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Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston hits the red carpet in Balenciaga at the premiere of her new movie, Horrible Bosses, on Thursday (June 30) at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The 42-year-old actress snapped photos with co-stars Jason Bateman, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Julie Bowen on the red carpet!

Jen‘s boyfriend, Justin Theroux, also came out to support her.

Earlier in the week, Jennifer and Justin were spotted arriving at their hotel in New York City through a private entrance.

FYI: Jennifer accessorized with a Salvatore Ferragamo croc clutch, Versace shoes, and Fred Leighton jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of Horrible Bosses

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  1. 151
    cool Says:

    People love jennifer as they like themselves

  2. 152
    CD Says:

    Just love jennifer aniston so much !!!!!!!!!

  3. 153
    Double Standards Says:

    @yep: I don’t know what the real story is between Justin/Jen or Brad/Ange but you’re excuse/reasoning is utter BS, it doesn’t matter if the person is not married. Cheating is cheating. You sound a bit delusional. Wonder how you’d feel if your bf/gf was fudging some1 else, I guess that’d be alright coz you ain’t married, the relationship is not as holy. Lol.

  4. 154
    JACA Says:

    Now that select co-habitation and not get married, explain their affection is not so deep. If really love each other why not get married? So break up just a question of time. If you love a person, must want to marry him, if you agree to just living together and not get married, that means you have to break up of the psychological preparation. If I love a man, I won’t living together with him. If I choose to, I will not be out to blame anyone, because I only cherish the day of love, I am willing to let go once the love has dead.

  5. 155
    Another moron Says:

    @JACA: You’re talking out of your a$$. But whatever floats your boat.

  6. 156
    JACA Says:

    @Another moron:
    I said what I think. At the same time, this is my freedom.

  7. 157
    ugly workin out jen Says:

    Jennifer is so ugly I’m curious to know if working out for hours does anything for a big old ugly chin, A superman Jaw, thin little lips, with small eyes, and dried up grey blonde hair? Sorry but All working out does is keep you thin and healthy, It’s not gonna help Jennifers ugly face.

  8. 158
    ugly workin out jen Says:

    you jen fans need to get over your jealousy issues, And admit that this woman Maniston is ugly and looks like a man.

  9. 159
    Another moron Says:

    @JACA: Yes, you are free to be a moron. Please save the world & don’t co-habitate! Be free moron, be free. Spread your moronic, idiotic words. Crack up!!!

  10. 160
    ugly workin out angie Says:

    you angie fans need to get over your jealousy issues, And admit that this woman maniangie is ugly and looks like a man.

  11. 161
    jade Says:

    ellie’ –Check in.

  12. 162
    JACA Says:

    @Another moron:
    Laugh and because I don’t live in your thoughts, your mind has nothing to do with me, if you need to continue to abuse, please continue. I won’t be a false tools,and that’s all. the important thing is I have no purpose.

  13. 163
    QD Says:


  14. 164
    Jennifer the Cougar Says:

    Cougar attenting a a premier

  15. 165
    NotAHater Says:

    You haters are so lame. This woman is SO far above you! She’s selling a house in LA for forty… yes, I said FORTY million dollars, she’s worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, might not be perfect but looks a MILLION times better than the average woman. You say she can’t act… can you? Guess what? It’s harder than it looks and Jennifer is actually very, VERY good at it. She can go anywhere in the world she wants, hang out with anyone she wants and who exactly are you haters? Your vitriol is LAUGHABLE! Ever heard the expression “laughing all the way to the bank”? Ha Ha, guess the jokes on you!!!!

  16. 166
    jade Says:

    @ NotAHater

    Great post and so true!
    @ ellie’

    I gotta leave. I’ll check back tomorrow afternoon or evening to see if
    you are around. Miss you.

  17. 167
    Ghost Says:

    @ notAHater. The love of money is the root of all evil. What would it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his own sole. Yes The Hobag of Hollywood has more money than the posters on this blog . It means nothing if you have to sell your soul to get it. She clearly has…As far as being above us, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. She is an immoral bed hopping idiot who has tried to sleep her way to the top… You said so far above us. Wow this is by far one of the most idiotic statements on this blog… Don’t like to be confronted or called out on your ridiculous post ? Tough Sh-t.

  18. 168
    NotAHater Says:

    @Ghost: Just pointing out that JA isn’t losing any sleep over your LAUGHABLE HATEFULNESS. You bible quoters are always the WORST OF ALL. Ha ha. Jokes still on you.

  19. 169
    Jagm Says:

    I don’t think money can explain what, but at least she create value, at least she won’t waste time meddle in other people’s normal life. The most important is Jennifer is an example, she is alive and try hard to have fun, she in a hard to walk her own way, not against the life

  20. 170
    Ghost Says:

    @notAHater. In jen’s own words she has stated that she has blogged and lost sleep over negative comments about her. Abraham Lincoln once stated that the Bible was the greatest gift to man and if it wasn’t for it we would not know the difference between right and wrong…What joke is on people who see the truth and are not blinded by Jen’s B.S. Your retort was week at best.

  21. 171
    NotAHater Says:

    @Ghost: I stand by my comment that you bible quoters are always the worst, most judgmental, and hateful of all. Jennifer Aniston may have lost sleep over her personal problems, emphasis on PERSONAL. Don’t delude yourself into believing that anything YOU say will EVER matter to her.

  22. 172
    Ghost Says:

    @NotAHater. To label someone judgemental and hateful because they have an opinion on this subject is the worst excuse for an argument there is. How is speaking the truth hateful. I don’t ,nor ever will delude myself that my comments will matter to an immoral idiot like Jennifer. Nor am I trying to change who she is. I’m just trying to shed a little light on who she really is to her minions… OH , by the way I stand by my comments about the Hobag of Hollywood too.

  23. 173
    jen the hen Says:

    Thank You ghost you are correct in what you wrote, jens fans always bring up dumb s#it about Jennifer like that she has a lot of money, Paris Hilton has lots of money too so I guess she is also above notahater, Or they try saying that she looks happy blah,blah,blah Cacey Anthony looked happy too after her daughter went missing. They cant make not one positive comment about this woman, There is nothing good or positive about Jen, not her looks, not her money, not her relationship, not her career, Everything about her is just lame boring and ugly! And she still look’s like an ugly washed up man!

  24. 174
    NotAHater Says:

    @jen the hen: My point was: lame, boring and ugly compared to who? If you don’t get where I’m going with this.. oh, well… yawn. You are haters. Plain and simple. Go ahead and have an opinion. I still say she’s WAY above it. (Just my opinion.)

  25. 175
    NotAHater Says:

    @jen the hen: You’re seriously going to criticize me for pointing out that Jen with all her millions probably doesn’t care what you have to say about her (and poor Paris Hilton, somehow her name always comes up). But yet you’ll call someone (who is probably better than YOU in every way) an ugly washed up man who is lame, boring and ugly! Seriously? Okay. You win.

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