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The Pope Joins Twitter

The Pope Joins Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI has joined Twitter and composed his first tweet!

“Dear Friends, I just launched Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI,” the Pope, 84, wrote on the Vatican’s Twitter account.

The Vatican’s new site features news in Italian and English and plans to add other languages in the future – it also opened its own YouTube channel a few years ago to upload videos of Pope Benedict and various church events.

Check out a video of the Pope tweeting on an iPad below.

Pope Joins Twitter
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  • Lauren

    My mind is blown.

  • A

    I’m going to assume people will be there to ‘assist’ him when he tweets…he can barely move, how will he be able to tweet!?


    hahahahahahahahaha good joke!!!!

  • unknown

    Lol he better not check his @ replies

  • http://b slig o lambert^________^ cute


  • 44

    He opened his own YouTube channel? This can’t be life.

  • tami

    I don’t even know what to say. lol

  • Jessa

    @A: U obv have no idea what ur talking about. The pope’s day starts at 5am and he often works into the evening, plus alot if traveling thru out the year. He moves more and is way busier than you. He speaks 10 languages and earned a doctorate. He can certainly manage and send his own tweets, a practice millions of morons appear to do fine with. So don’t worry about Pope Ben, he doesn’t need ‘assistance’.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    So cool I like him .

  • why


  • zephon

    I feel so violated…

    Piss off you and your hypocritical child molesting abusing relatives!

  • zephon

    Religion is by far the WORST invention ever devised by the mind of man.

  • Jude


  • ed

    The pope can use all the new technology he wants, the beliefs of the Catholic church are still ancient, outdated and hypocritical.

  • ck

    Guessing he was waiting for Weiner to stop tweeting before signing on ;)

  • sindyisdatchu

    oo no he’didint

  • Bunnykk

    He is so hot and talented!


    Just WoW !

  • blb

    religion is a concept invented by weak people of a low intelligence for the purpose of explaining the universe. I think many people would stop believing in a God if they could wrap their heads around Quantum theories. Suffering is much easier explained without God in the picture.

  • Amber

    LOL Great, i just hope he’s not one of these people who change their statuses every 5 seconds.

  • burnt bacon

    Next up, Rick Santorum joins 4chan!

  • torrance

    @zephon: It’s only idiots and extremists who make it that way. the core of religion is goodness and such things like do not kill, do not cheat, do not steal, respect your parents, respect your neighbors. Wow, how horrible.

  • maxine

    @blb: You’re already wrong. Religion is not about explaining the universe at all and people who turn to it forthat are the ones that go astray. Religion is about guidance on how to conduct yourself in life, not a doctrine on how species propagated the earth. That takes up one column of the bible. The rest are stories examining human behavior and morality.get an effing clue!!!!

  • Mari

    There is nothing wrong with not being up to date with every technological thing nowadays. Especially at his age. I just hate it when people pretend that they are just to seem to be close to the people. The catholic church is tremendously good at that.

  • Shy

    Poor old guy has no idea what that is. They show him, they tell him, he listens… but has no idea.

    Who would have thought 50 years ago in Don Draper era that we would come to this? TV on flat paper-like stuff. And STILL we can’t travel in space. And we can’r even fly beyond Moon. Live people I mean. How embarrassing.

  • xax

    @Jessa: he’s still a nazi.


    Does that man not just look like evil incarnate? The previous pope at least looked like he was a nice old man but this one looks like the emperor from Star Wars. I bet he has a basement lair where he keeps children chained up and forces them to chew the bunions and callouses off his feet every night.

    Seriously, when will Catholics stop worshiping other human beings.

  • c

    hahaha cool!!

  • blb

    @maxine: guidance?lol.
    god loves you and has a perfect plan for includes your mom getting raped,your father getting murdered and you dying from hunger and disease.i believe your ‘bible’ calls it fate…Praise the LORD!
    p.s get an effing Brain!!!

  • lolita

    blb STFU are you tellin us that BILLIONS yes BILLIONS of ppl has wrong and YOU RIGHT. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?! I know that you think that if there is a God why does he or she not doing anything. THE answer is that its not Gods fault its OURS. God gave us the power to chose what we want: YOU chose to do bad things or good thing. Theres ppl who want to rape women and other who wants to save ppl, ITS OUR CHOICES TO CREATE A BAD PLACE ON EARTH, God doesnt decide everything.

    SO STOP SAYIN those thing and keep them inside you. There are some ppl who get hurt by your thoughts and you have to respect it

  • blb

    @lolita: The so called religion is a dead rock.
    A rock may be very ancient, far more experienced, but rock is a rock, and it is dead. It does not move with the seasons, it does not move with existence; it is simply lying there. And have you seen any rock with any song, with any dance?
    To me religion is a quality, not an organisation.
    All the religions which exist in the world — and they are not a small number, there are three hundred religions in the world — are dead rocks. They don’t flow, they don’t change, they don’t move with the times. And anything that is dead is not going to help you — unless you want to make a grave, and then perhaps the rock may be helpful.
    All the so-called religions have been making graves for you, destroying your life, your love, your joy, and filling your heads with fantasies, illusions, hallucinations about God, about heaven and hell, about reincarnation, and all kinds of crap.Believe it or not i wanna help people i dont wanna hurt them, at all.Yes, billions of people believe in A god, but not all of them believe in the SAME God. Just because they are believers, that will not make them right. Satanists believe in a God called Lucipher who is up for anything but what the Christian God is. Also, the Christian Bible exists in more than 8 versions today; depending on which one you are subscribed to will change your perception of that God. Then muslims bow down to Allah, who is again, different from the other gods…

  • Danielle

    Very Cute!

  • k-o

    @lolita: “SO STOP SAYIN those thing and keep them inside you. There are some ppl who get hurt by your thoughts and you have to respect it ” How can you even say these words? You’re asking for respect and where is yours now?
    Oh right because your book says we’re(people who doesn’t believe in god) not worthy of respect and we need to go to hell and suffer… You hurt us in the first place.
    I’m trying to save animals, orpans etc. everyday and just because I don’t believe him that I should go to hell? Well f… you! Have you ever ask yourself why are you believe in god? if not you’re just a hypocrite, you’re believing just because people told you to. What are you afraid of seriously.. Do you think you’re living? Who is god to tell you that how you should live.. You are just a coward who can’t face the truth like other billions of people that’s all.

  • viper

    bunch of pedophiles in robes now have internet access

  • blb

    @k-o: love you!:)

  • Diane link

    Please say a prayer fpr my bery sick dad….. I appreciate it…. He always told me that my great grandfather was a guard in the vatican I’m the 1800s amd early 1900s how can I find out if this is true… Thanks for your time

  • Diane link

    Please say a prayer fpr my bery sick dad….. I appreciate it…. He always told me that my great grandfather was a guard in the vatican I’m the 1800s amd early 1900s how can I find out if this is true… Thanks for your time