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Blake Lively & Salma Hayek: 'Savages' Meeting!

Blake Lively & Salma Hayek: 'Savages' Meeting!

Blake Lively and Salma Hayek leave an office after having a meeting regarding their upcoming film Savages on Tuesday (June 28) in Culver City, Calif.

The actresses were joined by their co-star Benicio Del Toro and all left the office holding their scripts.

Savages, directed by Oliver Stone, is about two pot growers, Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch), who face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend (Lively).

The film, which hits theaters in September 2012, also stars John Travolta and Emile Hirsch.

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133 Responses to “Blake Lively & Salma Hayek: 'Savages' Meeting!”

  1. 1
    PennRoyale Says:

    She said she is playing a kidnapped girlfriend. Of whom I wonder. Aaron or taylor?

  2. 2
    Cammie Says:

    She looks about 35, she also looked rough at America’s wedding,

  3. 3
    Cammie Says:

    I meant Blake not Selma..Selma looks good

  4. 4
    UGLY Says:

    Oh, boy! Blake is so ugly! The hair, the face, the mole… Scary looking man! Sorry… woman! All time low for Dicaprio!

  5. 5
    better than haters Says:

    Both look gorgeous ,Blake looks good without make-up

  6. 6
    SarahC Says:

    Yay! Taylor Kitsch! & by the way Blake is not ugly. You must be blind, or jealous.

  7. 7
    Stephanie Says:

    Blake looks great all natural! Some stars would never walk out of the house without tones of makeup.

  8. 8
    UGLY Says:

    Here we go… blind and jealous! Who would have seen it coming! Are we looking at the same photo? Rough looking Blake looks at least 35 and she is just plain ugly! She has manly features, nothing feminine, natural or pretty about that face!

  9. 9
    Jennifer Says:

    Leighton Meester is better than Blake Lively

  10. 10
    Jennifer Says:

    We are all better looking than Blake Lively

  11. 11
    Jennifer Says:

    She is the ugliest woman in the world

  12. 12
    boston61 Says:

    Give the job to an AMERICAN who needs the money. Not billionaire gold digger Selma.

  13. 13
    Linda Says:

    Blake is the worst actress i’ve even seen

  14. 14
    Funny Says:

    Blair is better than Serena

  15. 15
    Grace Says:

    She’s a ****

  16. 16
    Bri Says:

    Her acting is the worst

  17. 17
    UGLY Says:

    Sleep her way to the top

  18. 18
    FUGLY Says:


  19. 19
    Shoshana Says:

    @Funny: Blake is not Serena and Leighton is not Blair.

  20. 20
    Lila Says:

    Weight loss has made her face look worse. Eat honey.

  21. 21
    BITCH Says:


  22. 22
    44 Says:

    @boston61: Wow racist.

  23. 23
    uhhh Says:

    I`m gonna have nightmares after looking at Lively`s face! Hideous! I wonder what she was willing to do for another role as an `actress`!

  24. 24
    clamity Says:

    salma look hot …blake…no comment

  25. 25
    @21 Says:

    Best ACTRESS? Are you kidding me? That`s a joke! It`s a shame that she is even called that! I couldn`t care less about Leighton but calling Lively an actress and being nominated by ANY award as best is just ridiculous. Are you sure it wasn`t PRETEND ACTRESS or something like that! LOL!

  26. 26
    Lately Says:

    Leighton fan..relax. We can all see the insults are by the same poster. Leighton was nominated for an mtv movie award. So relax. Leighton is not Meryl Streep, despite everyone making her out to be.

  27. 27
    WITCH Says:


  28. 28
    robin Says:

    Im 35 years old. Whats wrong with looking 35?

  29. 29
    friskey Says:

    @2 – she also looked rough at America’s wedding,
    Flake’s depressed face says it all; that all the HUSTLING (nude pics; hooking-up to an A-lister, thinking as well that she’s an A-lister, etc.) that she did in the past weeks were FAILED; Green Lantern TANKS! Say goodbye now for her “delusion” that she could become a movie actress and an A-Lister & bankable at that – so back to being just a Gossip TV Girl.

  30. 30
    Ojun Says:

    the comments on this post are the very reason it is best to be seen as an underdog in HW. people will love you….a little bit of attention and everyone hates you.

  31. 31
    Anthony M Says:

    Blake is ugly now? 35? What drugs are you idiots smoking? I smell some fat ugly jealous woman on this site. Or dudes who she would never look at even once. She has a rocking bod on her and is very pretty..FU to the haters.

  32. 32
    @robin Says:

    What`s wrong with looking 35? Nothing if you are 35. But if you are 24 and you look 35… That`s a different question!
    Ugly, unnatural, fake and talentless. Stick to Gossip Girl. Even that is a challenge for her acting abilities…

  33. 33
    Cammie Says:


    Ummm Looking 35 when your only 23…that’s not good. If you look your age good, but would you want to look 48 at 35? Their is nothing wrong with looking 35 at 35

  34. 34
    Nancy Says:

    Cant act to save her life

  35. 35
    Birdie Says:

    @@robin: Nobody in hollywood is natural. When it comes to Blake all everyone mentions is her nose and boob job. Newsflash- 99% of actresses have had something done. As far as talent- she isn’t amazing, nor horrible. Like most actresses she is bland and forgettable.

  36. 36
    @Birdie Says:

    But those other actresses actually look good after their surgeries. Her nose is still a disaster and her boobs also look completely fake. Nothing natural or attractive about her. I think she bugs so many people because she is pushed into out faces in spite of the fact that she is really ugly and she completely lacks talent or wow factor.

  37. 37
    Jean Says:

    @Anthony M:

    Jennifer Lawerence and Freida Pinto is pretty, Blake is fake with a fake nose and fake tits..

    We aren’t fat and jealous, we aren’t deluded, blind, sex crave men, who think anyone with blonde hair and fake tits is “beautiful”. Also any chick with nude photos is “goodlooking” to most men.

    and Yes she looks old and Plain…Selma looks younger at 43

  38. 38
    Nancy Says:

    I cant believe Leighton’s not nominated but Blake ?what a joke

  39. 39
    Sam Says:

    You guys should see more without any makeup on..

  40. 40
    JC Says:

    Movie sounds good.

  41. 41
    Bella Says:

    Actually, Leighton has won at least 2 Teen Choice Awards. Don’t go crying on her behalf.

  42. 42
    Rammel Says:

    blake lively is so beautiful..:)
    …Just went crazy!! in the Apple store… Spent $2,000 of their money just 4 my zipcode!! Thats Crazy

  43. 43
    back of! Says:

    what’s with all the hate? come on, give the girl a break!

  44. 44
    back off! Says:

    what’s with all the hate? come on, give the girl a break!

  45. 45
    roxicle Says:

    @ Cammie
    Did Blake-The-Fake wears something “decent” at America Ferrera’s wedding?! Y’ know those outfits that’s not “flaunting off” cleavages /or the whole legs…coz this wedding & stuff is/are said to be “decent” isnt it?!

  46. 46
    Helena Says:

    @back off!:
    Haters hate beautiful girl,JJ always has lots of fugly jealous haters

  47. 47
    Cindylover1969 Says:

    Of course Blake Lively and Salma Hayek can’t be pictured together. It would be too much hotness for most cameras to capture without melting.

  48. 48
    blah Says:

    Fugly has a new name: Blake Lively! She should cover that ugly face all the time. Good thing she wasn`t pictured with Salma. It would have been even more obvious how ugly Fake Blake is compared to feminine and beautiful Salma.

  49. 49
    lol Says:

    Jealous much? Some ugly Leighton stans make the world so funny.

  50. 50
    blah Says:

    @lol: Grow up, dummy! Just because someone doesn`t like Fake Blake it doesn`t mean I`m a Leighton what`s-her-last-name fan. Jealous of what? That honker or the dreadful hair? Her nude photos or her lack of talent? Give me a break and go back to your Barbie dolls!

  51. 51
    unknown Says:

    LOL anyone see blake on leno? i couldn’t believe how much leno was praising her for The Town. blake’s push up bra sure can act huh. like really, he just wants to sleep with her

  52. 52
    T Says:

    Flake Lively is just like Serena, a cheating *****

  53. 53
    ella Says:

    So many jealous people. Gosh! Leave blake alone. She hasn’t done anything bad to you or whatever!!!!

  54. 54
    France Says:

    Hahaha! People here are funny. To all the haters, why don’t you do something USEFUL/NICE instead of BADMOUTHING A PERSON YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW!!!!!

  55. 55
    Jenny Says:

    Personally, I love Blake Lively and whatever bullshit you are saying about her, you will not gain anything. Leave her alone. She hasn’t done anything!!!! I know the people who hates her. they are the fans of leighton ( who is insecure with blake’s career, OBVIOULSY), fangirls of leo (who is dating blake) and the insecure girls around the world (who think they are a better person than blake and they want to be as popular as her)

  56. 56
    Love Says:

    can’t wait to watch this movie. i think the movie interesting!!!!

  57. 57
    Yula Says:

    You always compare leighton and blake!!! duh, they are both two different individuals with different personalities!!!!! leighton is a good person so is blake. to those who thinks leighton is better are biased!!!

  58. 58
    Nicki Says:

    She should have washed her hair before going to the studio…. She looks like she’s really disappointed or something.

    I guess her PR team can’t find further stories to link her to DiCaprio (for the moment).

    Who said she is looking good at her natural.

    This is how she was before her several surgeries

  59. 59
    Yula Says:

    Blake is a happy and nice person. She doesn’t deserve all the hate from those insecure girls

  60. 60
    Fred Says:

    Blake Lively will always be beautiful in my eyes

  61. 61
    SashaT Says:

    Nice girl? Happy girl? Talented? Are you all talking about that c-list actress who posed in the nude in ther bathroom and posted the pictures on the internet?

    BTW, I noticed that her face is longer that Jay Leno’s.

  62. 62
    roset Says:

    @44: not to mention ignorant & irrelevant. riiight, like hollywood is only for american actors. the US film industry wouldn’t be what it is if it were not for global box office receipts. if movies are to imitate or make commentaries about life, why just have american actors? that statement about salma does not make any sense at all. that dude or chick has no clue at all, i feel bad for that person. how can you go through life that devoid of human intelligence?

  63. 63
    Claudia fischer Says:

    WoW a lot of people hate Blake, I dont think she’s that bad she’s a thousand time’s better than Jennifer Aniston.

  64. 64
    K Says:


  65. 65
    Ruth Says:

    This should be a wonderful film – such a cast + Oliver Stone directing.

  66. 66
    Leo's x Says:

    commom Leo dump that girl, is just matter of time, when you start it again to be boring, just rlax and be sigl for a time!

  67. 67
    Julia Says:

    If you are an actress? you have to look perfect always..every girl have to looke good…but Blake is awful!!she dosnt have some feminin and good taste..and I am not jealous/There are a lot of beutiful girls in the world, but not she

  68. 68
    Jackson Says:


  69. 69
    Julia Says:

  70. 70
    ??? Says:

    @UGLY: Yes and you are very ugly on the inside with your comments

  71. 71
    LondonCalling Says:

    actually Blake is wearing makeup in that pic..she has pencil eyeliner,mascara and soft eyeshadow on..

  72. 72
    UGLY Says:

    @???: Just telling the truth… Deal with it!

  73. 73
    mike Says:

    oh my I can’t believe that the little girls watching gossip girl are comparing blake to leighton! Blake, I am not a big fan at all, but she has nothing to do in such a low rated thing like gossip girl, while leighton finds her place in it! Leighton has something that disgusts me, and she looks terrible without make up. Plus her acting is so bad & predictable! gossip girl sucks

  74. 74
    Diane Sue Says:

    @Julia #69:

    LOL, LOL, LOL! OMG! So this is how she would look without her plastic surgeries. And they say Hollywood is not just all about superfical .

    On the other hand, Salma is pretty, feminine and appears to be authentic. Love her latina looks.

  75. 75
    @mike Says:

    None of these two is any better than the other. Blake is just as bad as Leighton. None of those two have anything to do with acting. Both should be grateful for Gossip Girl and stick to it. That`s their level they have nothing to do with the big screen. At least Leighton is not all over the place selling her fake face and boobs whenever she has the chance and she doesn`t try to go after roles that are way out of her league.

  76. 76
    Bobby Says:

    Wow, Salma looks fan-freaking-tastic. Blake look like she just crawled out of bed.

  77. 77
    Jo Says:

    My god, candid pictures she’s not posing people stop hating ! Looks great !

  78. 78
    drag queen Says:

    Candid photos are not an excuse for looking like this! Plus she doesn’t look any better with make up on while posing! Disaster all the time! Having a man’s name and having a man’s face at the same time! Unfortunate!

  79. 79
    Jay Says:

    Does the character she’s portraying never shower? or brush her hair?

  80. 80
    robert Says:

    Benicio looks a mess but it might be because of his role in the film…I which I was a fly on the wall in the office while they were handed their scripts as I would luv to see if benicio could look salma and blake in the eye as I bet salma would of asked him about Kimberly Stewart…after all he is a oscar winner… now he has stooped low….

  81. 81
    Message Says:

    looks like cr@p! Flakey.
    Look out for 7th July 2011.

  82. 82
    @Message Says:

    So now you are going from thread to thread trying to sell this whole 0707/2011 mystery? LOL! Give it up already!

  83. 83
    larson Says:

    @@Message: Right. You would think message is talking about armageddon. Anyway people are going IN. She doesn’t look that bad. She is a normal, average looking woman who in my opinion looks so much better as a brunette.

  84. 84
    Claudia fischer Says:

    At least Blake looks like a female, Unlike one celeb I know who looks like a Man with a huge jaw and a big chin and thin lips cough,cough Maniston.

  85. 85
    LMAO Says:

    @84: You`re kidding, right? Blake looks like a female? Are you blind? It looks like Leo has a boyfriend…

  86. 86
    Claudia fischer Says:

    She’s number 1 on’s list, So obviously she’s doing something right, And isnt’ looking to much like a man.

  87. 87
    @86 Says:

    Clearly she is doing something right. Picking the right plastic surgeon, chasing single A-listers for fame, not to mention her reputation in Hollywood. What a role model!

  88. 88
    LMAO Says:

    @Claudia fisher: You don`t like your own medicine? It`s OK to say Aniston looks like a man but you can`t take it when people state the same OBVIOUS fact about Blake? And who cares about

  89. 89
    AM Says:

    @Robert – I doubt Benicio is a mess because of the film it’s because he is expecting a baby with that lazy famef*cker Kimbo – I would look like **** if she rang me tell me she was having my kid – hope he’s learnt his lesson. He needs to concentrate on his career and stop sticking his **** everywhere!

  90. 90
    maria Says:

    Leighton is not Meryl Streep but it is much better than Blake

  91. 91
    Berry Says:


  92. 92
    Nancy Says:

    I adore Blake :)

  93. 93
    Tatty Says:


  94. 94
    Carrie Says:


    LMAO… I think you meant WORST.

  95. 95
    LMAO Says:

    Fake Blake is fugly not the people telling the truth. Chill, Tatty! LOL!
    A good take on Fake Blake and her role in this movie. I wonder what she had to do to get the role…
    `Leighton is a good actress. She’s easily the best among a lot of sh-t on Gossip Girl. And yet here’s Blake Lively leaving a table a read for The Savages the other day with Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro. It’s an Oliver Stone project. They say that the script was brilliant. And Blake, while she does play “the girlfriend” again, is said to have landed a part that many of her peers really wanted.
    Here’s yet another example of the better actor not getting the better opportunities.`

  96. 96
    Elle Says:

    Wait, are people not allowing to like both Blake Lively and Leighton Meester?

    I’ve liked Blake LIvely since I was a teeny bopper and saw her in Sisterhood of the Travelining Pants (I was not super cool ). I’ve seen GG but don’t really watch anymore… but I did like her in The Town… that movie was awesome and she did a good job in her role.

    I guess to each their own, but I don’t like wasting time complaining about actors who I don’t like, the same way I just wouldn’t see a movie with them in it (otherwise I’d be on an Angelina Jolie story screaming “homewrecker” for the last 5 yrs).

    I think this movie will be good. I’m a huge Selma fan and I like the other actors mentioned, too. Hope it’s as good as it’s already being hyped up to be.

  97. 97
    robert Says:

    @AM: A last someone speaking the truth!! Benicio has a hard lesson to learn having a **** for the mother of your child is one….i don’t think a film can save his ass just pay for child support….it will be a media circus will she drops it and her family will milk it….nobody care about this film career just what is he going to do when the kid is hear, as KS wants him and the kid to be a family after afew night of sex….

  98. 98
    ??? Says:

    @UGLY: Only the truth in your eyes honey, deal with that!

  99. 99
    robert Says:

    @???: I only speak for myself and I am all man.

  100. 100
    LMAO Says:

    @???: Get over yourself and go drool over Fake Blake and her hideous face… :)

  101. 101
    BV Says:

    Check Ted Casablanca’s new blind vice on king *******… all the signs point to DiCaprio. haha :) Flake.
    Also does anyone find it weird that Alexis Bledel is almost 30 and looks WAY better than Manly over here? Yet BL is being praised for being so “naturally gorgeous” complete bull!!!

  102. 102
    narla Says:

    Benicio looks like crap – oh wait I know why he f*cked KimHo and got her pregnant. What a disappointment he turned out to be oh well at least he’s working so he can support his child and that lazy and stupid creature!
    @Robert – Benicio won’t go back to KS (I heard she is hoping he will after the baby is born he only wanted her for one thing and that’s all she is good for).

  103. 103
    confused Says:

    I am confused. If you hate Blake soooo much and you think shes manly and just awful, why do you keep spending time bashing her? Trying to make others think the same thing?? Because I know If I truley hated her, I wouldn’t bother with spending my time on her….

  104. 104
    Mr.Jabat Says:

    no coment…hahha..

  105. 105
    haha Says:

    @confused: reminds me of Tinkerbell and her daily bashing of the refealis, maybe it’s her under another name

  106. 106
    @haha Says:

    Yawn! Of course it`s the same person under different name story again. Whatever makes you happy!
    Blake is really ugly without any talent. Since she is all over the place for no apparent reason and because she is a joke next to Leo people post about her. It`s not confusing, it`s simple.

  107. 107
    robert Says:

    @narla: That’s what sheis known for(one thing) But you don’t get them pregnant he met up with her more than once……

  108. 108
    @comment 106 Says:

    You hate her, and your STILL talking about her! Wow!

  109. 109
    @101 Says:

    Yah, if not for her fake boobs; Flakey would look like a man standing beside the naturally beautiful Alexis Bledel.

  110. 110
    selmaishot Says:

    good grief she’s ugly! next to selma she looks like crap and she looks old for her age too. how can blake ever compete with a naturally stunning goddess like this?

  111. 111
    @haha Says:

    @@haha: Yawn, yawn, and here we are with the ‘ugly’ ‘no talent’ comments about Leo’s girl, who would have seen that coming

  112. 112
    yup Says:

    @@comment 106: Yup, just another over obsessed hater!

  113. 113

    And of course the one and only Fake Blake fan just keeps posting under different names. It`s groundbreaking that people comment on a `celeb` who they don`t like. Basically this is what happens on every site and every thread but grade schooler GG fans just can`t deal with it. How unexpected!
    @111: Yeah, it is tiring that Leo keeps going after the same boring, talentless and in this case PARTICULARLY UGLY woman. ( She does look like a man! )

  114. 114
    @beyond ugly Says:

    @BEYOND UGLY: Oh, like the one and only bar fan, you’re a joke aren’t you?

  115. 115

    @114: Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. No surprise! LOL!

  116. 116
    @BEYOND UGLY Says:

    @BEYOND UGLY: Well, it wouldn’t make any sense to you now would it? you just thrive on hate

  117. 117
    hwhcat Says:

    @@21: I think Blake lively looks beautiful without makeup. All the people said she looks ugly because they are very jearous that she has a handsome and rich boyfriend! She looks much more beautiful than Salma! Unfortunately, Salma looks like a middle-age woman who comes from countryside after she become a mother!

  118. 118
    Pray Says:

    The chronic haters are fat, depressed, lonely people who feel dumped on by life and take it out on everyone else. Pray for them.

  119. 119
    Pray Says:

    The chronic vicious haters are overweight, depressed, lonely people who feel dumped on by life and take it out on everyone else. Pray for them.

  120. 120
    jackson Says:

    @narla: I heard that one of her KS friends said they will marry because benicio wants to do the right thing…KS knows he comes from a good family and is angry at this….so watch this space.

  121. 121
    AM Says:

    @Jackson – I very much doubt Benicio would marry KS if he does he’ll lose his remaining fans LOL especially when he puts out that “We are not a couple” press statement. I’ve heard that KS hopes Benicio will change his mind after the baby is born but that’s wishful thinking on her part . It’s obvious to everyone that they are so mismatched and the only thing they had in common was sex. Benicio comes from a good hard working family and is very cultured and I do hope he is involved in his child’s life as for KS I have no words…

  122. 122
    Narla Says:

    @Jackson – Benicio marrying Kimbo?? Sounds like her friends are feeding gossip to the press. It’s bad enough that he slept with her and got her pregnant but to marry her he’ll have to check himself into a mental hospital!!

  123. 123
    JACKSON Says:

    @Narla: everyone keeps saying i hope he he looks after the baby but looking after the baby would mean dealing with KS he has no choice to pay child he has no choice but to be a father to a baby he doesn’t want and there is nothing worse than getting KS pregnant so i don’t think marrying her wouldn’t make any differance he has stooped so low he can’t get up from this. No film will save him sorry from this mess. I just would love to no what his brother and father said to him..

  124. 124
    narla Says:

    @Jackson. Benicio doesn’t have to marry KS to deal with the baby there are plenty of people in the same position and they certainly won’t be the last. BDT will have to be there for the baby he has no choice as he’s in the public eye and it would not look good for his image – even thought it’s now damaged beyond repair lol. He does seem reluctant but who’d be happy having to deal with that lazy attention seeking idiot for the rest of your life. I really can’t believe that BDT has stooped so low. I do feel sorry for BDT’s family (especially his father) as they seem respectable they are probably disappointed but probably coming round to the idea of having a granchild like Rod is.

  125. 125
    jackson Says:

    @narla: there was always tension between benicio and his father now he has to give his name to a baby after a fling meaning sex sessions lol…and whos mother is a ho…not a proud moment…she played him for a fool and will make millions out of this for the rest of her life and the baby is entitled to his money from his estate so it’s a no win situations for her so I don’t think his family will come round. Noing his family of laywers they will be trying to figure out how to protect his wealth. It would of been different if she was repectable. Sorry for the speech

  126. 126
    ruby Says:

    leo is known for sleeping around with 20 something girls but at least he doesn’t get them pregnant…like benicio del toro a oscar winner who has a illegitimate child to inherit his estate good work or sad bastatrd

  127. 127
    AM Says:

    @Ruby – I personally don’t have problem with people sleeping around as long as they are single and not doing it with kids or animals lol. You’d think that these rich and famous men would know that there are some women who will trap them with a kid. Clearly BDT has learnt nothing in his 20+ years in Hollywood. But if they choose this lifestyle they SHOULD use protection and if they don’t want kids (as BDT has said in the past) then get vasectomy. I can’t believe this 44 year old man could be sooo stupid he clearly hasn’t heard of HIV.
    @Jackson – I agree Kimberley played him for a fool I bet she told him she was on the pill and he believed her. She’ll probably write an autobiography when she’s older. However I do hope his family protects his estate/wealth and that most of it goes to his family. Can you imagine if he left it all to his child (no offence but not when the child’s mother is KimHo!). I guess when you play with fire this is what you get.

  128. 128
    stargem Says:

    It was only a matter of time before someone would trap BDT with a kid. It seems to me he doesn’t wear condoms. I can understand how Kimberley turned out her Dad is a manwhore as for Benicio he comes from a hardworking respectable family do can’t understand how it all went wrong for him. But looking at recent pics of him he looks like an old man, if his eyelids get any lower he won’t be able to see his kid lol. I feel sorry for his father and BDT’s kid (a **** for a mother and a manwhore for a father). BDT should get an Oscar for stupidity, I wonder if he’ll consider getting a vasectomy now I doubt he will he’s too macho.

  129. 129
    RUBY Says:

    @stargem: if his eyelids get any lower he won’t be able to see his kid lol. That’s the funinest quote i’ve heard today….I wonder how he is going to look the kid in the eye knowing his mother is a ho, not a good start in life because that it is a fact..How does he look anyone in the eye! poor kid growing up in a dysfunctional family like rod stewarts 8 kids and exs. There is no way he will find a good woman now just the pure trash what he goes for but I did think his PR people would fix him up with someone to make it look like it was a mistake and he’s moved on.

  130. 130
    jackson Says:

    @AM: Benicio’s family have a lot of money, his father would proberly leave most of his money to benicio and his borther but now not sure because what is benicio’s the stewart family will try and get it for the kid. It’s a mess he will have to deal with KS and the family for the rest of his life even if he doesn’t have anything to do with the kid, press will be watching his every move..Pray he finds amazing women and has another child and leaves everthing to him/her and piss off the stewart family…

  131. 131
    stargem Says:

    @Ruby – I agree I doubt BDT will find a good woman as he likes to sleeps with random woman and is a drunk which is not appealing to potential girlfriends lol. He has admitted that he finds it hard to maintain relationships because he likes being on his own alot (well that’s going to change now lol) . I was reading an article today about a British couple living out in LA and his wife had their baby at Cedars-Sinai (which is where I’m presuming that spoilt madam will have the baby). They charge just over $45k for having a baby there..this is only the beginning for BDT in handing money over to her she was also seen buying designer baby clothes at Fred Seagal a few months back and all of this could of been prevented if he had a vasectomy lol. BDT needs to take a leaf out of Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney book on how be a bachelor.

  132. 132
    ruby Says:

    @stargem: 20 years in hollywood and he ends up with a ho and a illegitimate child well at least his mother isn’t her to see it I bet his father new his life in LA would lead to this. He needs to move away…His family don’t live there anyway and see what ks will do..he can go there when ever to see the kid if he wants contact. I am just shocked at his choice of women how sad..he can’t even deny this one.

  133. 133
    claire Says:

    Ruby I agree 20 years in hollywood and a ho played him for a fool.
    It doesn’t matter what film role he gets he wont be taken seriously as before. Plus their are younger actors on the seen. He will have to count his savings now because it will all go on the kid if the stewart family have anything to do with it. Rod stewart wont want to pay for that half puerto rican this space. poor kid will feel different growing up in that house hold it not like ks is cultured.

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