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Katie Holmes: 'Mission: Impossible 4' is Intense!

Katie Holmes: 'Mission: Impossible 4' is Intense!

Katie Holmes loads her shopping bags into her Mini Cooper car after shopping at Club Monaco on Wednesday (June 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress recently chatted with MTV about her husband Tom Cruise‘s new movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which just released its official trailer!

“It’s amazing,” Katie said. “The movie is going to be very cool and intense and the best Mission yet.”

Over the weekend, Katie attended the premiere of her new film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark with her co-star Bailee Madison.

FYI: Katie is wearing Franklin + Gower‘s Arrival Red Cord Jacket and Current/Elliott‘s The Roller Jeans in Crescent Moon.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes shopping…

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katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 01
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 02
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 03
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 04
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 05
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 06
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 07
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 08
katie holmes mission impossible 4 is intense 09
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  • Joji

    Love how she needs zero security when tiny tom and the kid aren’t around. No one looks at her or wants her autographs. Ha!

  • moi

    she’s so “important”… her vocab is “amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing”

  • Desperate & Awkward

    High heel black suede boots for a hot summer day running errands? A jacket from Gap Kids? Typical Katie Holmes craziness.

  • Laughable!!!

    Shopping at Club Monaco the day before the royal wedding in Monaco. Nothing is beneath her. Word is that she’s royalty obsessed and is begging Nigel for an invite to Will and Kate’s BAFTA event in L.A.

  • Missy

    Her jacket isn’t too small. Obviously she rolled up the sleaves. Katie looks great here. Simple and elegant.

  • Pippa-rama

    from US Weekly:

    Tress twins? At Sunday night’s L.A. premiere of her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Katie Holmes gushed to Us Weekly that she’s a huge fan of Duchess Kate’s sophisticated getups.

    “I love both [Kate's and Pippa's] style,” the 32-year-old actress said, “and I think they are incredible. I’m so happy for Kate — I wish them the best!”

    Despite the 80-degree temps over the past few days, the brunette beauties both sported silky-smooth blowouts. At Sunday’s premiere, a Contrarian New York-clad Holmes’s straight and shiny strands fell against her bare back.

    And cross the pond on Monday afternoon, the 29-year-old Duchess sat alongside husband Prince William, 29, at Wimbledon to watch British player Andy Murray’s match. The royal wore a white tiered Temperley London Moriah dress and nude pumps.

    While Homes is regularly seen with undone, free-flowing tresses, it’s no secret that Kate is rarely seen with her hair in anything but a picture-perfect blowout. So to ensure that her strands will be in her signature style at all stops on the couple’s North American trip next week, Kate is bringing her hairstylist, James Pryce of the Richard Ward Salon, along for the jaunt.

  • Gigi

    what the heck is she wearing? nothing ever fits her properly.

  • Bebe

    @Laughable!!!: What does the clothing store club Monaco have to do w/ the wedding? You’re the one who’s desparate to find some excuse to criticize her.

  • Susie#1

    Oh save us from this cr*p. #7′s quote about Katie “gushing” about the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, is leading up to Katie becoming an “expert and spokesperson” on their style…IMO I think she’s trying to imitate the Duchess’s figure and eyebrows, next will be the clothing. The difference is that the Duchess has class and style and Katie has none. Holmes needs to learn how to speak in complete sentences, express complete thoughts, and maybe learn a new word a day: to try to develop a vocabulary beyond “amazing.”

  • JEN

    shopping…what she does best. I bet Tommy boys head explodes every time he get’s her credit card bills.

  • annie

    the other day I wrote that I found it odd that celebs in LA were wearing jackets and dressed like it was cooler weather. now that Katie is wearing one it’s ”why is she wearing a jacket in summer”.
    she looks nice, and casual. love her mini cooper. see, the casual Sagi side of her, likes the mini—–the classy Leo side of her goes for the Merc.
    works every time!

  • What a mess!

    she could NOT close that jacket. It is TOO SMALL. Why is she wearing wool and suede? It’s 90 degrees! And why the belly showing again? She should have tom’s money buy her jeans that fit.

  • waistful

    well, since she doesn’t give a hoot about the environment, she can have her cooper and merc. she can also fly suri and herself on private jets from miami to disney world for the day.

    selfish, greedy empty person.

  • dabu

    Amazing…dressed horribly as usual. And doing what she does best–her one talent in life–shopping.

  • @annie

    Actually it has nothing to do with astrology. She just likes spending Cruise’s money. Clothes, cars, jewelry. She doesn’t care. Just wants to get that charge card out and spend, spend, spend.

  • Katie

    I like the Mini Cooper , As for the outfit *shrugs* Not her best…. but not her worst !

  • Bella

    She’s pretty & looks a lot happier these days…..ya I know i’m gonna get a lot of thumbs down ;)

  • Bella


  • Shia

    sad to see a woman who gave up her identity for money and fame.

  • ck

    Every time she answers a question about Tom using the word “amazing,” and angel gets it’s wings.

  • annie

    I don’t know about you, but if my husband had zillions of dollars, and a plane, and I had an endless credit card at my disposal….well you know what I would be doing, and so would you. now don’t pretend you all would’nt do the same. None of us would care about the enviroment or anything else.
    However, it might not be Toms money she spends, because Katie does work , and Katie does earn money, more than enough money , I’m sure, to buy whatever she wants.

  • lucy2

    Did she have to get prior written approval to add “intense” to her vocabulary? I thought that everything done by Tom and Suri was “amazing”.

  • Observer

    She looks very nice, classy and elegant. Nice outfit. She seems pretty nice and likeable to me, I dunno understand why JJ posters are so mean…..

  • @Annie

    Congratulations! Finally you admit that Katie does not care about the environment or anything else besides spending Tom’s money.

  • Rainy Day


    Well Annie, I for one, disagree–there are plenty of A listers that manage to combine philanthropy with acting and shopping. Cult members have to “donate” at least (AT LEAST) 10 percent of their earnings to the cult. So there goes 10 percent of both their incomes. She supports the lame Dizzy Feet foundation. Obviously she has limited intelligence as her vocabulary and interviews suggest so maybe she can’t handle deeper issues such as the environment, poverty and more.

    Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bono, Oprah, Bill Gates, the Kennedy family, Jolie, Kidman, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Rihanna (own foundation for children), Reese Witherspoon (Avon and own foundation), Rosie O’Donnell, Martha Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor (known for her shopping), Paul McCartney and dozens of more A Listers manage to give significant amounts of money to charity and actually KNOW about the cause they support–they manage to give money and BE EDUCATED about their cause. And many of them *GASP* shop too.

    Katie obviously can’t manage to shop and hold a thought in her head let alone open her wallet and do something for a cause other than making sure children who are starving can dance. However, to be fair, some of this may not be her fault as the Cult of Xenu believes every person is responsible for their destiny and probably doesn’t support giving to causes outside the cult. Unfortunately the cult’s half-a$$ed approach to medical and social issues often causes more harm than anything. Katie is part of that harm. She is the ultimate bimbo–pretty amazing since she supposedly got very high grades in high school. Her vocabulary has certainly degenerated, she apparently has replaced any intelligence with a shopping addiction which she now has passed down to Suri. Shame on her. And what is even more ironic, with all that shopping for clothes and shoes, she still can’t manage to buy outfits that are flattering, doesn’t use her sewing skills to do any alterations that would make them more flattering, and manages to look pretty awful most of the time.

    She is the epitome of the saying “Money can’t buy class.” Amazing and awesome and intense isn’t it.

  • @annie

    wake up! kate hasn’t been paid since she married tom. he’s paid them. the only movie she could have made money on was the romantics because she was “executive producer”

    It BOMBED!!!! Gross revenue $106,524

  • @bebe

    darling, google “monaco wedding” and join the rest of the world.

  • Danielle


    Of course anyone with a lot of money would do some shopping, but I like to think most of us would also support a cause that would better someone.

    If you don’t want to care about the environment- fine. If you want to be totally selfish and not support a cause-fine. And if Katie wants to shop her way to Xenu heaven, then fine. If she wants to teach Suri shallow values that money and things means happiness–fine. But she is a public figure and since she appears to be totally a self-centered shopping addicted brainless Valley girl–then you and Romeo and others who like her shouldn’t be surprised if the rest of us who do charity or volunteer work and contribute to causes find her to be a useless waste of space.

  • laverdadduele

    Home-wrecker Angelina gets so much love, yet Katie gets none. I really don’t understand it. She seems like a nice and sweet lady dedicated to her husband and daughter. Decency means nothing these days.

  • Romeo

    How can you call a CHARITY that she FOUNDED lame and knows nothing about her cause, #26?!

    Why don’t you mind your own money and donate to whatever charity you feel like and quit telling other people how to spend their hard-earned cash. As if you know how she is in real life or can assume what someone’s shopping habits are from paparazzi photos.

    Quit blaming Scientology for every thing wrong in the world.

    Holmes already supports causes that better others and you should mind your own money and support causes rather than strong arming others.

    You have no idea how her daughter is being raised and what values she’s learning. For all we know, she could end up a U.S. senator in the next 30 years. You’re judging people you’ve never met and have done nothing wrong based on paparazzi photos and no one forces you to look at these threads surrounding people that you consider a waste of space.

  • Romina

    Enough already!!!! It is so pathetic to see all these stupid comments in here. You obviously know nothing about her. Katie is not a billionaire like her husband, but she certainly DOES have loads of money, and I mean loads. She had a very, very good salary in DC per episode, has been receiving very high royalties per year once it was over, has done many movies with a very decent salary in some of them, she has done A LOT publicity for different brands….she can buy 1, 2, 3 and eleven cars if she wants to! She doesnt need her husband for that….I dont get it, she works, she has a charity she co-founded, she is very family oriented and is said to be very sweet and humble, what is the problem? Why do you NEED to bash her? SOmetimes the most stupid comments can be read here just for the sake of putting her down.

  • @romina

    DC was a long time ago. Her foundation a minimally helped 17 people. she can’t act. she did not get paid for the “modeling” jobs. tom paid them. her design company is seriously in the red but tom keeps pumping more money into it to keep her busy and away from him. she looks like a zombie in ill-fitting clothes. her daughter is five but still drinks out of a baby bottle. she shops for clothes to wear while shopping.

    there’s no there there.

  • Rainy Day


    Gee Romeo, did I hit your nerve or something? Go to the Dizzy Feet website. Scholarships for underprivileged children so that they know the importance of dance. I’d think they would need food and clothing and a solid education you know?

    And Mr. Know-it-all – exactly what causes does Holmes support other than poor children that don’t have dancing oportunities and Xenu causes? Why should any of us support causes this cult furthers? A cult that bribes, punishes, blackmails, and some say murder to make sure its secrets remain secret?

    And Mr. Know-It-All–I was basing the comment I made about Suri on Katie’s own statements about Suri and clothes. Suri seeing a clothing shop way across the street. Suri and her likes. Never heard Ms. Holmes say Suri really enjoyed a visit to a museum or playing on the beach. Just Suri is a fashionista and she doesn’t know who is more of one (interview a few weeks ago). Suri seeing the store across a football’s length with a dress in the window and she wanted it (about three months ago). Suri telling her what to wear – ad nauseum.

    You don’t know her either. Nor do you know Suri. Yet you feel you can come on this blog and insult anyone who doesn’t agree with you. And you can insult other actresses.

    You need help. Unrequited love is such a bit-ch especially since Ms. Holmes has no idea you exist and if she did she would most likely make sure you couldn’t get within 100 feet of her as you have many characteristics of a stalker.

  • Chris


    You forgot to mention cupcakes. She also talks about cupcakes pretty well too. ;) How pathetic is her life when the ONLY thing she is known for is marrying a crazy, shopping and liking cupcakes?

  • Juliet

    How can you call a CHARITY that she FOUNDED legit and like she knows something about her cause, #31?!

    Why don’t you quit acting like people are telling other people how to spend their hard-earned cash TOM and KATIE DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. As if YOU know how she is in real life you can’t see she shops ALL of the time from paparazzi photos.

    blame Scientology for every thing wrong in the world.

    Holmes already screws up causes that better others and YOU should mind your own self and quit being psychotic
    YOU have no idea how her daughter is being raised and what values she’s learning. She could NEVER end up a U.S. senator in the next 30 years ha. YOU ARE judging people you’ve never met and have done everything wrong based on paparazzi photos and no one wants you to defend these threads surrounding people that are a waste of space.

  • bogo

    ugh…..her vocabulary is so limited! amazing….amazing….intense…..amazing…..

    that is what a bimbo is called ugh!

  • annie

    @ rainy day
    You know why you don’t like Katie don’t you…’s all because of Xenu….this dawned on me quite a while ago, but that’s ok, but the problem for me is, a lot of celebs give money to charities, and they don’t come out to say ” we would like to inform the world , that today we gave $1,000000 to charity….arn’t we just the best.” People, genuine people never , ever brag about donating, this is what I believe. You give it from the heart , you give it, that hopefully it will make a difference, it’s something silent from within, something that gives” you” that satisfaction.
    So how do you know that Tom doesn’t donate to causes close to his heart, because he doesn’t feel the need to advertise it. Like everyone says we don’t know these people, so why assume they don’t , because you don’t know about it……or is it , that we know everything about them, when it suits, and turn the other way when it doesn’t, because that’s what it sounds like. That’s what it always sounds like.
    Even when the truth is out there, staring at everybody, it’s always what you want to think, or see……and it is all because of Scie, it seems to bug a lot of people on here, all rational thinking flies out the window for some reason.

  • annie

    don’t forget that an actor once became a president