will they say * I wish I had bashed her more * or will they say * I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time bashing a singers wife *. On judgment day, how will they justify their actions? Only time will tell.

  • mcmurtry

    The thing of it is all celebrities have obsessed haters. But I’ve never seen it this bad where they are proud of what they do and so public about it. Did they think their plan would work, the world would turn against Nicole Kidman and Keith would dump her before everyone found out they are all fakes? Now it seems they don’t care that everyone knows they lie every single day of their lives. Plus there’s idiots and whackos who just hate Nicole and don’t give a hoot about Keith that encourage the behavior. These are women with no self worth who need serious psychiatric treatment.

  • Shauna

    Yeah, they still think their plan will work. They think if they say something enough times, people will think it’s true. Thing is they don’t have an edit button. Everything that comes out of their mouth is so over the top ridiculous that they sabotaged themselves years ago. Death wishes don’t help their cause either. Reality is nobody thinks Nicole Kidman is ugly. Nobody thinks she had to pay someone to marry her. Nobody thinks she fake being pregnant (or paid off a hospital and half of Nashville to say she was). Nobody thinks her career or his career is dead. Nobody thinks she abandoned her 2 older children because everyone knows how Scientology works. Nobody thinks they only pretend to be married. The biggest reality check? Keith and Nicole don’t give a rats behind what haters think. The biggest crime? That 2 beautiful children will someday feel the pain caused by a group of old women who viciously bullied the mommy and daddy they love. Grow up, cowards.

  • so sad

    They can’t give up the dream. They think they are “paving the way”. It’s why when anything negative is said about Keith or Nicole they claim those people are skeptics too. Don’t expect for them to quit anytime soon. All of them are waiting for Bella and Connor’s tell-all exposing Nicole and then Sunday’s book. Didn’t make that up, they actually said that. They think any day now the ball is going to drop and everything they’ve said about Nicole will be proven true.

  • Surrrre

    “They think any day now the ball is going to drop and everything they’ve said about Nicole will be proven true” Delusional at it’s finest. Nicole’s been famous since for over 20 years. Do you think that there isn’t somebody, somewhere who worked for her, worked with her, or actually knows her and would have exposed her demons by now? I’m REAL SURE middle aged nobodies from Minnesota, Iowa, and Alabama don’t know squat and the more pictures I see of those ugly wackos, the more it’s apparent they’re just insanely jealous of a beautiful woman’s good fortune and especially, her love life. She’s doing everything with Keith they only dreamed about. Can you imagine the shock when they were forced to open their eyes and see it was only their hairy-a$$ husband sweating on top of them, and not Keith Urban? Yuck. I’d be grossed out too, but not for 6 years.

  • MarybethC

    Awwww, so cute! I love her daughter’s little faux fur jacket. It looks like the baby has redhair like Nicole. They are all so beautiful. I bet Keith is so proud of all 3 of his girls! I don’t understand the hate towards such a lovely and private family.

  • s

    What have you gained from here and talking bad about this family?
    I just wanted to understand..
    WHATEVER.meanwhile they are being happy and living their own lives