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Prince William & Kate: Ottawa Landing

Prince William & Kate: Ottawa Landing

Prince William and wife Kate arrive at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport on Thursday (June 30) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 29, kicked off their first joint overseas tour in North America and will also be taking part in Friday’s Canada Day celebrations.

The couple will then visit different parts of Canada, including Prince Edward Island, Yellowknife, and Calgary, before jetting to California for the Los Angeles leg of the tour.

Earlier in the day, William and Kate departed from Heathrow Airport aboard a plane of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Erdem dress.

15+ pictures inside of Prince William and Kate landing in Ottawa…

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Credit: Chris Jackson; Photos: Getty
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55 Responses to “Prince William & Kate: Ottawa Landing”

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  1. 26
    Eden Desorder Says:

    Hopefully they’ll feed her well when she’s there. Barbequed Ribs, mmmmm, pancakes and maple syrup……yum, yum, Kate.

  2. 27
    Royal Devil Says:

    @Danielle, There is for kids!! You’re a moron. The topics here are for adults and concern adult talk. Since the women commenting on here are talking about sex, anorexia, calling women ugly and the women on here mention sleeping with handsome male stars. If your kid’s reading this blog than as you put it, “you are lower than scum.” You’re probably one of those crazy psychos who said how Kate is anorexic when she is not. Just saying :)

  3. 28
    Dani Says:

    @Royal Devil:

    Anger issues just because someone disagrees with you? Tsk, tsk. How childish.

  4. 29
    Debbie Shaw Says:

    Love them!!!! Saw them today in Ottawa! Even more gorgeous in person!

  5. 30
    tidbit Says:

    @Royal Devil:

    Hunny, any woman on this thread can tell you are NOT a man, you are a boy. MEN don’t need to post comments of the nature you are posting. They are secure in their masculinity and sexuality. They don’t need to be a bottom feeder like yourself. MEN respect women and don’t post derogatory comments about them. MEN don’t result to childish name calling and posting. MEN are much more MATURE than you are boy.

  6. 31
    boston61 Says:

    Why do women think looking frail is sexy?

  7. 32
    noname Says:

    Her outfits are becoming so boring, same navy, I am sure its a challenge to wear for events like that but hey she has the fashion world at her feet, try harder!

  8. 33
    danielle Says:

    @Royal Devil:

    Why don’t you go over to DListed where your bathroom humor will be appreciated?

  9. 34
    Royal Devil Says:


    Wow lol, nerd alert. Princess, I’ve never been accused of being insecure in the real world. Ladies I date like my descriptive words and think they are hot. Then again they aren’t losersssss like you. You said, “MEN don’t need to post comments of the nature you are posting.” umm, have I already said nerd alert. lol Every single alpha male or successful man I know would have said the same things I’ve said. But, you don’t have a clue what a real man is because you go home to A. A fat man. B. A nerdy winp or C. A complete loser or D. All the above :) Do you know those men who wouldn’t give you the time of day, that’s me. hahahahahahah

  10. 35
    Royal Devil Says:


    Read Dani’s comments on this threat, Hypocrite anyone. :) I was laughing while I was correcting that d-bags flawed and illogical dribble. lol :)

  11. 36
    Royal Devil Says:


    One final thing, you said “derogatory” wow, have I said nerd alert yet. You really do think you are the Queen of England. lol You are a square. Thank the lord or devil ;) that all the hot ladies out there are not as dumb and uptight as you. You would bore the living daylights out of me on a date. All the women I’ve been with have said I’m a complete gentleman. Hince, the words “gentlemen” which is a man that would never give you the time of day. Now go and kiss you loser man and cry yourself to sleep at night for being a losaaaaaaa. :)

  12. 37
    Bella Says:

    Kate looks beautiful & classy…she’s a bit too thin though.

  13. 38
    mel Says:

    They’re on a tour of Canada, not a tour of N. America.

  14. 39
    tidbit Says:

    @Royal Devil:

    Me doth think you protest way too much.

    You must be 15 years old. Bet the five sisters get a real work out.

  15. 40
    Frozoid Says:

    @Dani: I grew up in Canada and now live in the US. One of the many benefits of being in the US is NOT having a silly figurehead.

  16. 41
    Dani Says:


    I agree to some extent, but having worked in both England and Canada – I’d say you get many of the benefits of the figurehead while governing yourselves. Whether people who want to abolish royalty like it or not–the Queen and her crew generate a lot of tourism dollars with visits as well as interest in fashion, causes etc. May be shallow but it is true.

    And I guess whether or not you feel the figure head is silly is a personal opinion as I know many Canadians who are just as proud to have that figurehead. And I know many like you who don’t want it.

  17. 42
    Amber Says:

    Stunning as always! He could’ve helped her down the stairs though :P

  18. 43
    Royal Devil Says:


    I said, “Read Dani’s comments on this threat, Hypocrite anyone. :)” I meant “thread” and NOT “threat.”


    Umm, I talk a lot when bored and need a laugh. :)

  19. 44
    Stephanie Says:

    @Joanne Katherine: William is said to be very shy about public displays of affection. He seemed really uncomfortable about the balcony kiss after the wedding for the same reason.

  20. 45
    ellie' Says:

    Beautiful couple…He so handsome and shes perfect…

  21. 46
    Canada Says:

    @Dani: DUMBASS. Canadians pay $54 million a year to maintain the monarchy.

    Oh, maybe you should look the MONARCHIST constitution known as the Canadian Constitution.

    It clearly states the queen is the head of STATE and has (porogued) power. New citizens take an oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and her heirs. Joining the Canadian armed forces? Take an oath to Queen Lizzie and her heirs. National flag day? Wave the Union Jack not the Maple Leaf.

    It’s embarassing.

  22. 47
    tara Says:

    Love them, they look fabulous and they were so polished and sweet to everyone.

  23. 48
    joan Says:

    @Canada: Only a Canadian citizen can appreciate how important the Royal Family is to our wonderful country…get a life. The Queen is a HUGE PART OF WHO WE ARE!!!

  24. 49
    nyob Says:

    They are a beautiful couple and seem very nice. But she really needs to gain about 10 pounds. Her legs looks bad they are so skinny. Otherwise, she is gorgeous.

  25. 50
    theresa Says:

    mel @ 06/30/2011 at 7:10 pm

    pay attention! William and Kate are going to California when they finished in Canada. Both Canada and The United States are on the continent of North America. anyone with a grade 3 education knows that, obviously you don’t

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