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Renee Puente: Matthew Morrison's New Girl!

Renee Puente: Matthew Morrison's New Girl!

Matthew Morrison and his new girlfriend Renee Puente attend the 2011 White Tie and Tiara Ball last week in Windsor, England.

“They looked really cute together,” a spywitness told “Matt held Renee‘s hand during the event and in the car as they were leaving.”

In association with Chopard, Elton John and his partner David Furnish hosted the annual event benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Also pictured inside: Matt with his pal Chace Crawford.

Matt‘s Glee co-star Gwyneth Paltrow attended the Glee Live concert in London this evening (June 29) and brought along her daughter Apple and some friends!

DO YOU THINK Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente make a cute couple?

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image
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  • lisa

    Still gay..

  • wow


  • Mike


  • li

    the newest beard on the block

  • Gleek

    Nope, still gay. But at least he didn’t stay with that famewh@re Olivia Munn. She makes a crappy beard.

  • kate


    She’s ugly

  • tay

    She’s very pretty. She should find a straight man to date.

  • Hehe

    Wait who has a beard?

  • Liz

    I see a lot of people commenting here are uncomfortable with their own sexuality since they are so obsessed with his. They look good together. Be happy for them instead of being total a$$hats.

  • @9

    It seems to me that YOU are the only heteronormative a$$hat. Come to terms that there are gay men in show buisness and that most of them get beards because of pressure to keep up the illusion of straightness for homophobes like you.

  • S@n


    Yes Liz I agree with you, it’s easier to be trolling, than to admit that he can be happy with the girl!
    People jealous and uncomfortable in his own skin think every guy in Hollywood is gay.
    Some are but not all like in everywhere and certainly not every girl is a “beard”, anyway!
    There are a lot of fans of Ted Casablanca here for sure! lol

  • Lisa

    Faker than my Cambodian weave.

  • 67

    @Liz: Uh…he is most likely gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay. Saying she is a beard is not an insult.

  • Kayla


    There are a lot of people from ONYD-Glee here. Heteronormative?! I don’t believe he is gay considering what show he is on and the fact that he comes from Broadway which is gay-city. Plus, first rule of bearding (see Guyllenhaal, Jake) is the beard needs to be semi-famous or famous (see, Swift, Taylor) so both parties can gets tons of magazine covers. I’ve never seen this girl before. She is pretty, though.

  • Kayla


    A$$hattery is what makes the internet go round. And without the internet, we all have nothing. We actually might have to (gulp) have a real life!

  • Crunchie

    she is so pretty…yall stop hating..
    ..Just went crazy!! in the Apple storeā€¦ Spent $2,000 of their money just 4 my zipcode!! Thats Crazy

  • superman


  • Venus

    @Kayla: Not all gay actors have famous beards. In fact it is more believable when the beard is a regular person.

  • leelee

    Him and Chace are a much cuter couple.

  • TinyDancer

    Is it possible for Matthew Morrison and Chace Crawford to be apart at an event? I mean, they are ALWAYS together, lol.

  • Kiki

    Did u realize that there are a lot of gays in this party? Elton and his partner and George. Oh come on Matthew! Dont be a beard!

  • James

    How can “beard” not be an insult in this situation? You are implying that they are lying about their relationship. Liar is an insult.

  • Venessa

    He’s not gay. He’s on a gay friendliest show on television working for a gay man. How insulting would it be to all the gay people around him (Ryan, Jane, Chris) if he refused to come out? Get real.

    He’s straight and he’s has a hot girlfriend. Get over it.

  • Ellen

    How many of you that are hollerin’ he is gay are str8? Str8 people have no gaydar so shut it.

  • Mel

    The guy is straight, his girlfriend is hot and people need to get over themselves. I find it weird how people obsess over his sexuality as though it is their business in the first place. To stereotype someone as gay simply because of their talent/profession is ridiculous, and the way it seems to be banded about as a jibe is borderline homophobic.

    Matthew is open about the fact that he is ‘gay-friendly’ (for want of a better term) and good for him, more people should be able to be open about their alligence to the LGBT community without being immediately branded.

    Yes, many ‘Hollywood’ actors are closeted (which is their business anyway) but I don’t believe for a second Matt is one of them. This is the guy who chartered a boat to propose to his girlfriend and flew out her relatives/friends for an engagement party. This was before he was even famous. Would be a rather excessive way to remain closeted in the Broadway community he was part of in which being gay i a non-issue.

    Sorry this is so lengthy, I am a huge fan of the guy as well as a huge supporter of gay rights (which, by the way, does not make ME gay) and these posts are starting to get right on my nerves.

  • Dawn

    Beautiful couple. They’ve been dating for three months but this is their first public “event” where they were photographed together.

  • Jada

    She is 1000X upgrade from Olivia Munn! Way to go Matthew! Go forth and make gorgeous mixed race babies.

  • Brainy box


  • solutiondiva

    She is GORGEOUS and he is LUCKY!!!
    Enough with all the hatred, please, just makes the hater look itty bitty, just sayin…………

  • British Latin American

    He’s a butterface anyhow.

  • Joy

    Every other picture I’ve ever seen that he is with a woman it is usually at a casual thing. He NEVER brings dates to more fancy events like this or to award shows so this is definitely serious. Good for them even if it makes my teenage-at-heart self cry a little bit.

  • Jeremy

    I hope this one lasts because they look like they belong together.

  • Stacy

    Renee is my cousin and I can tell all of you that Mathew is NOT gay! And he treats her very nice! They make a very good couple and they are soo cute together!

  • daisy

    that’s kinda weird since he said in a interview he wanted a NORMAL female that’s NOT in the biz and that he wants kids in the NEAR future…so does that mean she plans on putting her career on hold in the near future to have those kids hmmm let me think i don’t think so….oh and on a side note i think he should try again because she doesn’t have any kind of ass or tits nice face no body ugh …