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Gabriel Aubry Picks Nahla Up From School

Gabriel Aubry Picks Nahla Up From School

Gabriel Aubry picks his 3-year-old daughter Nahla up from school on Wednesday (June 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier that day, the 34-year-old Canadian model’s ex, Halle Berry, dropped their daughter off at the school.

Gabriel is being accused of child neglect by Halle and the two are currently in a custody battle over Nahla.

On Tuesday (June 28), Halle made an appearance in family court to present her case. Documents submitted by Halle and her lawyers go into great detail about Gabriel‘s parenting skills, according to TMZ.

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  • rhonda

    I love the pictures of Nahla with her daddy!



  • superman


  • Dionne

    She’s such a cutie

  • Roe

    Now that Halle doesn’t have the same support she had from whites Gabriel will get their beautiful daughter. I’m glad!!! Lol @ Halle, my how the tides have turned.

  • kookoo

    mz.berry says ‘ cockadoodledo i”m a crazy shrew”

  • hmmm


    All of the pictures with her daddy are real and full of love,,you can see it is not an act of forced or put on or fake unlike Halles BS with Nahla.If anybody has to worry about neglect and bringing up Nahla it should be Gabriel..Halle Berry is an ANIMAL and to be honest that is also an insult to all animals as Halle is a really disgusting piece of wasted skin walking this planet earth. I dont like to discuss her but to see Nahla going through hell and it is a given obvious that she alreadt has issues at her age…It is not going to be a very good story to be honest..Its written all over the walls…

    Halle Berry is not a good person nor is she mentally balanced…
    why the hell did she have a child in the first place…Halle has stunted growth and a damn baby herself. She is one sick person and I would like tthe world to lose a recipe of her kind again..

  • Finley

    Interracial relationships hardly ever work. Proof in the pudding… Halle once all that, now she’s nothing. Poor halle. No one feels sorry for you. Gabriel will get Nahla and she will have nothing

  • Pam

    I for one am thrilled that Halle is going through hell, looking like hell, and loosing weight. This slut is out of her mind if she’s thinks she can keep Gabriel away. Nahla should have someone like Gabriel around he seems like a great father. Halle has too many race issues, and she’s mental.

  • Ruth

    I never comment on such private matters but am totally outraged at the antics of Halle Berry and her battle against Nahla’s father. Berry should have had a child BY HERSELF if she doesn’t want a father in the child’s life.

    Since that isn’t the case and in fact Nahla seems to have a very loving and committed father, her entire campaign against him is unacceptable on any level. One minute he is “a wonderful father”, the next “unsuitable” – just because they split? Gabriel will always be Nahla’s father, long after Berry has split from her current boyfriend, and the next, and the next.

    Money talks in LA and Berry has tons of it. I just hope that the courts won’t buy into that money and power and ensure a fair judgement for BOTH parents and one that ensured that Nahla will have a wonderful relationship with her dad during her childhood.

  • dana

    the only victim here is the poor little girl….I’m on Gabriel’s side on this one. Before they split up, Halle was all praised on this guy, and after the split, she’s trying to ruin him. Give it a rest, lady, for the sake of your little girl.

  • James

    Why is everyone so caught up in race? This is about the fitness of Nahla’s parents. Sick people in the world today

  • jj

    @TWPUMPKIN: If the papers is to be believed then he did indeed seek out money from her, and the court denied him. Its somewhere in cyberland


    I just don’t like Halle because she is black & FAKE and I don’t care who doesn’t like it, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. He could be neglectful, but quite frankly I don’t care. He’d be better than Halle the W***. Sue me for an opinion

  • Huh?

    @REALITY: I like your honesty! More of the Klan should follow your example.

  • pup

    Poor guy. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he & Halle can work everything out once and for all for the sake of their adorable daughter.

  • rhonda

    I always thought Halle was beautiful. She showed her true colors and frankly she’s not beautiful to me anymore. Same with julia roberts, I once loved her smile and her laugh and after she showed her ugly self, I can’t stand the sight of her anymore.

    anyone else feel that way?

  • Ruth-total BS

    @Ruth: Ruth that’s total BS. You’ve have been commenting several times for awhile on Just Jared, TMZ and other places on the Internet when there’s any article posted on Halle and Aubry? Tell the truth.

  • Oh my

    @hmmm: lol @rhonda: I stopped liking Halle when she groped and made out with Jamie fox at an award show. I’m with you on Julia Roberts lame ass too

  • islandgrl

    @Finley: That is a bunch of crap about interracial relationships hardly ever working out! My parents are married for 40plus years and I have been for 10 and pretty damn happy with my husband- both interracial, or want of a better term. You might want to stop making generalizations.

    However I do think relationships where one person is mental tend to not work out.

  • islandgrl

    @Hope: I think it’s more about HB being a successful (but sucky), influential actress and GA not having as much “star power” as she.

  • CAB

    Gabriel Aubry is simply put on a pedestal and assumed to be pure
    holy and flawless simply because his child’s mother is Halle Berry.
    He could be an vindictive man and violating the court ordered custody agreement however because he is a male model this is all some people choose to see. None of the people trashing Halle have lived with Aubry or have a child with him so how in hell do you know what kind of man/father he really is? You can hate Halle until hell freezes over it still does not make Aubry the ideal parent or ex partner.

  • Finley

    @islandgrl: One or two relationships are not good enough. There are billions of people on this plantet. Give me about 10,000 at least and i’ll concede. That’s not even a 10th of the population. Good try though.

  • ?????? clueless

    Looks like the same folks who have been commenting for the last couple of days are still saying the same thing.

    While Halle may have issues etc why assume she’s always wrong regardless of her past behavior of bashing the exes?

    Is she in old behavior of bashing the ex when she has a movie allegedly coming out soon (if it’s ever released not going straight to DVD) when she’s been outed several times over the last 5-10 years for doing this? Clueless.

    REWIND: Family court unlike some of you experts think are private not as public as the tabloids are making up crap on Halle Scary’s alleged concerns and demands.

    TMZ as far as I know never gave out specifics nor did I ever see anything on Radar Online about her demands. Only US magazine and the others said these things that folks believe is gospel.

    Was Halle showing her a$$ again? Who knows??? No one knows what really went on in Family court on Monday nor does anyone know what the real situation is between Halle and Aubry.

    This is the first time Gabe has ever picked up Nahla from pre-school or been to her school. He was never with Halle when Halle was looking at schools. So much for co-parenting as much as Halle claims.

    So he’s picking her up in the car that Halle bought for him (common knowledge) for knocking her up by in-vitro.He’s probably picking her up because either the judge has said something or their lawyers have been talking.

    These same tabloids all are still saying that Halle dropped out of doing that play with Sam Jackson because of custody issues which is not true and was only because of scheduling conflicts with Cloud Atlas and the bad rep in the press she was getting bad press.

    If Halle wanted Gabe to pick up Nahla from school then why waste the tax payers money on frivolous matters than old events that the last judge didn’t rule on even though the ruled in Halle’s favor.

    Bottom line –both gave up their right to complain once they agreed to get together and have a child by whatever means in their arrangement/relationship.

    If Halle’s allegations were more of her sick bullshit, shame on her. If any remoteness of being true, then I don’t think Aubry would be picking Nahla from school temporarily until a judge rules.

    Hopefully for Nahla’s sake they need to work things out whether or not either one’s ‘unfit’ or not or doing for attention or money.

  • BYE

    Um all these Halle Berry post are disgusting. Is this what JJ has become? If so I’m leaving for good. See ya’ JJ, I enjoyed you while it lasted. You should really monitor comments, because I’ve just become physically ill.

  • JJ fact check

    Nahla’s school is in WeHo (West Hollywood) not Beverly Hills. Yesterday’s WeHo picture is of Nahla’s school which you can tell from the other pictures with the Fleur de lis that you and the others posted.


    @BYE: I agree. I’m in tears right now, having read these hateful, racist, uninformed, bigoted, and just plain mean comments. I’m so through with Just Jared.

  • JJ monitor the racism

    JJ besides in doing better fact checking, also monitor the racism. This is worse than when they first got together.

  • Susie#1


    There are too many racist comments and you don’t seem to be withdrawing them for inappropriateness. Whatever is going on with Berry and Aubrey is between them, the judge and the lawyers. It’s supposed to be about what’s best for a child. None of this is our business.

  • the tabloid sites

    The tabloid sites are making up stuff whether or not Halle’s brought this all on herself just to get higher rankings whether their allegations are true or not.

    Remember slander/libel on the internet are harder to prove than in traditional press as well as other laws regarding the internet.

  • Reg

    Halle Berry is an out right BITCH ….what person constantly makes up accusations to stop there child seeing there father. SICK BITCH!!

  • Twinkle

    Halle always does create a lot of drama with all the men in her life: Her dad, Dave Justice, Eric Benet, and now Gabriel. I can imagine what kind of demons she would try to exorcise on a baby boy. Oy!

  • oh yeah!

    JJ always comes with bad captured images. It’s hardly to find the real interaction between Nahla and her father. I love them both. You can see how she enjoys being around her daddy here.

  • sunseeker

    This should not be about colour this is not about racist, this is about Halle trying to stop Gabriel from having a relationship with his daughter, she is not trying to stop seeing his daughter just not overnight and weeks, she needs to have control over her daughter that’s what this is all about.
    Lets see what happens after they have been to family court. I bet TMZ still comes out with information, because Halle is leaking it through her agent.

  • sunseeker


    If he is a bad father or abusive don’t you think the judge would have done something about it last time she took him to court. This has nothing to do with Gabriel being a model, what has his profession got to do with him being a good father or not.

  • MORE bs

    @sunseeker: More bs from another one who’s posting their thoughts all over the internet.
    Btw obviously you don’t understand anything about Hollywood not being an American. If anyone on Team Halle leaked info to TMZ it would be Halle herself, Vince her sleazy manager, or her publicist not her agent.
    Also, you don’t understand the US judicial system.

  • quit making excuses for him

    @sunseeker: Yes Aubry being a model has nothing to do with it, other than Halle’s more solvent than he is. None of us know either of them nor know how either their parenting skills are.

    No one knows if Aubry has anger management issues, is a gold digger, a fame whore or whatever others are calling him . Only they know what’s going on and if he actually gives a rip about the child.

    Folks call Halle the one with the issues, because of her past behavior etc. when they forget he grew up- in foster homes.

    If Halle’s lying or exaggerating again, shame on her. Something must’ve happened or she wouldn’t have gone back to court.

    Who knows what the judge ruled on the last time? Maybe they wanted more proof?

    US and the other tabloids made up details on TMZ and other sites to increase readership.

    Does Halle wish he would go away after the millions of dollars she’s shelled out on Aubry and this fiasco? Maybe.

    I do think Aubry purposely didn’t show so the judge would drag things out.

    Is Nahla in danger, who knows? In the meantime, Aubry still thinks he’s slick. Is set for life? Who knows?

    Like I said before, I think when the real truth about their arrangement not relationship. He only showed up when Halle needed him to and to pick up his monthly check. Btw he was living in one of Halle’s homes until last September.

  • InTheKnow

    See Halle, when white people turn on you, you have nothing! LMAO all these years you’ve been trying to please them. At first they were sipping your cool-aid and now that they’ve turned on you, what will you do? This idiot had to learn a hard lesson. She forgot she was black, I bet she won’t forget again. Nobody cares about the child or you Halle. If this child got hurt tomorrow nobody would care. They would blame your stupid a**. Be smart leave these white people alone, they don’t mean you any good. Halle is one of the dumbest whores you’ll meet. Now she’s lookiing all sad and run down, and everyone’s laughing at you. Attn: black women don’t do interracial it will only end up bad for you! ROTFLMAO @ Ms. dumb a** Berry

  • Joey

    Its cool

  • more bs

    @oh yeah!: even more bs…the majority of the photos, she doesn’t look like she wants to be with him except for the ones that he’s swinging her, I think I would be smiling too as a 3 year old. If you look closely the photos are stagged and possibly altered.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • amensister

    finally the voice of reason in the midst of HATE

  • clamity

    awww sooo cuteee he is a good father ………….and all these racist comments agaisnt halle are just ignorant fools i dont really like the women but that because of the things she does not because of the colour of her skin you should all be ashamed of your self making comments like that i though segregation was abolished ? seriously brining the kkk up horrible heartless people

  • Ruth

    Susie#1 @ 06/30/2011 at 1:01 am +9


    There are too many racist comments and you don’t seem to be withdrawing them for inappropriateness. Whatever is going on with Berry and Aubrey is between them, the judge and the lawyers. It’s supposed to be about what’s best for a child. None of this is our business.
    Agree completely about the racist comments which should not be posted.

    The court cast is supposed to be private so why is all this information about Gabriel’s unsuitability appearing on various sites? Who is leaking this info? Why are Berry’s people continuing to bash Nahla’s father in this public fashion? The posters are reacting to that and not anything else.

  • sweet


    But with interracial relationships, you have to be prepared for white backlash if you offend the white in the union. Same with Tiger. Whites while NEVER EVER EVER EVER defend the minority. Why do you think Asian women always are FORCED into taking the child to japan, when the white husband gets sole custody on the basis that he is a white man?

  • Lady Lakshmi

    Kinda makes me wonder why Wesley Snipes knock the sh*t out of her. Although I do NOT condone men hitting women, Halle’s behaviour would make one wonder why she doesn’t get along well with the men in her life. She has some serious issues she needs to work out, and soon.

  • ashna

    these pictures shows that Aubry seems seems to be a good father. He loves his daughter too much.

  • GIL

    This is just my opinion and I really like Halle….but in this case, I don’t know…..I have the feeling she is the crazy one…..she always makes this big drama about everything….poor father of the baby having to deal with it if that’s the case…

  • janaD

    I saw Gabriel with Nahla at a park a couple of weeks ago. He seemed like a very good dad to me. …and he didn’t act for the paparazzi, because there were none.

  • Kris

    I agree with James–Race aside, they both need to act in the best interest of their daughter! So many post about her being black and him being white; overall, it’s irrelevant. Clearly, it was irrelevant when they decided to date and create a life together…anyway, I digress. Halle should learn to be a bit more private when it comes to her opinions of her child’s father. Blasting him in the media the way she is and the constant name calling back and forth is in bad taste. We don’t know all the facts, none of us are in their circle or know them well enough to know the truth.

    Halle or Gabriel shouldn’t have that type of negative influence on her perception on either one of them. If Gabriel isn’t stepping up to the plate, he needs to do a better, for his child’s sake. And I’m sure there is room for improvement on Halle’s part as well.