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Halle Berry Argues Gabriel Aubry Violated Custody Agreement

Halle Berry Argues Gabriel Aubry Violated Custody Agreement

Halle Berry visits the Pacific Design Center on Tuesday (June 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 44-year-old actress went to family court, claiming her ex, Gabriel Aubry, violated the custody agreement over their 3-year-old daughter Nahla.

Documents submitted by her lawyer “go into great detail about Gabriel‘s parenting skills,” TMZ reports.

Gabriel was not in court and a judge reportedly set a hearing for a later date.

The day before, Halle picked up Nahla from school and took her out for a cool treat.

FYI: Halle is carrying Loewe‘s Grey Metallic Gunmetal Viento 38 Lambskin Hobo Bag.

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  • bb

    this is sad man, why can’t a guy do right by her?

  • toria

    How vindictive can she be? I thought the courts ruled he was a good dad.

  • taylor.

    crazy chick is crazy.

  • commonsense

    @bb: Why can’t a guy do right by her? You need to be asking WTF is wrong with her that she keeps picking the same type of men. Not that I think anything is wrong with Gabriel. But just because Halle’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s not the one with the issues.

  • DL

    Oliver Martinez maybe left her and she pissed, no pictures of them together

  • rhonda

    all these years Halle has played the victim of the bad, bad men. now we see Halle is the NUTCASE!

  • Lena

    TMZ and everyone else should stay out of her personal life imo. I feel bad for her, I know she’ll do what’s right for Nahla.

  • edina

    she is an IDIOT and bad mother, if she thinks that this is good for her daughter…..poor guy…..I agree w/rhonda….she is not the victim, she is a NUTCASE.

  • Jo

    I feel bad for her, she never seems really happy. Will be glad when they reach an agreement for Nahla’s sake. Nothing worse than fighting parents…

  • Louie

    @edina: how is trying to make sure your daughter is safe, not good for her. People like @edina: & @rhonda: should never have kids

  • JoseLyn

    @Fiona: I agree! It’s sad when a female persecutes another female. Pathetic actually. I pray women like that are never involved in this kind of situation or an abusive one. I wish Halle and Nahla the best

  • Gin0

    @edina: Why would you call her a bad mother when you really don’t even know what’s going on???? If you were a mother you’d do every thing in your power to protect your child. I think @Louie: is right, you should NEVER have kids.

  • Roe

    No one knows what’s happening behind closed doors so don’t judge her

  • Wailey

    @Fiona: Preach!

  • Toni

    Why are you all attacking her? Do any of you actually know how good or bay Gabriel’s parenting is? I know a father, who KNOWS his kids have certain allergies etc, yet still persists in feeding them all the wrong junk foods during the weekend – even when the kids tell him. The poor mom spends the next whole week getting them better again. Halle is a good mom. Otherwise her daughter wouldn’t look so fit and happy with her.

  • Maggie

    Whait I do not understand is that when she was with Gabriel, she kept on praising him about being such a wonderful dad and all of a sudden now that they are separated he turned into an unresponsible character ???
    Plus she keep on saying on interviews how it was kinda hard for her to grow up and not have a dad around and that she think her “problem” with man might be a consequence of that, does she want Nahla to go through the same stuff?

  • seijidan

    All of you should not even voice an opinion. All of you are either assuming that Gabriel is abusing Halle and that Halle is a nutcase. Yet all of you don’t have evidence do you? There’s nothing more annoying than a woman telling another woman they’re a bad mother and a woman thinking that a mother is the better parent than the father. Hope they fix this problem. Whether Halle likes it or not, Nahla needs her father in her life and Halle shouldn’t take that right. At the same time, I hope Gabriel does his part, be there for his daughter and set a good example.

  • Kyle

    Hope they get this settled some time this century before Nahla figures out what’s going on

  • hallehater

    she’s so annoying always playing the victim card and making up lies. get a career besides ruining other people’s

  • Dude

    @seijidan: yes every child needs both parents but if the mother of father is not fit they shouldn’t be allowed parental rights. Simple as that, the child’s safety is first.

  • Raleigh

    @hallehater: It’s great that you know what’s going on. Fill us in if you don’t mind since your so in the know! Thanks in advance

  • Drew

    @Toni: yeah, my best friend is in a similar situation. Hope things work out for her

  • WOW

    Um If I had a child and I felt he/she were not safe, i’d kick a** to correct the situation. If you think it’s not the right thing to do then don’t have kids, and STFU

  • Dummies

    @WOW: Couldn’t have said it better.

  • plez

    If the child was in danger the judge would have ruled right away.
    This is just Halle being a b*tch. When she says he does not haveparenting skills it means he is not doing it the way she told him to do it.

  • LiLy

    I say its none of our buiness, what goes on between Halle & Gabriel!! I don’t get why her personal infomation keeps getting out!! I mean, people need to shut up & stop saying Halle is crazy because no one even knows the real story!! This could be a rumor, you just believe everything you hear!! And maybe Halle is right, maybe Gabriel is neglecting Nahla, you never know!!

  • Ruth

    Dude @ 06/29/2011 at 12:51 am 0

    @seijidan: yes every child needs both parents but if the mother of father is not fit they shouldn’t be allowed parental rights. Simple
    First of all why are Halle’s people supplying info about private court sessions to the media. These discussions should be private.

    When they were together she didn’t stop saying “what a wonderful father he is” etc. etc. All of a sudden he is “unfit”. And she is a fit mother? The woman is a control freak and should have had a child ALONE. It isn’t a difficult process and millions of women choose this method today when they don’t have partners. As it is, there is a father and he has full rights to his daughter. We have seen drug addicts etc. retain rights to see their children so what is Berry saying – he is worse than that.

    Sorry, I don’t know either of these people but it’s obvious to everyone that Berry has serious issues with men prehaps going back to the father who abandoned her. She can’t buy Gabriel off – which says a lot about his feelings for his daughter – so she attacks. She has money and power, gained from a very mediocre talent, and a reputation which is already in tatters. She will win because money talks in LA and I feel sorry for the father and even sorrier for the child whose life is being destroyed by a very unbalanced woman.

    I won’t bother seeing her films in the future.

  • LiLy

    @Ruth Thank you my point exactly!

  • Jenny Girl

    2011 Tiger Woods and Halle finally facing the white backlash, they thought was reserved for blacks. HE HE HE HE

  • Jenny Girl

    Those two should hook up ( Halle and Tiger ) They have both thane no name blondes into the public glare, of there hard work, only to to have it backfire badly in their face. Imagine that! Every on the side of a no name model from Canada and nanny from Sweden, against there own American talented stars.

  • Liz

    Wow, she really wants that little girl for herself… but there is a daddy here Halle! Sorry, but he seems like a good dad, so get used to it!

  • amensister


  • annie

    Thos woman must have issues. She is a dirty player. “Gabriel’s parenting skills.” suck..well.. Nahla always looks much more relaxed and happier while spending time with her father. Hale is just a sociopath who is manipulating and lying against her ex in order to get the sole custody. What a miserable can not take the father away from his child if he is not interested in you anymore. Get over it!

  • Ruth

    amensister @ 06/29/2011 at 3:43 am -2

    We do have some facts:

    1. Whilst they were in a relationship – he was a “wonderful and loving” father.
    2. Her people are leaking info from secret court sessions.
    3. Halle has never maintained a relationship in her life.
    4. She has often spoken about her difficulties and issues with men because of her father’s behaviour
    5. She is enormously rich and will use her power to ensure winning total control, even if she has to invent things. And it will work.

    Now Halle is a loving mother but there is someone else in the picture. There is a father – perhaps he is not perfect, perhaps there are problems but as far as we know, he isn’t a criminal/drug addict/pervert. If that were the case, the law would have acted sooner to protect Nahla. Halle cannot share Nahla – just as she couldn’t get on with anyone at any point in her life. It’s a pity she didn’t have the child alone, as many women do, and then she wouldn’t be waging this war against a man whose only crime is fathering her child.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She needs to give it a rest and let this man be part of his kids life!

  • Amazed

    @WOW: I have a kid and i will do everything I can to make sure she is safe.

  • clamity

    swear she said he was a great dad? god i just feel sorry for the kid she doesnt need this ..halle shouldnt be so dam selfish she just wants revenge tut tut,,,,

  • Audrey

    it seems like she constantly needs to be in confrontational situations. she needs to relax

  • 4BEE

    @Lena: What’s right ? You mean taking her daughter away from her father ? The woman is an evil biitch people ! I think Gabriel Aubry is one of the few men that treated Halle Berry with respect and not beating her like few of her exs , and we all know she wanted a child so bad for years ! Gabriel gave her the child and treated her well she should not forget that ! He is obviously a good dad and Nahla seems to be loving him deeply from what i’ve seen !

  • Ben Affleck

    @Jenny Girl: No the backlash is reserved for Puerto Ricans like you ignorant troll with no life. HE He HE

  • Jenny Girl

    @Ben Affleck:

    HE HE? I am not the one being attacked by the white media, for trying to protect my daughter from a gold digger, who only slept with me to boost his failing modeling career and have a baby with me for child support. HE HE HE At least JLO has a MAN who dotes on her and will never call her racist names. Sometimes, you have stay in your own culture. Funng this is, Gabriel New girl will be the whitest girl around

  • Jenny Girl

    Halle should have just stayed with Michael Ealy, same with Tiger marrying a black nanny. The media do not care when black men cheat on there black wives. Look At Dwayde? He faced no media backlash, because the women were both black. Halle and Tiger are receiving a lynching …even though, they are doing what any white person has done, because they are offending a white person. If Gabriel Aubry were a Black man, there would not be calls to boycott her films. Truth hurts. Even the cheating thing did not destroy Arnie in the way it did tIGER. Ryan gigs in the UK cheated on his wife, with imogen Thomas and HIS OWN SISTER in law. Yet, his wife is still sating with him and he still has his lucrative deal.

    John Terrylies to cheat on his wife with every jump off, who then sells her story, plus he slept with his teammates wife, Wayne bridge. His wife still stayed and he is still an Soccer her. Why is that?

  • Jenny Girl

    @Ben Affleck:

    You seem upset that I have ruined yore fantasy. Have you read the racist comments and bias directed at Halle and blacks in general? In Heidi klUM WERE doing this against Seal, do you think she would be attacked like this ? When i go on certain sites, with a daily TV show on fOX and read people say, she is only pretty because her mom is white…….then I start to wonder.

  • boston61

    @Jenny Girl:

    Um No, this woman has a very bad track record with relationships. Something is amiss.

  • Jenny Girl
  • Jenny Girl

    Seal, your next mate. I have a feeling that the little white girl will grow up and resent that her rICH WHITE dad left her for poorer seal to raise, and in true hollywood crazy style take out her teen tantrums on her.

    She will probably come out an d say Seal Raped her and beat her momma. Evidence or not, the white community will believe her.

  • sunseeker


    You must be still at school to write such rubbish, I have a mixed race family and my son in law thinks she is a stupid idiot. I am not so outspoken but that woman needs help.
    Lots of us have had difficult childhoods, but Halle plays on that , she needs to grow up and learn to share.

  • Madi

    @ seijidan,@maggie
    ‘Whait I do not understand is that when she was with Gabriel, she kept on praising him about being such a wonderful dad and all of a sudden now that they are separated he turned into an unresponsible character ???
    Plus she keep on saying on interviews how it was kinda hard for her to grow up and not have a dad around and that she think her “problem” with man might be a consequence of that, does she want Nahla to go through the same stuff?’

    ur right

    Look its not that Gabriel is a bad dad all of a sudden, halle her self went on numerous interviews even on oprah to praise gaby and tell the world how perfect he is and now ahe is bashing him…
    So the people who are saying that halle is trying to protect her child, do ur research how can gaby be a perfect dad first and all of a sudden be a ganger to nahla duuuh

  • Gin0

    @Jasmine: I know right? But I’m a white guy and I got thumbs down for saying “she should do everything to protect her child, no matter what anyone thinks, and if you don’t agree, you should NOT have children. I guess we both hit the TRUTH button. Sad really but that’s the world we live in.

  • Danielle

    @Jasmine: and Jenny Girl

    This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with Halle saying Gabriel was a wonderful father when they were together. This has to do with the courts saying he is not an abusive or bad father. This has to do with Halle suddenly deciding Gabriel can’t see his daughter because SHE feels that he is a bad father.

    And hate isn’t reserved for Halle and her being half black. Look at the hatred spewed towards Angelina Jolie for “stealing” brad pitt from America’s sweetheart. Or Jesse James for cheating on America’s Sweetheart-Sandra Bullock. Or Leann Rimes for stealing Eddie Cibrian from Brand Glanville. Most A listers, of which Halle is one of them, tend to keep their legal battles private. Whatever happened between Brad and Jen happened behind closed doors except for the comments Jen made. Same goes for super A listers Kidman and Cruise. Animosity and legal documents were kept private and behind closed doors. How is it that super duper A listers like the Brange and Kidman/Cruise can keep things private, yet Halle continuously has leaked documents (she can because of her well known status request things be private) and ‘friends’ telling everything to TMZ? Seems to me if Halle really wanted to keep things private she could do it. How exactly do you think this little girl is going to feel when she gets to be 13 or so and starts googling her parents and sees how vindictive and mean Berry is? Nahlia always looks happy and relaxed when she is with Gabriel. Just like she is with Halle.

    If Halle wants to battle this out with Gabriel, then the least this woman could do is keep it private and keep it off TMZ’s blog.