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Shia LaBeouf Premieres 'Transformers' in NYC

Shia LaBeouf Premieres 'Transformers' in NYC

Shia LaBeouf suits up in Prada for the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon on Tuesday (June 28) in NYC’s Times Square.

The 25-year-old actor’s co-stars Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, and Patrick Dempsey, also hit the red carpet after greeting fans.

Earlier in the day, Shia held hands with his girlfriend, stylist Karolyn Pho, as they went for a walk around NYC.

Shia recently opened up to Details about his on- and off-screen relationship with previous co-star Megan Fox.

“Look, you’re on the set for six months, with someone who’s rooting to be attracted to you, and you’re rooting to be attracted to them,” he told the mag. “I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.”

20+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf and the cast of Transformers: Dark of the Moon at the film’s NYC premiere…

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Credit: Jason Kempin, Jemal Countess, Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • unknown

    What a douche. I believe he and Megan had a fling though. They were all touchy-feely one year at transformers premiers and she was his date at Eagle Eye premiere. This was the same time Megan and Brian were separated for a bit, that everyone thought was a publicity stunt.

  • whatever

    I can’t believe how you balantly disrespected so many women in his new interview. Not only did he insult Megan, but he also insulted her husband saying that if she was in a relationship with him while hooking up with him, “it was what it was.” I’m disgusted. He also disrespected Adrien Grenier and Isabel Lucas saying he hooked up with her cheating her boyfriend. Hilary Duff was his worst date and that he could have done better than Jessie Eisenberg and James Franco in The Social Network and 127 Hours.

    He just comes out as a desperate and insecure boy.

  • WTF

    He seriously needs to stop name dropping Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, and now Isabel Lucas. No one cares how many chicks you hooked up with and how you don’t want Robert Pattinson’s fanbase. Enough is enough.

  • barbie

    Shia Ladouche

  • Rose

    He only said this because he knew it would get media attention. They are using Megan Fox to promote Transformers 3. She’s not even in the movie for Christ’s sake!!

  • lurker

    Does that mean he hooked up withbthe girl whonreplaced Megan since he can’t separate those things?

  • ryann

    he was asked about it. at least he was being honest…..

  • VictoriaGirl

    1. This guy is such a douche!
    2. He has NO class whatsoever
    3. His GF’s dress is cute.

  • VictoriaGirl

    Also they didnt have onscreen chemistry because Megan doesnt have any onscreen chemistry with anyone because she’s a terrible actress.

  • Jo

    Him and his fat ugly girlfriend are both attention whores!

  • JJ

    And I was thumbed down for calling him a little ingrate last night. Guess we know why he’s so grumpy, Rosie would not touch him.

  • mya

    the way shia lablah & michael bay talk about megan fox is disgusting. It wouldnt hurt to be a gentleman!

  • dee

    and I thought he couldn’t get any more douche.. also add arrogant and pretentious..
    If Meghan Fox or any woman in a Michael Bay film said half of what Shia is spouting, I wonder if they still would have a job…Oh wait..

  • alex

    why the hell are u all pissed of are you brian osten green ,the gye just answerd aquestion so what if he was with the fox ,its not a big deal.beside give the name of 1 guy that wodnt brag about banging megan fox. so shut the hell up and stop being so fakley good uer are not that perfect , i say good for him that he taped that.and trasformars 3 is verey good it sell it self no need 4 pr.

  • EJ

    A lot of people knew Shia and Megan were hooking up on the DL, right up until he suddenly fell for Carey. They say that’s one of the reasons she didn’t fight getting fired from the franchise, apparently she was upset when he stopped seeing her. Gross. It was a dick move for her to step out on Brian, and it’s a dick move for him to out her like that but I really don’t think it was just for movie publicity. He really is just a maladjusted child who doesn’t know when to shut up.

  • amanda

    man i dont think shia did anything wrong frankly
    am not a fan but he is a guy he braged like all guys do,the 1 that with the poor example of jugment is megan fox that at the time she hocked up with shia she was with brian, so i dont think he did wrong i always know she will do anything to be in a movie, and hell he is hotter than brian so i can understand

  • aaxe

    hhhhhhhhhhhh i know it they where together in trasformars i envey shia, people calm down so what if he was with megan fox actors do that all the time hocking up on sets some times the story is over when the filming is over and no one know a bout them but in this case shia just answerd aquestion so i think he did no wrong as 4 megan she is way to hot 4 brian. shia you are the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • alex

    so what if he was with megan fox? it was known fact that they where an item i dont get why everybody are full of hate to this guy,sudnly no one tlaks about there exes or past relations. stop being so fake you just hate this guy becous he is not fake !!!!! what the hell, you want the fake ones go comment the glee stuff, he is agret actor i saw trasformars 3 yesterday and its minde blowing he is good in it,got to give him credit he is becoming a great actor he delevired in this movie. i hate fake moralist

  • Flopville

    Who cares. Get lost dirt bag. I hope that this movie flops. Wasn’t team Megan before but I am now.

  • hahahahahahaha

    Someone told bltchface aka horsemouth aka that asian hooker to smile for the papz. But that was a huge mistake.she’s ugly as hell.LoLoLoLoLoL

  • Music101

    @whatever: I’m SOO glad he wasn’t cast in 127 Hours. James Franco was perfect for it. Shia’s ‘performance’ wouldn’t have held a candle to his.

  • alex

    whats wrong with you people so much hate against this guy with no risone at all ,man some time people get me scared ,its not normal to atack him like that its like he hocked up with uer mother and left her after 1 nighte stand o that he did that with uer girlfriend . a lot of crazy people out there team megan hhhhhhhhhhhhh what are u 10

  • usilang

    ‘I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation.’

    So actresses and actors whose girlfriends or wives will become partner of this guy in a movies in the future, beware. This guy admits not knowing how to separate work from personal life. And he calls himself an actor.

  • jess


    No, he’s so good that it all merges as one for him and that’s exactly as it should be…….why should he live a double life he’s not bi polar or schizophrenic.

  • viper

    I think Megan Fox is a first class slut is what she is. Shia is just being a guy; it was her who decided to cheat on Brian. She’s so disgusting I mean she’s all pretending to be this loyal serious relationship and a step mom while the entire time during TF2 she’s getting nailed by another guy? Yeah, what an absolute slut. Least Shia didn’t go about BSing about it trying to get the world to believe he was somebody he was not. I mean how many guys did she actually get nailed by? I’ll bet it was five at LEAST and this isn’t counting her years before moving to LA. I totally believe it I mean after the whole bikini car wash audition, all the FHM shot, her porno Jennifers body, and just about all her magazine photoshoots; yeah I wouldn’t put it past her at all – that girls been around.

  • Kate


    Shia is just being a “guy”? Seriously? What a stupid, sexist thing to say. He’s a douche and a loser and he obviously doesn’t have any class.

  • viper


    Listen, take it from me as a guy; Shia is just being a guy. Im not kidding we brag about this sort of stuff all the time to one another. Swap stories and all that other crap. We don’t tell girls because of reactions just like yours. But Shia isn’t doing anything that no other guy doesnt do. There is nothing sexist about it it’s our nature. Like women when all they do is gossip or wear designer sportswear and make up when they work out. It’s asinine and unnecessary but there you go.

  • sayuri

    Coisa linda. Amo o Shia (L)

  • sayuri

    Mal posso esperar para assistir Transformers =DD

  • clamity

    urghh i feel like whenever they mention megan foxs name they are doing it to promote the movie which is just horrible thing to do their is no reason to bring her name up or talk about his past relationship with her just for that i wont be watching this movie

  • viper

    We guys are are opportunists – women give us the opportunity. You’ve got sluts like Megan Fox doing nothing but sexualize themselves and it’s our fault? Because we forced her to sign contracts and pose in suggestive erotic, and porno still poses, eat pie and cake like she was sucking on a dildo at press conferences, licking her toe thumbs and sticking out her tongue licking her lips? Then lie her ass off to media saying she’s a lesbian then bi, a cutter, that she’s confident and doesn’t mind being a sex symbol because its empowering and men are intimidated by her, only to pull a 180 and go the other direction when that BS back fires, all the while getting nailed by her co-stars even though she’s already in a “serious” relationship? While signing onto tho soft porn movies and always naked in just about all her movies? While going into photoshoots with her legs wide open wearing nothing but a bathing suit piece in high heels on the floor sucking her index finger? Because WE made her do all that right? Typical, it’s always us guys that are at fault and we’re the sexists, and how dare we brag about it all, and that other BS while women aren’t accountable for their actions at all.

  • a

    im sorry but seriously? shia u can do better.

  • alex

    am with viper shia just being a guy and not a fake one he is telling the truth if u wanna blame somone 4 that mess blame the fox she was cheating if women just look at this situation like all is shia fault i think its wrong, so he talked about being with megan so what she is not the vergine mary .and fyi trasformar 3 is great it dosnt need any pr i just saw the movie man they naild it his time and shia was great in it ,boy he can act .

  • Calling as is

    How did JJ keep the “Fox News” Page on top?

  • KITT

    the real cheater is Shia Labeouf because Karolyn Pho Ho is not his girlfriend.
    he should start acting like a real grown up person. he’s already 25….

  • 12

    I think Shia has a good background and is a nice person, but as Megan Fox, He is not made for the celebrity !

  • Bee

    I dont think what he said was cool but she probably did break it off with Brian because she didnt want the what if question to linger in her mind

  • so Judgmental

    clamity.. you act as though Shia/Bay are walking into interviews and saying “hi! how ya doing! let me tell ya about Megan Fox..”

    That is not the reality.. believe it or not children when an actor goes into an interview they are interviewed..meaning they are asked questions. They might be asked 60 questions that have nothing to do with Megan and then 2 that do. The interviewer and the media sites are the ones shouting about the answer to the 2 questions outta 62.. get it?

  • zephon

    People only ask about her now because they love using her for the joke she is. Only now it turns out she really can’t keep her legs closed and while she was playing house mom she was giving lip service to another guy – what little respect I had from Brian Austen Green is now gone. If I had a son and his step mom was pulling that shit I would have booted her ass right out the door like the piece of garbage she is. Megan Fox is one sick !@#$%. and easily ranks in with the worst mother figures. I still can’t get over the disgusting idea that she wears her sons cloths. I mean that’s just so F!@#$ up – your moms wearing your cloths….!@#$%^& hell. I mean it’s not like she can’t afford her own t-shirts, shorts, and whatnot. So yeah whatever issues Shia might have their absolute normal issues guys have – but Megan Fox is one sick !@#$%.

  • kiki

    He is an ass. A scrawny, unattractive, whingey ass. Really, they don’t come much more disgusting, ignorant or self absorbed than Douchey. I am not a Megan fan either but any guy who would disrespect a woman like this needs good kick in the goolies.

  • viper


    Then you’re gonna be busy honey because that is all of mankind.

  • Nyugen

    @KITT: really? I’m not suprised. he’s so phoney….


    “You rikey my fick thighs Misser RaBeouf ?”

  • kiki


    Maybe….but most arent “famous” so bragging/lying about their conquests is maybe heard by their circle of friends only, not the whole world. I think any actor/actress knows in this industry you keep your mouth shut about this stuff because its just the done thing, no doubt it happens all the time but most have enough brains to keep quiet about it. Anyway Douchey has dug his own grave, no actress will go near him now knowing the big mouth he has on him.

  • larson

    It’s one thing to brag about the chicks that you have banged to your friends, but completely different to do it in a magazine where millions can read. It is immature, classless, tacky and effeminate. Shia talks too damn much. Running his mouth like a teenaged girl. I guess men do gossip as much as women do. This is the same weirdo who said he would f*ck his mom or marry her or something. Also a big time alcoholic who says questionable things when drunk.