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Blake Lively & Salma Hayek: 'Savages' Meeting!

Blake Lively & Salma Hayek: 'Savages' Meeting!

Blake Lively and Salma Hayek leave an office after having a meeting regarding their upcoming film Savages on Tuesday (June 28) in Culver City, Calif.

The actresses were joined by their co-star Benicio Del Toro and all left the office holding their scripts.

Savages, directed by Oliver Stone, is about two pot growers, Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch), who face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend (Lively).

The film, which hits theaters in September 2012, also stars John Travolta and Emile Hirsch.

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  • PennRoyale

    She said she is playing a kidnapped girlfriend. Of whom I wonder. Aaron or taylor?

  • Cammie

    She looks about 35, she also looked rough at America’s wedding,

  • Cammie

    I meant Blake not Selma..Selma looks good

  • UGLY

    Oh, boy! Blake is so ugly! The hair, the face, the mole… Scary looking man! Sorry… woman! All time low for Dicaprio!

  • better than haters

    Both look gorgeous ,Blake looks good without make-up

  • SarahC

    Yay! Taylor Kitsch! & by the way Blake is not ugly. You must be blind, or jealous.

  • Stephanie

    Blake looks great all natural! Some stars would never walk out of the house without tones of makeup.

  • UGLY

    Here we go… blind and jealous! Who would have seen it coming! Are we looking at the same photo? Rough looking Blake looks at least 35 and she is just plain ugly! She has manly features, nothing feminine, natural or pretty about that face!

  • Jennifer

    Leighton Meester is better than Blake Lively

  • Jennifer

    We are all better looking than Blake Lively

  • Jennifer

    She is the ugliest woman in the world

  • boston61

    Give the job to an AMERICAN who needs the money. Not billionaire gold digger Selma.

  • Linda

    Blake is the worst actress i’ve even seen

  • Funny

    Blair is better than Serena

  • Grace

    She’s a slut

  • Bri

    Her acting is the worst

  • UGLY

    Sleep her way to the top



  • Shoshana

    @Funny: Blake is not Serena and Leighton is not Blair.

  • Lila

    Weight loss has made her face look worse. Eat honey.



  • 44

    @boston61: Wow racist.

  • uhhh

    I`m gonna have nightmares after looking at Lively`s face! Hideous! I wonder what she was willing to do for another role as an `actress`!

  • clamity

    salma look hot …blake…no comment

  • @21

    Best ACTRESS? Are you kidding me? That`s a joke! It`s a shame that she is even called that! I couldn`t care less about Leighton but calling Lively an actress and being nominated by ANY award as best is just ridiculous. Are you sure it wasn`t PRETEND ACTRESS or something like that! LOL!

  • Lately

    Leighton fan..relax. We can all see the insults are by the same poster. Leighton was nominated for an mtv movie award. So relax. Leighton is not Meryl Streep, despite everyone making her out to be.



  • robin

    Im 35 years old. Whats wrong with looking 35?

  • friskey

    @2 – she also looked rough at America’s wedding,
    Flake’s depressed face says it all; that all the HUSTLING (nude pics; hooking-up to an A-lister, thinking as well that she’s an A-lister, etc.) that she did in the past weeks were FAILED; Green Lantern TANKS! Say goodbye now for her “delusion” that she could become a movie actress and an A-Lister & bankable at that – so back to being just a Gossip TV Girl.

  • Ojun

    the comments on this post are the very reason it is best to be seen as an underdog in HW. people will love you….a little bit of attention and everyone hates you.

  • Anthony M

    Blake is ugly now? 35? What drugs are you idiots smoking? I smell some fat ugly jealous woman on this site. Or dudes who she would never look at even once. She has a rocking bod on her and is very pretty..FU to the haters.

  • @robin

    What`s wrong with looking 35? Nothing if you are 35. But if you are 24 and you look 35… That`s a different question!
    Ugly, unnatural, fake and talentless. Stick to Gossip Girl. Even that is a challenge for her acting abilities…

  • Cammie


    Ummm Looking 35 when your only 23…that’s not good. If you look your age good, but would you want to look 48 at 35? Their is nothing wrong with looking 35 at 35

  • Nancy

    Cant act to save her life

  • Birdie

    @@robin: Nobody in hollywood is natural. When it comes to Blake all everyone mentions is her nose and boob job. Newsflash- 99% of actresses have had something done. As far as talent- she isn’t amazing, nor horrible. Like most actresses she is bland and forgettable.

  • @Birdie

    But those other actresses actually look good after their surgeries. Her nose is still a disaster and her boobs also look completely fake. Nothing natural or attractive about her. I think she bugs so many people because she is pushed into out faces in spite of the fact that she is really ugly and she completely lacks talent or wow factor.

  • Jean

    @Anthony M:

    Jennifer Lawerence and Freida Pinto is pretty, Blake is fake with a fake nose and fake tits..

    We aren’t fat and jealous, we aren’t deluded, blind, sex crave men, who think anyone with blonde hair and fake tits is “beautiful”. Also any chick with nude photos is “goodlooking” to most men.

    and Yes she looks old and Plain…Selma looks younger at 43

  • Nancy

    I cant believe Leighton’s not nominated but Blake ?what a joke

  • Sam

    You guys should see more without any makeup on..

  • JC

    Movie sounds good.

  • Bella

    Actually, Leighton has won at least 2 Teen Choice Awards. Don’t go crying on her behalf.

  • Rammel

    blake lively is so beautiful..:)
    …Just went crazy!! in the Apple store… Spent $2,000 of their money just 4 my zipcode!! Thats Crazy

  • back of!

    what’s with all the hate? come on, give the girl a break!

  • back off!

    what’s with all the hate? come on, give the girl a break!

  • roxicle

    @ Cammie
    Did Blake-The-Fake wears something “decent” at America Ferrera’s wedding?! Y’ know those outfits that’s not “flaunting off” cleavages /or the whole legs…coz this wedding & stuff is/are said to be “decent” isnt it?!

  • Helena

    @back off!:
    Haters hate beautiful girl,JJ always has lots of fugly jealous haters

  • Cindylover1969

    Of course Blake Lively and Salma Hayek can’t be pictured together. It would be too much hotness for most cameras to capture without melting.

  • blah

    Fugly has a new name: Blake Lively! She should cover that ugly face all the time. Good thing she wasn`t pictured with Salma. It would have been even more obvious how ugly Fake Blake is compared to feminine and beautiful Salma.

  • lol

    Jealous much? Some ugly Leighton stans make the world so funny.

  • blah

    @lol: Grow up, dummy! Just because someone doesn`t like Fake Blake it doesn`t mean I`m a Leighton what`s-her-last-name fan. Jealous of what? That honker or the dreadful hair? Her nude photos or her lack of talent? Give me a break and go back to your Barbie dolls!