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Rachel Bilson: Juice with Jon Hamm!

Rachel Bilson: Juice with Jon Hamm!

Rachel Bilson goes shopping on Wednesday (June 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old Hart of Dixie actress stopped off for fruit juice after her shopping trip – also enjoying a cool drink was Mad Men actor Jon Hamm!

Over the weekend, Rachel went vegetable picking with her younger half-sisters, Rosemary and Hattie, in Moorpark, Calif.

Rachel was also recently photographed dropping by Mustard Seed Cafe on Monday to grab lunch with a friend.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Line & Dot‘s silky button down blouse.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson going shopping and picking up fruit juice to go…

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rachel bilson juice bar 01
rachel bilson juice bar 02
rachel bilson juice bar 03
rachel bilson juice bar 04
rachel bilson juice bar 05
rachel bilson juice bar 06
rachel bilson juice bar 07
rachel bilson juice bar 08
rachel bilson juice bar 09
rachel bilson juice bar 10
rachel bilson juice bar 11
rachel bilson juice bar 12
rachel bilson juice bar 13
rachel bilson juice bar 14
rachel bilson juice bar 15
rachel bilson juice bar 16
rachel bilson juice bar 17
rachel bilson juice bar 18
rachel bilson juice bar 19
rachel bilson juice bar 20

Credit: Beiny/Slater; Photos: WENN
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  • Langella

    LOL @ you trying to link her with a working, talented actor. I’ve been to the same restaurants as Clooney, but that doesn’t mean we were together.

  • gossipsmack1

    she looks gorgeous!

  • http://b slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i dont like i want other

  • Isabela

    I love her, and I know people will “tumb me down” for that , but I just would like to say that before all the haters come hehe it’s just my opinion, I don’t judge people for liking someone I don’t, I just wish there was some more respect

  • vinha

    @Langella: Hahaha, so true! (:

  • unknown

    Of course she would try to talk to him, knowing they’d be photographed. She’s done nothing relevant since the OC yet JJ still posts nonstop about her. Paid by her PR

  • Kadabra

    I see she’s carrying a textiles book, “shopping” for some prints and fabrics to steal for her new line of sheets and bedding I suppose.

  • unknown

    and she couldn’t take her sunglasses off while talking to someone? what a tart

  • gossipsmack1

    @unknown: why do you have to take your sunglasses off to talk to somebody? both the guys she was talking to had their sunglasses on. u guys r pathetiiiiiiic.

  • I need glasses!

    WENN captions these pictures with “Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christensen, and Jon Hamm go for a fruit juice together in West Hollywood”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Jon Hamm doesn’t know who she is!!! She probably saw the paps taking his picture and went over to see why they weren’t taking HER picture. Oh JJ…You do make me laugh with this stuff!!

  • loggan

    You and your stupid Rachel Stupibilson

  • unknown

    @gossipsmack1: lol because it’s rude. no eye contact and can’t see their expression. i have no doubt SHE was the one who initiated conversation and walked up to him, so if she took hers off maybe he would have as well. he probably had no idea who she is

  • @ I need glasses

    Hayden was with them?

  • gossipsmack1
  • kpax


    I have never heard of the need to take your sunglasses off when you are outside during a sunny day to talk to someone. It is the most absurd complaint I can imagine.

  • Jax

    @16, well of course, because he wasn’t really focused on the hockey game, he was watching her with the eyes he has in the back of his head. Silly.

  • Hi Same Person

    @gossipsmack1: @kpax: @Jax:


  • Hi Same Person
  • Hi Same Person

    @lexy hates bilson: @Hi Same Person: @unknown: @Kadabra @gossipsmack1: @kpax: @Jax:

  • I need glasses!

    No, Hayden wasn’t there. But the agency identified the guy in white in picture #3 as Hayden.

  • maya

    omg what the **** is going on with you guys we know you don’t like her so why you leave a comment, it means that you are interested about what happend aroud her, rachel is gorgeous so GOSSIP GOSSIP you don’t have something better to do

  • skskj

    @unknown: oh my god no eye contact?! How rude! I cant believe she would do such a thing! She might as well spit in his face I cant believe it the nerve of her!! Please…..

  • unknown

    @skskj: yea sorry your communication skills are so bad

  • Please

    That dude in white is not Christensen one he has red/blonde hair as of last week this man as very dark brown hairs cut very short, also side profile is not him either. If he was there she would be carrying 2 drinks instead of one and they both would not pass the opportunity to press the idea of the BLAH couple they are out. Won’t claim he isn’t in LA very good chance he is but, looks to me that she might be on the hunt for a replacement man even if he Hamm has a wife or g/f to this dweeb woman she might think he will hook her up with a bigger name celebrity. God knows Christensen isn’t proving to be much help with that.

  • lol

    Okay the whole…She needs to take off her sunglasses to talk to someone comment was just stupid Ill admit and just someone looking for anything to complain about with Since he has on sunglasses too.

    Now for the rest… know her outfit started out nice up top but became a mess the lower you get….those shorts are too short if you know what I mean and she doesnt really need to do that to ” get attention”
    Also what I noticed when she is talking to Jon Hamm is that her arms are folded across her….thats a classic female defensive stance… In general when women are uncomfortable or pissed about something ( as some guys may have noticed over the years) they stand with their arms crossed in front of them…So I wonder what made Rachel do that while talking to Hamm…Just thought it was interesting….

    And of course WTH ….Seriously stretching it on the title in this post…trying to link her to the ” next george clooney”…….They are both grabbing drinks at the same place……. it happens lol They both were at the hockey game last year in Canada… but since he was behind her….I doubt he remembered her at first.
    Just seems like the publicity machine is in full swing again for this new show. Trying everything to sell it. These photos were even spun two ways one place it says Christensen was there another it says he wasnt and focused on Jon Hamm and Rachels ” encounter” instead.. ….Of course that isnt Christensen it turns out but that isnt the point. Seems like the PR team is trying to have their cake and eat it too….

    Just is sad that her career has come to this point…..and that alot of peoples opinion of her these days isnt what it was back when she was on the OC. :( But it is what it is.
    Funny thing is if she actually stopped with the constant staging of photos and pr stunts…She might actually save her career……

  • @ I need glasses

    @ I need glasses OK! Thank you ;)

  • Please

    that guy is NOT CHRISTENSEN go to her fan site you can clearly see the man in the pic was with HAMN. Also Bilho walked her ugly dressed self up to the window purchased 1 drink not 2 and left.

    where is this man Christensen think again!! Wenn can say what they want or anyone else but this was NOT him. Good chance she This man looks far better then Christensen ever could.

  • robin


  • jeezzum

    Well in her “deluded” mind – she thinks that she’s got the legs like Blake Lively; same goes that she’s still thinks that she’s an actress!

  • Bookdeeva

    Take notice please that this woman’s car sits outside of this walk up drink shop. Why in the hell would anyone bring a set of books with her when all she is doing is grabbing a drink and leaving? Was this to impress Jon Hamm and his friend, make them think she is some designer? Regular ppl would leave the damn book in the car, grab their drink, say give pleasantries and go. This was a photo op for the media proving what she is looking to design or re-decorate reason to advertise what she has in her hand. Like it was to advertise she was visiting with her sisters picking all press whoring.

  • audemars

    @30 – She looks much more closely to SNOOKI of Jersey Shore!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Snooki’s got more of a career!! I wonder if she was asking Jon for an autograph!!! I think Rachel’s trying to show us she knows how to read by lugging all those books around.

  • Denny

    Why the hell would Jon Hamm be lame enough to hang out with Rachel Bilson?

  • wayne

    love her!!! Can’t wait for HOD :-)

  • wayne

    I’ll order this british textiles book :)

  • clamity

    forgive my ignorance but does she even act anymore or do anything that is relevant to hollywood??


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