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Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie carries her 2-year-old son Knox while leaving Eden Superbowl on Thursday (June 30) in St. Julian’s, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress treated her kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and Knox‘s twin sis Vivienne – to lunch and some fun at the bowling alley.

Earlier in the week, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt, who’s in town filming World War Z, took the kids to Marine Park where she donned a black wetsuit.

In case you missed it, check out Louis Vuitton‘s latest chapter of its “Core Values” campaign featuring Angelina traveling to Cambodia!

FYI: Pax is wearing the Punk Funk shirt by Jagged Culture, while Zahara wore the “slub zebra tee” by curio + kind.

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425 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!”

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  1. 401
    Jen Says:

    @Jens a troll:
    “Jen,” the poster is NO TROLL.
    Obviously you have not read my posts (plural) or you would know that.

  2. 402
    anustin Says:

    who.reniston will bring that hair cut to her…dunoo…maybe till she’s 99 yr old.hehehe

  3. 403
    Jen Says:

    You know what? I had not considered the “no work ” aspect of Aniston’s immediate situation. No wonder this talentless tick is literally being forced down the public’s throat with a media blitz that makes everyone want to vomit. The world is fed up with this woman.

  4. 404
    I Noticed Something About U. Says:

    I always thought it was funny that Chelsea Handjob the P*rn Star thinks she’s sooo better than Angelina Jolie because she’s a “homewrecker”(which her BFF now is) to bash her on behalf of Maniston. I mean isn’t worse being a legal wh*re? Because that’s what she was and is. But Handjob was already a disgusting h*, I suppose that’s why she gets away with the stuff she does.

  5. 405
    Susan Says:

    @ Anustin Nazi #1 is Kaiser @ CB her latest get hits poll, is Rachel Weitz and Daniel Craig are sexier than Brad and Angie? Why are they the measuring stick for everything? And her sheep are saying yes, if she had put Godzilla against Angie those Fcukers would say Godizilla was sexier. Like they’re claiming keebler elf was not married, so he was fair game. Sexy is not about looks, you have it or you don’t.

  6. 406
    Passing Through Says:

    # 360 YYZ @ 07/02/2011 at 3:01 am
    Sorry, forgot to post pic
    ROTFLMAO. OMG…Handjob is trying to turn herself into Ticky…while Ticky is trying to turn herself into Angie. LOL. These two biitches need to just come on out of the closet, get married and call it a day. It looks like Ticky has acquired a new client for Chris McMillan because Handjob is sporting the exact same blowout he’s given Ticky for rhe last 19 years. And what’s with wearing a black bra with a deep plunging V neckline? Guess she didn’t want her saggy ass boobs sitting on her knees all night. Still, she could have worn a colored bra that actually complimented that fug ass dress instead of a color that announced to the world, “LOOK AT MY BLACK BRA! I’M BEING EDGY!” The sad thing is – I think Handjob thinks she looks good…

  7. 407
    Passing Through Says:

    # 362 YYZ @ 07/02/2011 at 3:15 am
    Not everybody agreed about Ticky’s LBD. US Lies Weakly had a story the other day asking if you’re sick of Ticky forever wearing LBDs on the RC. They had 4 different events in the last year that she’s worn tem to and asked if Ticky’s in a style rut. Ticky’s IS a rut, let alone a style rut. For a while there she’d stopped wearing black to everything because she didn’t want people saying she was copying Angie. Now she’s wearing because it’s safe and she think she’s taking risks in the rest of her life. She should probably book a few sessions with her therapist to discuss this problem. And while she’s at it she might want to talk to the good doc about that whole J-P stalking thing she’s been doing for the last 6 1/2 years. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say she’s yet to bring that one up with the doc because if she had you’d think the doc would tell her she’s fvcking crazy…

  8. 408
    Lara Says:

    —————————-New Thread——————————

  9. 409
    Passing Through Says:

    # 365 groundcontrol @ 07/02/2011 at 4:21 am
    ROTFLMAO. Dang, GC, Ticky probably read your post and immediately called Yoga Chick and got to working on those flappy arms, belly pooch and the back fat. I said weeks ago that she needed to call Demi and get the name of the guy who fixed the saggy skin above her knees for her. Ticky’s a runner, so I guess that could explain all the saggy knee skin.
    Also, to whoever that was who wondered if Ticky could be preggers? BBBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh. We’ve been over this already – Ticky’s chunked on the LBs trying to keep Cheater Boy in sight. It’s hard to work out at a bar or restaurant. Those swanky joints frown on the patrons doing yoga on their table just to show their “sport fvck” how bendy they are. Actually…I hope Ticky is preggers. You know why? Cuz that means she’s not off somewhere making another bad movie.
    Oops…speaking of Ticky and bad movies…apparently it’s just as we suspected – her screen time in HB is minimal. Somone who saw it at a test screening in DC last week said most of the boss time goes to Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell’s barely in it 5 minutes – and had zero comment at all about Ticky. LOL! She only worked on the movie for 2 weeks and she probably only has 10-15 minutes of screen time, soooooo…WTF is she promoting this like it’s HER movie and she’s the star? Where are Spacey and Farrell? They’re both working on other projects right now, but actors factor promotional duties into their schedules all the time yet neither of them have done a lick of publicity for the movie. Ticky’s barely in it and she’s all over the place turning yet another ensemble film into being all about her. I haven’t seen as much of Bateman, Day and sudeikis as I’ve seen of Ticky. Huvsy’s epitaph is going to read, “I gave up my life so Jennifer Aniston could look like she had one.”

  10. 410
    QQQQ Says:

    _____________________NEW THREAD____________________________

  11. 411
    Passing Through Says:

    # 373 lylian @ 07/02/2011 at 6:41 am
    Lylian -
    I noticed the same thing with Kate. I think I’ve mentioned that before here – Kate is a mature adult and knew exactly what she was signing up for. Diana, at 19, didn’t and couldn’t possibly have had a clue. Plus their personalities are vastly different. Diana was shy and insecure – lost the shyness but never the insecurity. Kate is very much her own person and not shy about expressing herself. When she and William had a rough patch and separated she didn’t sit at home crying waiting for him to come back. She sucked it up and got on with her life. The other thing that’s completely different is how the roayal family is treating Kate compared to Diana. Kate doesn’t have to rely on servents to help her adjust because her husband can’t be bothered and her MIL, the Queen, is a stand-offish block of ice and her FIL is more interested in grouse hunting season than helping a 19 year-old kid go from daycare teacher to future queen of England. Plus, Kate had stable family life with supportive parents. Diana’s family was a hot mess and her older sisters were long gone by the time she reached her teens. Diana and Kate are night and day – and unlike Diana, Kate’s husband actually loves her, is concerned about her, wants her to be happy and isn’t all about doing his husbandly duty strictly for God, country and an heir and a spare.

  12. 412
    gracie Says:

    I checked out CB and they’re up with their usual craps, comparing Brad and Angie with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz — who are the sixiest and hottest couple crap? All the home wrecker fans there couldn’t help to jump in and post their comment. for the first time, I posted one too and called them out on their bullsh!t. I’m sure they will attack me but who cares. They need a few home truth. Can you imagine comparing short ugly Daniel Craig with Brad and Rachel with Angelina Jolie? Angie oozes sex appeal like no other. She can wear a rag and still be the hottest and sexiest chic in the crowd. Brad and Angie have the Supreme Hotness and they’re the sexiest couple alive. No one come close. They are a lot of pretty women around but that doesn’t mean they have sex appeal. Angie has been voted the sexiest woman many times but these morons will never stop with their hate, they are eaten up with jealousy, everytime they hear Angie’s name, they jump in like pack of bitter scorned women, as if posting their negative comments will affect Brad and Angie’s popularity or the way they live their life.

  13. 413
    Passing Through Says:

    # 390 voe @ 07/02/2011 at 10:26 am
    Voe -
    I concur. If you think about it – even though Diana had found out just before the wedding that Chuck didn’t love her…what was she going to do? She couldn’t call the wedding off. She loved him and thought she could make him love her. There have been women the world over who’ve thought the same and married when they shouldn’t have and some of those marriages ended just as badly as Diana’s. Think about all the cultures who still have arranged marriages to this day. Diana was stuck, she knew it and tried to make the best of it. As you said – she had flaws, but they were flaws derived from her marriage to Chuck and life in the royal circle. When you stop to think about it, a lot of women in the same situation wouldn’t have acted any differently.

  14. 414
    Passing Through Says:

    # 406 I Noticed Something About U. @ 07/02/2011 at 2:49 pm
    Wonder when Handjob is going to do a stand-up routine on Ticky, the home wrecking “c@nt”? Oh wait…she’s probably one of the hens who doesn’t think it was home wrecking because Cheater Boy never put a ring on Bivens’ finger. My bad.

  15. 415
    gracie Says:

    #368 Lara
    #386 Source
    Thank you ladies for the feedback about M10. I will check the new thread out and thank you for the links. It sounds interesting. Hope to see you all soon.

  16. 416
    voe Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Yep, hindsight and spectator’s sight are almost always 20/20. I read that Diana wanted to call of the wedding but her sister told her she was stuck as announcement has already been made. And you are right. What 19 year-old would not strongly believe that she could make the man fall in love with her, especially after she has given him and his family what they want and need most. Hell, even middle age women, been around a few continents a few times, fancy that she possesses the power the man’s other women don’t.

    Even after divorce Diana still had constraints. It’s very easy for us, who never had to and never will have to live with such constraints to criticize her, to say she could have done this or that. But we can never foretell accurately how we would react or behave in many situations faced by others.

    And you hit another nail on the head too: this is a global women issue, if we want to be feminists. I see it as human nature.

  17. 417
    Deborah Says:

    Yuck disgusting creatures like her should be put down like a filthy dog.

  18. 418
    Premalee Says:

    @Anon #381

    Great post. Thanks.

  19. 419
    tazzy Says:


    I totally agree with you. Aniston should be shot on sight.

  20. 420
    Tazzy Says:


    I know how you feel. I keep waiting for Aniston to take her last breathe but no such luck.

  21. 421
    neer Says:

    What are the beauty secrets of Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie?
    Monday Jul 4 2011
    As she arrives in Belfast for a major awards event, make-up guru EUGENIA WESTON tells Maureen Coleman some of the A-listers’ top tips.
    From her early teens, Eugenia Weston, founder of Senna Cosmetics and make-up artist to a host of stars, was fascinated with faces — and how to make them flawless. Using the face as a blank canvas to create “a work of art”, Eugenia realised she had a talent for making women more beautiful through the application of |cosmetics.

    ……Based in LA, Eugenia’s line is sought after the world over and in Belfast leading make-up artist Oonagh Boman, who heads up her own school of make-up, is the exclusive distributor for the range in Ireland, meaning local ladies can look as glamorous as the A-listers who swear by Senna.
    Eugenia, who counts Angelina Jolie, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Garner and Bette Midler among her clients, says: “From the age of 13 I was fascinated with faces, the emotions, balance, beauty and, of course, the flaws.


    …….How the movie stars like to make-up
    * One of Eugenia’s most famous star clients is Hollywood actress and partner of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, hailed worldwide as an exceptional beauty. So can she |divulge any of her make-up preferences?
    “Angelina knows what she likes and tends to stick with it,”
    she says. “She likes natural colours, nude lips. But she never wears blusher.”

  22. 422
    neer Says:…rticleId=281474979555536
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Angelina Jolie and Hangs with Boyfriend in Malibu
    by Matt Clark

    July 03, 2011 11:45 PM EDT
    Actress and model ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY is quickly becoming known due to the success of her first major motion picture, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The Victoria’s Secret model recently spoke about Angelina Jolie for a GQ magazine shoot and was also seen hanging with boyfriend Jason Statham.
    As part of her Transformers 3 promotions, Huntington-Whiteley participated in many photo shoots for different magazines, including the British GQ for July 2011. The actress also candidly spoke to the magazine about her acting career and brought up fellow actress Angelina Jolie. Jolie is known worldwide for being Brad Pitt’s lady, an action star, Academy Award winner, and devoted mother to several children.
    Rosie said of Jolie (pictured), “Would I like even a sniff of Angelina Jolie’s career? Yes. Do I think I have a future in this business? I certainly hope so. And I’m going to work damn hard to make sure I do.”

    …..Speaking of Angelina Jolie, she won the Academy Award (Best Supporting Actress) for her portrayal of Lisa Rowe in 1999′s Girl, Interrupted. She’s had numerous nominations since then and box office success, as well as Brad Pitt in her life. Jolie continues to do worldwide humanitarian work, donates to charity, and raises a family. She’s definitely a woman for other young Hollywood actresses to aspire to be like. That means Rosie Huntington-Whiteley certainly has her work cut out for her!

  23. 423
    neer Says:
    Angelina Jolie inspires Katrina Kaif!
    Renuka Vyavahare, TNN | Jul 4, 2011, 07.50pm IST

    Bollywood films may have taken a leap in terms of content in the past ten years but the role of actresses still hasn’t changed accordingly.
    Men still rule the roost. Roles are written keeping heroes in mind but not really the actresses.
    KATRINA KAIF has expressed how she would want to do what Angelina Jolie has been doing in the action genre.
    “I’d like to do an action film like Angelina Jolie’s ‘Salt’ said Katrina recently.

  24. 424
    Angie Says:

    Angie is so pretty. Knox looks like his mom. Vivienne is Brad’s mini me. I love this family

  25. 425
    clara Says:

    she is her favorite

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