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Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen: Whole Foods Run

Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen: Whole Foods Run

Rachel McAdams and boyfriend Michael Sheen stop by Whole Foods on Tuesday (June 28) in Toronto, Canada.

Over the weekend, the 32-year-old actress and the 42-year-old actor were spotted getting cozy while riding the subway.

Rachel is reportedly on the list of actresses director David O. Russell is eying for the female lead in The Silver Linings Playbook.

THR reports Elizabeth Banks, Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, and Andrea Riseborough are also being considered, while sources previously told that David was set to meet with Angelina Jolie for the upcoming project.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Madewell dress.

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Credit: Sean O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Neill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Priscilla

    Sorry, but she needs a stylist ASAP! As usual, her outfit is hideous.

  • unknown

    That subway cellphone pic of them is so creepy. It makes me think I bet people secrety take pics all over, like zooming in on someone’s butt or boobs, Maybe it’s been done dozens of times to you and I

  • nepenthes

    He looks gross.

  • CHO

    I was gonna talk about him, but seems they are so perfect for each other she looks just as bad! WTF Rachel

  • hess

    Aw, they’re so cute!

  • marilyn

    Since when are these 2 dating? This is one couple I would have never pictured together………ever.

  • hess


    They’ve been dating for nearly a year now.

  • http://b slig o lambert^________^ cute

    couple ok

  • LadyB

    I still don’t know who Michael Sheen is?

  • emmaa

    Ryan and Rachel >>>>>>>

  • mariee

    @emmaa: . . .forever! :P

  • A


  • Sam

    eww what is she doing with him>?

  • BB

    I love reading comments from the same disgruntled mcgosling. Move on, honey.

    Rachel and Michael are awesome together. And they can wear whatever they want. If they needed to be red carpet ready, they could turn it on in an instant. That’s what I love about them. They’re so chill.

  • Heather

    I think they look great together. Seems to me they don’t care what people think of them and that’s refreshing.

  • janie

    omg can he clean up a bit..he looks like a dog

  • Anon

    I always wear my over the knee boots to go grocery shopping. LOL!

  • GG

    These two certainly love to alert the paps when they go out. Whatever happened to that Stewart woman, the ballerina, that creepy Sheen dumped for the richer and more famous McAdams??

  • workedwithhim

    @LadyB: You’re not missing anything. He’s a shit actor in shit movies and takes himself very seriously.

  • Nick Naylor


    Frost/Nixon is far from a sh-tty movie…and this is coming from someone who thinks Ron Howard is overrated.

  • Vanessa

    I just love Rachel mcadams Ever since the notebook

  • Super Cool

    I think they are so cute and they should get married because it looks like their relationship is special.

  • kiki

    Ok I know looks arent everything, and good on Rachel for not being shallow and choosing personality over appearance – but seriously Rachel is one of the most gorgeous girls around…….he could at least attempt to look like he made a little effort.

  • camille

    God, McGosling fans need to move on – it’s been years!

    Rachel and Michael make a chill, sweet (and very talented) couple and I hope it works out for them.

  • may

    No this isn’t right! Rachel should be with Gosling. They should never have broken up.

  • Lisa Edina

    If I had a daughter that brought something like Michael Sheen home, I would get him a cab and pay the fare-”Take this thing away” he is extraordinarily CREEPY.

  • I heart Wesley Snipes

    I adore this coupling!

  • Katie

    He must either have a super great personality or be totally awesome in bed , because he sure isn’t much to look at !!

  • Tasha

    he use to be married to Kate Beckinsale and he is the father to their daughter…….

  • derek lu

    Rachel McAdams’s career confuses me. With one exception (last year’s $37 million-grossing State of Play, which was technically a Russell Crowe-Ben Affleck disaster), every wide-release movie she has appeared in since 2004’s Mean Girlshas done well at the North American box office. The Notebook: $81 million. Wedding Crashers: $209 million. Red Eye: $58 million.The Family Stone: $60 million. The Time Traveler’s Wife: $63 million. Sherlock Holmes: $209 million.
    (Interesting aside: Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls costars, McAdams, Tina Fey and Amanda Seyfried, have all gone on to much bigger and better things than the film’s star.)
    The success of exactly half of those films had little to do with her, and The Notebook was a triumph of word of mouth and a strong ensemble cast led by Ryan Gosling, another young actor with an interesting career (a subject for another post). But what would have become of Red Eye and The Time Traveler’s Wife without McAdams? The success of both certainly wasn’t based on the drawing power of her male costars, Cillian Murphy and Eric Bana, respectively.
    Still, for all of her commercial success, McAdams is stuck on Hollywood’s B+ list. She’s no Sandra Bullock, no Jennifer Aniston, no Anne Hathaway. She’s beautiful, talented and likable, but there is something a bit generic about her. And unlike, say, Amy Adams, Oscar and Golden Globe nominations haven’t increased her red-carpet visibility. If you were dining in a restaurant, and McAdams walked in, would every head in the room turn in her direction to get a closer look

  • derek lu

    RACHEL McAdams was so desperate to be in new movie Sherlock Holmes, she had to beg director Guy Ritchie for her part.
    The actress — who plays Irene Adler alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law in the hotly-anticipated flick — joked that she sat outside Ritchie’s house until he agreed to cast her.
    “I hunted Guy down and camped on his doorstep until he relented!” McAdams told Total Film magazine. “OK, no, we had a chat in a garden and it went from there… Fortunately, it worked out for me.”

  • derek lu

    Lena @ 05/02/2011 at 7:34 pm
    She’s been 32 for the past two years…

  • derek lu

    The Movie Star Next Door
    Source: Instyle • Date: October 19, 2010 • Scans
    Introduction Rachel McAdams
    Rachel McAdams’ Morning Glory had a bit of a disappointing opening week with an estimated $9.2 million. MOVIE STAR NEXT DOOR

  • derek lu

    For the past couple of years he has had a long-distance relationship with his Notebook co-star and fellow Canadian, Rachel McAdams, who lives in Toronto.
    No one was more surprised to hear of this than the people who’d known them on set. ‘They hated each other. And now they’re dating?’ said the film’s director, Nick Cassavetes. Once, during filming, Gosling asked if he could have a stand-in for his reaction shot because he felt she was so uncooperative he couldn’t bear to look at her. Cassavetes refused. A screaming match ensued between the co-stars.
    Gosling doesn’t deny this. ‘We inspired the worst in each other. It was a strange experience, making a love story and not getting along with your co-star in any way.’
    And then what? I ask.
    ‘I don’t know what happened ,’ he says. ‘Two years later I saw her in New York and we started getting the idea that maybe we were wrong about each other
    Read more: http

  • derek lu

    Rachel McAdams is too young to lie about her age—or is she?
    The star of Wedding Crashers and The Notebook claims she was born in October 1978, making her 28. But puts her birthday in 1976—and those who’ve looked into the matter believe the earlier date may be accurate.
    In a November 2005 profile, Details listed McAdams’s age as 29, prompting her then-publicist, Ame Van Iden, to complain vigorously. (McAdams later fired Van Iden, reportedly because the flack booked her to appear nude on Vanity Fair’s cover without her consent.) A Details source says the magazine agreed to run a correction only after Van Iden assured them that IMDb had been notified of its error.
    As of yesterday, however, the site was still listing her as 30. When Elle wrote McAdams up for its April cover, it got around the problem by saying, “IMDb states [she] is 30, but [she] is really, truly, ask her mother, 28.”
    What’s the truth? “Her birthday is inaccurately reported,” says her rep. “She is 28 years old.” But a source involved with one of her recent films says it’s “no secret among the producers” that she shaves a couple years off her age in interviews—only to add them back on when she’s up for a part that calls for a more “mature” actress.
    Wikipedia, for the record, lists her age as 28, but notes that “her exact year of birth is unknown. Some websites list it as 1976 and some websites list it as 1978. This means that she could be between the ages of 28 and 30.”

  • derek lu

    lexy hates bilson @ 01/11/2011 at 6:57 am
    Wow! Rachel the Actress being mobbed by REAL fans and not extras her PR people hired.

  • derek lu


  • derek lu

    Rubin admits, “I saw them (Pitt and Aniston) as Henry and Clare. I just did. They just seemed like a perfect version of Henry and Clare.
    “I just found them equally attractive, equally competing in terms of the Hollywood sort of arena at that moment in time. They were as good a couple as you could find and I thought that I would’ve loved to have seen them together in a movie.

  • derek lu

    I was surprised he and Lorraine lasted as long as they did, considering the relationship was a long distance one. She was never going to move to America because of her work. He wasn’t going to leave Lily for extended periods of time either.
    I’d like to see Michael settle down. But Kate once said he’s not the marrying kind. I believe it. He spent 7-8 years with Kate and never proposed. That still boggles the mind. He spent what, five years with Lorraine, and never proposed. If he hasn’t gotten married by now, he never will.
    I’ll give this relationship a year. If they make two years, I’ll be shocked.

  • derek lu

    Wikipedia Website
    Budget $26,000,000
    Gross revenue $95,577,774
    Directed by Wes Craven
    Produced by Chris Bender
    Marianne Maddalena
    Screenplay by Carl Ellsworth
    Story by Carl Ellsworth
    Dan Foos
    Starring Rachel McAdams
    Cillian Murphy
    Brian Cox
    Jayma Mays
    Music by Marco Beltram

  • derek lu

    Blake Lively and Chris Colfer have both landed spots on Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People for 2011!
    The 23-year-old actress was honored by director Baz Luhrmann, who said that “she makes you feel that she, and life, are going to go on forever.”
    Chris was honored by his Glee co-starDianna Agron, who said that it’s wonderful “to witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand.”
    Other notable honorees: Facebook founderMark Zuckerberg, Amy Poehler, Colin Firth, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Tom Ford, Justin Bieber,Prince William and Kate Middleton,Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Mia Wasikowska, Bruno Mars, Matt Damon,Sting, and Mark Wahlberg.

  • derek lu

    I can’t believe anyone liked the Family Stone. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Waste of a great cast.

  • derek lu

    TAYLOR Swift can sell millions of albums — but she can’t sell magazines!
    According to a new report, citing research from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Swift has landed the dubious distinction of being on the cover of Elle magazine’s worst selling issue of the year, with 60,000 fewer copies sold than a typical issue.
    Swift also failed to move many copies of Glamour or Marie Claire, as her covers were those magazines’ second and third worst selling issues of the year, respectively.
    “Taylor Swift doesn’t create the same kind of narrative that people love to follow, like say, Kim Kardashian,” said one pop culture expert. “The days of being a nice person and just looking pretty on cover are behind us.”
    Lady GaGa produced Rolling Stone’s best selling issue of the year, selling three times better than average. She was also the cover girl for Cosmopolitan’s best-selling issue of the year, and sold exceptionally well for Vanity Fair and for Elle.
    “Lady GaGa is consistently provocative, both onstage and off,” said the expert. “As far as selling magazines, it’s almost better to be hated

  • derek lu

    shot in August of 2010
    Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum in their upcoming movie “The Vow” which wrapped up filming in Toronto and Chicago late last year. The movie is set to release February 10, 2012, so it’s almost a year away

  • derek lu

    She’s been 32 for the past two years…

  • derek lu

    Lainey Gossip – Article – SHERLOCK HOLMES
    Have you seen Sherlock Holmes? And Rachel’s performance? The strength of the film is the chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law. The weakness of the film, aside from an unnecessarily twisty plot, was McAdams. You know I love her. But that role was totally miscast.
    Laura and Michelle thought Rachel Weisz would have been an excellent candidate. Sure. But, just to be contrarian, wasn’t the point of that part that she end up forgettable? I mean the way she’s – SPOILER ALERT – dismissed at the end, rather painlessly in fact, implies that Holmes really, after it all, didn’t care much for her. Or perhaps that’s what ended up happening after Guy Ritchie worked with her.
    Maybe it’s just me but I get a distinct no-homies vibe between the two of them. In their interviews, there’s some tension. And not the sexual kind.
    But now it’s a million different tangents when the only two points I wanted to make in the first place were that: 1. I like her dress but I don’t love her dress it and Diane’s ensemble is better and 2. She was rather disappointing in Sherlock Holmes, agree or disagree?

  • paw

    Hey derek lu- are you on your 10th or 11th spammer username now? I guess you haven’t taken anyone’s advice and gotten yourself a life!

  • Alex

    I love Rachel she is a sweetie. Hellll if her man treats her good and she loves him so be it.

  • Bestview

    I can’t wait to see The View. I love her acting and he is fantastic.
    They are such a cute couple. I’ll spend my money to watch their movies…anytime. I know i am getting my money’s worth.

  • Seymore Rock

    Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker share the crown for Forbes‘ latest list of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses!

    The two actresses tied for the top spot, each bringing in an estimated $30 million.

    Angelina “has made a name for herself as an actress who can easily handle action, drama and even directing,” while SJP “still makes most of her money off of Sex and the City” as well her successful line of fragrances, including Lovely, Covet, and NYC, according to the mag.

    Coming in third was Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, who both earned $28 million, followed by Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart with $20 million.