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Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie carries her 2-year-old son Knox while leaving Eden Superbowl on Thursday (June 30) in St. Julian’s, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress treated her kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and Knox‘s twin sis Vivienne – to lunch and some fun at the bowling alley.

Earlier in the week, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt, who’s in town filming World War Z, took the kids to Marine Park where she donned a black wetsuit.

In case you missed it, check out Louis Vuitton‘s latest chapter of its “Core Values” campaign featuring Angelina traveling to Cambodia!

FYI: Pax is wearing the Punk Funk shirt by Jagged Culture, while Zahara wore the “slub zebra tee” by curio + kind.

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425 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!”

  1. 1
    Nice chin Says:


  2. 2
    dude Says:

    Why is Steven Tyler holding that baby?

  3. 3
    sean Says:

    ugly even with botox. hahaha

  4. 4
    wow Says:

    Knox is a greasy hippy

  5. 5
    vinha Says:

    Lovely family!

  6. 6
    casey Says:

    Knox’s head looks like an 8 pounder,
    Viv’s? a 12

  7. 7
    clamity Says:


  8. 8
    wh@relina Says:

    still exploiting her kids and being the same old Sl*t …..hey dont say she looks like steven tyler thats a diss to him she is ickyyyy

  9. 9
    JOLITHEH0 Says:

    awwwwwwwwww suchaaa a lovely Wh*re tooo muchh botox love and a huge forehead …cute kids though !

  10. 10
    Anon Says:

    Beautiful family, always having some sort of adventure. I wish they will adopt me, the coolest family ever.

  11. 11
    gangkisskani Says:

    im soo boreddd of them and their kids NO ONE CARES

  12. 12
    Richard P Says:

    Angie and kids .
    God bless Jolie Pitt

  13. 13
    Norman Says:

    I guess they don’t sell shampoo in Malta.

  14. 14
    bizzy bee Says:

    The kid’s are growing fast ,Lovely!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    Lara Says:

    Angie looks beautiful, classy and elegant. All the children are gorgeous, wonder if Shi managed to get into the car first, lol!

  16. 16
    KimJ Says:

    Beautiful family is driving the trolls to the brink. I feel sorry for the trolls.

  17. 17
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Beautiful mother and her beautiful kids. They’re having so much fun and activities in Malta. Thanks so much for these pictures, Just Jared!

  18. 18
    rachelbilsonsuks Says:

    urghhhhh god put him down he is a boy who can walk we dont need suri 2.0

  19. 19
    Puff-Puff Says:

    Brad is known to love bowling

  20. 20
    yaya Says:

    They are having one great summer this year. Doing all the fun things while daddy is at work. Angie is one hands on momny and her kids love her ( all those tabloid crap for years about her parenting oh my) The little ones not just yet 3 yet but already drinking from the cup. I can’t see shi and pax. Mad and z are gorgeous as usual. They are good lookiing family.

  21. 21
    solidtruth? Says:

    i find it horrible that she is using her kids to promote her cartoon yuckky

  22. 22
    Passing Through Says:

    Knox and his blanky are cute, but Miss Vivienne in her frilly pink top, earrings and necklace is cracking me up. Her Toddler With A ‘Tude training with Princess Zahara is coming along quite nicely. All hail the queen.

  23. 23
    tortugatani Says:

    my definition of beautiful is Elizabeth taylor my definition of tranny is Angleina Jolie

  24. 24
    yaya Says:

    @gangkisskani: then take you ass out here and stop changing your name trolling

  25. 25
    releka Says:

    Always great to see Angie with their babies!!!

  26. 26
    KimJ Says:

    @gangkisskani: You care or you wouldn’t be wasting your time here. Life is short spend it on things you care about,dear.

  27. 27
    essie Says:

    i don’t believe she’s in her 30s.. she looks 40 at most

  28. 28
    essie Says:

    i don’t believe she’s in her 30s.. she looks 40 at most

  29. 29
    rode Says:


  30. 30
    Bam Margera Says:

    Brad is now a D-lister after contacting me.

  31. 31
    sean Says:

    what with the negative thumps up.. shes ugly and ****… everyone hates them. except a bunch of obsessed fans who use botox themself.. shes a home-wrecker.. she should go to hell

  32. 32
    Ves Says:

    Knox is prettier than Viviene …and he looks so much like Shiloh!

  33. 33
    Nikki Says:

    At least Angelina doesn’t just shop with her kids. They actually do normal things like go to the playground and bowl! What a concept! No running on the beach in our high heels and hats that don’t fit from this family!

  34. 34
    noplace Says:

    The summer arrived the tixter invasion here.

  35. 35
    AWHODAT Says:

    Lovely. Now THIS is what is meant by: living well is the best revenge!
    Thats why the stinking slobs who pitch on JJ’s front page waiting for a JP thread so they can start shiiiting all over it, are in sooooo much anguish and pain. They are mad at the ***** fraudiston who they had hoped was everything her PR bytch lied to them about. But oooops! The fraudiston facade has fallen so now they blame the happy JP family for the fact that the stinking nasty PR-created fraudiston is not who huvane said she was. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!
    Live, laugh and love, Angie and Brad + 6 beautiful kids! You are far away in Malta and yet the shiitrags, bytches and h0s STILL cant stop talking about you and agonizing about your ability to maintain your dignity and love of family.
    Bytches are shiiting in their pants. And we JP fans could not be happier for it.
    Keep the diarrhea going, biitches. And dont forget to SUCK IT UP! LMFAO.

  36. 36
    alexis Says:

    i nearly barfed when i saw this soooooooooooo ugly

  37. 37
    bizzy bee Says:

    Guys I think this is what little Knox will look like in a few years. Like his daddy.

  38. 38
    yaya Says:

    Who got the bug spray we need it for the one troll

  39. 39
    Ves Says:

    @sean: Ok, if you were Brad, wouldn’t you do the same? Love dies people! And you cannot force it to last longer only because you’ve said ‘yes’ some years ago…..
    He was tired of his marriage and Angelina was not the actual reason for him to leave his wife. Meeting a sexy younger woman is the good time to end a dying love, right?

  40. 40
    Ves Says:

    @sean: Ok, if you were Brad, wouldn’t you do the same? Love dies people! And you cannot force it to last longer only because you’ve said ‘yes’ some years ago…..
    He was tired of his marriage and Angelina was not the actual reason for him to leave his wife. Meeting a sexy younger woman is a good time to end a dying love, right?

  41. 41
    Ang Says:

    Wow —- that one troll really must be bored at home to spend its time on the thread here and changing its name. Why don’t you go and clean up the rock you live under. I’m sure that would keep you busy for a while. It amazes me that these brainless twits always claim to hate the JP’s but spend every waking minute on their thread. You are some pathetic ?whatever? you are.

  42. 42
    prairiegirl Says:

    skeletor lives

  43. 43
    joliepitt Says:

    Love the family and again :gangkisskani: is going crazy on little kids which is pathetic. (changing names and be a moron is what x fan is all about )

  44. 44
    Rufus Says:

    Who knew?
    I live in a rusty trailer,.I bowl twice a week.
    I’m living Well !

  45. 45
    bg Says:

    our Lady of Pretension

  46. 46
    LUYNN Says:


  47. 47
    crowd of nannies Says:

    that’s the UN of nannies

  48. 48
    Ang Says:

    The family really has an adventure while daddy is working. Love it that the children get to do normal family acitivities. I feel guilty that they get photographed a lot when they leave the house, but I always look forward seeing pics of the whole family. Such a beautiful family.

  49. 49
    joliepitt Says:

    bg @ 06/30/2011 at 2:00 pm – Are you talking about X (jen)? the real homewecker-jen (14 year and Heive was still living in the house- man, thats nasty x (jen).

  50. 50
    LUYNN Says:


  51. 51
    bg Says:

    toothpick arms

  52. 52
    prairiegirl Says:


    STFU You need a good root <3

  53. 53
    prairiegirl Says:


    You could do with a root as well LOL!!

  54. 54
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    wow beautiful kids i love vivie and knox and shiloh

  55. 55
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m LMAO at some of the comments on other sites about Angie taking the kids bowlinng being so pedestrian. Apparently these idiots don’t know that Angie’s mother grew up in the bowling alley Marcheline’s parents used to run and that Angie has bowled from a very young age. Besides – who doesn’t like bowling? If you discount these few hardcore bowlers in leagues who take it too seriously it’s a hoot and half when the gutter balls start flying and people are cursing like sailors at the 7-10 splits…or maybe that’s just me…

  56. 56
    joliepitt Says:

    bg @ 06/30/2011 at 2:10 pm : X (JEN) REAL HOMEWECKER = 14 YEARS . NASTY WOMAN AND HOPE JUSTIN DUMPED X LIKE MANY OTHER MEN DOES CAUSE X IS SO NEEDY AND PATHETIC (just like her x fans attacking kids and angie only one reason ” brad pitt dumped the looser X and pathetic fans) for Angie and his beautiful kids.

  57. 57
    t.m.delafonda Says:

    Angelina’s ability to manage a family, an acting career, and humanitarian endeavors is simply astounding. The one rabid fan ( of x ) that is left must work overtime to make others believe that everyone hates Angelina/family when the exact opposite is true. If it ( the troll) would look at other blogs, it would see that the world is TIRED of the “poor me, my man done left me all alone x”. What is even more obvious is that no one cares about her, except, in her “relationship” to the JP’S. Sooo…… Give up already, little troll/ette. She is passe and all the news about her her ( x ) is so superficial it is hard to even stay engaged about what and whom she is doing at any given moment. Angelina, on the other hand, is so amazing the trolls spend more time and effort on worrying about her life than they do about their own, or x’s.

  58. 58
    An Says:

    vivienne so much angelina lol

  59. 59
    AWHODAT Says:

    @Passing Through:

    “Who doesnt like bowling?’ you asked PT?
    Why, dont you know? Its the big fat slob of a cockroach who lives on JJ’s front page so it can be the first piece of shiit to post and then perch its rotting carcass here in its attempt to assail the rest of us.
    Fraudiston biitches are hopping mad that their 7-year propping up of Fraudiston have come toppling down around heir ears as her 17th attempt to latch on to a man is failing once again. And of course, its all Brad and Angie’s fault!!!
    I think even the sycophants are rudely awakening to the ways of the Fraudiston and of course, they blame the happy JPs for the failure of the fraudiston to outdo Brad and Angie at living well.
    Biitches are in pain and me likey. LOL

  60. 60
    nepenthes Says:

    Her little boy looks so much like her!
    Please guys, stop calling children names ffs.

  61. 61
    bizzy bee Says:

    Who allowed these schizo out from the psych ward so soon? Seems like their medicine hasn’t kicked in yet. Jealous, jealous, jealous! Your girl Maniston with the crabcake cheeks has nothing to brag about but her balding little weasel!!!

  62. 62
    m Says:

    beautiful family vivienne look like her mom

  63. 63
    alexis Says:

    loool i think jolie and aniston are both tranny wh@res they should get together and exchange stories of how they are homewreakers and just sl*ts

  64. 64
    JUBILLEE Says:

    The fattenned ticks hens from ff are the first to post their hateful comments, God bless their dark souls. Hope they see the light before it’s too late.

  65. 65
    Missy Says:

    Wow, that’s some serious anger this person has. I don’t like Maniston but I just ignore her and scroll past her pictures. She is a waste of my time and not worth getting worked up over. Apparently the JA fans have made hating the JP’s their life’s work. How sad for them. If only they could put all that energy that they have for hate and anger towards the JP’s towards something positive and beneficial for people, the world would be a better place. Just ask Angelina, she knows all about it.

  66. 66
    UNCHRlovesAJ Says:

    Great role model, more power to Angelina Jolie for all her endeavors!

  67. 67
    sammy Says:

    @gangkisskani: If you don’t care about angelina and her kids than why comment on her page??? IDIOT!

  68. 68
    NOt Says:

    Still say there is something wrong with the little girl….

  69. 69
    sammy Says:

    More Photos of the cute twins!!!! =) Awesome and yet people still manage to insult. The first 3 comments were ridiculous. Why comment on a page of Angelina if you do not like her? Morons and jealous haters

  70. 70
    HypocriteFTfans Says:

    The hypocrite FT fans are foaming in the mouth with envy bwahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah they are a sad group of hateful people hating a family they don’t know and haven’t done anything to them. I’m so sorry for these envious hateful hypocrites, their idol stole a man who’s in a relationship for 14 yrs. and they’re giving her a pass. Wait till she gets dump and they’ll blame AJ.

  71. 71
    LUVEE Says:

    Love these beautiful family, they are blessed because they are doing great things for humanity and they are good people.

  72. 72
    Missy Says:

    I stumbled across this video. It’s probably a couple of years older but it just shows what a good heart she has and how much she cares for everyone. She always puts others before herself and is not focused on her image or how she looks at all times. She truly is a wonderful human being and a great role model for all.

  73. 73
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    NOt @ 06/30/2011 at 2:36 pm

    Why? Because she’s sipping her drink and has pursed her lips together?

  74. 74
    That's Right Trolls. Says:

    Angelina Jolie is all consuming, even trolls can’t keep away. Here you are wasting your time, yes you are wasting your time, complaining and bashing someone you don’t like. If you even bothered to click on a obvious Jolie post instead of just passing it by, and then took a min. or two to comment negatively is proof the JP’s own your b*tt’s. They affect you sooo much that you’d even bother with news about them. I don’t like Jennifer Aniston so I avoid news about her and I’m sure you can do the same for celebs you don’t like, its not like anyone’s forcing you to look the JP’s up. Reading about them is your own doing. Now, go grow a pair and get over yourselves.

  75. 75
    lurker Says:

    the hens are losing it,beautiful family,as usual the hens are having a meltdown i thought they should be happy since moroniston is happy now but it seems the hens are worst poor things

  76. 76
    hopeso Says:

    ooohhhhh more pics. of the best family in the whole world, thank you jared, i am blessed.

  77. 77
    Missy Says:

    You know, people who criticize and bash children are not worth giving any attention too. They are just horrible people who are unhappy with their own lives and try to take down others to lift themselves up. I would call them sub-human. To name call anyones innocent child is just cowardly and pathetic. If you don’t like Angelina, fine, your opinion. We get it, now move on to something you do like and leave us alone.

  78. 78
    question Says:

    What Brand of watch she is wearing? could it be a gift from Brad for her birthday last month ? I don’t remember seeing her wearing it before

  79. 79
    KimJ Says:

    @Missy: ITA, I will try to ignore them. OT Does anyone here visit If so do you know why they rarely feature the JP kids. Celebritybabyscoop(CBS) always feature them but not CBB. Thanks for any info.

  80. 80
    Glee Says:

    They are enjoying their summer, good for Angie, Brad & kids.

  81. 81
    BerryBerry Says:

    Good to see them again, a day of fun enjoy everyone

  82. 82
    B.Bunch Says:

    more of my favorite celeb families, i love the Jolie-Pitts.

  83. 83
    AWHODAT Says:

    No, you stinking dirty biitch, ****-tain is the nasty tranny ***** who took your stupid dumbf0k asss for a 7-year ride and now that youre finally waking up and smelling the nasty stinking shiit thats been in your face all these years, youre getting mad and blaming Angie – just like the stinking dirty mother-hating, grudge-holding, vindictive, passive-aggressive cowardly Fraudiston has been doing all these years.
    So suck it up, dumbassss. Youre a moron. Your mother knows it, we know it, Fraudiston knows it, huvsie knows it and has been counting on it. So now you know it too. LMFAO!
    Sucks to be such an obese, twinking-snarfing dumbass as you, huh?

  84. 84
    tamera Says:

    Does Vivienne have downs syndrome?

  85. 85
    Forever Says:

    Pretty families, great to see them out & about>

  86. 86
    NYC Says:

    They all look great, good to see them again, thanks for the pics. JJ

  87. 87
    I Noticed Something About U. Says:

    @slig o lambert^________^ cute: Your not a racist, right. I’ve never heard u mention the other three. I’m i the only one who noticed that? : / You REALLY bug me for some reason.

  88. 88
    Right back at you!!! Says:

    #8 & 9
    The same is said about the bloated one on Celebitchy.

  89. 89
    lurker Says:

    poor thing how many times can you vile creatures makeup lies to get fans mad,sorry a hole it will not work

  90. 90
    seila Says:

    their girl tries to be a boy. and their boy is more alike a girl. i guess something’s wrong with their genes XD

  91. 91
    PJ Says:

    Gorgeous children, beautiful every one of them,perfect in every way just like their fabulous parents.

  92. 92
    brange fan from greece Says:

    thanks jared, the family are having so much fun in malta. angie, as usual look gorgeous and the kids are too cute. love them.

  93. 93
    gracie Says:

    Home wrecker Anuston’s fans are still unhappy jealous bitter losers. They are angry their idol spent 6yrs who@ing her ass for a man like Brad and ended up stealing a man who is equally as ugly as herself. The sad thing is, she is paying this ugly cheater with receding hair and who wears two different colour shoes to sleep with her. I bet JM, PS, VV, GB, BC and all the other men in between are laughing their asses off. Homewrecker Anuston will work even harder to maintain her cheater lover. The guy needs some shoes and hair transplant. Her poor jealous fans just take a look at Brad and Angie — The GORGEOUS ONES and their hearts ache, their pain multiplies when they look at who Anuston is sleeping with — yuk!

  94. 94
    LUVEE Says:

    Gracie maybe the FT will pay for his hair transplant hahahhahahahah

  95. 95
    brange fan from greece Says:

    to the haters who are bashing the children,you are the most evil people i have ever encounter in my really make me sick.i just dont know how can you attack innocent can hate the parents but please spare the children.this only shows how miserable your life unhappy you are and your heart is being poisoned with jealousy on angelina because she is having a happy life which you cannot have because you are just full of you are bashing her children because thats the only way you can find pretty sure you dont have children or you dont deserve to have children because you dont have conscience at all.dont you realize that despite the attack and hate campaign by people like you on angie, the more she is being blessed because she a wonderful person, she never attack or said bad things about anyone but has so much compassion especially for the less fortunate.and the more you are being punished with your hate.try to take out that hate in your heart ,and i guarantee you, you will feel better.and to remind you, you can never put this woman down.

  96. 96




  97. 97
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    My word —
    Knox looks exactly like Angie..

  98. 98
    Shawna Says:

    So…she wants her girl to be a boy and now she wants her boy to be a girl? Obviously she’s raising her kids for some political agenda. It’s ridiculous.

  99. 99
    bizzy bee Says:

    Potty mouth trolls, in the name of humanity, please leave the kids’ names out of your mouths. Say what you will about Brad and Angie or their fans, we can take it, we’re adults. But leave the kids alone!

    We’ve talked about kids here before but only because they were spoiled brats who are growing up to be like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, but never anything so filthy as what’s coming from you freaks.

    I went to school with people like you, who live in your parents’ basements with disturbed minds, wake up in the morning without brushing your teeth and washing your face, filthy rooms full of burger wrappers and gallon cup of soda, and piles of dirty laundry, without coming out for air for days. So I understand this must be your only form of recreation but just don’t go too far with your nasty comments on kids.

    Just to let you know, I’m not one for being fake. I like who I like and who I don’t like might as well not exist. I don’t bother with most Hollywood types, I don’t see their movies, don’t care for what they’re selling, their lies and tricks, pretending to be charming to get people to watch their movies. I see right through it.

    I like Brad and Angie because the world knows what they’re made of. No fakeness about them, plain and simple. That’s why I’m a passionate fan and why I’m here. Nothing more, nothing less.

  100. 100
    Paris Says:

    Love the sunglass, look super on Angie.

  101. 101
    lurker Says:

    blah blah blah jen hags get help,go to her threads

  102. 102
    Jezebelle Says:

    Beautiful looking kids and great looking mom.

  103. 103
    This is for JUJU Says: – when Angelina was healthy and happy. –

  104. 104
    This is for JUJU Says:

    Angie fans remember when Angie was hot and healthy? She was the healthiest she’s ever been in those photos i posted. It is SO SAD to see how she let herself wither back down to a VERY unhealthy weight when she got stuck with Brad. It is apparent by the look on her sunken face…. that was a bad choice. PooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Angie. She looks like **** now.

  105. 105
    brange fan from greece Says:

    guys, dont get me wrong, i have always been honest and say how i really feel.sometimes , there’s a part of me that wish that angie should never been a part of this triangle.because, let us admit it, she is the one being treated unfairly in this so called triangle, she is the one being attacked visciously by these people who cannot move on, being called names, etc.brad is just so lucky because he has never been attack by the haters and the media the way angie is.maybe that is why i really symphatized more with her.people should undrestand , she did not stole someone elses husband.he chased her, period.a true fan sometimes can only take so much.specially when her childen are being attacked too.maybe if she werent a part of this triangle , she will have not receive this unfair judgement.but having said that, she might not be happy as she is now if she hadn’t got involve with brad and have this wonderful kids.and we will not be witnessing their great love story.i just wish haters will leave her alone.

  106. 106
    Forever Jen Says:

    Just thinking . . .
    So Jennifer Aniston’s fans wish was granted. Brad and Jenny got together again. After making Brad drink more than 24 bottles of beer, Jenny excitedly undressed Brad. At last she has a story to tell again to her gay agent who never stopped fantasizing. And what did she see? Angelina’s name and their 6 children tattooed close to Brad’s peen. Worse, she never could make IT hard!
    Forever Jen, forever miserable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Move on, B1TCHES!!!!!

  107. 107
    CrazedManistonHens Says:

    There should be a limit of posts per hour from crazed x fans, the first two pages are full of one name changing troll posting like 20 times in succession. JP’s are a lovely cultured family and they are lucky to have so many brothers and sisters from different cultures. They are a beautiful family, too bad X fans can’t move on and St@lk their threads almost 7 years later.

  108. 108
    lurker Says:

    @This is for JUJU:
    fake concern from a fake fan please zip it

    kung fu panda update

    Total Lifetime Grosses




    + Foreign:




    = Worldwide:


  109. 109
    CrazedManistonHens Says:

    5 Celebrity Breakups that Are for the Best — Probably

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Yes, some people may still consider Angelina Jolie a home-wrecker despite her making a happy home with Brad Pitt and their six kids since 2005, but the reality is that Brad and Angelina have outlasted the Pitt-Aniston relationship with no sign of stopping. Maybe poor Brad can finally let any residual Aniston guilt slide from his shoulders now that Jen’s romance with Justin Theroux has driven Theroux’s girl friend Heidi Bivens from her home so the”Wanderlust” actress can set up house with her costar. Brad gets the world’s most beautiful humanitarian, Angelina gets Brad, and Jen gets to shed her “victim” baggage if she chooses to; it’s a win-win-win situation.

  110. 110
    JPS Says:

    Lovely Family! I love how Angie and Brad take turns working so one parent always is with the kids. Their family is what’s important to them and they could care less about what the tabs say. They proved the haters wrong for almost 7 years. They are the real deal and their family is still going strong.

  111. 111
    lurker Says:


    looks like x and huvane buy outs is not enough people are getting sick of them

  112. 112
    dv Says:

    love that jagged culture punk funk shirt pax is wearing

  113. 113
    Nice Says:


  114. 114
    Sci Says:

    oh no again i entered late, well better late than never lovely beautiful family…The Jolie-Pitts rock.. I love emmm.

  115. 115
    Julie Says:

    Cute. Knox looks just like Angie

  116. 116
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    anna @ 06/30/2011 at 4:55 pm

    Isn’t it time that people stop catering to this overdone wh 0 re?

    You mean your mother? Oh wait, you probably meant your sister. Shame on you. To talk that way about your family members. Tsk tsk tsk. Shame. Shame.

  117. 117
    gse Says:

    Bwahahaha the twins are below average looking.

  118. 118
    Margie Says:

    nice to see the family hanging and enjoying Malta :) Angie´s such a good mom and the kids are just gettin big and big

  119. 119
    angierocks Says:

    Awwww!The kids are so effin cute!They are having the best time ever!

  120. 120
    el Says:

    That little boy always looks so tired.

  121. 121
    Gingerbread Says:

    So happy to see them…….wonder what is Angelina’snext movie ?

  122. 122
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    Angelina truly has it all !!!

  123. 123
    bizzy bee Says:

    @Anna #116

    shouldn’t you follow your own advice? stop giving her more attention by making comments. don’t leave any links, we don’t need them from you.

    @brange from greece, while I agree with you about the unfairness of the attacks on Angie, I’m sure Angie will take it anyday in exchange for the happiness that’s come in her life. I notice everyone saying Brad is a lucky man to have her, but Angie is also lucky to have Brad because he’s different from a lot of other men. They complete each other in many ways.

    Remember when Brad went to Ethiopia with Diane Sawyer on Primetime Live? He was starting his humanitarian work far back, he just didn’t have the kind of partner to encourage him in his endeavors. Even George Clooney and Matt Damon credited Brad for bringing attention to the troubles of the world.

    These are two people who happened to be looking for challenging things in their lives and ended up meeting each other’s expectations. I think the three kids have their mom’s mouth, forehead, but everything else is Papa Pitt.

  124. 124
    angierocks Says:

    LMAO at the hags losing their shiiiiiiiiiiit!Well I guess tickster’s love life is’nt at all intresting that you slime your way here just to hate go to the hags thread she needs you it’s lonely there!JP’s owns you!

  125. 125
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    LMAO!!! Once again the haters are the first to post on the JP thread. IF this is not a sign of obsession I don;t know what is. *********, perhaps?. Sick fook, these haters. Go take care of your own family. Oh,..wait… you don’t have one, hence the obession with this family. SAd and pathetic.
    Glad the children are having/enjoying time with their parents and sibling.

  126. 126
    why Santee Claws, why? Says:

    why does Angelina seem to pawn off Viv all of the time?

  127. 127
    dd Says:

    wow the haters are in overdrive….advise please go to your maniston’s site and spew all your anger there and not here…

  128. 128
    Lucky Charm Says:


    You’re right, there’s a LOT wrong with your little girl Jennifer Aniston!

  129. 129
    boston61 Says:

    Is Viv a special needs kid?

  130. 130
    lurker Says:

    your mum should have aborted your ass its a disgrace to have such idiots occupying space for no good reason,i see two trolls post the same **** at jjb,poor things

  131. 131
    lurker Says:

    @why Santee Claws, why?:
    lol name changing fool is both brain death and having a meltdown,when they went to the waterpark angelina was holding viv,you guys are jealous of s 3 year old she is going to be stunning

  132. 132
    Bella Says:

    Viviene is a cutie!

  133. 133
    soi Says:

    Love them all!

  134. 134
    anustin Says:

    in all honestt,Who.reniston is a special neeedy woman.she is men-tally RE.TARDED!!!!! wrecking a 14 yr old relation.

  135. 135
    lurker Says:

    lol that is so funny,these moroniston hags are crazy they will never change

  136. 136
    joliepitt Says:

    why Santee Claws, why? – why i am so stupid and dump to continue my stupidty on VIV ? Am I jealouse of little kids now ???
    Get some help cause Viv is only 3 years old! I know your mad cause Brad dumped x & you 7 years ago and now you are going after his little girl !!

  137. 137
    gracie Says:

    While Brad’s wife, Angie and the kids are having great time, papa Brad works. Homewrecker Anuston and her cheater bf must be a boring couple coz all her sad miserable fans are over here admiring gorgeous JP family pics instead. They’ll rather be here than go and support uncool bf thief Anuston. Only a matter of time before someone steals the cheater from the homewrecker, first, the guy must milk Anuston for a lot of $$$$. Can’t wait for that day when he dumps the Ho.

  138. 138
    lurker Says:

    i think the balding dwarf will stay for a year because he has things to gain apart from cash ,this is why these freaks have more comments than fans on this thread,i wish jared has a one name policy so these trolls will find it harder to spam threads

  139. 139
    wiki Says:

    @Nice chin: u r the jealous FUG

  140. 140
    wiki Says:

    @wh@relina: what a jealous hater if u dont like her then dont go on the thread duh

  141. 141
    wiki Says:

    @essie: and what do u look like 60

  142. 142
    anustin Says:

    bahaahah…got this from jared,THAT first 4 posters (1 person) sent the JPs pix just be the first poster!!!!!! Who.reniston fan………LMAO. see how moronic u all are? just like ur idol Maniston!! humping from peen to peen for the sake of her itchy vajj. blah!!!!!

  143. 143
    Tia Says:

    So it takes 3 nannies to take 6 kids bowling ? OK.

  144. 144
    busted Says:

    If you count all the various names that would mean that there are that many posters.. IT does not. JUST one fool frantically changing names. I said before that I never bought into the paid posters but I do now. Because there is not a mass number of people posting negative things. That is a ruse. If Aniston had that many fans or Angie that many haters the positive comments would not reach over 40+ thumbs up.

    The fans have to wake up and realize that there is maybe 2 nuts posting over and over and over changing names. They are never ever able to thumb down even the lowest numbered comments. Aniston has fans, but most of them don’t post here and don’t give a sh*t about her.

    We have one to 3 nuts that are saying crap to get the fans attention and make us respond to them. Feeding the fools an diverting the conversation to what they are posting. JUST once can we just thumb them down and talk about what we want to and not what they are throwing out there.

    With all the JP fans it takes minutes to get rid of the silliness.

  145. 145
    Jen Says:

    Beautiful mother and beautiful kids. Brad is one lucky man, and he knows it too.

  146. 146
    boston61 Says:

    Don’t do drugs kids or you too could end up with special needs kids.

  147. 147
    Clinique Says:

    She looks to be in her late 40s here. sorry, the weight loss looks terrible on her. She looks malnourished and scary looking.

    Vivienne and Knox are cute. that is all.

  148. 148
    anustin Says:

    Who.reniston uterus is like………………..close the basket,open the basket!that when she grab a man and then get urinated.

  149. 149
    teri Says:

    Looks like the lone troll had a blast changing it’s name over and over posting bs on Angelina’s thread. Shame on you for holding a grudge over a sweet and very loving woman.

  150. 150
    anustin Says:

    Who.reniston never learn…..loves getting urinated and thats about it!she’s disgusting!!!!

  151. 151
    lurker Says:

    lol poor things name stealing and also repeating the same lies which they donot believe themselves

  152. 152
    The Real Deal Says:


    A lesson your mama learned way too late.

  153. 153
    lurker Says:

    knox is a gorgeous little man viv is stunning she will melt hearts

  154. 154
    anustin Says:

    Maniston needy vajj can not afford seeing poppa pitt with his glorious family.

  155. 155
    lurker Says:

    later ladies

  156. 156
    = Says:

    anustin needy vajj can not afford seeing poppa pitt with his glorious family.

    anustin loves getting urinated and thats about it!she’s disgusting

    anustin anustin anustin! Get a life outside of JJ fughag.

  157. 157
    Bradley fan Says:

    Knox is adorable. He has Angie’s face. Vivienne is gorgeous just like Shiloh

  158. 158
    anustin Says:

    anustin is a 60 year old fat hag with no life except posting on JJ.

    no man, no life, no nothing. pathetic or what?

  159. 159
    Another JP FAN Says:

    You got it Anustin, ITA. The hags can’t stand the attention and love Angie the children and Brad get from everyone so think if they add their stoopid comments ..sigh..we the big FANS of the JP’s give a poop..NoSireeeeeeBob..

    Angie and Brad Are Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. 160
    anustin Says:

    heheehe loves it ! when the WHO.reniston fans gets intimidated with my post……sigh!!!!! i only have 9 pieces of English.sorry fuggyniston fans…i dont go to the CORRUPTING PEEN MANISTON’S THREAD.bwahahaaha.sweet!

  161. 161
    Did U Say Rabbits??? Says:

    Angie and the kids are having so much fun . They never waste a min of not knowing what to do. This is a family that really know how to live it up. They are a riot to follow around but if you ever think of following or joining you better have loads of energy like the energiser Bunny.
    Angie and Brad must have lots of mommy and daddy time b/c these kids gotta be zonked by the time they get home.
    Ya Gotta LOVE The JOLIE PITTS!

  162. 162
    anustin Says:

    bahahaha…sorry if Theroux fck Bivens for 14 yrs then comes along POLLYNISTON!!!! hehehehe cute eh.

  163. 163
    anustin Says:

    lolz!!! wish im 60,thats closed to retirement.too bad boss needs my azz. gggrrrrrr……..

  164. 164
    anustin Says:

    look at fishticks….yanking again her stress..i mean,this one nothing to show.argh!!! momma anjie just went to bowling and boom!!! like a spider web.

  165. 165
    - Says:

    @Clinique:jealous…… angie looks better than your a s s …… and…..all jp kids are cute…………………..

  166. 166
    - Says:

    gorgeous mom……beautiful kids………sexy partner…… wow …God bless you… angelina jolie… and your family

  167. 167
    Anonymous Says:


    you are right Angelina looks a little better than azz. LOL.

  168. 168
    Love The Jolie Pitt's Says:

    Where is my post??? I don’t want to type it again. I love the JP’s so where did it go???? %^&$#G F&*K B#@%$^D

  169. 169
    - Says:

    @Anonymous: …. i mean angie’s a s s looks better than you ( bitter jealous alone troll)…..

  170. 170
    =ALISSA= Says:

    Tell us now, what is attractive there?

    The whole pack of Jolies-Pitts just gets homelier by the day.



    Which one or more of those nannies is Brad poking these days?

  171. 171
    JP Love Says:

    Angelina jolie is Gorgeous. She loves being a mommy and a loving partner to Brad, closest to a wife as any woman can be. Going on 7 yrs together with 6 kids do you ever hear her talk about being stressed and hateful like Fishystickies did today..BWHAHAHA Too Funny.

    That’s why it’s so easy to love Angie and her hunk of burning love Brad Pitt..I said it..You said it, everybody says it.

    GO JP”S!

  172. 172
    Mili Says:

    OMG. Beautiful, the square face family!!!!!

  173. 173
    anustin Says:

    blah! huvaniston is a disparate! the end!

  174. 174
    a wish for you Says:

    @boston61: i hope you get one kid like that and you will know how not funny for the parents who have that kind of kids. Angie is are advanced if you want to know.

  175. 175
    Angie and Brad xo Says:

    Knox and his mama are so cute. He definitely has his mama’s lips and his daddy’s stature but every time i see the kids they look more like the other parent than last time so one thing for sure if nothing else is those Jolie lips are strong genes and Gorgeous at that..

    Yeah i totally agree with above Angie never complains.
    No wonder ppl love her.

  176. 176
    anustin Says:

    oi Allishi.t!!!! its was Who.reniston poking a 14 yr. old relation bwahahahaaha.F.A.C.T.

  177. 177
    fast troll facts Says:

    as best I can tell:
    there are 4 or 5 regular trolls(does not mean they always comment)
    4-6 part time trolls who come and go
    and the occasional freelance wandering troll on a thread
    most don’t bother with the up/down

  178. 178
    Don't Waste Time On The Scum Says:

    Don’t Reply To The Scumbag Posts . That’s what they want.



  179. 179
    anustin Says:

    nah! Angelina looks like peen.

  180. 180
    AJBP Says:

    Angie and her kiddies are so cute. I put a post in earlier and it didn’t show.,don’t know why but was reading an article on line last week saying that the name Knox was one of the fav boy names for 2011.
    I forget where i read it but it is very recent ,( goggle my friends.)
    I ithought that was cool. Acyually all of the kids have unique namres.
    Is there anything Angie and Brad do that is not unique.:)

  181. 181
    anustin Says:

    i have the right to cuz ur fuggy azz #181.just like ur idol… soul and no mercy to Biven.

  182. 182
    Lori Says:

    What’s better than having some summer fun with your kids

  183. 183
    Susan Says:

    It seems if huvane is your PR guy, you have to pose Naked or close to naked as possible. Poor Fishy photo shopped to death, who are they trying to fool. She was at the beach in the Hamptons last year, in a bikini and her body was terrible for someone that exercises every day and claims to eat healthy, her posture is so bad, always slouchy. Beyonce better watch her back, Ticky can’t be trusted, she lives an expensive life style, and Jay is loaded.

  184. 184
    Actually Knox Is Popular Says:

    OOps that should be actually and the rest of the spelling errors blame it on my kiddies b /c it’s hard throwing the ball and typing, but nobody ever said it ain’t fun. All i can say is it’s a good thing they are little.
    Angie and Brad’s kiddies are growing so big . I would love to see little viv and Knox throwing that bowling ball. What a blast .

  185. 185
    XIII Says:

    Trolls are intimidated with Knox!

  186. 186
    anustin Says:

    fugy azz jolie oiiioi F.A.C.T. Jolie no azz and so fugy. peen like shape.

  187. 187
    anewdauii Says:

    does anyone know the orginial source for this “kate middleton and angelina jolie speak on the phone” story…because it sounds a little BS to me, like it from a low rent british tab like NOW magazine?

    i have a feeling if angelina were to be interviewd tomorrow,, and angie was asked “do u speak with kate middleton”?,,angelina would answer no, and i don’t know her at all…………….JMHO.

    i will say just don’t be shocked if this meeting in london between kate and ange never happens. and i told u first.

  188. 188
    anustin Says:

    with Who.renistons barren uterus….turtle is better…can produced tears,Maniston?nah DRY.

  189. 189
    REALLY Says:

    What’s cuter than matted hair?

  190. 190
    anustin Says:

    oh Miss Biven,on behalf of the fanistons “I am so sorry”

  191. 191
    anustin Says:

    love Beyonce surprising the harlems kids.while Who.reniston hates being a greek!duh!

  192. 192
    foozy Says:

    the kids are all so cute! wishing the jolie pitts the best!

  193. 193
    anustin Says:

    lurker @ 06/30/2011 at 6:11 pm +8

    lol that is so funny,these moroniston hags are crazy they will never change

    lurker,can i steal this one?moroniston!!!! too making fun of the fanistons.

  194. 194
    yolly Says:

    The Jolie-Pitt’s are enjoying their stay in Malta tremendously. The kids are getting so big. God bless them.

  195. 195
    vickifromtexas Says:


  196. 196
    yolly Says:

    Goodnight ladies & be nice to each other. God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  197. 197
    Observer2 Says:


    No, but you are. So, much so, the day you were born, the doctor turned around and slapped your mother.

  198. 198
    Observer2 Says:

    LMAO! Angelina has certainly gotten under the troll(s) skin. She owns you.

  199. 199
    Love The JP's Says:

    It’s so easy to tell why the whole world except for scumbags adore Angie Brad and their adorable sweetiepie kids.
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxo

  200. 200
    Love Ang and Brad Says:

    It’s so easy to tell why the whole world except for scumbags adore Angie Brad and their adorable sweetiepie kids.
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxo

  201. 201
    Love Ang and Brad Says:

    Yayyyy I am in , thought there was something wrong with JJ’s or my PC

    Angie and the kids are having fun . Never a dull moment with the gorgeous JP Family. Love the pics. Tks Jared.

  202. 202
    Ang Says:

    OMG — Is that stupid troll from this morning still at its computer spewing brainless comments? You need to go over to your idols thread. There you can change names and post to your hearts content to make it look like she has more than 3 fans. Her thread is more dried up than the Gobi desert, but instead of supporting her, they spend their time on Angie’s thread giving hits. Thanks troll/ettes for your support. We all know that the JP’s own our dumb azzes. It would never occur to me to waste my time and post comments on the thread of a person I dislike. But than I have a brain that functions and the trolls don’t.

  203. 203
    Love Ang and Brad Says:

    So how come the hags are trying to shake angie down. It’s not her fault that their idol is a wh0are.

    We could have told them that ages ago. The HO sleeps with anything that has a peen so can you just imagine the disease’s she has blown all over Hollywood. ICKY No wonder the men were leaving her left right and center. And now she has Heidi Biven’s man and he was with her for 14 yrs. What a shame poor Heidi. Dirty Justin Theroux balled her in the morning went to work screwed JenAnustin up the petootie and Heidi was none the wiser. Jen was laughing her azzzz off at poor Heidi.
    What did we tell you nutjobs that she > Anustin was a manipulating passive agressive conniving sl^t but ya didn’t want to listen so now ya know.
    Don’t come here in anger with ur bullsh^t Nobody cares…GOT IT..
    Ya Better.,

    Ho Hum I am so glad that Angie and Brad are in lala land with IMMENSE EXTREME happiness.,,love it. KISSIES

  204. 204
    Love Ang and Brad Says:

    OMG!! Look at how big Knox is he is huge and so adorable.

    All of the JP children are so sweet. they sure are having a great day or week arn’t they . Angie and Brad are such lovely parents .
    What a great life they made for themselves with a budding family like they both always wanted…nice.

  205. 205
    to boston61 Says:


    is Viv a special needs kid?
    why do you ask? is it because you were also a special needs kid. it certainly explains your behavior and hatred for women who have what you can never have

  206. 206
    theresa Says:

    boston@ 06/30/2011 at 6:46 pm

    wow, you really a spiteful vicious jealous snake, aren’t you. why don’t you do the world a favor and crawl back under your rock and stay there.

  207. 207
    MB Says:

    Great pics jared.thx Ye it would be cool to have a utube showing the kids bowling. Would be a good laugh. It’s the small kids like them that give ya a good belly laugh.
    Angie is an A1 mother ,Brad is a lucky man but he has acknowleged that a few times.

    Hats off to the JP Family.

  208. 208
    salluh7 Says:

    finally look at all the help she has, ssen on camera 6 kids all out at the same time, it’s a miracle

  209. 209
    JP's Heaven Says:

    So how come the hags are trying to shake angie down. It’s not her fault that their idol is a wh0are.

    We could have told them that ages ago. The HO sleeps with anything that has a peen so can you just imagine the disease’s she has blown all over Hollywood. ICKY No wonder the men were leaving her left right and center. And now she has Heidi Biven’s man and he was with her for 14 yrs. What a shame poor Heidi. Dirty Justin Theroux balled her in the morning went to work screwed JenAnustin up the petootie and Heidi was none the wiser. Jen was laughing her azzzz off at poor Heidi.
    What did we tell you nutjobs that she > Anustin was a manipulating passive agressive conniving sl^t but ya didn’t want to listen so now ya know.
    Don’t come here in anger with ur bullsh^t Nobody cares…GOT IT..
    Ya Better.,

    Ho Hum I am so glad that Angie and Brad are in heaven with IMMENSE EXTREME happiness.,,love it.

    KISSIES 2yall

  210. 210
    reeven Says:


  211. 211
    tish Says:

    I love Angie and love her more since her and Brad got together as a couple. One thing i love about Angie is she doesn’t lie and that’s what bugs all the hags. Angie has always said she had a couple of nanny’s for the kids and a few specific requirements were that they speak a couple of languages, another one i liked was that rather than be fussy at the last min about the small stuff like irioning one of the kids shirts that they take the time to use their languages tools with the children when they travelled from one country to another. She is a fantastic mother. You never here her bellyache . Angie is a 10 and one hellll of a women that all men stutter N sstammer when they first ,meet her . WHY..She has sex appeal and that’s something you can’t learn. You either have it or you do not. Angie reaks of it and God love her for that. The jealous type women can’t handle it but that’s their tough luck.

    Angie and Brad adore one another and that’s all that matters.

  212. 212
    anon Says:

    Excuse me but look at this thread and title. What does X have to do with this thread huh? Please tell me. I’m gonna email Jared to start deleting posts that are not on topic. You mess up the entie thread . Very annoying.

  213. 213
    JP Fan Says:

    ITA Angie is beautiful and so are her children. Brad Pitt is the man and Hollywood knows it, lol obviously so does Angie and she doesn’t mind telling the world . I love ya for that Angie babee.
    She is a one man women, always has been, wears her heart on her sleeve and Brad is saying I never knew i could be loved so much with a big dimpled beaming smile on his face .
    Lucky bugggger.

  214. 214
    Alex Says:

    #215 Anon go suck a lemon, Nobody here is complaining so looks like you are on the wrong thread. Do a little uturn and go to the hags thread where ellie will listen to you.,,Buh Bye

  215. 215
    miho Says:

    sweet family

  216. 216
    justjared Says:

    what with the negative thumps up.. shes ugly and ****… everyone hates them. except a bunch of obsessed fans who use botox themself.. shes a home-wrecker.. she should go to hell

    oh god bless this comment, her fans are so pathetic or at least admit she looks bad really bad here

  217. 217
    anne Says:

    Cute kids, the twins have grown beyond words. I always thought they have a little bit of Angie and a little bit of Brad and that’s why they are so cute.

    Don’t they ever get tired? Seriously those kids are always on the move. Hopefully they sleep good for their parents *early and Angie and Brad can have some more fun for themselves.
    That”s probably the method to Angie’s madness..j/k
    But it wouldn’t hurt if it was her idea. Maybe that’s what Brad meant when he said something about we have our ways or something to that effect. Bless em They grow up so fast.

    Ps..why are so many peeps so jealous of Angie ? as if i didn’t know lol.

  218. 218
    angierocks Says:

    WTF so paltrows sideline is to guest star on glee and their live tour?LMAO.

  219. 219
    joliepitt Says:

    justjared @ 07/01/2011 at 12:00 am : now you using the site name , man you x fans are pathetic and desprate just like x . real homewrecker is X(jen) 14 years and she even f**k Justin even when heidi is living with him. Wow, thats nasty X fans and boy ,x is now wearing rings. X=homewrecker cause she’s been doing it every year, ha,ha!!!

  220. 220
    gracie Says:

    It must suck to be homewrecker Anuston, even after stealing someone else’s man, she gets no love from her fans. They prefer to be on Brad and Angie’s thread instead. Poor losers are frothing at the mouth coz their idol stole an UGLY man who is no match to BRAD. They’re still angry Brad dumped their idol and Angie has HOT SEXY Brad.

  221. 221
    CLINIQUA Says:

    I see the name changing paid Huvane troll is acting 100x more spastic than usual, and we all know why. Deflect deflect deflect!! Maniston and her linebacker shoulders and fat arms showed up to the premiere of Horrible Movie tonight, with a freshly purchased top lip, and no sign of the more esteemed cast members of that piece of sh*t movie on the red carpet with the rest of the yawn cast…lol, that’s right, Spacey and Farrell were absent – MIA. I’m sure the way every one of her craptastic ensemble flicks just HAS to be a Huvane orchestrated PR clusterfck manipulative exercise in famewh*ring out the most mediocre dullard to ever fake her way to the top, just turned their stomachs, so they stayed away. Having the Angelina attacker Chelsea hand job there, may have been the deal maker for Farrell. Good on them!!
    Oh, here’s another laugh a minute, huvane’s clientele is aging and getting desperate like a mofo….apparently Fishyth is taking a page out of traniston’s book, and started stripping for no reason at all…she’s in the pages of the new vanity fair sans top, her arms crossed over her pancakes, just wearing fishnets, strategically turned to the side to appear as slim as possible, and photoshopped to high fck, in Louis vuitton jewelry no doubt. Bahahaha. the most pathetic thing about it? Emma stone has the cover – looking hot and blonde bombshellish in a little bikini. So, tell me..Why the fck is Fishyth, at her age, after these many years in show biz, stripping for a mag like a bimbo, and NOT even able to land a cover? That’s just sad man. She should have fired Huvane a long time ago. Sometimes I think he’s deliberately ******** her over. On tour with glee? Really? Really? After all her publicity for that fckin show, and Huvane couldn’t even scare up a record deal for her? Meanwhile he’s wiping maniston’s azz at the daily show, but can’t even swing a cover for goopyth, yet he let’s her strip like some wannabe who just stepped off the greyhound in Hollywood. Embarrassing.

  222. 222
    gracie Says:

    I just checked out Homewrecker Anuston’s threads and I couldn’t stop laughing, her remaining fans are deserting her in droves. Her last 7 threads only managed 42, 134, 157, 45, 177, 97 and 188 hits, she couldn’t even garner 200 hits with her bf stealing new persona. Don’t think they like her receding hair cheater. Have you guys noticed? desperate Anuston is the one doing all the running, guys don’t chase her, she does the chasing and pay them to be with her.

  223. 223
    Passing Through Says:

    Looks like the trolls’ local crack dealers were all having 2-for-1 specials today. I thought the hens would all be over on the new Ticky thread waiting breathlessly for her Oscar-caliber reviews for Horrible Movie and throwing back whiskey shots every time Ticky goes down on a different piece of oblong food. Or possibly even gathering their pennies together to buy stock in the Too-short Age Inappropriate LBD’s For Home Wreckin’ Middle-Aged Hos With Short Stubby Legs and Perpetually Orange Skin. Oh well…there’s always tomorrow…

  224. 224
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – before I head to bed…just wanted to give Ticky a piece of advice – Start wearing short sleeves to your elbows. Your beefy upper arms aren’t as slim and toned as you think they are.

  225. 225
    Passing Through Says:

    # 225 gracie @ 07/01/2011 at 1:55 am
    LOL. I noticed that. The hens are staying quiet because Ticky’s true colors are showing these days. Nobody’s buying the whole, “He wasn’t married so it’s not home wrecking” schpiel and they’re getting their asses handed to them on cheap paper plates. All the smack they talked for 6 1/2 years has come home to roost and the poor dears can’t handle the truth, so instead of posting on Ticky’s threads they come to the J-P threads and troll…and get their asses handed to them here, too, but I guess when it happens in enemy territory it’s not quote so bad as when it happens on home turf. It really is too bad I swore off posting on Ticky threads here. The fun I could have at the hens expenses…

  226. 226
    angierocks Says:

    LOL the jp fans posts are cracking me up….oh good times.
    I just hate how fake paltrow is I remembered when Christina aguilera posed for rolling stone magazine with a guitar just covering her bod she was I think 20 something at that time and paltrow is like saying crap but paltrow was whoring it up on screen and off and now she is stripping WTF?puke!

  227. 227
    slutty X Says:

    look at X, devouring Jason bateman, totally inappropriate as jason’s wife was with him at the premiere.

    and media always label Angie as a man-eater, when it is aniston who acts seduces and hugs all her leading men in the red carpet even they are married.

  228. 228
    PH Says:

    Aniston is showing her age with her linebacker shoulders and batwing underarms. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PT is right, girlfriend thinks her arms and shoulders are toned but they ain’t!!!!

  229. 229
    Amazed Says:

    Awwwww love seeing pictures of this family. Bless!!!

  230. 230
    true Says:

    Yup- fishy is almost as desperate for attn as creepy old manny…besides TV, she’s tweeting her “video game addicted” kids and pimping a cookbook, etc. Brad definitely is in much better company with his smart, kind, classy, and sweet Angie!

    #221- WTF so paltrows sideline is to guest star on glee and their live tour?LMAO.
    Yup- fishy is almost as desperate for attn as creepy old manny…besides TV, she’s tweeting her “video game addicted” kids and pimping a cookbook, etc. Brad definitely is in much better company with his smart, kind, classy, and sweet Angie!

    #221- WTF so paltrows sideline is to guest star on glee and their live tour?LMAO.

  231. 231
    TheRealHomewreckerAniston Says:

    @post 219 12:00AM
    The real homewrecker is Aniston for stealing Justin from Heidi who was with Justin for 14 long years (she is actually his common law wife). Why are you hens giving the desperate Honiston a pass?

  232. 232
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through: @PH:
    It isn’t just middle age spread. It looks like Dedn’s put on about 3 – 5 kg. It’s not much, but she was really quite slim and she’s not all and the camera adds another 10 pounds. so….
    As someone in JJB said, I don’t really like being hard on dedn and the way she looks. Life is hard enough on women in terms of looks and age. But It’s also difficult to feel any sympathy for Dedn. She’s built her career around her looks and her mannerisms. Her mannerisms doesn’t get her much past Rachel. Her looks are starting to go as they do for all women, no matter how much money they spend preserving the bits and bobs of themselves.

  233. 233
    Great Granny Arms Says:

    My grandma has better arms than old manny- nasty, narcissistic manny is too delusional to see that she needs to cover up those chubby arms, thighs & fat knees. I follow jared on twitter & here is what he tweeted about (her last premiere had only about 20 paid? fans, so maybe this time she had 21):
    Jennifer Aniston is at her #HorribleBosses premiere in LA. BF Justin Theroux just arrived to support her, so cute!

  234. 234
    Sherry Says:

    Must be the lighting, but Knox’s hair looks almost auburn in that shot…. the twins are really growing fast, as they do at that age…. It’s ironic that we get more pap shots of them when they are away (outside of the US) than in.

    Re Ticky and her linebacker shoulders and arms, and legs, no wonder the trolls are always up on Angie about her weight. The woman looks slim and trim without having to excercise 3 hours a day, unlike the linebacker here. BTW did you notice how far away Ticky was in the group photo away from the only other skinny female? hahaha… you can really see the diff, X is so unnatractive even when only surrounded by men. She should really wear more of these types of clothes, they really bring out her “best” features. Even if she was halfway attractive, we would only see the ugliness inside her.

  235. 235
    Great Granny Arms Says:

    oh, and no, I’ve never seen jared tweet about how cute or supportive the JPs are look/are on the red carpet. That’s his right, but, from viewing his other tweets, you can almost smell who pays him…poor Heidi B- unlike manny (& her “friends” quoted in the VF article), she (& her mom) were completely unaware that her guy was leaving. At least Brad, Vince, John M, et al. didn’t hit red carpets being “cute” a few weeks after they broke up. The JPs weren’t seen out together until well past the divorce (M Ali event in fall 2005) and didn’t do a red carpet together dec 2006- Good S) and still trollish manny & her trolls WHINED and are STILL whining.
    whinedpast participle, past tense of whine (Verb)
    1. Give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.
    2. Complain in a feeble or petulant way.

  236. 236
    anustin Says:

    good morning all lovely JPs on board!!!!!

    shout out to miss bdj and LLM .

  237. 237
    LLM Says:


  238. 238
    Passing Through Says:

    # 233 true @ 07/01/2011 at 6:22 am
    Here’s what I don’t get about Putrid’s nearly nekkid pix – What is she promoting…except her diet and exercise routine? She doesn’t have a movie out. Her cookbook came out 6 weeks ago and she invoked Brad’s mother’s name to pimp it. She doesn’t have a Glee appearance coming up…unless she’s promoting a rerun and who the hell is THAT desperate? Since she and Chris Martin refuse to acknowledge each other publicly she’s not helping him promote Coldplay’s new record. So WTF is she in my face wearing a par of tacky ass fishnets and flashing side boob of her 32A’s? No wonder nobody can stand her ass – she doesn’t know when she’s worn out her welcome. Biitch needs to STFU and STFD already.

  239. 239
    yaya Says:

    Ok Manny is copying everything angie. LOL I can’t even comment anything in her threads she is becoming that boring to me, I thought things wouldn’t be that predictable with her in the premeire. That being said I started to think there might be something with her and Charley Day, he is embarssing himself so is she ( but since she is shamless I don’t think she knows what embarrasment means ) it is way too much for the married man to act like that all the time. There is a limit of healthy flirt and acting like you totally forget you are married but since they won’t say anything on her everything she does is ok right?so..

  240. 240
    bizzy bee Says:

    Guys, I think one of the reasons Maniston’s trolls are having problems with the JP kids is become they didn’t come from that hoebag. But what they don’t realize is that these kids are some of the most important kids in the world, and the cutest, most well-behaved. But because they aren’t dressed in tutus an fluffy, trendy clothes like other Hollywood kids, and not being paraded like little clowns is why people have problems with these kids. But believe you me, these kids will grow up groundec for not being given so much, so fast.

    They won’t grow up in a materialistic world, because there are more important things than clothes, shoes, handbags, an big sunglasses, which is the big thing.

    See the disparity in the media, how they treated Leann Rimes for stealing someone’s man vs. how they treated Maniston? Typical. I’m still waiting an interview that comes and ask her, “Did you steal this woman’s damn man?” and watch her botox cheeks line with big lies. I wish the E channel and other junk entertainment channels would stop calling her America’s Sweetheart, she hasn’t been that for a long time. So quit with the bullcrap.

  241. 241
    yaya Says:

    about fishstick.. some one said here better, if you are huvesy client getting nude is a must. LOL

  242. 242
    yaya Says:

    and offcourse jared.. do you really have to put 11am or so post of Angie with 11pm or whateverytime post of Maniston? is that huvesy or is that caa behined this? or that your “trick” to get hits ? It won’t do it if that is your plan, I say it does bring more of annoying feeling than traffic to your site.

  243. 243
    Passing Through Says:

    # 235 lylian @ 07/01/2011 at 7:15 am
    Lylian -
    I concur that Ticky has gained weight, but…unlike with a lot of female celebs I don’t mind ragging on Ticky’s weight or flabbiness because she’s built her entire career on being in our faces half nekkid all the time. She’s the one who refuses to show a little self-respect and dress appropriately for her age and cease and desist with the fake nips or icing down her nips, perpetually near-nekkid photos of herself and then whines how hard it was doing a nude scene in a movie…but walks the streets of NYC in a see through skirt and granny panties. No, Ticky doesn’t get a pass when she gains weight. She’s the one who made her body and so-called exercise, fitness and eating right routine an issue. Whether she’s putting on weight because of exercising less so she can keep track of Cheater Boy or because she’s eating more than usual because she has to go to a restaurant every night with Cheater Boy to make sure they’re seen being touchy-feely or because she’s drinking like a fish these days or because she deliberately put on weight to start pregnancy rumors – whatever it may be…Ticky doesn’t get a pass. Not from me anyway. If she doesn’t want people talking about her flappy arms and chubby thighs then she shouldn’t have made her body her biggest PR marketing tool. As soon as Huvsy tells her people are laughing at her looking a little chubby she’ll be back on the baby food diet faster than she can say, “I stole a man! I stole a man! I stole a man!”

  244. 244
    LLM Says:

    Happy Canada Day KesuWeng and All Canadian Fans.
    Shout out to bdj-thanks for all the news, Colleen-my friend -if you are lurking, Cliniqua, PT, Neleh…… and all Brilliant JP fans.

    KesuWeng, are you banned again at JJB again? I did not see you posting on the new thread lately?

    Ouch, the pic of the gross bloating horribe whor*niston is right in my face and next to our Angie and Knox when I open this page. JJ you shouldn’t scare litle knox by putting her pix right next to him. look at his little mouth, he wants to run :)

  245. 245
    It Really Does... Says:

    …look like a skinny man holding a baby …hee

  246. 246
    hagatha Says:

    manly hag.

  247. 247
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    LLM, happy to see you posting again. I did so miss your great videos.

  248. 248
    QQQQ Says:

    Passing Through @ 07/01/2011 at 9:40 am
    Exactly… In that peopletab “5 yrs after Brad” issue, she or whoever stated that
    “That better-than-ever body comes from jogging, intensive yoga at least four times a week, and spa treatments on demand. “She works on being beautiful and has no qualms about it,” says her pal. “Her closest friends know she’d prefer wearing no makeup and eating guacamole. . . .She considers staying thin and beautiful a job requirement.”
    Her PR is constantly giving out B/S blurb like this so when you see her looking flabby and crap like that.

  249. 249
    LLM Says:

    I agree whor*niston is getting fat and old, no wonder her fans are jealous of our Angie who does not need to work out to get fit.

  250. 250
    LLM Says:

    NHT(now hear this) @ 07/01/2011 at 10:06 am

    NHT, I am off today, I miss you guys, so I come out of lurking to post . I don’t have time to make vids anymore due to my new job, but there is someone else at JJB who does right now, so I enjoy watching their hard work and relax abd what a comfort I feel. Thanks to those fans.

  251. 251
    bizzy bee Says:


  252. 252
    LLM Says:

    lylian @ 07/01/2011 at 7:15 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    @Passing Through: @PH:

    Dedn is inflating from the hip, arm and face…

  253. 253
    yaya Says:

    If Brad is smarter and has any hand in changing any of it, I say he should move the mb movie farther than september or closer. Other wise he gunna have to deal with maniston and fauxromance and media competetion trying to do a mrs and mrs.

  254. 254
    yaya Says:

    @yaya: that was meant for Jason batman not CD.

  255. 255
    LLM Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is the real homewrecker, she wrecks a 14 years old relationship to be with an ugly beared man Justin Theroux, shame on the media and the tabloits who BOW DOWN TO HER PR MACHINE. A REAL HOMEWRECKER IS A REAL HOMEWRECKER, JENNIFER ANISTON IS UGLY INSIDE OUT, SHE IS NOT THE SO CALLED ‘AMERICAN SWEETHEART’ WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    bbl lurking, gonna watch the royal young couple.

  256. 256
    LLM Says:

    p s

    gonna watch the young royal couple who admire Angelina.

  257. 257
    anewdauii Says:


    source? link? video?

    i’m sorry, but until angelina comments on this . i won’t beleieve it.
    i will come here and told you so if it turns out angelina doesn’t know kate middleton at all.

  258. 258
    PJ Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Jewelery by Louis Vuitton for vanity Fair.
    Wetsuit next week?

  259. 259
    ahahaha Says:

    OLD HAG !!!!!!!!!

  260. 260
    CEC Says:

    angelina jolie = an ugly man inside out

  261. 261
    Mrs. Lenny Says:

    Jennifer Aniston, Has been looking depressed ever since Brad Pitt brought up: Him and Angie,Taking a look at the marriage thing. To me, oie girl has been going down hill fast after
    that interview came out.

  262. 262
    dave Says:

    Do people not realise tennis players, golfers, military people move around the world with their families? Brad and Angie are doing a great, job thanks you. They are living a normal life, but photographers follow them around and we all look at the pictures, then come here and pass judgement

  263. 263
    phool Says:

    I think the kids will be fine when people strat commenting negatively about them.. With fame comes some sort of abnormality but hey if I was going to be adopted and taken out of poverty I think I could just about tolerate having extra security issues. Well done to Ang and Brad for caring enough to give at least a few children the chance to actually grow into adulthood….all this criticism is the pitts!

  264. 264
    Neleh Says:

    Good Morning Neleh here. Booo yaaah.
    Good Morning 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board & Lurking Now.
    What a HOT DAY-So early in the Morn -ugh.
    Just got back from swimming- refreshing peeps.

    Okey LLLMMMyoure here- booo yaah.
    I knew you were working/lurking. Missed yah girlfriend- we French women gotta stick 2gether haha..
    Sooo lovely 2 see you my dear & happy you are well,A B ig Muaaah…
    Hi Gracie-Bdj.PJ.Busted.Anustin- get yourself back over there a bit-Ill come find you haha…Muaah.
    Anyhoo Im digressing-I wanna say she has NO CONTACT OR INVOLVEMENT- with the JP+6-NADA.
    Ot Strictly:
    I usually try & Avoid smoking60packsadayston-but Im going there- a small vent -JUST BECAUSE-.
    My Opinion- of the faux great bod- ugh-
    The top is ill fitting- choppy& sloppy-
    Her Arms have extra skin on the elbows- which proves- she is NOT toned or defined-
    As well as her knees have saggy skin- this comes fron Starvingyourself 2 be thin & Not working out 2 tone the weight you lose…
    If you look at the ful frontal pic- when she is facing you- it would be her right eye-
    {actually its her left eye- but facing you when you pulled the pic up its her right eye}
    Notice the right BLUE CONTACT- not quite intact & you can see her BROWN EYE Peeking out-
    Expand it 2-150- if you can stomach it/its there-Ive seen pics where the Contact was even further over-
    Brown exposed.
    Her Scalp is Black as night & her part in the Middle – which doesnt work 4 some-
    Only serves 2 make her 4head look smaller. Her Face Chubby.Pockmarks- from acne/smoking.
    OhNOSHEDIDNT try & do the Angelina half head turn over her shoulder mesmerizing look..
    FAILED- Big Time-lol- She could barely Hold that 2 ton gallon head up 2 make it turn-
    A Huge FAIL…Not Sexy- & the Hair is Fried at the ends…I believe she has an extention or 2 on- 2 make the brittle thin fried hair thicker-
    I could go on & on-With petty/Crass.Stop trying 2 forcefeed us your bod/face is Fierce- it isnt..ugh..
    I wish she & Eddie Monster were Serious & its not a Fauxmance Promo 4 the Movie& will go away….
    I wear Skinny Jeans- what is Eddie doing- Pawpaw…ugh..
    Btw Her scenes in horrible Bosses trailer- she looked a Hot Mess..copying Angelina’s hairstyle& the birdlip-
    trucker voice- horrible comedian timing- not funny Rachael Rachael -ugh-A true M.E.S.S…
    Other than
    Bb Neleh
    Btw I hope you all know the name changing troll- gets help from a name changing fan/troll..done dotta.

  265. 265
    Passing Through Says:

    # 250 QQQQ @ 07/01/2011 at 10:06 am
    In every interview and story about Ticky, in every tabloid article about Ticky, in every comment about Ticky made by other celebs – Huvsy always makes sure it’s emphasized how great Ticky looks, how beautiful she is, how great her hair is, how “luminous” she is. Nobody else but JLo does this shite. Then Ticky gives an interview and tries to act all modest about doing topless or nude scenes and how hard it is with the crew and other lookers on. And then she does shite like going out in public in a see-through skirt, which, BTW, was a Michael Kors. Who was just seen a few days before wearing a long gray, Michael Kors dress with a high slit as she wrangled her 6 kids? So Ticky puts on a see-through Michael Kors skirt and hits the streets of NYC. But, I’m supposed to give her a pass when she puts on a few lbs? No. Ticky doesn’t get any passes. Especially not when she’s been doing this crap for almost 20 years. The 2 pictures below says it all and if you’re squeamish – don’t look…and remember…these pix are over 10 years old and there are more of them if you do a little Googling. This is why Ticky doesn’t get any passes…
    1997 -
    1996 -

  266. 266
    Neleh Says:

    Pardon it look so long my post..
    Oh well I hardly post..
    Muaah every1.Neleh

  267. 267

    Awww poor sad troll spamming our lovely thread. Guess what$, WE DON’T CARE if you hate Angie, Brad and their family. We surely DON’T WANT A LOSER as fans and we REALLY DON’T GIVE A F.UCK what you BRAIN-DEAD HAGS think. You are just wasting your time posting in this thread ’cause NO ONE will ever take your comment as fact. Angie, Brad and their family will always be LOVED BY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. So DEAL WITH IT.

  268. 268
    phool Says:

    Morphing into Miss Piggy, Jen. And the skirt is way too short. Teens display their thighs and that’s fine. But women in their forties, fifties, sixties? Even Glenn Close was displaying her thighs this week, like a silly young girl. When did you last see any credible *male* star displaying his thighs at a publicity event? It looks plain Baby Jane, Mutton-Lamb, Don’t-Go-There terrible.

    Maniston needs to stop copying Angelina style before the hags & hos’s start remmember Angie wore black sequence short dress at Salt premiure , maniston so can not get to the hugfh standards of angelina despite having a poor imatation.

  269. 269
    stacey Says:

    Maniston what have you done to your face as Her face does not appear to look the same in the various pictures. I think she wears her hair the way she does because her face is actually very wide, round and plump. The long stringy hair along the sides of her face hides that fact. She has pretty eyes, which are her best feature. P.S. – if this movies stinks, can we please get off the “Aniston subject”?

  270. 270
    phool Says:

    No offence to Jennifer Maniston but I think this lady needs to wear a bra, as they look a bit droopy.

  271. 271
    LLM Says:

    anewdauii @ 07/01/2011 at 11:22 am

    Just back, I read it somewhere, no need for me to waste my time for video, link you want, what wrong if Kate M admire Angelina??? People who have brain admire Angie period, only shallow people admire Ticky.

    Back to my TV.

  272. 272
    dark angel Says:

    Is the first picture for REAL???? LOLolololololololol

  273. 273
    dark angel Says:

    Are those nips for REAL??????

  274. 274
    dark angel Says:

    Yeah! Everything about her is FAKE!!!!. Including the troll who is thumbing us down!

  275. 275
    Mandy Says:

    Angelina looks good. Viv loks like Brad and Knox is all Angelina

  276. 276
    lil Says:

    when the ticky is actually wearing a bra, she makes sure it is a very thin fabric, so it lets her nips show…
    years and years of friends showing them, and the show still goes on… she will be maybe like that Angie Dickinson woman parading boyfirends and showing her body and nips… for real I do wish she kept this one or the covers in magazine will say again 10 years after brad… like he’s been the only man in her life.

  277. 277
    Angies "Bowling Alley" Speech Says:

    Angies “Bowling Alley” Speech

    Bowling Alleys will always bear meaning to Angie because of her mom. She mentioned it, in what is in my opinion, Angie’s best awards acceptance speech so far.
    . Anothny Hopkins presented her with her award at the 11th annual “Premiere Magazine”
Women in Hollywood Awards …………Angie said ” My grandmother was born in a bar and she used to just love theatre and she used to read lots of books and always wanted to be a part of these great women and understand these great women and novels and theatre. AND THEN MY MOM, WHO GREW UP IN A BOWLING ALLEY IN CHICAGO, and she wanted to be an actress, and so my grandmother, Lois June, used to take my mom on a train to the city every weekend so she could get to class so she could study so she could one day be an actress. Because it was a big dream to be a part of what we are a part of today. And my mom moved to hollywood, and when she was about 20 years old, she met my father, and by the time she was 25, she had two kids and divorced, and she focused on her chidden, and she did not focus on her career. But she then encouraged me to be an actress, and she sat in the car through hundreds of auditions, and supported me, and talked to me about my grandmother. (Crying, she continues…) And so, I’ve come from a long line of artists, of female artists, who are beautiful women. So I’m so proud because I think, I know they’d be proud. And everyone in this room, all the women in this room, all the other artist, I am just honored to be apart of this night with you and of this work with you and this life with you and so thank you for accepting me and allowing me to do what I do and being my friends through all of this.”

    (it starts at the 6 min mark)

  278. 278
    Passing Through Says:

    # 274 dark angel @ 07/01/2011 at 12:50 pm
    I don’t know. I was afraid to enlarge the picture because Ticky might have poked my eyes out with those nips. I’ve seen carbide tip drill bits softer than Ticky’s nips. The question I had was – WTF trains their nips? Is she walking around with an ice pack in her pants? And the fact that she went to a public event attended by hundreds – AND TOOK PICTURES, mind you – in a sheer black tube top, bare midriff, low-slung pants…and then complains about how many people saw her nekkid on the Wanderbust set? Biitch, please. Sit. The. Fvck. Down.

  279. 279
    gracie Says:

    Hi Nelah, if you’re still lurking, thank you for your shout out. Hope you’re doing okay? Glad it’s weekend, it has been one long busy week. I’m going to put my feet up and relax.

  280. 280
    Passing Through Says:

    OT –
    Celebrity Scandal of the Day – Salma Hayek’s husband is Linda Evangelista’s baby daddy. The story says both kids are 4 years old but most sites list Evangelista’s son’s birthday at Oct 11, 2006 and Salma’s daugher at Sept 21, 2007. I remember Salma was dating Pinault…then they broke up…he was seen with Evangelista…then suddenly he and Salma got back together and that was the last I heard about it. Apparently Evangelista quietly filed a parternity suit and the NY Post is just now getting wind of it. Evangelista has money, so what’s the point of suing Pinault? She looks like a jilted woman trying to get money out of a guy either to get revenge for being used or because she’s greedy. I just don’t understand why you would put your kid out there in public and let it be known that his daddy is a loser who refuses to acknowledge paternity and REJECTS the kid. Sure, Pinault looks like a d!ckhead, but in the end it’s the kid who’s going to be made fun of by his classmates, not his lowlife daddy. Is it all about getting a piece of the Gucci empire for her kid? On the other hand…I’d love to have been in the room when Salma heard about the lawsuit. Old big nose Pinault probably still has her palmprint on his hand from when she slapped the shite out of him.

  281. 281
    gracie Says:

    Hi JP fans. I just saw homewrecker Anuston’s pic, my God, all that long hrs of exercise and yoga is not working for her. Just look at her fat arms, bloated face and midriff bulges, middle age is catching up with her. No amount of yoga practice is going to save her. What a waste of money for all that exercise and with no actual improvement. I’m LMAO.

  282. 282
    LLM Says:

    Just finished watching Ottawa celebration of Canada Day with the young Royal Couple.

    Honestly I am not a fan of the Royal, just out of curiosity to watch them, I could not believe by saying that Kate M is Angie’s admirer and was questioned by a poster like I am violating some serious thing zeezzzzzz, I believe that person is a troll, SO NARROW MINDED.

    Hiya KesuWeng, where is your vajj, I can’t find you when I am here and you can find my vajj when you are here. LOL

    Wave to Neleh!

  283. 283
    bizzy bee Says:

    @266, the minute I clicked and the full frontal face apppeared, what came to mind was rag queen. She looks like William Hurt in ‘Kiss of the Spierwoman’. What is Hollywoo going to give this woman next for no reason? An Oscar? I wouldn’t put it past them. No matter how she keeps reminding people how happy she is, there’s something very lonely about her. Like everyone deserts her… even the dog left her. But the dog’s in a better place.

  284. 284
    YYZ Says:

    I am hoping us JP fans are not posting on any JA threads. She does not deserve the attention. Even if the posts are negative I believe she would see that as people just loving her and that’s why she has so many posts. Please don’t do it. We have the JP thread to bash her in lol

  285. 285
    YYZ Says:

    Even Maniston’s hands are short and stubby. And her palms are huge. Can you say man-hands?

  286. 286
    bizzy bee Says:

    Don’t know where Papa Pitt was yesterday, but this was preparation for a scene from ‘World War Z’.

  287. 287
    Jen Says:

    Ohhhh, CLINIQUA! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha – you are hilarious!
    I am crying with real tears I am laughing so hard.
    You and Passing Through need to have your own blogs. I could read both of you all day long. You are both gifted writers to the max!
    When Huvne reads what you just wrote he will be foaming at the mouth and sputtering. No wonder the Aniston hags are in a rage.
    No one cuts to the marrow like you and Passing Through. OMG!!!!!!
    Aniston with “linebacker…..” let me just quote you….
    “Maniston and her linebacker shoulders and fat arms showed up to the premiere of Horrible Movie tonight, with a freshly purchased top lip,
    Somebody said she reads JJ so she will be pissed after reading that.
    Have mercy CLINIQUA…………I almost feel sorry for her.

    Please write a book. Guaranteed bestseller!
    And AWHODAT is another one who keeps me in stitches.
    Still laughing…….

  288. 288
    Greasy Family Says:

    S O A P

  289. 289
    Jen Says:


    With such low numbers, makes one wonder, Gracie, if the actual count of her so called fans is any more than 3.
    Aniston’s one lone troll is over here changing names 100xs trying desperately to give the impression she has more than a few fans.
    I would not be surprised if the majority of hits on her site are from people who are calling her out for homewrecking Heidi and Justin’s home.
    I think people are finally waking up and are fed up with this Huvane PR machine that has been running a lying “isn’t she pitiful” and then isn’t she lovely” game on the public for the last seven years. The public knows better and her lies and her actions have proven to be so blatant the public can’t stomach her now. Riding the JP coattails for 7 years and all their attacks on Angelina is backfiring on her.

  290. 290
    Jen Says:

    @Passing Through:
    “It really is too bad I swore off posting on Ticky threads here. The fun I could have at the hens expenses…”
    Passing Through, I am glad you do not post on Ticky’s thread.
    They would consider it a coup if they could get one your post over there. Do you know how many hits just one of your posts’ would bring? They would be in Hog Heaven with at least 600 posts, and Ticky’s name would go higher on Forbe’s most 100 most powerful Celebrities’ List.

  291. 291
    AWHODAT Says:

    A fan upthread posted this pic of anustain draping herself all over the very married Jason Bateman.
    I guess no one is calling her out on her famewh0ring because everyone knows the bytch is mentally challenged and has been playing a losing battle and making an asss of herself for the past going-on-7-years so right about now she’s just an object of pity and many people have a difficulty kicking an old a.rse when its down, i guess.

  292. 292
    Jen Says:

    @bizzy bee:
    “is why PEOPLE have problems with these kids.”
    I don’t think it is “people” who are having problems with the JP kids, as in “many people” Bizzy Bee.
    I think it is only a few haters who frequent every JP link or story on the net and post the SAME hateful comments, over and over, to give the impression that “people” (like many, many people) are against the JPs.
    This is a Huvie and FF tactic. (And I do not go to FF Site, but I think I can recognize their hateful comments when I see them. They always deliver them in a diatribe of hate and absolute filth).
    They say the same things over and over by rote. It is always “Attack Angelina, use the “W” word and every hateful word you can think of. Repeat the lies, twist the truth. And attack Angelina and HER kids.” They always talk as if Brad has nothing to do with the kids. This has been going on so long I think we are all familiar with there methods and can recognize their posts. And, of course, they use many different names.
    It is the same game the trolls play on this thread. Posting under a multitude of names to give the impression that Aniston has more than 2 or 3 fans.
    Let’s not fall for their tricks. Let’s not give them the satisfaction of thinking they have fooled many “people.” They have not. Let’s not play their game.
    There is NOT an abundance of “haters,” and of those that are haters, their numbers are shrinking daily. That is why they are so enraged.
    It is unhealthy to hold on to all that hate and anger and rage, and seven years is a long time.
    Even haters have a breaking point.

  293. 293
    Jen Says:

    You don’t know me LLM, but I have enjoyed many of your videos. I am happy to get this chance to thank you personally for being so generous with your talent and your vids. They are wonderful.
    Nice to see your name and I wish you the very best.

  294. 294
    Jen Says:

    @Passing Through:
    This must be what she meant by “look FCKABLE!”
    These pictures are complete turnoffs for any decent man. No wonder she still can’t hang onto a man without buying him.

  295. 295
    Jen Says:

    @Angies “Bowling Alley” Speech:
    Thank you for sharing Angie’s wonderful acceptance speech. Angie’s mom must have been so proud of her little girl. I feel she is still watching over her baby girl, Angelina.
    I remember Angie saying, after Viv’s birth that she looked forward to telling Vivienne all about her grandmommy, her namesake, “Marcheline.”
    I can see Angie talking to all her girls and boys about their amazing grandmommy, Marcheline and her own amazing grandmother Lois June right there in the bowling alley and giving them all tips on how to bowl really well. What a wonderful thing Angie did taking them all there and what beautiful memories for Angie to be there with all of her children. Bet she told Brad all about it when he came home because it did bring back many wonderful memories to her.

  296. 296



  297. 297
    LLM Says:

    Jen @ 07/01/2011 at 4:59 pm

    Hi Jen, I know you here at JJ, I enjoy reading your posts. I have been changing from 1 department to another which I have no expertise about it at all, but I am very interested in learning about my new job, therefore I have no extra time in following those entertainment shows, I mostly lurk. Thanks for other fans for their up to date vid and info so that I don’t miss them.

  298. 298
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Angies “Bowling Alley” Speech:

    Thanks for this. That was truly moving. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about or have seen this moment. Love it. What I find amazing, that here this was, what? At least 7 or 8 years ago? Angelina is telling the world exactly where her mother (and grandmother!) came from, their names, their home town, the family occupation, her background and how two generations before her grew up..and yet in the time between then and now, how many articles have we read that say Angie’s mother was, “a French actress? Exactly. Too many to count. The media sucks.

  299. 299
    Jen Says:

    SHILOH IS A TRENDSETTER! AND A FASHIONISTA! This little girl is going to be a leader. No doubt about it.
    Trend Watch: Menswear on the Red Carpet

    The red carpet has been receiving a dose of androgyny lately, as some stars are trading thigh-grazing, back-baring dresses for tailored suits. Keep reading to see which leading ladies have been rocking the menswear trend.

    First up is Evan Rachel Wood, who debuted a new, punk-inspired pixie cut at the True Blood premiere in Hollywood on June 21. The 23-year-old actress wore gray pants and a vest, which featured leopard-print on the back, plus red suspenders by Dolce & Gabbana.

    PHOTOS: Stars and their tattoos

    Clad in a black tuxedo by Thierry Mugler, Naomi Watts passed down the designer’s Angel campaign crown to Eva Mendes in NYC on June 23. The 42-year-old star softened up her tailored suit with a feminine hair style.

    PHOTOS: Kardashians in katsuits

    Alicia Keys stepped out at the 2011 BET Awards in L.A. on June 26 in black trousers, a white blazer, and sheer shirt all by Dolce & Gabbana. The songstress, 30, pulled the two hues together with black and white zebra platforms.

    PHOTOS: Celebs who love wearing Dolce & Gabbana

    Lastly, Julia Roberts attended the L.A. premiere for her new movie, Larry Crowne, on June 27 in a midnight blue Gucci suit. The actress, 43, added a pop of color to her monotone getup with a bright green necklace.


  300. 300
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Passing Through:

    PT, this needs to be filed with the millions of scandals occurring right under the sh*t rags noses aka ‘while the pisss papers were sleeping and/or attacking the beautiful JPs.”

  301. 301
    Jen Says:

    I don’t know how accurate this is because it is coming from “OK” rag, but I think it is sweet! I love what Angelina has to say about her relationship with Brad.
    Brad’s love makes me fee complete: Angelina Jolie
    Washington, June 27 (ANI): Actress Angelina Jolie has revealed that her partner Brad Pitt loves her so much that it has made her world complete.

    The actress said that they feel like they are on a “great adventure” together and she is grateful that they share a great understanding of one another’s life.

    “We feel like we’re sharing this great adventure together and we don’t question it. It’s like we’re partners and we understand the kind of life we want,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying telling OK! magazine.

    “Our relationship has always felt right and that’s what I was looking for. Brad loves me so much – it’s made my world feel complete,” Jolie said.

    Jolie who raises six children with the actor admitted that having a family has changed her “forever”.

    “It’s peace of mind and security and just releasing all your doubts. Experiencing the adventure and beauty of your own family is something that changes you forever,” she said.

    “You dedicate yourself to creating a good and happy world for your partner and your children. Brad and I have discovered how wonderful it is to take that journey together,” the actress added. (ANI)

  302. 302
    Jen Says:

    Reposting from the previous Angie Thread for all to share.
    Thank you FALP for your extensive research. The Calif., info is especially appreciated and helpful.

    re: # 190 Jen @ 06/28/2011 at 6:01 pm
    202 Passing Through @ 06/28/2011 at 7:41 pm
    re: “One loophole you used to be that you were able to waive the Capital Gains tax on the sell of 1 home per year.”
    on the “flipping issue” as a real estate investor in California who has flipped occasionally, I’ve never heard of this law PT and trust me I’d have jumped on it LOL. Flipping in California was done because certain markets were buoyant and desirable with sometimes 100% profit margins if you hit it right. Consequently one could not lose in the most vibrant areas, especially the SF Bay Area not all areas btw. Flipping is still done with all cash buyers buying foreclosures just waiting for the market changes in some of the lower priced areas where homes goes for $500,000 or less…yes there are many sitting on $500,000 cash and more! And yes the flipping dramatically curtailed, not stopped when the foreclosure market hit and subsequently banks clamped down on qualifying for loans and eliminated the no doc loans. Everything is Full Docs now. That IMO is the key to the end of the average “flip.” Cash is Queen LOL. Also 1978 CA Prop 13, froze property taxes so flipping was favorable as the buyer took advantage of previously existing taxes but now the open ended loophole in frozen property taxes is maxed up to 2004 taxes. The advantage post 2004 is gone especially for the seller because any new home purchased comes with the current much higher property taxes as city and counties rev up taxes, including transfer taxes which is based on the sales price for their depleted coffers. it’s better as an investor with a house purchased prior to 1978 or 2004 with the lower prop taxes to keep the property and rent it out OR pay a much higher sales price with a much higher property tax. Now of course for JA and those in that financial bracket, this doesn’t affect them much since at those price ranges, property taxes “should” not be an issue. It’s the old adage, if you can’t afford it, don’t ask the price.
    Now the Capital gains tax you are referring to could be a local state law but Federal laws super cede any State law which is why state laws try to trend with federal law but that I don’t think it was ever a California law.
    Now my understanding of JA’s situation is she can deduct 100% of the cost of renovations on her house, the agent’s fees, closing costs, transfer fees if she agrees to pay it, plus her initial investment off her capital gains. No one will probably ever know what her net reapings will be because you need to know those figures and transfer fees vary with the county and city. Plus there are not only Federal but California state capital gains taxes and of course those percentages are linked to net income on tax returns overall.
    re: the Federal 1031 exchange laws, she can exchange only for a like to like property , aka single family to single family, apartment to apartment, commercial to commercial etc, which costs equal or more than the one she is selling and must roll all within 18 months…I believe…of the close of the sale into the higher priced home to qualify for the tax advantages on the equity.
    To my knowledge the only waiver of capital gains tax is the recent federal law where there is a one time waiver for single individuals who live in his/her house for 2 years do not have to pay capital gain tax on $250K (a couple get to keep $500K) but I‘m not sure if this applies only to those 65 years and older. There are California real estate agents and accountants who would know more and who can perhaps correct me and elaborate.

  303. 303
    anustin Says:

    awww..i miz my LLM. so good to see you posting again. yap baby,my azz got banned again! requested par hitler.

  304. 304
    Fran Says:

    Awww… just a mommy…. with her six kids and 54 nannys…. Impressive. I’d like to see her doing the laundry for 8.

  305. 305
    angierocks Says:

    If ticky suddenly wears a wetsuit I think it’s high time for a restraining order even when the jp’s are in malta lol.Ticky and her paid 20 hens on the premier of horid movie cheering her on.LMAO.

  306. 306
    LLM Says:

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 6:59 pm

    awww..i miz my LLM. so good to see you posting again. yap baby,my azz got banned again! requested par hitler.


    OH MY AZZ, that’s CRUEL!!!!

  307. 307
    Jen Says:

    Thank you for your response.
    I hope you like your new job and I am certain you will pick up all that you need to know about it very quickly. Sorry you will not have time for any new videos but that is okay because you have given us so many wonderful videos already. Time for you to sit back and enjoy the new ones being produce and give yourself a nice “time out.” :)
    I love Kate and William. I think they are a very romantic couple and they remind me of Brad and Angelina. Both beautiful couples and both very affectionate.
    I hope, very much, that Kate and Angelina will meet in London. I can just see the two of them hitting it off “swimmingly” as the “Brits” might say. Kate looks like she has a great sense of humor and since Kate will be traveling the world now as HRH or the Duchess, she and Angelina will have LOTs to talk about.
    Take good care.

  308. 308
    Jen Says:

    Thank you for your response.
    I hope you like your new job and I am certain you will pick up all that you need to know about it very quickly. Sorry you will not have time for any new videos but that is okay because you have given us so many wonderful videos already. Time for you to sit back and enjoy the new ones being produce and give yourself a nice “time out.” :)
    I love Kate and William. I think they are a very romantic couple and they remind me of Brad and Angelina. Both beautiful couples and both very affectionate.
    I hope, very much, that Kate and Angelina will meet in London. I can just see the two of them hitting it off “swimmingly” as the “Brits” might say. Kate looks like she has a great sense of humor and since Kate will be traveling the world now as HRH or the Duchess, she and Angelina will have LOTs to talk about.
    Take good care.

  309. 309
    Jennifer the Cougar Says:

    Whoa, JAnistoned looked every bit a cougar heading to the bars in a movie premier…

  310. 310
    anustin Says:

    the funny thing is that i’ve got 2 acct sent from friends.hahahahaha.but i’ll give it a go this time.bunch of happy with ur new job!!!the only acct i’ve made was wengsan….the rest?giveaway.hehehehe.

  311. 311
    LLM Says:

    Jen @ 07/01/2011 at 7:12 pm

    Brad and Angie still my favourite couple LOL

  312. 312
    LLM Says:

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 7:16 pm

    Be careful, you might get banned again and again. That’s not fair.

  313. 313
    gracie Says:

    # 293 AWHODAT, that pic is so funny Lol. While she is drooling all over the guy, he is like; this is business, lets get on with it, not interested in your fake and PR game. I wonder what cheater boy will be thinking when he sees the ho drooling all over a married man and making a fool of herself.

  314. 314
    Susan Says:

    Ticky claims she is going on hiatus after promoting her next movie later in the year. She have no choice because the only thing in the pipe line for her is Goree Girls, that keebler elf is trying to polish, can’t wait to see who is going to pony up the money for this Oscar Winner.

  315. 315
    Susan Says:

    @anustin: who is Hitler? ****

  316. 316
    truth Says:

    since everyone is STILL talking about maniston I’ll add my opinion. Heidi Bivens talked to STAR magazine again she said “it’s unfortunate. i won’t comment unless they do first.” – Aniston is lucky Heidi bivens is so classy unlike herself. it is unfair how maniston manstealin is getting away with “stealing” a man when her publicist has trashed Angelina for 6 years. hope she is truely in love with Theroux cause that’s the only way she will get over her angelina obsession.

  317. 317
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Linda Evangelista filing the paternity suit may have much more to do with the quest for recognition of Pinault fathering her child. It’s a recognition thing.
    It’s not clear if Pinault has acknowledged himself as the father of the child. If not, he should be made to and the only way to do so may be through a paternity suit.
    Whatever it is, it’s sad for the child.

  318. 318
    Anon Says:


  319. 319
    oh please Says:

    Be honest though.
    Angelina is the one that
    looks unhappy and depressed.
    LAINEY Gossip in one of her fan
    chats from a week or two ago when asked about the reason for brad’s divorce lainey called
    brad an insensitive Pr!ck. Of course she would never say a bad
    word about him in one of her columns she is usually like a fangirl when commenting about him. she had a real hard time admitting that Money ball looks like bad acting.

  320. 320
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Love this family. Viv is so cute with that pink blouse & necklace. Knox and his blanket :P

    I fear when award season come (Brad will sure get nominated for TOL) MANiston & Cheater Boy will get invited to the Oscar again like they did with Pee Boy. God, I hope not. Don’t want to see the homewrecker with her Cheater Boy ruin Brad’s special night.

  321. 321
    anustin Says:

    lol!!! who.reniston inviting herself at the ozcar followed by… let me say…GAY-LE KING.the next day,she’ll be the guest of horor at ellen de generate proclaiming her never ending love to that fugTheroux. sweet!

  322. 322
    anustin Says:

    LLM.i will never go back to that shite!! este!!! site!bahaha.thanks for the reminder baby.

  323. 323
    yaya Says:

    @oh please: she is one of those who has been capitalizing on the viictimhood. Instead of talking about maninston hypocticy and cheating at the time, I was surprised she choose to drag a 7 years ago thing that was coverd 100m times. That will show who is prick. That idot and the rest of them needs to leave Brad and Angie alone ot their peace and happiness.

  324. 324
    Susan Says:

    @oh please: Lamey a fan of Angie, get your head out of your A S S. Lamey lives in Canada, her opinion on Brad or anyone else movie means ZILCH. And you’re full of BU LL SH IT.

  325. 325
    anustin Says:

    who.reniston lookin like cristina applegate?

  326. 326
    LLM Says:

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 9:37 pm

    Tree of Life trailer just aired 2nd time at CBC tonight.

  327. 327
    oh please Says:

    @Susan: and? Who cares if you think her opinion mean zilch. Yours means even less.

    Lainey knows more than most gossip bloggers.
    Some of her stories get picked up by other sites. Her
    Leo dicaprio at disney land with blake was used on sites like USweekly.

    it was odd when she said that about brad because
    if you
    follow Lainey Brad pitt is the one person she rarely hates on.
    she never does. she usually treats him with rose colored glasses. so for her
    to say he was an insensitive pr!ck was like whoa

  328. 328
    dianad1968 Says:

    @oh please:


    B*TCH, PLEASE STOP LYING!!! You have a serious hard-on for Brad….GET OVER IT!!!

  329. 329
    yaya Says:

    @oh please: No she has been saying that for sometime. But she support thecheat an maniston cheat constantly likes to talk about vicimthood years stories and maniston’s mess. She doesn’t like Angie or Brad she like using them. I dislike all those blogs and rags who helpt her to ride Brad and Angie for 7 years and never called her out in any of her bullshites because that is the only way it serves them.

  330. 330
    yaya Says:

    @yaya: but she support manstion current cheating with the baldy guy. And like to constantly talks about .. I meant to say

  331. 331
    yaya Says:

    @YYZ: Bluntly to say it I think some fans are a little stupider than others so they still don’t know how to not to go to Maniston threads at jj.

  332. 332
    Etta Says:

    @ oh please

    Here is Lainey’s quote:

    [Comment from Kp ]
    Hi Lainey, ok, what do you really think ended Aniston and Pitt? Anistons kid free zone?, Jolie? Or just a simply drifting apart?

    Lainey’s reply:
    Kp – what if there were babies and then no babies? what is there were betrayals and broken promises? What if he was an insensitive **** and she couldn’t handle it anymore? What if he wanted other things and she couldn’t admit that she didnt?

    Now idiot can’t you see this meansthat even Lainey herself doesn’t know jackshiit about BP and JA marriage. Basically what she said is here is inconclusive… Trolls LOL

  333. 333
    She killed Norman for PR Says:

    @oh please

    And here is what Lainey’s colleague Sarah concludes:

    Sarah: The Aniston/Pitt thing…they just never should have married. The end.

  334. 334
    No DEADEND for Brad Says:

    What REALLY happened? Manny got left- she & Brad, by their own account, were an unhappy pair for much of their time together and spent weeks/months- manny even said that SHE WAS HAPPY he when he was gone. The trolls & troll media (like lamey) keep trying to re-write history- it’s ridiculous- manny wasn’t relevant to the JPs in 2005 and she isn’t relevant to the JPs (nor much of movie going public!) now. This lie of a “triangle” is what manny created in the media. There NEVER was a triangle- manny was a DEADEND that got left behind. There might have a triangle between manny, Vince Vaughn and the college student or John Mayer and manny and Taylor Swift or a random groupie. However, there was never any triangle w/ manny & the JPs. Brad CLEARLY made his choice and has VERY HAPPILY stayed right where HE CHOSE to be, with his gorgeous, kind, sweet Angie.

  335. 335
    Knox Says:

    Grease is the word (is the word
    that they heard)
    It’s got groove, it’s got
    Grease is the time, is the place,
    is the motion
    Grease is the way we are

  336. 336
    Adorable Family! Says:

    bowling- what fun! The JPs are just so adorable!!

  337. 337
    lina Says:

    This troll biiitch needs to STFU! LAMEY is no fan of brad and angelina, she uses them for hits plain and simple. Why some fans continue to go there and give her what she wants is beyond me. I haven’t been to her site in years.

  338. 338
    busted Says:


    She or whatever is trying to control the conversation.Make the fans comment on Lameass who we know is not a fan.

    It is working because people keep responding to what we know is not true. I guess they are promoting Lainey’s site.

    And the whole debate on whey Brad left the Hag is mute. does not matter. He left and found Angie and they have built a family.. going on 7 years. Nothing else to prove. Their lives speak for itself.

    Beautiful couple and family.

    LOL. just saw that Aniston will be on Horseface Handler’s show. Wonder if she will ask her about Justin..NOPE oh and yes she looks pregnant. I was on the fence a bit, but she is wearing a read short (of course) dress. I could be wrong.. but I have to say this..

    OH please let it be true. Let it be the truth. That would be heaven.
    awww I have to stop..

    anyway.. once again she is the lone promoter of the film. And they are saying she is taking eight to nine months off for her personal life. I guess her friends have not called for any new film work.

  339. 339
    noplace Says:

    I love this post by MMMMarilyn

    Jen’s new distinctio­n is the world’s OLDEST starlet.

  340. 340
    karl Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but just want to ask what happened to Vivienne’s lips in picture no. 2. Did they photoshop it?

  341. 341
    Viv Is Angie's Baby Says:

    ummm- Beautiful Viv looks like her mommy & has lips like her beautiful mommy- they’re gorgeous. Viv, like her brothers, appears to be eating or drinking a treat. She may even be sticking out her tongue at the paps like her Dad taught her sibs:

  342. 342
    yaya Says:

    @busted: It is one of the things I disagree with you but how you even watch Handjob show and give her a hit. I dislike that bittch and she marks a fame for her show after she insulted Angie and gain pouplarity that way. She used Angie in her big mouth.
    That being said I hope that Maniston pregers too that way she will be off of Brad and Angie for GOOD . But, as I think it is GC predicted that the introducting him was when she promote her horrid movie , the announcment for pregnancy will be when Brad is about to launch his movie and the birth or the marrige will be when he will get a nomination (as we all hope for he will get).
    I will hate the fact that she will announce it right before his movie opening and he has to answer that because they will ask him and that it will be about her promoting herself using them again. the thought of it makes me go eww

  343. 343
    lina Says:

    @busted: @busted:

    She’s not pregnant but do people honestly thing that everything will stop if she is? No it’ll be worse than ever. Her whole pregnancy will be documented every min by re tabs. The press will go crazy and everything will be compared to angies pregnancy. When she has the child it be compared to the jp kids who’s cuter who’s dressed better ect. Everything thing will be compared from mothering skills to everything. It will give the tabs fresh material and it’ll be worse than ever.

    So yeah let’s not go there lol. I don’t know why people think this relationship is any different than the rest. It’ll be over as soon as wonderbust his theaters.

  344. 344
    hmmm Says:

    @yaya: LoL Aniston is bloated.Aniston
    will never have a baby.

  345. 345
    an oldie Says:

    Ticky is NOT preggo. Her boobs are the same. She just gains the weight that all peri menopausal women are subjected to, mostly in their middle section.

  346. 346
    Manny Is Irrelevant Says:

    Manny is and ALWAYS has been irrelevant to the JPs- whether she has a baby or not means nothing to the JPs. Manny has tried so hard to upstage/coat-tail the JPs and failed EVERY time. Manny went for broke at the Oscars & looked more foolish than ever- proving once again she’s irrelevant to Hollywood as well. Manny can keep paying her PR millions to say she’s “hot” or her pretend baby is “cute”, but the truth always comes out and manny will keep getting older and creepier no matter how much money she throws away to PR.

  347. 347
    yaya Says:

    Before I go to do homework finallyand getting of this computer lol… I saw the ET footage from the WWZ movie set, the mayhem that was from the extras and the dead people dropping from the above or from the sky making it look like it is gonna be one hell of adventurious suspense and interesting movie we have to look forward next year.

  348. 348
    dianad1968 Says:

    @She killed Norman for PR:


    After all the s*it she has pulled these past six and a half years, Brad must wish he could go back in time and erase that time in his life.

    I believe one of the reasons Brad stayed married for as long as he did, was because of his family….mainly his parents. I just believe he tried hard to make it work until he just couldn’t anymore. And I don’t think it was necessarily because he had any great love for Ticky. I just wish people would STOP pushing the ” not having kids” as the reason for the marriage dissolving. It may have played a part, but only because it highlighted how mean and selfish she truly was/is.

  349. 349
    gracie Says:

    Nice try troll. Some lame troll trying to divert attention from Anuston being called out for her home wrecking and stealing of another woman’s bf by dragging 7yr old DEADEND relationship into the present. It won’t work troll. Anuston is an UNCOOL FAKE INSENSITIVE b!!tch. All the things she accused Angie and Brad of doing, she has done worse and you’re here trying to defend her. What a loser! You’re not going to pull that sh!t over our eyes, the world is seeing thru her fake ass. Her fans are deserting her; only stupid ones like you defend her. She is the real home wrecker and bf thief and she is lacking sensitivity chip. She is also an embarrassment. Now go back to her thread and give her your support there, she badly needs that extra hit. Brad and Angie don’t need your tainted hit, they already have miliions of genuine fans.

  350. 350
    gracie Says:

    # 321 oh please

    My post #351 was directed at you but I’m sure you already know that. I forgot to state so before I posted.

  351. 351
    dianad1968 Says:



    I know Ticky andCourtney just reiterated that they are still friends, but it seems strange that she has not been to any of Ticky’s recent premieres, and they have not been seen together in forever, when before it seemed they were joined at the hip. Something is not right with that friendship.

  352. 352
    dianad1968 Says:

    I was reading the comments today at CB about how “great” Ticky looks, how great her body is, and I have to wonder if I am missing something. I work in NYC right in the middle of the Fasion District, and I see women everyday who look just as good, and better than Ticky, and they have way less money. She looks contrived, as if she is trying too hard The dress is nice…not great, but it does not fit her. She makes it look cheap, ill fitting and boring, and it makes no impact whatsoever. It’s just another LBD. How many of Angie’s RC styes have been talked about for days after? Her BAFTA dress was sold out within days after she wore it, just like the Michael Kors black leather dress she wore to the IB LA premiere. And don’t talk about her green dressshe wor to the GGs this year. The only Ticky dress in recent memory that had tongues wagging, was the black dress she wore to th e GGs last year, and we all know that was because the b*tch copied Angie’s Cannes 2009 dress with the thigh high split.

  353. 353
    gracie Says:

    # 353 dianad1968, I agree. I think there is something off with their relationship but I think it is/or was more of an issue for Home wrecker Anuston than it is for CC. I think CC has changed a bit and is trying to distant herself from clingy home wrecker. Anuston is the one who has more to lose from the friendship than CC. She is needy and craves assurance and attention 24/7, I can see her trying desperately to amend their differences to show the world they are still tight.

  354. 354
    dianad1968 Says:

    Guys I stand corrected. It seems Courtney was out supporting Ticky last, as reported by Ticky’s own PR machine People.

  355. 355
    dianad1968 Says:



    Gracie, it seems CC was out with her BFF last night. If you have ever seen CC’s show Cougartown, you can imagine that it’s art imitating life, and that’s not a compliment.

  356. 356
    YYZ Says:

    Does anyone know why Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey did not show up to the premiere? Them two are really the biggest celebrities and the most talented of the bunch. Maybe it’s because this movie is being called JA’s movie by pretty much everyone. Case in point, the link below to the HuffPo article (PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston’s Wildly Raunchy New Film).

  357. 357
    YYZ Says:

    Chelsea Handjob was at the premiere as well and boy did she look beat. I was literally taken aback when her face popped up on my screen.

  358. 358
    YYZ Says:

    Sorry, forgot to post pic

  359. 359
    Jen Says:

    I wonder if Aniston could be pregnant. That would account for Charlie kicking Heidi out virtually the week the “romance” was announced.
    Plus Ticky saying to her one fan, “don’t worry, it will happen” and now Ticky saying she will take 8 to 9 months off??????
    Is this woman pregnant and is Charlie the dad? He said he is ready for kids. Why all of a sudden is he ready for kids after being with Heidi 14 years? Something is awfully smelly with Aniston.
    Did Ticky let herself get knocked up so she could snag this man to write her a good Gory Girl Script?

  360. 360
    YYZ Says:

    This sickens me. Angie wears black quite often and gets persecute for it. Mediawhore Maniston wears her “lbd” two times in a row and she gets praise.

    “Jennifer Aniston Wears Yet Another Lbd. Well, at least Jennifer Aniston has figured out her signature look.”

    Her signature look? *eye roll*

  361. 361
    dianad1968 Says:



    Pay no mind to the rhetoric. The big difference is paid bloggers and People complement Ticky on her LBDs, while respected stylists wax poetic about Angie’s style, and they have never criticized her wearing of black. Only the hens/hags and hypocritcal blogs like CB and Lamey criticize Angie’s style. BTW, I remember b*tch Kaiser making fun ofAngie when she wore her velvet parashoot pants on the RC in Europe. Well guess what I see being worn in NYC? you guessed it.

  362. 362
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^^D*MN, I am more sleepy than I thought. Should be “parachute pants”. LOL

  363. 363
    groundcontrol Says:

    LOL, Diana. I hear you. We’re doing an all night movie marathon and I’m not sure I can make it. I just cooked some spaghetti to keep our energy up. Next up – Hunger about Bobby Sands.
    I so agree with you about the LBD at the Horrible premiere. I thought it looked cheap and ill fitting. When I saw it was a Balenciaga I was taken aback. They should refuse to sell any more of their clothes to the Ex – she ruins them. The Ex does look like the aging divorcee trying to compete with her younger, prettier 19 year old daughter – if she had one that is.
    I also don’t understand how out of shape she is considering her physical appearance is her raison d’etre . Her legs are okay (thiugh I don;t understand all that sagging at the knees. But her arms and back are in terrible condition. No reason for that for anyone who works out even occasionally. Two mins every other day on each muscle group – your delts, bis and tris – would easily keep them in great shape. Same with her midriff. Two min ab crunches. Her face, well, not sure what she can do but heavy drinking and smoking and all that sun really take its toll. Drinking and smoking are worse than sun because I tanned almost all my life growing up near a beach and despite that my face still looked very young at 42. But then I wasn’t a drinker or a smoker. Well, I drank occasionally.
    Diana, you know the ones praising her looks now are the same emotionally damaged sycophants who praise her when she “thinks her thoughts”. . . when she opens her mouth to utter more fumbling inanities . . . when she whines about her divorce wwhich in their eyes makes her strong and independent. LOL! Ain’t the internet an amazing BS detector. Who knew there were this many idiots in the world?
    More on point: Bowling is a great activity for kids and adults. And now with all the high end club-like bowling alleys around, bowling alleys have become chic and great meat markets.
    Angie’s judicious use of her nannies is smart. She understands how to best employ them and still be a hands on mom. And quite frankly even nannies and tutors like to participate in some family fun now and then even if they’re not particularly needed for the excursion.
    Happy family. Adventurous family. Great parents.

  364. 364
    gracie Says:

    # 357 dianad1968, yes dianad, I have seen her show and I must admit, I have never watched an episode to the end cos I’m not really crazy about the show. I do think Anuston and her bffs sleep around married or not. You just have to look at the bunch of them; they condone Anuston’s behaviour cos they’re all alike.

    Anyone know what has happened to M10 at JJb? I can’t see it anymore, just M4. I haven’t been there for a while. I may have missed something.

  365. 365
    gracie Says:

    YYZ, that pic of CH, the ho is damn ugly. Can’t believe she is 35 or 39. She looks like 55 — not kidding. She looks old, ugly and very plain, all the botox and money in the world cannot help her or her looks. She could never like gorgeous looking women like Angie coz they remind her of how ugly she is.

  366. 366
    Lara Says:

    gracie, there is a new thread for Angie Brad & Children on JJB where Dulci, Neleh and others post, me also. Would love to see you there
    Mega 10 is gone and former posters there now post on Brangelina forum.

  367. 367
    busted Says:


    Never said I watched her show..I was watching E and the promotion came on.

    I don’t watch her show so I need to clear that up. But like everything on this site and others are talked about. And that includes Handler. I talked about Aniston on the show because of the history of she and Handler.

  368. 368
    phool Says:

    What is CAA now, a dating service – pretend to date one of our major lame clients to get your name out there, then we sign you on. Continue to date until her movie comes out, then till the other movie you both starred in comes out too. Do you see dollar signs or what? Mansiton is the for hire CAA client, she must have a parking spot.

  369. 369
    DAVE Says:

    Oh what a difference six years makes. It’s strange how the tide has turned. Six years ago, women around the world were mad as heck at Angelina Jolie for breaking up the happy, happy marriage between Maniston and Brad Pitt. Though both Brad and Angie swore nothing happened between them until April 2005 … two months after Jen filed for divorce, these women didn’t believe for one minute that Brad and Angie waited. Now, here we are in 2011 and it’s a miracle … all the women who called Angelina a ***** six years ago for breaking up a marriage (Jen’s) and a relationship (Laura Dern’s with Billy Bob Thornton) are now saying that a 14 year relationship means nothing because Heidit Bivens and Justin Theroux weren’t married.

    Even thought rumors about Jen and Justin started while they were filming in November 2010 and Jen bought her New York City love nest back in February 2011, women who jumped at the chance to call Angie a ***** for dating Brad before his divorce was final, still say nothing happened until after Justin told Heidi Bivens that he was breaking up with her in March. This despite the fact that Jen knew from the start that Heidi was Justin’s girlfriend, but all Heidi knew about Jen was what Justin told her, that he was spending a lot of time with Jen to discuss an upcoming film project. The fact that Heidi and Justin attended the Broadway premiere of “The House of Blue Leaves” together, looking very much a couple on April 25, 2011 means nothing to these women, because many people who break up remain friends, and Heidi should just get over it and move on … that’s just life.. Jen has done nothing wrong and we should all be happy for her because she has finally found a man she truly loves and who loves her in return. YEAH RIGHT .

  370. 370
    55 Says:

    Oh what a difference six years makes. It’s strange how the tide has turned. Six years ago, women around the world were mad as heck at Angelina Jolie for breaking up the happy, happy marriage between Maniston and Brad Pitt. Though both Brad and Angie swore nothing happened between them until April 2005 … two months after Jen filed for divorce, these women didn’t believe for one minute that Brad and Angie waited. Now, here we are in 2011 and it’s a miracle … all the women who called Angelina a ***** six years ago for breaking up a marriage (Jen’s) and a relationship (Laura Dern’s with Billy Bob Thornton) are now saying that a 14 year relationship means nothing because Heidit Bivens and Justin Theroux weren’t married.

    Even thought rumors about Jen and Justin started while they were filming in November 2010 and Jen bought her New York City love nest back in February 2011, women who jumped at the chance to call Angie a ***** for dating Brad before his divorce was final, still say nothing happened until after Justin told Heidi Bivens that he was breaking up with her in March. This despite the fact that Jen knew from the start that Heidi was Justin’s girlfriend, but all Heidi knew about Jen was what Justin told her, that he was spending a lot of time with Jen to discuss an upcoming film project. The fact that Heidi and Justin attended the Broadway premiere of “The House of Blue Leaves” together, looking very much a couple on April 25, 2011 means nothing to these women, because many people who break up remain friends, and Heidi should just get over it and move on … that’s just life.. Jen has done nothing wrong and we should all be happy for her because she has finally found a man she truly loves and who loves her in return. YEAH RIGHT .

  371. 371
    lylian Says:

    I’ve been checking out the photos of Kate and Wills (no, it’s not Wills and Kate – LOL!) and their visit to Canada.
    I’m old enough to be Diana’s contemporary and I cannot help but remember how much more confident Kate appears, compared with Diana when Diana first started out. 29 vs 19. Am I the only one reflecting what a difference those 10 years make to becoming a woman – if you are smart and honest with yourself. And how much better life actually is when you are older??!
    Though, admittedly, I think Kate has always been smarter, tougher and more emotionally secure than Diana ever was.

  372. 372
    dave Says:

    There was a time when Jennifer Maniston did’nt act and behave like a bubble head, when she was married to Pitt,she seem to be intune with what is happening in the world and spoke in interviews as if she had some sense, I just saw her on an interview for Horrible Bosses it was just sad, my, my it was painful to watch, rich and famous and have more money than she can spend in a lifetime she should know what is best but it seems to me, so much of her energy is placed on appearance that she cannot concentrate on anything else not even to give a decent and intelligent interview. but acts like Cheaterboy is the best thing since slice bread,yaking constantly about the good life she enjoys with the man she stole,if cherterboy leaves she is going to end up the same way, acting like a doo doo bird.

  373. 373
    Mary Says:

    The movie HB is a stinker. Probably disappear in a week. She’s so similar to Nicole Kidman – every movie is a flop but their still making making them. WHY? MANISTON WILL YOU NOT GO AWAY TO FAR FAR LAND LIKE GREECE FOR A CHANGE GO AND HELP THEM

  374. 374
    55 Says:

    How long is this non story going to run. This is the umpteenth day this woman has been featured with her wiered looking boyfriend. What a scoop!.Anyone else notice that Norman and Mr. CHEATER Theroux have remarkably similar faces???

  375. 375
    angie Says:

    Not only if Angelina one of the most beautiful women on the outside, she is on the inside too. She gives more time and money to charity than anyone. How much have you given lately? I thought so. If you don’t like her so much, why waste your time commenting? Please hide your jealousy. -

  376. 376
    BB Says:

    ONLY JEALOUSY…only jealousy…can bring the acerbic comments that appear here. They are not my favorite couple…but, I think they will CONTINUE to be great parents…parents who have given kids with no hope…GREAT hope. Can’t we just laud them for that instead of finding some petty reason to envy them…???????

  377. 377
    phool Says:

    Angie looks beautiful as does the entire family. The boys are handsome, Shiloh looks absolutely adorable and comfortable, and Zahara looks like a little budding fashionista– They set a great example of showing that love knows no boundaries…not geographical, not national, not racial…and even better they show that loving someone means letting him/her be himself/herself. It’s quite special. Love them, love them, love them.

  378. 378
    bizzy bee Says:

    While at work last night, couldn’t hear the tv but Ms. Chiny Chin Chin beady eye hoebag was on Extra , pointing out her tattoo on her foot of her little weasel. Did anyone hear what was said? I don’t.

    All these supposedly good girls trying to turn the table around and be edgy. If that’s not copying Angie, I don’t know what is. Didn’t they refer to Angie as a freak and say a bunch of nasty things? I can understand people like her trying to hold on for dear life in the spotlight with no impact on anything i n life but her time is expiring fast. I didn’t see the little man at the premiere. Was he too short too stand next to her in those heels?

  379. 379
    Anon Says:

    There is no need for that comparison at all. Kate is a 29 yr old college educated woman who has been in a relationship with her husband for over ten years and know for sure that her husband married her because he loves and not pinning for another woman.

    Dianna was just a 19 year old girl who was not sure of her place in the world nor in her husband’s heart and yet she made the best of it and became a world wide phenomenon. Kate will never have the natural poise and grace that Dianna had at such a young age and neither would you have at such a young age.

    I am also sick of people trying to compare this woman to Angelina, Angelina had achieved so much with her life by the age of 29, not waiting her whole life for a man to marry her and make her relevant.

  380. 380
    Susan Says:

    @Jen: She may be taking longer than nine months, if she don’t finance Goree Girls. Do you think if she had work she would be taking time off? Like after Brad dump her, she had no work for almost two years. This is why she is pimmping this movie so hard like she is the lead, this is desperation time for Ticky.

  381. 381
    Caribbean Says:

    Some people comment how one couple or another keep their private lives private….I say BULLSH*T……
    They are just not as watch and followed as Brad and Angelina….and when it comes time to sell a movie those “private couples” will start spilling as much as they can…only NOBODY really cares.
    Angelina has ALWAYS been open about everything in her life, the only difference now I believe she takes Brad (and his parents) into consideration when she speaks.
    Some partners do not realize what they have in the other until it is too late, but IMO AJ realizes that Brad is the partner that she did not even know she was searching for, so she does what she can to take care of him without him even asking (during her interviews)

  382. 382
    bizzy bee Says:

    Enough of the Pippa Middleton and the two Cinderella stepsisters. They wear too much eyeliner and too much makeup as far as I’m concerne, and I don’t find them that beautiful. They have nice bodies and maybe some nice clothes but that’s it. I don’t want to run out and buy the bag, jacket, dress they’re because it’s nothing special. I hope the press stops shoving them down our throats. And I don’t care for the queen, she’s sat on her throne all these years and done thing for the world. I find her useless unlike Diana. Am I the only who feels this way?

  383. 383
    Susan Says:

    I disagree with you about the Queen, she is a figure head what do you expect her to do? Maybe if you read up on the London Blitz, you would she learn more about her.

  384. 384
    SOURCE Says:


    Mega M10 is still alive!
    The complete Mega and all of it’s posters moved to Brangelinaforum.
    Mega M10 is much bigger than before.

  385. 385
    bizzy bee Says:

    She may be a figurehead but she represents the whole United Kingdom. With all the wealth they’ve stolen out of Africa for centuries, she has more than enough wealth to make a difference. She could show more compassion for AIDS victims, the poor, etc. It doesn’t take money to show you care.

    I once saw this Chinese movie about boys who grew up in a monastery an one of them happened to be the prince who became king. He sent all his friends out to war, never once steeping foot on the battlefield until one day, one of his old friends came to him and called him a coward and he needed to get off his throne, go out into the world and lead. Never forgot that movie.

  386. 386
    Caribbean Says:

    AMAZING how “reporter, bloggers” can get away with writing bull…..(especially about anything to do with Angelina)
    The internet allows EVERYONE to do their own research and cross check information
    A recent example…….how could a “reporter” say KFPs is underproforming compare to Cars2???? The results are right there on Boxofficemojo and similar sites for all to cross check …..$506million on $150million budget compare to $133 million on $”N/A (really) budget …..THERE IS NO COMPARISON TO MAKE YET…..
    That is why I love JP fans …..what we do not know we check or keep our mouth (fingers☺) shut until we CHECK.

  387. 387
    Jens a troll Says:

    How to tell? She’s (poster ‘jen’) too obsessed w/ the fanistons dream of man-opausal Maniston getting knocked up. news bulletin, sorry to report she ain’t. Not that I care that she spawns beady eyed kids with no lips and male pattern baldness, but her toned flat orange stomach, cigs, drinks and freshly dipping your whole head in a vat of peroxide doesn’t denote impending ‘motherhood.’ …and her fat arms were fat two years ago when she steamrolled her supposedly best friend c cox’s first golden globe nod by once again ‘fauxmancing it’ with Gerry bloatler at a ceremony that had nothing to do with her. Her linebacker shoulders have been linebacker since she hit 40, plus the fact she has no neck and never did, doesn’t help. You’re fooling no one ‘Jen.’

  388. 388
    voe Says:

    Kate’s husband married her because he loved and still loves her; Diana knew before the wedding that her husband to be did not love her, found concrete proof of his love for an older, uglier woman during her honeymoon.
    As the other poster points out, Diana was 19 and a virgin, not only in neither region but also in heart and head where love is concerned. If you, younger, more vibrant (at least she and girl like her believe), more beautiful, more aristocratic than the mistress whose claim to fame is mistress to the King, knew from the inception of your marriage, to the man you love, that you are not only deemed but told by your husband much less than this old bag, you would be diffident too, you would walk by him through cheering crowd wondering if the crowd know as the royal court and your parents-in-laws certainly knew but only ridicule your wanting full love and devotion from your husband a childish fancy.
    Kate hasn’t weathered the kind of life tempests Diana had, even before royal tempest. How is Kate smarter, tougher and more mature? She is simple giving you that impression because no vicissitude has befallen upon her yet. At 29 there is still a long life of unpredictable happenings ahead. I am always amused by those who have sailed through life on calm bay boasting they are successfully living life and are so because of their being smarter, tougher and more mature than those who have run into hurricane, often alone, on high sea.

    Diana wasn’t a saint but her infallibility was no different from other women. Kate isn’t wrong to wait for Will to marry her (it’s her choice) but she is no better than Diana at 19 and less accomplished than Diana at 29.

  389. 389
    Fraudiston. Says:

    Jennifer Aniston Hid Pet-Friendly Tattoo from Jon Stewart?
    June 28, 2011 04:05 AM EDT
    comments: 1
    Actress Jennifer Aniston has a new memorial tattoo with the name of her dog scrolled on her celebrity foot. Why was she hiding it for her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart if she really thinks it is cool? Regarding the celeb tatt hiding mystery, Pop Sugar reported, “[She] did a quick change and stepped out in NYC today in a short black dress for tonight’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart… but kept her new ‘Norman’ tattoo under wraps.”

    Pet-friendly Celebrity

    While recent celeb gossip rumors are swirling about the actress being a homewrecker for the part she played in breaking up the relationship between her new boyfriend and his long-time live-in girlfriend, her heart has been focused on other things. What could fixate her attention more than a new romance with movie writer Justin Theroux—a man who allegedly keeps her laughing in private and with celebrity friends?

    Actress Jennifer Aniston is a pet-friendly celebrity. Her beloved best friend, corgi mix dog, Norman, passed away a few short weeks ago, and her closest friends and celebs know Jen has felt a bit lost without him. To ease her pain, the actress famous for her dog lover role in the movie Marley & Me actually went and got a memorial tattoo. While some people might think that is corny, folks who love their canine companions as much as they do their own family and children understand.

    Memorial Tattoos

    What did Jennifer Aniston have tattooed on her body to help remember her time with Norman? According to OK Magazine, “The A-list actress recently lost her best pal, Norman, a Welsh corgi-terrier mix, and as a tribute had his name permanently penned in script on the inside of her right foot.” She had his name tattooed on her foot presumably to help commemorate their long walks on the beach together. Word is, no matter where Jen traveled the past 14+ years, Norman was with the actress every step. Norman, the dog who allegedly ruled the roost wherever Aniston took him, was 15 years old when he died. There is no confirmed word whether she had to put him down at a vet clinic or if he passed away comfortably at their celebrity home, and the star’s press agents kept the pet death a secret for several weeks after it happened.

    Since that time, Aniston has gotten more open about the loss of her pet. Her reason for getting the name “Norman” tattooed on her celebrity foot instead of a picture of the animal drawn on elsewhere? None has been given yet (at least to the press). When questioned about the tattoo meaning, she simply answered Entertainment Tonight Canada, “That’s my dog… My baby who just passed away,” reports OK! Magazine.

    Why she was not so open with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show is not fully understood or known.

    The Hollywood celeb was a late night talk show guest and was doing whatever it took not to show off her celebrity feet, making fans of the star wonder… if she really thought getting a new foot tatt was a great thing, why was she so embarrassed about showing it off to everybody? After all, the host himself is a dog lover. Did she assume that because she had her dog’s name tattooed (and not the name of some human dude), she would be ridiculed as part of the protocol joking made by the Comedy Central crew? Hmmm. Probably.

  390. 390
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    @yaya 333 Bluntly to say it I think some fans are a little stupider than others so they still don’t know how to not to go to Maniston threads at jj.
    Fans that go to manistons thread at jj are no less intelligent than fans who Feed The Trolls on jp threads. Reposting negative comments and answering the fools is exactly what they want.
    Everyone is free to make their own decisions, I don’t think jp fans should throw insults at each other save your venom for the trolls

  391. 391
    yaya Says:

    @JEN IN REHAB: I think it is good to respond to some of the stupid comments they dare to come and post . I am ok with normal disscussion not the trolling. otherwise it will end up being a promtion thread only and it is not. I myself go maniston thread here but I stopped because victimhood is no longer will work for her and that means she is gotten rid off at least most of her and there is no reason anymore. we can always make fun of her and call her bull out

  392. 392
    anustin Says:


    This sickens me. Angie wears black quite often and gets persecute for it. Mediawhore Maniston wears her “lbd” two times in a row and she gets praise.

    “Jennifer Aniston Wears Yet Another Lbd. Well, at least Jennifer Aniston has figured out her signature look.”

    Her signature look? *eye roll*

    signature look…….”hair” the end.

  393. 393
    Slighty OT Says:

    Angie jewelery fan Charlene W is getting married today in Monaco to Prince Albert- just found this live feed- dress is pretty:

  394. 394
    Great Clothes Says:

    wow-thanks for the feed- Charlene dress IS very pretty…I like Prince A’s sisters hats- much more elegant than anything we saw during Will/Kate wedding. You can def see Grace K in the grand kids, too.

  395. 395
    Andrea Bocelli Says:

    Andrea Bocelli signing Ave Maria at my wedding- yes, please!

  396. 396
    wedding Says:

    Monaco is a very beautiful place- so clean, too!

  397. 397
    driving Says:

    I like this car ride- Monaco is so small they probably can go around the whole thing in less than an hour- it was coll they had chairs for people watching outside on the big screen.

  398. 398
    wedding Says:

    aww- Charlene’s crying!! I wish I could understand the words of the song

  399. 399
    plez Says:

    Great pic of Brad. I am going to miss this hair style once this movie is finished.

  400. 400
    plez Says:

    Sorry Click the pic to make is larger.

  401. 401
    Jen Says:

    @Jens a troll:
    “Jen,” the poster is NO TROLL.
    Obviously you have not read my posts (plural) or you would know that.

  402. 402
    anustin Says:

    who.reniston will bring that hair cut to her…dunoo…maybe till she’s 99 yr old.hehehe

  403. 403
    Jen Says:

    You know what? I had not considered the “no work ” aspect of Aniston’s immediate situation. No wonder this talentless tick is literally being forced down the public’s throat with a media blitz that makes everyone want to vomit. The world is fed up with this woman.

  404. 404
    I Noticed Something About U. Says:

    I always thought it was funny that Chelsea Handjob the P*rn Star thinks she’s sooo better than Angelina Jolie because she’s a “homewrecker”(which her BFF now is) to bash her on behalf of Maniston. I mean isn’t worse being a legal wh*re? Because that’s what she was and is. But Handjob was already a disgusting h*, I suppose that’s why she gets away with the stuff she does.

  405. 405
    Susan Says:

    @ Anustin Nazi #1 is Kaiser @ CB her latest get hits poll, is Rachel Weitz and Daniel Craig are sexier than Brad and Angie? Why are they the measuring stick for everything? And her sheep are saying yes, if she had put Godzilla against Angie those Fcukers would say Godizilla was sexier. Like they’re claiming keebler elf was not married, so he was fair game. Sexy is not about looks, you have it or you don’t.

  406. 406
    Passing Through Says:

    # 360 YYZ @ 07/02/2011 at 3:01 am
    Sorry, forgot to post pic
    ROTFLMAO. OMG…Handjob is trying to turn herself into Ticky…while Ticky is trying to turn herself into Angie. LOL. These two biitches need to just come on out of the closet, get married and call it a day. It looks like Ticky has acquired a new client for Chris McMillan because Handjob is sporting the exact same blowout he’s given Ticky for rhe last 19 years. And what’s with wearing a black bra with a deep plunging V neckline? Guess she didn’t want her saggy ass boobs sitting on her knees all night. Still, she could have worn a colored bra that actually complimented that fug ass dress instead of a color that announced to the world, “LOOK AT MY BLACK BRA! I’M BEING EDGY!” The sad thing is – I think Handjob thinks she looks good…

  407. 407
    Passing Through Says:

    # 362 YYZ @ 07/02/2011 at 3:15 am
    Not everybody agreed about Ticky’s LBD. US Lies Weakly had a story the other day asking if you’re sick of Ticky forever wearing LBDs on the RC. They had 4 different events in the last year that she’s worn tem to and asked if Ticky’s in a style rut. Ticky’s IS a rut, let alone a style rut. For a while there she’d stopped wearing black to everything because she didn’t want people saying she was copying Angie. Now she’s wearing because it’s safe and she think she’s taking risks in the rest of her life. She should probably book a few sessions with her therapist to discuss this problem. And while she’s at it she might want to talk to the good doc about that whole J-P stalking thing she’s been doing for the last 6 1/2 years. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say she’s yet to bring that one up with the doc because if she had you’d think the doc would tell her she’s fvcking crazy…

  408. 408
    Lara Says:

    —————————-New Thread——————————

  409. 409
    Passing Through Says:

    # 365 groundcontrol @ 07/02/2011 at 4:21 am
    ROTFLMAO. Dang, GC, Ticky probably read your post and immediately called Yoga Chick and got to working on those flappy arms, belly pooch and the back fat. I said weeks ago that she needed to call Demi and get the name of the guy who fixed the saggy skin above her knees for her. Ticky’s a runner, so I guess that could explain all the saggy knee skin.
    Also, to whoever that was who wondered if Ticky could be preggers? BBBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh. We’ve been over this already – Ticky’s chunked on the LBs trying to keep Cheater Boy in sight. It’s hard to work out at a bar or restaurant. Those swanky joints frown on the patrons doing yoga on their table just to show their “sport fvck” how bendy they are. Actually…I hope Ticky is preggers. You know why? Cuz that means she’s not off somewhere making another bad movie.
    Oops…speaking of Ticky and bad movies…apparently it’s just as we suspected – her screen time in HB is minimal. Somone who saw it at a test screening in DC last week said most of the boss time goes to Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell’s barely in it 5 minutes – and had zero comment at all about Ticky. LOL! She only worked on the movie for 2 weeks and she probably only has 10-15 minutes of screen time, soooooo…WTF is she promoting this like it’s HER movie and she’s the star? Where are Spacey and Farrell? They’re both working on other projects right now, but actors factor promotional duties into their schedules all the time yet neither of them have done a lick of publicity for the movie. Ticky’s barely in it and she’s all over the place turning yet another ensemble film into being all about her. I haven’t seen as much of Bateman, Day and sudeikis as I’ve seen of Ticky. Huvsy’s epitaph is going to read, “I gave up my life so Jennifer Aniston could look like she had one.”

  410. 410
    QQQQ Says:

    _____________________NEW THREAD____________________________

  411. 411
    Passing Through Says:

    # 373 lylian @ 07/02/2011 at 6:41 am
    Lylian -
    I noticed the same thing with Kate. I think I’ve mentioned that before here – Kate is a mature adult and knew exactly what she was signing up for. Diana, at 19, didn’t and couldn’t possibly have had a clue. Plus their personalities are vastly different. Diana was shy and insecure – lost the shyness but never the insecurity. Kate is very much her own person and not shy about expressing herself. When she and William had a rough patch and separated she didn’t sit at home crying waiting for him to come back. She sucked it up and got on with her life. The other thing that’s completely different is how the roayal family is treating Kate compared to Diana. Kate doesn’t have to rely on servents to help her adjust because her husband can’t be bothered and her MIL, the Queen, is a stand-offish block of ice and her FIL is more interested in grouse hunting season than helping a 19 year-old kid go from daycare teacher to future queen of England. Plus, Kate had stable family life with supportive parents. Diana’s family was a hot mess and her older sisters were long gone by the time she reached her teens. Diana and Kate are night and day – and unlike Diana, Kate’s husband actually loves her, is concerned about her, wants her to be happy and isn’t all about doing his husbandly duty strictly for God, country and an heir and a spare.

  412. 412
    gracie Says:

    I checked out CB and they’re up with their usual craps, comparing Brad and Angie with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz — who are the sixiest and hottest couple crap? All the home wrecker fans there couldn’t help to jump in and post their comment. for the first time, I posted one too and called them out on their bullsh!t. I’m sure they will attack me but who cares. They need a few home truth. Can you imagine comparing short ugly Daniel Craig with Brad and Rachel with Angelina Jolie? Angie oozes sex appeal like no other. She can wear a rag and still be the hottest and sexiest chic in the crowd. Brad and Angie have the Supreme Hotness and they’re the sexiest couple alive. No one come close. They are a lot of pretty women around but that doesn’t mean they have sex appeal. Angie has been voted the sexiest woman many times but these morons will never stop with their hate, they are eaten up with jealousy, everytime they hear Angie’s name, they jump in like pack of bitter scorned women, as if posting their negative comments will affect Brad and Angie’s popularity or the way they live their life.

  413. 413
    Passing Through Says:

    # 390 voe @ 07/02/2011 at 10:26 am
    Voe -
    I concur. If you think about it – even though Diana had found out just before the wedding that Chuck didn’t love her…what was she going to do? She couldn’t call the wedding off. She loved him and thought she could make him love her. There have been women the world over who’ve thought the same and married when they shouldn’t have and some of those marriages ended just as badly as Diana’s. Think about all the cultures who still have arranged marriages to this day. Diana was stuck, she knew it and tried to make the best of it. As you said – she had flaws, but they were flaws derived from her marriage to Chuck and life in the royal circle. When you stop to think about it, a lot of women in the same situation wouldn’t have acted any differently.

  414. 414
    Passing Through Says:

    # 406 I Noticed Something About U. @ 07/02/2011 at 2:49 pm
    Wonder when Handjob is going to do a stand-up routine on Ticky, the home wrecking “c@nt”? Oh wait…she’s probably one of the hens who doesn’t think it was home wrecking because Cheater Boy never put a ring on Bivens’ finger. My bad.

  415. 415
    gracie Says:

    #368 Lara
    #386 Source
    Thank you ladies for the feedback about M10. I will check the new thread out and thank you for the links. It sounds interesting. Hope to see you all soon.

  416. 416
    voe Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Yep, hindsight and spectator’s sight are almost always 20/20. I read that Diana wanted to call of the wedding but her sister told her she was stuck as announcement has already been made. And you are right. What 19 year-old would not strongly believe that she could make the man fall in love with her, especially after she has given him and his family what they want and need most. Hell, even middle age women, been around a few continents a few times, fancy that she possesses the power the man’s other women don’t.

    Even after divorce Diana still had constraints. It’s very easy for us, who never had to and never will have to live with such constraints to criticize her, to say she could have done this or that. But we can never foretell accurately how we would react or behave in many situations faced by others.

    And you hit another nail on the head too: this is a global women issue, if we want to be feminists. I see it as human nature.

  417. 417
    Deborah Says:

    Yuck disgusting creatures like her should be put down like a filthy dog.

  418. 418
    Premalee Says:

    @Anon #381

    Great post. Thanks.

  419. 419
    tazzy Says:


    I totally agree with you. Aniston should be shot on sight.

  420. 420
    Tazzy Says:


    I know how you feel. I keep waiting for Aniston to take her last breathe but no such luck.

  421. 421
    neer Says:

    What are the beauty secrets of Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie?
    Monday Jul 4 2011
    As she arrives in Belfast for a major awards event, make-up guru EUGENIA WESTON tells Maureen Coleman some of the A-listers’ top tips.
    From her early teens, Eugenia Weston, founder of Senna Cosmetics and make-up artist to a host of stars, was fascinated with faces — and how to make them flawless. Using the face as a blank canvas to create “a work of art”, Eugenia realised she had a talent for making women more beautiful through the application of |cosmetics.

    ……Based in LA, Eugenia’s line is sought after the world over and in Belfast leading make-up artist Oonagh Boman, who heads up her own school of make-up, is the exclusive distributor for the range in Ireland, meaning local ladies can look as glamorous as the A-listers who swear by Senna.
    Eugenia, who counts Angelina Jolie, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Garner and Bette Midler among her clients, says: “From the age of 13 I was fascinated with faces, the emotions, balance, beauty and, of course, the flaws.


    …….How the movie stars like to make-up
    * One of Eugenia’s most famous star clients is Hollywood actress and partner of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, hailed worldwide as an exceptional beauty. So can she |divulge any of her make-up preferences?
    “Angelina knows what she likes and tends to stick with it,”
    she says. “She likes natural colours, nude lips. But she never wears blusher.”

  422. 422
    neer Says:…rticleId=281474979555536
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Angelina Jolie and Hangs with Boyfriend in Malibu
    by Matt Clark

    July 03, 2011 11:45 PM EDT
    Actress and model ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY is quickly becoming known due to the success of her first major motion picture, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The Victoria’s Secret model recently spoke about Angelina Jolie for a GQ magazine shoot and was also seen hanging with boyfriend Jason Statham.
    As part of her Transformers 3 promotions, Huntington-Whiteley participated in many photo shoots for different magazines, including the British GQ for July 2011. The actress also candidly spoke to the magazine about her acting career and brought up fellow actress Angelina Jolie. Jolie is known worldwide for being Brad Pitt’s lady, an action star, Academy Award winner, and devoted mother to several children.
    Rosie said of Jolie (pictured), “Would I like even a sniff of Angelina Jolie’s career? Yes. Do I think I have a future in this business? I certainly hope so. And I’m going to work damn hard to make sure I do.”

    …..Speaking of Angelina Jolie, she won the Academy Award (Best Supporting Actress) for her portrayal of Lisa Rowe in 1999′s Girl, Interrupted. She’s had numerous nominations since then and box office success, as well as Brad Pitt in her life. Jolie continues to do worldwide humanitarian work, donates to charity, and raises a family. She’s definitely a woman for other young Hollywood actresses to aspire to be like. That means Rosie Huntington-Whiteley certainly has her work cut out for her!

  423. 423
    neer Says:
    Angelina Jolie inspires Katrina Kaif!
    Renuka Vyavahare, TNN | Jul 4, 2011, 07.50pm IST

    Bollywood films may have taken a leap in terms of content in the past ten years but the role of actresses still hasn’t changed accordingly.
    Men still rule the roost. Roles are written keeping heroes in mind but not really the actresses.
    KATRINA KAIF has expressed how she would want to do what Angelina Jolie has been doing in the action genre.
    “I’d like to do an action film like Angelina Jolie’s ‘Salt’ said Katrina recently.

  424. 424
    Angie Says:

    Angie is so pretty. Knox looks like his mom. Vivienne is Brad’s mini me. I love this family

  425. 425
    clara Says:

    she is her favorite

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